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[Manga Dub] My boss forgot to turn off her webcam… [RomCom]


My name is hoo yahiro it's my second year working in my company there's a female employee who's known as the devil boss hiori yes your tie is crooked sloppy that's her Emma Haz and your expression's dark really you really need to be sharper it's affecting everyone's morale oh.

Okay ah ah yo did hazama Senpai say a lot of things to you again well something like that she seems to have her eye on me and she often points things out to me of course she's strict with everyone but with me it's a different story I've never seen anyone else pointed out for their facial.

Expressions I wonder if she dislikes me and that's why I can't help but think that way that person scares me I don't want to get involved H I've never thought that I didn't want to get involved rather the opposite I want to be accepted she certainly scares me but on the other hand her dedication to her work makes her look that much.

Cooler and more dignified I admire her she probably doesn't even have her eyes on me no she does in a bad way she's got her eye on me today we have an online internal meeting days working from home increased these days I'm sure it's confusing for people who aren't good with computers but for those of us who have used computers a lot since we were.

Students it's easy to get used to it's great to be able to work from home phew I feel refreshed although that has the disadvantage of making me very sleepy thanks to that I hardly remember what we talked about in the meeting earlier hm wait I hear some voices coming from the computer oh no I left it on on apparently I didn't leave the meeting.

Moreover in the screen was Hama Senpai apparently she forgot to leave as well perhaps the screen itself is closed or maybe she's not looking at the computer but she doesn't seem to have noticed me I have to tell her send her a DM or something for now a y looks so good during the meeting what what what did this person.

Just say hya I don't like you hio the documents you submitted yesterday it's hard to understand I told you before I told you that you should put together a document that can be understood by skimming not one that has to be read from one end to the other the are you.

Listening yes my goodness was it a dream what was that thing yesterday was it a dream reality or was it another Emma HOSA who exists in a parallel world hazma Senpai in front of me right now is exactly the same as usual I can't even dream that she likes me did I hear it wrong like it wasn't actually hooya we have another online.

Meeting next week if I can hear what she has to say there again I'll be able to confirm the truth but there's no way she'll forget to leave time and time again on top of politely talking to herself afterwards I took a screenshot of the meeting earlier okay I'll process and.

Crop it so it's just hiroya she did she forgot to leave the meeting and she's talking to herself too fortunately everyone else has already left I don't have to worry about other people hearing her Soliloquy since I was the only one left here you're thinking what if I think I'll use it as my wallpaper I'll combine it with a photo.

Of me and make a pseudo couple yeah I'm glad nobody else has to hear that it's not something you'd want to share with anyone but now it's clear I knew I was not hearing it wrong and she actually likes me and I have no idea why she likes me but kidori your leather shoes are dirty oh yes my goodness do you polish them regularly hoping you're.

Not neglecting them just because it's on your feet okay the next day the attitude of my Senpai at the office remained the same no matter how you look at it this isn't someone that would like me if you really like me you should at least show me some signs of it h but on second thought hm heor if you're pointing things out like my.

Facial expressions my tie and my shoes only to me it could also mean that she's looking at me all the time hiori hello I'm starting to feel happy that she's pointing out things like that hello why are you grinning haam Senpai she's staying by herself to work again it's past 6:00 p.m. most of the company members have.

Already gone home or started getting ready to in the midst of all this hazam Senpai was concentrating on her computer screen without paying any attention to her surroundings ham Senpai hio what's up no it's nothing I was just wondering if you're done with your work yet no oh well it's not.

Something you have to worry about uh you're checking the paperwork that's been submitted yes it's been piling up it's not because she's slow at working it's because she's too detailed and meticulous instead of just correcting mistakes Senpai always gives feedback that's so detailed and precise no.

Exceptions for anyone she should take it easier no one would blame her if she did but she does it that's the kind of person she is that's what makes her so cool you should go home soon you don't have anything to do oh but if there's anything I can help you with nope I see go home if you understand go on uh okay my goodness.

Uh Senpai what I poured some coffee I told you to go home didn't I well let me do this much uh you're quite strange too aren't you huh if I told you to I can understand but I didn't tell you and even told you to go home on top of that you still go out of your way to do.

This isn't this a normal act of kindness to a normal person yes but no one would do this to me everyone thinks I'm scary right well you're right can't you at least lie there and say it's not like that or something sorry you're really scary right now well that's why I said you're strange you don't have to force yourself.

To be nice I'm not forcing it yeah yeah thanks now that you've done your duty of making coffee you really should go home it's no fun being here okay see you then thanks for your hard work Senpai take it easy yeah I'm fine such a nice guy me on the other hand.

I got a pretty good haul today too another addition to the hiori collection for what purpose does this person attends the meeting a few days later we had another online meeting she politely forgot to leave the meeting and was live streaming her deep love for me this time as well of course I was the only viewer maybe this person didn't know how to.

Leave the meeting I wonder if hiya was sleeping today he slept a little bit I'll have to give him a stern lecture tomorrow oh no even during online meetings she has to take care of that kind of thing however it's great that I got a picture of his sleeping face what is this person now I'm going to take my.

Time to carefully select the photos H what am I doing sneaking around and collecting pictures like this is is just sad but I can't help it there's no way he'll like me in real life that's not true oh no I agree with her that the act of collecting photos of me like that is pretty sad but it's been that way for a long time even in my club.

Activities at school I was disliked by everyone for being a loudmouth who nagged and nagged about every little thing I was especially hard on the people I was paying attention to because I was always looking at them more than others and that I'm disliked even more it's the same for hiya of course he dislikes me there's no way I.

Would dislike you oh oh no I only turned off the video and left the mic on what hio uh yes you were watching well from from where from the beginning what 3 months ago to be exact so so you.

Mean you heard everything well yes and that I've been taking photos of you in meetings yes and that I hang it on the wall in my room and say good night to you every night no I just heard that now she's doing everything well please calm down it's not like I'm oh she closed her laptop H an email.

Forget all about today forget all about today you're reckless Senpai what um hey wait I will not why are you running away nothing don't come after me but and you you have some bed here fix it this part of her never changes wait a second your hand pring me no I'm sorry I'll let go I didn't say to let go what.

Her why are you involving yourself with me so much of course I would after what I saw I told you to forget about it you must have been disillusioned how could you even think of approaching me after that do you like me her H well I'll leave that for the individual to decide I'm the only one here listen work starts soon uh you have.

To go back oh you're right uh um what I need to hurry your hand shouldn't you let go Senpai would you like to have lunch with me I I always eat alone then it's the two of us from now on you're being very aggressive of course after finding out that you like.

Me I'm fine on my own leave me be uh Senpai why are you running away I'm in the morning and now it it doesn't matter it does matter it's not good I can understand if you don't like me but why run when you do well that's you've always been like that if you had just shown even a little bit.

Of interest in me it can't be helped this is my personality I'm cold I don't like talking to people and I've always had a few friends I'm a sensitive detail oriented annoying woman and the more I like someone the more I care so I'm a really annoying woman who grumbles and crumbles and yet and yet you you don't leave I won't leave you why everyone.

Sees me as a pain I've never not been considered a pain your feedback H you always give me the right Corrections you write down exactly what's wrong and you find the little mistak that I don't even notice myself and you also write a lot of good points the kind of good points that I didn't even know I had when you say detailed it means.

You're looking at that person that much more closely I like you for that are you serious of course I'm mourning you if I get closer to you I might worry about more things than before and become more of a hustle then I'll like you even more Senpai and so this is how HZ Senpai and I ended up going out with each other HEI.

Yes your shirt is wrinkled you need to iron it properly as usual you're very good at noticing these things don't be silli and fix it yes our relationship within the company is the same as usual but you look better when it's nice and tidy so do it for me she's now just a little bit more honest about how she feels all right how about some karaoke.

