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[Manga Dub] “Make my dreams comes true!” My cousin thinks I can read her mind [RomCom]


Hey look it's him yeah that's a psychic psycho barely reads your mind if you look into his eyes for 10 seconds now the boys are all looking at me like they were looking at something strange my name is yuya Saito and I'm just a regular Junior attending Alice High I'm also called psychic seitel but I'm not a psychic or any kind of Entertainer so of.

Course I have no actual tricks on my sleeve why the nickname then because about a week ago I was reading a romance novel in my seat on my time off I don't know if I should be the one saying this but I'm normally a boring introvert suddenly a random extrovert showed up and talked to me they're the ones that always tease me oh look at that it's the.

Introvert that has nothing to offer you have anything to do other than read that strange book of course to ask people who read crap like that are usually useless it match my romance novel I'm pissed now you guys are laughing about my otaku book but it has special powers I can read minds if you want I can tell you what you ate for breakfast this morning.

Sure gonna go for it losing if you don't get it right I'm gonna tell everyone about how you allow again Traverse you had ham and X you have bacon and eggs what the how is he right he's right about me too is it messed up they looked at each other I'm gonna keep going I can say things that you might not want me to tell dude this guy is totally reading.

That mind we gotta leave him alone yeah we call Best of these geeky introverts about it he ran away immediately just stop messing with me now of course I don't have that kind of power why do they know what they had for breakfast because I heard them all talking about which is better between Hammer bacon with eggs you know introverts are pretty.

Good at observing things you know but the whole reason that this happened was because of this one event I'm home when I got home I saw who we come meet you up my entrance hey yeah you left your under sorry her name is yui kamijo she's my niece and she also goes to Alice High while we were in elementary school she lost her parents and she was taken in by.

My dad she lives here now the father is off and Away with work so it's just us at home frequently how long has it been since Dad took her in more like siblings and niece and nephew I remember when she came over to my house when yui had just recently come to this house she was swallowed by Despair and sadness maybe she intended on following her parents.

She didn't even try to eat I wanted to help her so I almost hung out with her when I had the time eventually she got over it and here we are today why are you standing around doing nothing bro oh nothing I'm just remembering the past I've really grown and matured but you've definitely stayed immature in some parts she reacted where I was looking and what.

I said before blushing what the hell the hell boobs I've grown okay I think I groove like a solid CM the last time I measured I feel like you're making me think oh shut up I literally haven't said a word oh the loudness of your stomach being empty is the same ready then.

Okay I'll cook for this adorable hungry UE you're excusing me I finished cooking dinner and brought the dishes to yui waiting at the table here you go it's your favorite carbonara well good her eyes shine thank you for the meal it's so good you're really good at cooking and only cooking oh come on.

That's mean I mean you don't know any of the other chores even if you can you're screwed if I wasn't around I mean you're not wrong I actually enjoyed eating so I've always been good at cooking but I have been completely uninterested in other work so that's the truth can't deny that she's better than me and other chores but if you don't learn to cook a.

Little bit you won't find anyone to marry you it's okay you won't get married so it's fine oh come on it's not like I can be here around you forever work hard on cooking after you find someone to cook for you although I think their odds are pretty much zero hey don't be like that but if you want to get married to someone then oh I'll.

Marry you you know what what did you say I can hear you one weekend I was out with yui why do I have to go out with you on the weekend I wanted to just stay inside and play my stupid romance games that's how my weekends always go she squashed that so my life is now blue what are you talking about if I don't invite you out you're.

Gonna be inside doing nothing all day you need to go outside are you going to be shut in in a jobless guy I don't mind that I do mind that we headed to the game center it started by playing a racing game I'm not going to lose you think you can beat me.

This is my sixth win in a row it feels so good uh you can't you can't get a little easy on me I'm sorry that's not in my dictionary you can say what you want and call me what you want I'm not gonna take it easy on you all right that guy's making a girl cry the games it's a girl that's younger than him too.

Gross they're always people that can figure out that they should take the hint wow I'm the bad guy now the next place we headed was the crane game this was what UE wanted to do she was standing in front of the crane game with a serious look on her face stop it here the crane slowly descended on the helpless dial the claws met the.