Huh I'm in let's go let's go high school that is the time of life when one hangs out with their friends eats their lunch on the school rooftops and finds a cute girlfriend it's the dream life of any ordinary mid schooler but in reality one realizes that it's exactly that a dream the only ones who get to live those kinds of lives are the extroverted types.

With high social skills plus the school rooftops are off limits to students anyway unlik in most anime and manga I've long since accepted it though all I have left are my video games right now my favorite is an online game set in a fantasy world I started playing it when I was in Middle School so I'm quite the Oldtimer now I have to get home my.

Online friends are waiting for me I guess I was was too deep in thought I couldn't react in time to the still W coming up around the corner I collided with her pretty hard sorry are you all right watch where you're going for God's sake uh it really hurt I might even be injured I mean um calm down Fuki it was kind of your fault too yeah right you.

Didn't manage to get out of the way either you shouldn't blame everything on the other guy why are you siding with a boy we're not sighing with anyone we're just telling you what we think I'm sorry she can be a little difficult she tends to snap at everything she doesn't like uh no uh it's fine it's true I wasn't really watching where I was.

Going only a wise man knows to admit when he's wrong but this time the blame is on both of you don't worry about it wow she acts kind of cool like a guy almost but I guess she's a girl though she's wearing a skirt let's start over I'm rku huki and I'm a sophomore and speaking of sophomore this is hey what's up I'm asah tendo nice to meet you um.

Nice to meet you too and finally the girl you just bumped into earlier is H Fuki asakura as I said she can be difficult at times and throws tantrums like a kid but at heart she's a good child be nice to her all right rku Asahi and fubuki that's weird hey Ru stop saying things like that you're embarrassing me what I'm just telling it.

Like it is no you're not stop making stuff up how rude I never lie if I can help it but you're making me sound like I'm a child who can't even control her emotions she just skipped the part about how she's a good kid huh oh quit it already forie why should I can I go home now oh oh and by the way uh huh what's that you're probably a.

Sophomore too right why are you acting so nervous oh um I'm not really used to talking to people why don't you have any friends who you shouldn't say that to people even if it's probably true I know you're being kind of rude too right Fuki huh what I say maybe she's more of an airhead than I thought sometime after after that I.

Managed to get away they seem like pretty quirky girls but unless I'm put in the same class as them next year I'll probably never see them again loner that I am at school I feel way more at home when I'm playing video games hey you're here at Le show his name is Ru his character is a warrior my character is a wizard built for offense for God's sake.

You're late again can't you come online a bit earlier his name is fubuki he's a bit arrogant and aggressive but for some reason his character is a health regeneration support type wizard if you ask me he'd be much more suited to being a warrior well never mind about that it's not like he's missed anything yet his.

Name is Asahi he's a social energetic kind of guy you can always rely on him to brighten the mood his character is an Archer and he provides long range support from behind the front lines I joined their group 3 years ago when they invited me to play with them so you could say that I've known them much longer and better than my classmates at.

School I really feel like I belong but there are a few problems die die die you can run but you can't hide whenever we go into battle two certain individuals become downright terrifying with blood lust I definitely wouldn't want to meet them in real life when they're like.

That why do they sound so happy destroying things they don't seem like they need our help at all do they it's gotten to the point that two of them alone could defeat any monster well I guess it's only natural since I'm with them you sounds so smug again I hardly even notice it anymore though he's always like this although the three are.

Pretty quirky like this online they're probably introverts at their schools too that must be why they're online so much if it were these three maybe we could even be friends in real life too maybe I should invite them to meet with me for real by the way what do you do at your schools instead of asking them outright I decided to slowly lead them into the.

Topic why do you ask I mean we've never really talked about it before so I was just wondering well I guess that's true but there's not much to talk about is there we just sit around chatting is all huh yeah me too same there's not much else we do anyway right wa what's wrong show um it's nothing forget I said anything I bet he doesn't have any.

Friends in real life am I right looks like you hit the spot you're in for now Fuki what I was just kidding around I never thought he really didn't have no friends sorry you're not making it any better by apologizing like that though hey you're always saying to me at school read the room and to soften your words.

Right well now look who's talking but but I was just joking I didn't really think he hold on at school you mean you two go to the same school oops maybe it's time we told him we've known each other for 3 years now after all the way you're talking does that mean that's right I also go to the same school as Fuki and.

Aahi we've been together since middle school what are you serious why didn't you tell me we just didn't want you to feel left out just because you go to a different School than us that's all I'm sorry it took so long to tell you I I guess it all adds up now after all you guys already knew each other when I first joined the group I guess it's not.

That weird that you guys go to the same school too still there's nothing to get upset about is there I mean no one cares what school you go to in the game I guess you're right it's just I was just hoping we get a chance to meet each other offline you know but I guess that's kind of pointless seeing as you guys see each other all the time.

Huh did you say something fubuki no I didn't it doesn't matter anyway I don't mind maybe we should do it I think so too come on Fuki let's do it guys do you even understand what that means we're going to be meeting face to face Fuki calm down for a second you're slipping I'm fine mie mie what is he so about the offline meeting are we all in.

Agreement if our houses are relatively close by we could meet this weekend or something if not how about somewhere during summer vacation I'm in show what about you I'm in too if everyone agrees that is fine I guess if show really wants to your voice is sounding kind of weird fubuki are you all right I said in p a leave me alone already jeez what did.

I say well don't worry too much about it I'm looking forward to seeing each other at last same here huh afterwards when we compared each other's addresses we realized that not only did we live in the same prefecture but the same city as well and so it was decided that we'd meet the very next weekend but I was still worried I told them I was an.

Introvert already but was that explanation enough I never thought they'd have friends like normal people if they turn out to be extroverts I might not be able to play in the same group again amidst such worries Saturday finally finally arrived we said we'd meet by this Fountain but maybe they still haven't arrived could it be show.

Is that you yeah that's me are you wait a minute you've got to be kidding me I knew it you are show aren't you nice to meet you but we've already met before haven't we I never thought there could be such a coincidence but as you know already I'm Ru hi again you remember me I'm aahi what are the chances am I right uh I'm.

Fubuki huh you've got to be kidding me they rku Asahi and fubuki I mean their names do match but I thought they were supposed to be guys and the way they act is totally different too wait a minute though except for the gender difference rku and fubuki are kind of the same online or in real life I guess but fubuki it can't be.

Her he looked pretty stunned well that's no surprise sorry again for the deception we changed genders online so he wouldn't get hit on as much I guess I can understand that but what about fubuki oh about her I mean it was all just acting I'm not really that aloof it was all just a ruse to stop anyone from messing with me well that pretty much.

Sums it up I see is fubuki all right she's acting really strangely the others don't seem too worried about it though anyway let's go to the cafe shop already uh tando what are you doing you can call me aahi darling what are you why are you hugging him let go of him already oh why not he doesn't seem to dislike it by any means that's.

Not the point adolescent girls shouldn't hug guys like that oh come on you just want to hug them yourself don't you what are you talking about come on Fuki you promised yourself you'd tell him when you met him didn't you but it's Al so sudden you better hurry or aahi might actually beat you to it what's going um the thing is there was something I've.

Always wanted to tell you show um okay so what is it so um what I wanted to say was wait a second isn't the guy I bumped into in the corridor the other day you're realizing that right now we've already had that conversation a long time ago I was so nervous I couldn't even look at his face until now it's over it's all over huh what do you mean.

It's all over I'm guessing she only realized the magnitude of the blunder she caused back then maybe you should apologize first before you start looking gloomy but he might already think worst of me it's too late don't worry show she's really kind you know that better than anyone sure I guess um show what is it I just wanted.

To say I'm sorry about the other day I don't really like boys so I just instinctively acted really cold to you you don't like boys well Fuki how is it you can insult someone right when you're in the middle of a making a like you know a heartfelt apology huh you're too painfully honest for you do know that show is a boy too right.

Oh no that's not what I meant I didn't mean you you're different I'm different what do you mean oh um we've straighted off topic so do you remember how Fuki was a bit cold to you when we bumped into her in the hallway the other day she's trying to apologize for it can you please forgive her oh I mean I wasn't even angry in the first place so there's.

Nothing to forgive really but sure you really mean that wow she's so cute sure I do after all I did bump into you so don't worry about it you hear that he really is kind just as I thought yes yes we know just say what you're going to say already that's right poor sh hasn't been able to keep up with your wild mood swings get on with it I want to go into.

The cafe and have a drink for God sake all right I'll do it show yes I really like you you've been so nice to me ever since we started playing together and you take such good care of me so will you please go out with me uh are you sure you want to go out with someone like me you're the one that I want um but a I think it's so cute that you're.

So flustered from a sudden confession but she really does like you a lot she can be a bit weird at times and she doesn't like boys as a whole but it seems she's really fallen for you from all those years playing games together she really isn't saying it as a sort of joke so please will you think about it plus she's really cute if you haven't.

Noticed do you really want me I'm just an introverted loser at school I don't care you won't be alone if you're with me so they won't think of you as such a lonely loser I guess you have a point but but you're so pretty you must be popular with the guys if you think I'm so pretty then you go out with me it's true some guys have tried to ask me out.

But I've always refused them I've always liked you okay then let's go out together to tell the truth I was still pretty confused we'd only met each other a second ago but I was struck by how fubuki was trying so hard to get me to go out with her that's why I decided to go out with her after that the four of.

Us went to a cafe and it was really cute how fubuki refused to leave my side from the way rku and Asahi were smiling smiling at us so affectionately they were probably even more close to each other than I thought to clarify apparently Asahi had only hugged me that time to encourage fubuki into confessing her feelings to me and so we lived.

Happily ever after SOI come on let's go wait Rina my name is sohi mikami I'm a high school student I was getting my books to move to a different classroom for my next class my childhood friend Rina Shira was already walking out the door couldn't you wait a little until I finished getting ready it's not my.

Problem that you're too slow I tried complaining but she immediately shut me down Believe It or Not Rina as my girlfriend for some reason she's always cold towards me you used to be nice enough to wait stop focusing on the past at least I told you I was leaving back when we were kids Rina used to be all over me she would follow me everywhere.

And I felt like it was my duty to protect her however Rina started distancing herself from me in our last year of elementary school I didn't want to let her go I decided to ask her out in our last year of Middle School Rina I've been meaning to ask you why are you so cold towards me I'm not I've always been like this really I remember you.

Being so kind to me back when we were kids did I do something to upset you in any way I'm not upset with you but we're not kids anymore we can't stick together like we used to back in the day is it because you like somebody else Reina stopped walking after hearing my question what made you think that I mean you don't seem to be.

Interested in me so I'm trying to figure out why if I did like somebody else what would you do you know that I like you Reina I don't want to leave your side can't I be your boyfriend SOI I didn't realize you liked me I guess guess if that's the case yes I'll be your girlfriend huh seriously why would I joke about it but I thought you liked.

Somebody else you should be thankful for childhood friends oh and don't forget I will never forgive you if you cheat on me I won't I wasn't quite sure why she said yes but I was relieved she didn't turn me down we picked the same high school so we could stay together I had hoped our relationship would go back to how it used to be but her attitud.

Towards me didn't change all I got was the title of being her boyfriend Rina let's eat lunch together yeah go ahead I sat down next to riina and opened my lunch box riina you're eating bread for lunch again yeah it's easy to prepare Rina has never brought an obento to school not once since we started High School I can make you an obento for.

Lunch if you want no thanks I don't want people to think I can't cook I've suggested making her obento numerous times but she always declines my offer she makes it sound like she's actually good at cooking but I have a feeling it's not her cup of tea you can make me an obento if it's not too much trouble one of our classmates Ruka comia jumped.

Into the conversation Ruka was the first friend ririna made in high school naturally she and I became friends through ririna she's a gentl mannered and sophisticated girl Ruka you don't need me for that but I've never had a boy make me in obento I hope someone will someday cut it out Ruka you make way better o bentos than sohi does how.

Rude I can't argue with that though Ruka also brings homemade o Bento to school for lunch I'm an amateur when it comes to cooking I'll definitely lose if we compete Ruka slid a chair over and she joined us for lunch sohi you can go home alone today I have somewhere to go are you going shopping I'll go with you you don't have to follow me everywhere but.

I'm your boyfriend I want to be with you as long as possible you're being annoying I want to be alone today again with the cold attitude Rina left the classroom and didn't look back once she doesn't have to be so mean about it I guess she really didn't want me to tag along it was the first time she was this harsh when rejecting me SOI did you and.

Rina fight Ruka was watching the whole conversation she seemed worried about us no not that I can recall I've always wanted to ask you guys are you and Rina really in a relationship I'm pretty sure to be honest I wasn't sure anymore ruka's question was on point we go on dates but Rina despises every type of physical intimacy she won't allow me to.

Hold her hand it feels lonely walking next to her empty-handed SOI why don't we go home together since she'll be alone sure why not I had no reason to say no I decided to leave school with Ruka that day on our way home Ruka invited me to hang out with her we decided to go into a cafe why did she pick this one out of all the cafes out.

There the cafe we entered was popular amongst females all the customers around us were girls or couples I stick my coffee feeling uneasy and out of place SOI you've never been to this Cafe it's my first time rivina never wants to go to places where typical couples go to you guys still call that dating sohi I know this may be none of my business but.

Are you sure Reina has romantic feelings towards you I'm hoping she does but I'm not 100% sure I haven't been for a while why do you keep dating her then it's simple because I like her you know what it's like I do anything to be with her even if she acts coldly towards me well as long as you're happy with where you are I guess that's okay but are you.

Really sad satisfied with your relationship aren't there places you want to go and things you want to do with your girlfriend or is that not important to you well yeah of course I do but I don't want to do anything rivina doesn't want to do you're a sweet guy you treat her like a queen yet she doesn't appreciate it I don't understand.

Why it's okay it's probably because I'm not attractive enough for her SOI you are attractive in many ways I wish I was your girlfriend so I could fulfill your desires thanks for comforting me I'm sorry for putting on a Pity show do you think I said that just to be nice to you Ruka gently held my hand as I reached to grab my coffee cup Ruka I like you sohi.

And I don't like how Rina treats you I would never do that to you please can you make me your girlfriend are you for real I didn't realize she was serious since she was so smooth about it however I saw her her determination the moment I looked into her eyes I mean it but why you know that I'm dating Reina SOI you are modest and.

Kind you are a great guy I wasn't planning on telling you since I thought you and Marina were doing well but now that I found out how she treats you I wanted to tell you because I know I can treat you better I appreciate your honesty but I'm sorry ririna is the only one for me Ruka suddenly sat next to me and linked her arms with mine I am.

Willing to give you everything you desire you can't waste your life on somebody like her every relationship needs to go both ways you are trying so hard to satisfy her but you get nothing if I were your girlfriend I would never make you feel so lonely Ruka I didn't realize you were so forward this is so unexpected I'm only doing this because I.

Like you so much don't tell anybody but my heart was pounding hard it was my first time getting asked out and I hadn't had a girl so close to me since I was a kid I found myself indulging in ruka's natural softness sohi am I not good enough can't I be your girlfriend it's not that you're not good enough it's just that I like Reina I admire how.

Devoted you are to her but I will show you how you will be better off with me I'm not giving up on you just yet she was my friend I didn't want to do anything to hurt her stayed close to me until we had to say goodbye to go home good morning rinaa is something wrong I called to Rina as she came out of her house.

However I guess I was nervous my voice cracked a little Rina looked at me confused and I felt guilty for what happened yesterday no uh nothing's wrong okay she let it go immediately she didn't seem interested at all ririna and I started walking to school just like any other morning I couldn't help but glance at her hand hey Rina do you want.