Squishy cotton and slowly Rose that's where everything stopped going right while the crane shook side to side heading for the exit the doll slipped from the class it fell back into the pink Abyss typical there she was stomping the ground this was also a typical thing let me see I stood in front of the crane game and put.

In some coins you want that Turtle yeah yeah I targeted the turtle as I carefully operated the crane x coordinates and Y coordinates are locked in position perfect execution Target acquired Mission success yeah I'm a badass here you go we're present for you pink bro if you have another doll you want just let me know I can grab most.

Things I want the Triceratops over there too okay sure on it we headed to the crane machine much she had a turtle and a Triceratops she was overjoyed and smiling her smile threw me off a little and feel my heart skip a beat I'm glad you like it I wonder when I started feeling like I enjoyed watching my niece smile I wonder.

When I felt something other than just love for a relative I think at first I thought it was just a mistake but I recently started noticing it was something else now what's going on with me she's like this is something wrong oh uh nothing Juan's in the hallway I found a yui coming towards me in the hall she looked at me before she opened her eyes.

Wide and darted off was she always this fast I was so surprised I forgot to Chase or even call out to her what the hell has gotten into her she'd often avoided me at home too we were together during dinner but she was acting weird there too hey why are you eating with your eyes closed inner eye.

It's doing a really weird recently what's going on she took off from the kitchen almost as if she was running from something after dinner I started cleaning and thought about what was going on there's no way there's nothing wrong that was clear as day but the problem is what actually.

Happened I have no clue she just changed too quickly she's absolutely avoiding me which means it's my fault which means I need to ask her for the reason it's not good to just leave it alone I don't want this awkwardness to continue because it's starting to dig into my sleep okay I'm gonna talk to her about it the next day I headed to her room coming in yui.

Normally I just walked in but this time I knocked and announced myself doing here you need to back away from me at least five meters what I'm not gonna listen to her of course I walk towards her don't come near me don't look at me she fell on her butt and closed her eyes why was she resisting me so much I had no idea what was going on I could feel.

Something boiling inside of me yay I yelled louder than I thought I knew his eyes opened wide from that I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell what's going on did I do something if so I want you to tell me I really consider you to be an important family member I don't care how much you hate me that's not gonna change just tell me what you're feeling.

Started tearing up you liar I know you don't think that you think that I'm just a girl with a dirty what do you mean I was shocked at what she said you can you can read other people's minds right that's what my classmate said that's why you've always known that I really like you as a boy but I want you to do things to me that I spelled your underwear and.

Clothes I just had no idea what to say I can't believe that she'd thought of me that way I'm just gonna ignore the little Insanity she threw into the mix as well I walked up to her and hugged her tightly I like you too before I knew what was going on I've fallen for you so I'm glad to hear what you really feel this isn't a dream is it nope not a.

Dream so happy oh there's something that I needed to tell you people have been saying that I'm psychic but that's a total lie she looks like she had no idea what I just said yeah that's probably how I'd react to him I mean yeah pretty much her face turned bright red.

Tops that's not my fault shut up shut up oh your fault I have to have you listen wish I feel like this is totally unfair what if it's something I can do for you I'll try then I want you to make my fantasies come true she closed her eyes her face were bright red her petite body trembling I.

Thought she was so lovely and adorable that's what you want I was pulled by the gravity of love and close into my lovely niece her time quietly flowed we had become incest lovers and starting the next day we're all over each other I want you to walk a little bit far away everyone is looking no problem for me what is something not.

Good if you're walking with me by your side no it's not that but I'm kind of nervous oh you're nervous that's so cute hey so rubbing your cheek on me okay if you figure out what I'm thinking right now I'll back off of you okay no do it I started into our eyes okay you want to go to the new doll shop that recently opened with me huh.

I don't know maybe I just heard you saying that to yourself while you're watching TV alone you have another fantasy you have right now here's you're such a dummy you should get on and stopped up by a T-Rex I didn't read your mind I just heard what you were saying you do it tonight okay fine I'll do it.

Seeing her pouting also makes you fall for a more that's why I want to stay closer and make sure a smile never Fades I swear to be her private incest psychic right there and there thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.