To hold hands while we walk to school what are you kidding me well you are my girlfriend I just thought it would be nice if we could act a little more like a couple in a relationship no I don't want to suhi you want an excuse to touch a girl it's not like that I just want to feel you closer to me that's all I'm already close to you you don't.

Understand I was referring to the distance in our emotional relationship but I couldn't bring it up I was afraid she would get frustrated with me it's always been like this for Rina and me I never had a problem with it until now but after what happened with Ruka yesterday I was longing for Comfort I wanted proof that Rina was mine good.

Morning Rina SOI we ran into Ruka halfway to school morning Ruka I didn't expect to see you here I was waiting here I wanted to go to school with sohi why with SOI Ruka stood by my side and slipped her arm around mine it's because I like SOI hey Ruka I wasn't comfortable with Ruka doing that to me in front of rinaa I looked over at my girlfriend's.

Face to find her glaring at me with an ice cold expression SOI we're supposed to be dating but you've been getting to know vuka quite well huh no it's not what you think this isn't a mutual thing Ruka and I are not dating we will eventually you keep taking advantage of his love whereas I want to give him everything he.

Wants which do you think he'll end up choosing he deserves better than what you are willing to give him I know soh's heart will start turning to me once he sees that wow I'm impressed so you're hitting on my boyfriend and lecturing me I never expected you to play so dirty Rina do you even consider SOI as your boyfriend I've been watching you all.

Along and it doesn't seem like you do that has nothing to do with you I am my way and you have yours sui how long are you going to let her keep touching you if you and Ruka aren't dating you don't need a cuddle up like that I know Ruka please can you let me go SOI you told me she wouldn't even hold your hand I can't grant you all your wishes if you pick me.

As your girlfriend I don't need you to grant me any wishes SOI do you not care who it is as long as she lets you touch her reina's voice suddenly dropped deep her expression didn't change but I could tell she was fuming you're the only one I like that means you're the only one I want to hold hands with nothing you say is convincing when you're still holding.

Her like that you found someone to fulfill your dreams good for you have a happy life huh wait rinaa rinaa turned around and walked away from us she never once looked back well that was easy it's like she doesn't care she doesn't have feelings for you I didn't want to agree with her but there was no other explanation for rina's actions I.

Wondered what I meant to Rina she just tossed me out I'm sorry I have to be blunt I think you were just a childhood friend to her I remember telling ririna how I felt about her but she never told me she liked me back looking back on our relationship it was no different from when we were just friends SOI I know you're in a lot of pain right now but.

You should consider moving on I'm here for you you I'll help you get through this I appreciate your support but I don't think I'm ready for anything right now Rina never told me she liked me but at the same time she never told me she didn't like me I wasn't sure where she and I stood at that moment so it was hard for me to accept we were over the.

Situation was depressing at the same time I was feeling comfortable with Ruka who was standing by me through my tough times I thought about talking to ririna after we got to school but I got scared of rejection I couldn't gather the courage to call her name on top of that Ruka would come over to me whenever we didn't have class she didn't give me any.

Time or space to do anything SOI do you want to go on a date again today a date Ruka I never agreed to become your boyfriend all of our classes were over but I still hadn't talked to riina she left the school before I did I blamed Ruka for this but I was thankful she took her time to comfort me that's why I couldn't shut her out so do you want to.

Pick me up yet I can't say yes to you while I still have strong feelings for Rina it's not fair to you Ruka I need to put an end to my relationship with her if I'm going to move on with you I'm fine with where we are I don't want her to hurt you again thank you for being here for me but I need closure I really do I declined ruka's request and headed.

Home I don't know how I would survive if ririna told me she didn't like me but I knew Ruka would be there for me no matter what I prepared myself to face Rina I went to talk to Rina at her place but found out she wasn't home yet she left school before me so she must be busy shopping or something I had no choice but to go home and wait for the.

Next day to talk to her when I woke up I felt something on my arm I turned my head to look and found rivina looking up at me her face bright red what are you doing Reina I jumped up in Surprise Rina was inside my bed with me SOI isn't this the type of thing you wanted to do what do you mean being close I didn't mean this close I could.

Tell Rina was feeling self-conscious I didn't understand why she went out of her way to embarrass herself what was she trying to prove to me SOI let me help you change your clothes why I'm your girlfriend it's part of my job I don't think that's necessarily true seriously what's going on you you've never shown any affection towards.

Me and I thought you were angry with me I was shocked to hear ririna use the word girlfriend I thought we were over so I didn't know what to think of the situation of course I was angry you seemed so close to Ruka but I thought about it and I felt bad I haven't been treating you the way you deserve to be treated so I've decided to try my best.

To give you everything you want from now on I want to make you happy everything I want this is far beyond what I was hoping for but to make things clear do you still consider me your boyfriend of course I do do I have to say it out loud yes you do you always gave me the cold shoulder it made me lose confidence well it's a lot to handle I was so happy to.

Be by your side but I didn't want people teasing us about it because it would make me too happy I had to act like that to keep myself in control that's the reason why you acted that way way you should have told me that I realized I had been worried for nothing rina's whole face was flushing as she came clean about the reason behind her.

Behavior she didn't have to tell me how she felt anymore I could see how she was feeling just by watching her I'm sorry I kept it from you for so long I became self-conscious after the kids in our class teased me about us back in elementary school but you always stayed near me I guess I knew you wouldn't leave my side even if I didn't treat you.

Nicely all that time well my feelings for you never faded Rina but I have to say it was painful I wasn't sure you liked me I thought you might be forcing yourself to be around me I'm sorry for putting you through all that I realized so many things after seeing you with Ruka yesterday I now know how much trouble I put you through.

But I don't want to give you up please don't break up with me I will never break up with you as long as you want to be with me I just feel guilty for what I did to Ruka Ruka confessed her feelings for me because she thought rias and my relationship was beyond saving I was unsure of how ririna felt I ended up.

Taking advantage of ruka's feelings she didn't deserve to be treated like that although I hadn't accepted ruka's suggestion to start a relationship with her I was afraid she would be disappointed when she found out ririna and I had patched things up I'll talk to Ruka about it I guess ruka's actions are partially my fault Rina and I started on.

Our way to school and found Ruka waiting at the spot she was yesterday she smiled and tried to wave to us however her expression clouded when she saw we were holding hands Rina you okay with holding soh's hand now I realized I needed to change how I treated SOI thanks to you Ruka I've changed so you guys made up we were never in a fight to start with I.

Know I seemed cold toward sohi before but I decided to start being honest with my feelings that's pretty selfish you know you have no idea how much you hurt sohi now you want him back I do feel bad about hurting my boyfriend but that's between sohi and me it has nothing to do with you sohi accepts everything about me.

Even my flaws you're free to have whatever feelings towards him but I will not let you take him away from me you need to let him go Ruka turned away from ririna and faced me SOI are you sure this is what you want she just put you through so much pain are you going to forgive her just like that I told you yesterday but ririna is the only one for.

Me I know how kind-hearted she is since I've known her for a long time that's why I like her no matter how she treats me don't you want to try dating me even a little bit nope not at all Ruka sighed with disappointment as she listened to my answer I could have made you see how good we were together if you had only given me a little more time you guys.

Made up too fast all I did was trigger Rina into becoming a better girlfriend that's true and I'm forever thankful for that fine I'll let it go for now but Rina you better be prepared to lose him the next time you hurt him don't worry that will never happen Rina and Ruka smiled at each other I'm glad things worked out this incident brought ririna.

And me closer than ever our relationship sh did a big turnaround her attitude towards me became soft-hearted however she hasn't gotten used to it fully she turns bright red from time to time it tickles my heart to watch her blush like that to wrap it up I'm thankful for my perfect girlfriend huh who is that I felt.

Somebody steep into my futon the only ones at home are my little sister and her two friends which means who is it who kissing right now my name is kazumasa fukuda I'm a junior in high school I'm an introvert passionate about games and Anime I'm home oh they're here again let me tell you about my current problem it's about hey kazumasa good to.

See you again I wish I could poof them away seriously my little sister and her two friends have made my place their hangout the one on the right is Kaa kinosita she's a sophomore my sister's class and known to be cheerful and energetic let's play some games kazima the one on the bed is arri tasaka she's also a classmate of my sisters she's a.

Little too mature for her age I love your bed kazim Masa it's so soft and the one on the left is my sister Yuki fakuda she has no respect for me I don't think she even considers me as her Elder hey bro you must be thrilled to see us I know you fantasized about the hir situations in your favorite animes why do they come in here every.

Single day this it's not so much the high population density it's more about keeping my sanity while breathing in their sweet smell how many times have I told you guys not to come in here without my consent well you can't help B your room is so cozy and comfortable are you hiding some naughty books from us oh my let's find them hey stop stop I know.

Why they always hang out in my room it's because Yuki's room is too and sanitary to let people in clothes books trash everywhere on the other hand my room is clean and has plenty of games and mangas according to them it's a perfect place to hang out even if her friends don't come over Yuki spends most of her time in my room if only she would stop.

Rolling around in my room and clean up hers for once it's not healthy for me I need my privacy use anything you want just put everything back the way it was I tried escaping my room since I couldn't stay there any longer however gotcha W you didn't think that you could get away that easily did you hey AR come on get off me I can't get over how cute.

You are you know how to push all the right buttons kazumasa she's so soft and she smells so nice control yourself kazumasa hey Ivory you're going to make his nose bleed that sounds like fun hey let me in too in the end they wouldn't let go how much longer do I have to deal with them the next day at school K Masa why do you always smell.

Like girls these days huh oh yeah maybe it's cuz I have a little sister no it's not just her I smell your sister and two different pretty girls off of you jeez how do you do that it's creepy you should stop my friend with a smell fetish keeps suspecting something but I know talking about my problem will put me in an awkward position that's why.

I haven't told anybody about it one day I came back to my room to find Carlo and Ary rolling around on my bed Yuki wasn't there Hey where's Yuki she went grocery shopping she said she wouldn't be back for a while gosh why can't you take them with her I turned to them and notice her eyes are gleaming watch out get them hey you guys.

What are you trying to do stop fooling around like that we're not fooling around we just wanted to check something that's all kumasa who do you like better hyi or me what what do you mean who do I like better you don't meet guys since we go to an all girl school the guys who hit on us aren't looking for anything serious so we were talking about.

Boyfriends and we decided we would rather have a devoted partner there's nobody better than you kazima gosh way they phrase it sounds like they only want to date me because their other options aren't realistic girls I need you to stop trying to tease me we're not trying to tease you we are serious about what we said she's right.

We want to date you this isn't just some kind of joke what hey do you want to date both of us yeah that would be nice no stop you shouldn't waste your time on me just because you want a boyfriend you are worth more than that I'm sure you'll both find the right guys someday H Ary and Kaa suddenly look towards each other.

And start giggling Kaa do you want to try TR the thing yeah he's not taking us seriously let's try the thing huh try what thing huh we want to try kissing you there was an article in a magazine on how kissing can help people fall in love I'm not lying no that only works in movies you need to have some sort of romantic feeling for each.

Other okay let me go first hey not fair Conor it's his first kiss let me have it wait how do they know it's my first kiss I've never told any of them that fine we can decide with rock paper scissors three rounds start two girls on top of me trying to win the right to kiss me first what have I got myself into and the result of the match was yay.

I get to be kazum masa's first kiss woohoo so that makes me the second woman okay kazumasa let's do this already I can't kiss you like it's nothing kissing requires a certain atmosphere and a romantic mood oh so you'll kiss us if we set the mood this kiss means a lot to me kazumasa do you really not want to kiss.

Me that bad no it's not that I don't want to of course I want to kiss them and look how gorgeous they are but it's not the right time well it's not right at all to tell you the truth it's my first time too so don't make fun of me if I can't do it well it's my first time too I I won't it's my first time as well but are you sure this is what you.

Want of course I've been saving it for you just then my sister opened the door I'm home oh wait what the heck are you you doing you're so close Ka I get away from him kazumasa you need to protect yourself why do I always have to protect you was thankful for Yuki's sudden appearance I think why.

Do I feel so bummed about not being able to kiss them I need to stop I shouldn't have let myself get swayed by them so Yuki what did you buy today makeup remover and some toothbrushes I lost a match against them and my Batu game was to buy this makeup remover and toothbrushes why did you run out no Kaa and iie are sleeping over at our place.

Tonight huh sleepover what the I have a feeling tonight is not going to go by so peacefully my parents weren't coming home that night because they had to work late so I was in charge of making dinner for the four of us just FYI Yuki can't cook her cooking only is disasters I'm always in charge of dinner.

Whenever our parents are not home I was standing in the kitchen alone when C sir what are you going to make whoa Ary don't grab me from behind can't you see I have a knife in my hand my bad I don't know why I have this thing where I keep hugging people that sounds dangerous why is she in the kitchen with me anyways Kim.

Are you curious about why I am in your kitchen with you right now how did you know seriously why are you here I thought you were playing games upstairs I left because I wanted to come see you Kazam Masa crap she's so attractive we didn't finish what we started earlier I think this might be the right time to continue huh continue.

What I'm talking about the kiss silly oh the kiss wait what I never got the chance to tell you but I've had feelings for you for a while now so I'm hoping you will be my first kiss please can you kiss me I've never seen her act so serious what do I do she's making my heartbeat too fast Ary I don't think this is the right way all.

I'm asking is for one kiss I want you to be my first kiss kazumasa uh just just once yes yes just once I was about to gave into the Temptation however excuse me you guys need to be spread apart what the heck are you thinking Yuki came to the rescue again gosh thank God she came in time I swear I'm not feeling bummed at all.

After that we all ate dinner together I was in the bath when hey are you in here what's wrong Yuki wait huh Yuki suddenly appeared she was wearing a bathing suit hey was thinking maybe we could take a paath together no we can't we're in high school we can't be naked together don't be so hard-headed just turn around for a second Yuki stepped into the bathtub.

Yuki seriously what is up with you nothing I just came to scold you you looked so excited when my friends were making a move on you why do I need to get scolded they were just kidding around weren't they they probably think it's some kind of hilarious game I don't think they're playing a game they're always talking to you at school you know.

Really but why does Yuki seem so frustrated at me right now so which one are you going to date you can't date both of them you know I haven't even thought about picking one you know there's no way I would date both at once uh I see so if you count me in which one of us means the most to you I have to say you obviously you're my little.

Sister wait are you jealous of them or something no I'm not jealous it's not what I meant at all suddenly the bathroom door opened hey I knew you were in here kumus uh you are such a naughty boy you are playing all three of us aren't you no it's not like that so that means Yuki's the one in love with you cut it out why would I like him he's.

Such a loser geek a conversation with Yuki ended without getting to a conclusion that night the three girls laid out futons in my room to sleep together Yuki why don't you clean your room if you knew your friends were coming to sleep over kumasa don't you dare get any weird ideas just because we're sleeping in the.

Same room good night it didn't take long for the girls to fall to sleep after turning the lights off however it was impossible for me to sleep I just couldn't a while later I felt somebody sliping into my futon who is it why is she my fut son I pretended to be asleep suddenly I felt her breathing next to my face and oh my.

Gosh did she just kiss me she kissed me it was too dark to tell who it was but the mystery kisser returned to a futon after giving me a smooch it wasn't on the lips but it was still a kiss it was it the next morning when I woke up all three of them were acting normal it was like the kiss never happened however I could still feel the.

Soft warm feeling the kiss that left on my cheek I was deep in thought when my smell fetish friend came over to talk to me at school W I can smell the girl from halfway across the classroom plus the smell I know this smell one of them kissed you didn't she oh you are so freaking creepy it's like you were there man wait do you know who kissed me who.

Was it tell me after I got home I found the girls chatting in my room as always I can't figure out who kissed me like last night it was it kazumasa sit down next to me let's play a game no he's going to come sit on the bed with me you guys stop hitting on my brother jeez kazumasa why are you enjoying this I guess I'll be spending a lot more time.

With these girls I need to figure out you kiss me I guess I'm done here my name is Ryoma inamoto and I'm the boss manager of a painting company 2 years ago my father passed away and so at the age of 30 I became the boss of a small firm consisting of about a dozen workers despite my position having so few.

Workers meant that I had to go out almost every day to assist my employees giving me little time to rest huh it's sat he should still be working I wonder what happened hey sat is anything wrong Li boss actually yes Mr okiyama fell from his ladder and his hurt pretty bad uh-oh how bad is it uh from the looks of it it's nothing lifethreatening but I'm.

Pretty sure his leg is broken we've already called No Award we're just waiting for the ambulance to arrive I see then tell me which hospital you're going to as soon as the ambulance arrives I'll be there right away okay but uh Mr okiyama told me to tell you that he still has work he's supposed to finish by today and to ask you if you.

Take his place for him he's still thinking about work even though he is injured it's just like him then I'll head to his workplace instead of the hospital tell Miss all under control not to worry got it boss make sure you get on the ambulance with him just in case oh and it's probably hard for Mr okiyama to even talk right now so Barrow his.

Phone and contact his daughter for him Jo thing after hanging up I headed for Mr okiyama workplace and took care of business Mr okiyama are you all right I'm sorry for troubling you boss how the workplace situation now don't worry about it I went over immediately and finished up with the remainder of the work thanks boss how you won't yeah.

Wasn't any trouble more importantly how's your leg they say it would take 3 months to heal completely and that I'll be here for at least another fortnite I see well I've been feeling like you've been working yourself too hard lately so think of it as taking a little break and rest yourself properly thanks I'll do that but there's just one problem Oh you.

Mean your daughter yes I'm just worried about her living alone for two whole weeks I understand if I remember correctly Mr okiyama is a single parent with no relatives in the area come to think of it hasn't your daughter arrived at the hospital yet she did but she went home to pick up some clothes and other necessities for my stay in the hospital.

Oh yes of course she's been brought up well I think Mr okiyama said she was in high school right now boss I know this may come off as a bit rude but could you let her stay at your place until I get out um I don't think that's a good I mean I live alone please boss I don't have anyone else I can trust it's hard to say no when you put.

It that way fine I'll do it but it'll all be a mood point if your daughter doesn't agree to it yes I know after a while Mr oki's daughter came back with this change of close amongst other things oh hello it's been a while you're my dad's boss right hi that's right I'm glad you remembered it's been about 6 years right I was in elementary school.

Then so yes that sounds about right Rio I want you to go stay at the boss's house for the next two weeks huh dad what are you saying it's fine the boss has already given his permission are you for real Mr Boss well I try to refuse him but Mr okiyama I really don't think we should go with this plan after all that's right I can live by myself if.

It's just two weeks absolutely not it's too risky for a kid in high school to live by herself if it's just for 2 weeks maybe she could ask one of her friends if she could stay with them for a while I don't have anyone close enough to let me stay in their house for an entire fortnite I I'm sorry no it's fine it's probably my.

Fault for not having any real friends Rio I know you don't like the idea but why don't you give my house a try yes please in the end we drove to Rio's house to pick up a few things and headed to my place um to start off I'll take care of the house work so don't worry about it you can use a guest futon as your bet thank you sir but you don't.

Have to do everything for me I'm more of a temporary resident than a guest so we should share the chores I was entrusted with keeping you safe by Mr okiyama I'm not going to let you hurt yourself cleaning the house or cooking meals my boss you're treating me too much like a child I may not look like it but I'm already 17 that's still just a kid of me.

H by the way what's your name Mr Boss my dad only refers to you as the boss I guess you're right I'm Roma in a modo okay then I'll call you Mr Roma sure call me whatever you want Mr Roma you shouldn't underestimate me too much just give me 40 20 minutes I'll give you a sight to see huh what do you mean just wait here I'm okay without knowing what.

To do I just sat in the other room waiting wow H how's that you still feel like treating me like a kid now you're saying that as I making you look childish to me right now but I'll admit it I was wrong you're pretty mature for your age real there that wasn't so hard to say was it now let's eat before any of it gets cold.

Right I'm starving and then we ate the dinner Rio had prepared together W that was really delicious Rio thanks a lot sure thing I'm glad you liked it I'll take care of the cooking while I'm staying then shall I H from the looks of it she's not going to let me cook if I try it okay then we'll both do the housework how about we each do our own.

Laundry let me do the cleaning and the cooking in turn well I'd have been fine doing all of it myself but I'll take it and that's how our living together be again I'm home welcome back you're earlier than I expected I know I've been making sure not to go into overtime really you don't have to do that for me don't worry it's no problem I've been.

Working a lot lately so there's no problem with me taking it easy for a while I guess if you say so thanks it's fine I'll just get to making dinner then Mr Roma why are you so good at all the housework I don't think I'm that good at it that's not true at all you're cooking is delicious and your room's always so clean thanks I guess I've just gotten.

Used to it from living by myself for so long I see it's nice to know a man who can cook though at home I have to do all of it so it's kind of refreshing to eat something someone else has prepared for a change I'm glad you think so I didn't know she did all the cooking at home that must be why she's so good at it it's only the second day but we got.

Along with each other surprisingly well at first I thought it would be impossible to live with the high school kid but maybe it's because I do my own housework anyway but it was hardly any trouble at all by the way do you have a girlfriend Mr Roma huh why so sudden I've been wondering since yesterday but isn't it strange that you have two fut.

Tons even though you live alone as I said yesterday is for guests sometimes a friend comes over to stay for the night I see I thought maybe it was for your girlfriend or something well I am almost 30 I guess that would seem more natural I been so busy with work I just can't seem to find a chance to settle down just yet oh right and your workplace is.

Full of guys too right that's right there is a woman working as a clerk but she's already been married a long time and the others are all men huh I didn't realize adults have so little time for romance then how about I become your girlfriend you really shouldn't make fun of your elders huh it was just a joke but hearing you say it like that is kind.

Of annoying why are you annoyed you said it your s it's just a joke it's a matter of Pride you really are clueless when it comes to woman aren't you well I don't have a girlfriend so stop looking so depressed you're the one who said it well you're the one who began his conversation in the first place what about you do you even have a.

Boyfriend um well no but I'm still a kid so it's okay but you said earlier that you're already oh never mind oh shut up after that we live together quite well swapping jokes and sharing the chores until it had been a fortnite before we knew it Mr okiyama is getting out of hospital tomorrow right you should pack your bags today since you'll probably be.

A bit busy tomorrow I guess so is anything wrong Rio huh what why nothing you're just acting a bit strange there's nothing wrong with me I just didn't want to go home yet why is that aren't you glad your dad's coming home after all this time that's not what I meant it's just I was was having so much fun living with you I kind of wish dad would stay.

In the hospital for a couple more days Rio you can never say that even as a joke why not it's not like I really mean it or anything dad can hardly even cook plus he doesn't clean so the house is always a mess that may be so but you can still talk about your father in that way but why are you getting so angry I didn't mean it like that wait Rio where.

Are you going I'm going out out please don't follow me what am I doing why did I get so angry who's a kid now anyway I have to go find her I ran all over the neighborhood trying to find her I can't find her anywhere we have to find her soon she doesn't even have her purse or her phone hey young lady you're looking fine want to go somewhere with me oh.

There she is please leave me alone come on it'll be fun you won't regret it I promise is hey stop bothering that kid huh what do you want old man that's my question to you I'm here as her protector what do you want no it's nothing he backed off more easily than I thought are you all right Rio did he do anything to you I'm fine but why did you.

Come after me what do you mean why I was worried about you but you were really mad at me I'm sorry about that that was totally my fult so let's just head home I'll go home if you promise you're not mad at me okay I promise I'm sorry afterwards we've been home together I really am sorry about earlier I totally let my feelings got the better of me.

There no it's my fault I mean it's not like I hate my dad it just came out a little wrong I knew you had every right to scold me but you were so angry and I didn't know what to do I see I really did get out of control there didn't I to tell the truth I lost my parents in a car accident when I was young I didn't know know that yes well that's why I got.

So angry when you said you didn't want your dad to come back plus I know firsthand how seriously Mr okiyama takes his work and I just couldn't take it but that had nothing to do with you and I'm so sorry I know I said that you were so childish but today that was me but I really want you to take good care of your family after all you'll be the one.

Who regrets it when they're gone I know I'll never say anything like that again and although I know I ran away from the shock I'm glad you corrected me when I was wrong I'm glad to hear that and anyway the only reason why I said I didn't want to go home was because I was having so much fun with you oh thanks you don't seem to get it I'm.

Trying to say I like you what at first I thought it was just because you were kind and fun to be with but I like you all the more now because you tell me where I'm wrong will you please go out with me um this isn't a joke like before is it do you want me to run away again sorry I just wanted to be sure I'd like to hear your reply now um.

Okay sure you told me how you really felt so I'll return the gesture you're cute sweet and good company so I'd like to date you love with my responsibilities as boss manager I can't date a school girl I'm really sorry I see so the only problem is that I'm still in high school yes I'm really sorry so what you're saying is you'd.

Date me if I wasn't in high school um sure I guess that's one way to put it that that's fine we'll just go out after I graduate huh you did say that you wanted to date me right I mean I did but there's still like a year and a half right by then you'll probably have found someone else to go out with you really don't trust me do you no.

That's not what I meant well I'm fine with that for now you better be ready a year and a half from now sure and no cheating on me before I grab graduate not to mention after we start going out but how can it be cheating when we haven't even started going out just don't do it promise fine I promise I'll be waiting for you a year and a half.

Jeez stop acting like you're all grown up but I am though uh what am I going to say to Mr okiyama you come back down to earth too fast Mr voma we still got a year and a half to worry about things like that okay okay I'm sorry although she's younger than me by more than a decade I doubt I'll even win against her my married life with Rio that would.

Begin 5 years later is a story for another day I go to work before most people even wake up the sky is still dark Dawn hasn't even come yet the train sways slightly as though it we're still fighting off the last vestages of sleep to tell the truth waking up so early used to be a real pain but after several.

Years of this life it started to feel almost normal several days ago though something happened that definitely wasn't the doors hissed open and footsteps echoed through the empty Carriage looking up I saw two familiar faces coming up to me oh there he is morning mister good good morning sir good morning you're both early as usual.

I see yeah I guess there we go the Train's empty this morning as usual a you're being a bit rude again really you think so I do I also think you should close your legs too and what do you think mister I think Mia's right you should close your legs H what's this do you prefer neat and.

Proper girls like Mia to an energetic girl like me do you really no that's not what I meant oh it's not uh I see I mean I don't exactly mean no either God make up your mind already I feel you guys are mocking me especially Assan oops you got us I'm sorry we didn't mean to the reason why my normally dreary commute became so.

Merry and full of life goes back to an incident about a week ago every morning I got on the first train to go to work it's about a 3-hour ride but on the plus side it's relatively uncrowded my desperate attempt to avoid the rush hour is necessitated by the fact that I live in a typical bedroom community due to issues with the rent that day as you.

Usual I was passing the time reading with a free app on my phone when hey I know that manga it's pretty good isn't it huh the manga you're reading right now my sister Mia collects those at home right Mia Excuse me yes I like it um I especially like this character he doesn't stand out much but he's really kind don't you think huh are we just.

Going to keep talking you're totally ignoring my confusion Ju Just hold on for a sec I don't even know who you are I guess it would be mannerless of us if we didn't introduce ourselves soon I'm aanaa the mysterious school girl and this really pretty girl here is I'm her twin Mia nice to meet you ASA he might think you too full of yourself if you.

Call me the really pretty girl since we both share the same face um okay thanks very much I'm yusuke goo I'm just a normal businessman got it so we'll just call you Mr for I then nice to meet you were you even listening to my introduction back there feel like you're totally ignoring me you're pretty funny Mister sorry I.

Feel thought you might be a dark kind of guy since you're a four eyes and all you totally just going by stereotype huh you should apologize to every glasses wearing bsen in the world I'm sorry every glasses wearer my bad well at least you're honest enough anyways that's all the point I'll be leaving then bye leaving.

Where do you think you're going I mean I was thinking i' move into another seat there are plenty of others available W wo come on this is fun right you don't have to go anywhere just yet after all they do say that even chance meetings are due to fate yeah that's the spirit nice one Mia she's the brains of the family there it is Mia's proud faed Fe.

Sign so cute okay there there's definitely something off about this what do you mean sir well first off why are we sitting so close together there's plenty of space in the carriage I don't really like sitting apart from Mia it's kind of important and second then why are you both sitting on opposite sides of me there it is for's confused face V.

Sign not so cute you have no intention of listening to me do you um I think it's cute sir the cap between your suited appearance and the youth likee V makes for an interesting combination uh thanks for the followup but I think it's really helping I think I should warn you though if you're looking to get some financial gain out of me it's not going.

To work I'm just a paid employee working for a low tier firm after all I'm so poor have to live in a tellal that's a three-hour commute from my office don't worry we won't anyway you should get Mia to show you her manga recommendations and stuff if you're looking for something in their app I think this one is quite good you guys.

Change the subject too fast I can barely keep up for God's sake it went on like that for three stations they kept talking right up to the moment the train slid into the station where their school was located at the time I thought the strange incident was a one-time thing why am I still being forced to sit.

Between two high school girls during my commute even now jeez will you stop monologuing for a second already Mister it's kind of scary I don't think it's scary at all sir I often get caught up in my own world just like like that too thanks for the followup as always Mia but as usual I think you're missing the point again in all seriousness I think.

You should start telling me what's really going on here um what do you mean I'm talking about how you always sit next to me on your way to school there's a reason for it I presume oh that's our stop well we'll be seeing you then goodbye Mister good luck with your work and stuff um you too sure sure for God's sake they do the question again.

By by the end of the day I was still no closer to figuring out why the girls kept trying to get closer to me hey yuk I want to get together with some girls for drinks later yeah I'll be fine thanks my life's fine as it is wow quick answer do you have a girlfriend or something I've never had a girlfriend since adale was born why' you ask I'm.

Okay no need to get all defensive about it I guess someone who had a romance filled school life like you wouldn't understand the wakabayashi Senai when you've lived alone for as long as I have she becomes preferable believe me your money and time is your own to spend of course it'd be nice if I'd had a little love in my life but at this point I.

Don't have high hopes you really are just withered out huh whatever then how about a couple of beers it's a no overtime today and it's not like you have anything better to do right well I guess all right let's go for Korean barbecue I found a good place nearby simply this meat's pretty well cooked great.

Thanks oh it's hot M that's delicious meat and beer really are a great combo I'm in heaven they really do serve pretty good meat here um excuse me can we have two more plates of that boneless short rib thanks would you be needing any more beer Senpai oh yeah thanks then another round of beers too.

Well then I've lost count of how many times you've done this but Cheers Cheers by the way have you really never had any luck meeting women I mean it's not like you're incredibly unattractive or anything right I really haven't somehow it always ends with just being good friends I mean I never really tried to go for it so I don't mind but oh I see.

Your problem it's right there listen you skate you have to throw yourself out there with women huh you can't just wait for them to come yeah well as I said I I don't mind you know personally I want you someone who's a good and hardworking guy to make some lucky girl happy someday come on SBA I'm not that great guy that's not true at all hey you.

Remember how last month you came in late because You' saved a girl who was being molested on your way to work oh yeah huh I'm sorry for the trouble I caused you then he was right that really did happen that day I've been unusually late and was been crushed by the morning rush hour when by chance happened upon a girl being molested by an older man when I.

Handed the Molester over to the station staff I realized the girl was still in shock after what happened so being unable to leave her side I put in a call to wabashi Senpai to tell him I would work don't apologize I'm trying to praise you for what happened even good people might have had the decency to stop to care for a her kid when they're.

In a hurry but you did if you ask me that's way more important than doing your work well you're a much better person to me have the decency to tell me that some boy you really are a weird guy yusuke although I guess that's what I like about you you keep up that reserved attitude of yours though and you'll never get a girlfriend not unless some.

Girl is weird enough to come at you herself those go that weird though I think I drank too much this always happens when I drink with wakabayashi sine it makes it too fun to hold back oh really I'm wasted plus it's later than I thought so all the seats are form good evening Mr For Eyes huh asan yep it's me aa aka the self-proclaimed incredibly.

Beautiful school girl it's rare that we shouldn't meet like this on our way home true where's your sister Mia why do you prefer her company need to mine or something no I mean you're always together aren't you I had Club activities today so MIA went home without me unfortunately for you you're in the Japanese style audery Club Right.

Bingo are you on your way home from work or not your clothes wreak of alcohol I was out drinking with the work colleague did you go for a Korean barbecue you got me was delicious you're the worst Mister I've been doing Club activities on an empty stomach it's torture it's what it is um I'm sorry I guess apologies won't fil my.

Stomach Mister looks like it's getting a bit crowded looks like it would you mind moving a bit farther back no prob oh but wait in this posture um sorry am I touching you anywhere no I mean this is a kabadan you know like in those girls comics and stuff oh you mean those you don't seem too thrilled I'm just processing the relief that I didn't.

Molest you by accident or anything that's way more important to me are you the kind of guy who' never even think about molesting someone Mister ordinary adults us you don't think that even if say I were allowed to do you think I'm attractive Mister what how about it huh if you say stuff like that some Maniac with no common sense might actually take.

You at your words so stop it so we've established that you're not a maniac with no common sense then at the very least I'm not an adult would hurt a young child for some selfish reason huh so just leave your butt alone fine I'm sorry oh this is my stop bye Mister see you tomorrow um sure see you tomorrow I'm glad you were who I thought you were.

Mister huh did you say something I didn't hear you nope it's nothing bye-bye oh by the way I met Mr For Eyes on my way home today do you mean the guy with the glasses yeah that's him he smelled like grilled meat and alcohol and well some stuff happened and what do you mean some stuff I'd rather not say he told me off about it as all really.

What did you do I said I'd rather not say anyway it's not the point so what I was trying to say is that Mr force was exactly the kind of person we thought he'd be yes I think so too after all he does put up with our talking to him in the mornings you have your manga as a shred of interest to talk to him about too although he does look like he's.

Having more fun when he's talking to you really you think so I think he's just less reserved when talking to me he's just trying to be friendly I'm a bit jealous so MIA I think we should ask him about the thing I think he can be really trusted I'm fine with him too H I thought it was I want someone like him oh aa you're so.

Mean sorry sorry well let's ask him tomorrow then okay as thanks as usual it's no problem seeing as it's for my baby sister and all I'm really sorry wabashi sbai I think I have a fever no problem I guess the exhaustion finally caught up to you huh it looks like you still have a lot of paid leave left over so just take a couple days off I'll take.

Care of the paperwork thank you sir next time we go out for koream barbecue I'll pay yeah I'll be waiting see you thanks again sir it's been so long since I last came down with a fever thankfully I don't have anything pressing so I guess I'll will take a few days off oh but see you tomorrow mister I felt really bad about breaking my promise to Assan in.

The end it took me 3 days to fully recover the next morning on my usual commute H first I should apologize to Assan for breaking my promise with her despite such thoughts the gander sisters didn't get on the train as they usually did robbing me of my chance to see if they're okay hey yusuke what's wrong aren't you fully recovered yet huh.

What's that don't what that me if you can't concentrate on your work go home but I still got a lot of work by them just give me the pressing matters I'll take care of them but in return make sure you show up tomorrow with a fresh face huh you really are much better person than I am Senai to think I'll let myself.

Drag on my feelings from not seeing the twins this morning I've got to do better I've got to do better wait is that hey old man what are you trying to do this kid just now what do you want don't come any closer to this kid huh Mr For Eyes what's wrong wrong nothing's wrong just get behind me huh what kind of situation.

Is this hey let go let go I say no way wait a minute haven't I seen you somewhere before slowly I began to remember it was 4 days ago on my way home you're the guy that was watching me and assane that time um then does that mean he's the maniac with no common sense that you were talking about earlier yeah looks like it what did I.

Tell you it was a kind result that comes from her saying such weird things in a train of all places handed the Molester off to the train staff as soon as we got off thank you so so much for goodness sake you're lucky I managed to stop him before anything happened you'd be more careful from now on you are cute after all cute me anyone would agree that you.

Your twins are cute wouldn't they you said it yourself um I guess I did say that but you know it's kind of different coming from someone else don't you think Asana are you all right oh Mia I'm fine I'm fine Mr for helped me than goodness thank goodness well now that you both here are together would you mind telling me what's going on all of it immediately.

After getting off the train asan had told me something she said that they needed to tell me why they approached me in the first place asan I'll tell him are you sure I am in fact I think it's something I need to tell of myself apparently it'll started with Mia who was naturally shy to begin with was molested on her way to school since then.

She developed a trauma of her trains to the point that she couldn't even go to school on her own for a while asan had been helping her to cat but with a club activities I couldn't keep going to school together forever that was when a San saw me helping a girl who had been molested and it came to her I thought maybe we could ask this person to be our.

Bodyguard somehow sitting close to you on the train and saying all those things were in order to make absolutely sure you wouldn't hurt Mia I'm sorry um it wasn't A's fault it was me it's because I'm like this that I was molested and then seeing you helped that girl I said I really want someone like him to be by my side and so what I'm trying to say is.

Um s did nothing wrong it's me I'm sorry I see it's true you two are wrong for going off and testing people without their consent but on the other hand the the guy that hurt you in the first place is the one really behind all this and as grown-ups I guess we were wrong for not being able to protect you from people like that so let's just say we share the.

Blame on this one then does that mean I'm saying that you don't need to apologize anymore you can look up now I mean I wasn't really that angry in the first place for God's sake Mr for you're really too kind oh by the way asan you brought today's trouble on yourself so make sure you've learned your lesson jeez you're so bossy all of a sudden.

Now then you said you wanted me to be a bodyguard I don't know if I'm cut out to be something so Grand but I'll do my best to help keep away the bad guys you do that for us sure I don't mind as I've said before it's our job and responsibility as adults to keep you kids safe I just want to say thank you so much it really means a lot don't.

Mention it if you ever need anything just give me a call oh by the way why weren't you on the train for the last few days we got really worried oh right you're sorry about that what happened was and this was how I who had zero experience with women for the 20s something years of my existence became friends with two cute school girls so.

Why are we sitting in this order again there's no reason for you two to sit on opposite sides of me anymore right well I mean we've kind of gotten used to it right Mia yeah that's right plus we gotten a bit of a fight a fight what happened we were fighting about which one of us would get to sit next to you I still don't understand a San doesn't.

Even need to go to school with anymore right hey don't say that I'll tell you a secret you were pretty cool when you saved me from that molester that time huh what I'm saying is why should Mia get all the luck huh what were these kids trying to say so dummit up Mr for eyes we have something we want to ask you which do you prefer me or.

Me thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well