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[Manga Dub] My boss forgot to turn off her webcam… [RomCom]


My name is hiroya hiroi it's my second year working in my company there's a female employee who's known as the devil boss hidori yes your tie is crooked sloppy that's her Emma hazama and your expression's dark really.

You really need to be sharper it's affecting everyone's morale okay ah yo did hazama Senpai say a lot of things to you again well something like that she seems to have her eye on me and she often points things out to me of course.

She's strict with everyone but with me it's a different story I've never seen anyone else pointed out for their facial expressions uh I wonder if she dislikes me and that's why I can't help but think that way that person scares me I don't want to get involved hmm.

I've never thought that I didn't want to get involved rather the opposite I want to be accepted she certainly scares me but on the other hand her dedication to her work makes her look that much cooler and more dignified I admire her she probably doesn't even have her eyes on me no she does in a bad way she's got her eye on me.

Today we have an online internal meeting days working from home increased these days I'm sure it's confusing for people who aren't good with computers but for those of us who have used computers a lot since we were students it's easy to get used to it's great to be able to work from home.

Phew I feel refreshed although that has the disadvantage of making me very sleepy thanks to that I hardly remember what we talked about in the meeting earlier hmm wait I hear some voices coming from the computer no I left it on apparently I didn't leave the meeting.

Moreover in the screen was hazama Senpai apparently she forgot to leave as well perhaps the screen itself is closed or maybe she's not looking at the computer but she doesn't seem to have noticed me I have to tell her send her a DM or something for now.

say I don't like you hiroi the documents you submitted yesterday it's hard to understand I told you before I told you that you should put together a document that could be understood by skimming not one.

That has to be read from one end to the other are you listening yes my goodness uh was it a dream what was that thing yesterday was it a dream reality or was it another Emma hazama who exists in a parallel world ozma Senpai in front.

Of me right now is exactly the same as usual I can't even dream that she likes me did I hear it wrong like it wasn't actually hiroya we have another online meeting next week if I can hear what she has to say there again I'll be able to confirm the truth but there's no way she'll forget to leave time and time again on top of.

Politely talking to herself afterwards screenshot of the meeting earlier earliest and crop it so it's just hiroya she did she forgot to leave the meeting and she's talking to herself too fortunately everyone else has already left I don't have to worry about other.

People hearing her Soliloquy since I was the only one left here thinking what if I think I'll use it as my wallpaper I'll combine it with a photo of me and make a pseudo couple yeah I'm glad nobody else has to hear that it's not something you'd want to share with anyone but now it's clear I knew I was not.

Hearing it wrong and she actually likes me and I have no idea why she likes me but kidori your leather shoes are dirty oh yes my goodness do you polish them regularly hoping you're not neglecting them just because it's on your feet okay the next day the attitude of my Senpai at the.

Office remained the same no matter how you look at it this isn't someone that would like me if you really like me you should at least show me some signs of it but on second thought hmm Chidori if you're pointing things out like my facial expressions my tie and my shoes only to me it could also.

Mean that she's looking at me all the time hello I'm starting to feel happy that she's pointing out things like that hello why are you grinning Senpai she's staying by herself to work again it's past 6 p.m most of the company members have already gone home.

Or started getting ready to in the midst of all this hazama Senpai was concentrating on her computer screen without paying any attention to her surroundings azama Senpai what's up no it's nothing I was just wondering if you're done with your work yet.

No oh well it's not something you have to worry about uh you're checking the paperwork that's been submitted yes it's been piling up it's not because she's slow at working it's because she's too detailed and meticulous instead of just correcting mistakes Senpai always gives feedback.

That's so detailed and precise no exceptions for anyone she should take it easier no one would blame her if she did but she does it that's the kind of person she is that's what makes her so cool you should go home soon you don't have anything to do oh but if there's anything I can help you with.

Nope I see go home if you understand go on okay my goodness uh senpai what I poured some coffee I told you to go home didn't I well let me do this much ER you're quite strange too aren't you.

Huh if I told you to I can understand but I didn't tell you and even told you to go home on top of that you still go out of your way to do this isn't this a normal act of kindness to a normal person yes but no one would do this to me everyone thinks I'm scary right well you're right here too at least a lie there and say.

It's not like that or something sorry you're really scary right now well that's why I said you're strange you don't have to force yourself to be nice I'm not forcing it yeah yeah thanks now that you've done your duty of making coffee you really should go home it's no.

Fun being here okay see you then thanks for your hard work Senpai take it easy yeah I'm fine such a nice guy me on the other hand I got a pretty good haul today too another addition to the hiwori collection.

For what purpose does this person attend the meeting a few days later we had another online meeting she politely forgot to leave the meeting and was live streaming her deep love for me this time as well of course I was the only viewer maybe this person didn't know how to leave the meeting I wonder if hiroya was sleeping today he.

Slept a little bit I'll have to give him a stern lecture tomorrow oh no even during online meetings she has to take care of that kind of thing hey however it's great that I got a picture of his sleeping face what is this person.

Now I'm going to take my time to carefully select the photos what am I doing sneaking around and collecting pictures like this is just sad but I can't help it there's no way you'll like me in real life.

That's not true oh no I agree with her that the act of collecting photos of me like that is pretty sad but it's been that way for a long time even in my club activities at school I was disliked by everyone for being a loudmouth who nagged and nagged about every little thing it was especially.

Hard on the people I was paying attention to because I was always looking at them more than others and then I'm disliked even more it's the same for hiroya of course he dislikes me there's no way I would dislike you oh oh no I only turned off the video and left the mic on what hidori uh yes Drew watching well.

From from where from the beginning what three months ago to be exact so so you mean you heard everything well yes and that I've been taking photos of you in meetings yes and did I hang it on the wall in my room and say goodnight to you every.

Night no I just heard that now she's doing everything well please calm down it's not like I'm oh she closed her laptop an email forget all about today uh you're reckless senpai um.

Hey wait I will not why are you running away nothing don't come after me but and you you have some bad hair fix it this part of her never changes wait a second sorry what huh why are you even opening.

Yourself with me so much of course I would after what I saw told you to forget about it it must have been disillusioned how do you even think of approaching me after that do you like me well I'll leave that for the individual to decide I'm the only one here.

Listen work starts soon uh you have to go back oh you're right um what I need to hurry your hand shouldn't you let go Senpai would you like to have lunch with me he's alone then it's the two of us from.

Now on impressive of course after finding out that you like me ah Senpai why are you running away I'm in the morning and now it doesn't matter it does matter her it's not good I can understand if you don't like me but why run would you do pets you've always been like that if you.

Had just shown even a little bit of interest in me can't be helped this is my personality I'm cold I like talking to people and I've always had a few friends I'm a sensitive detail-oriented annoying woman and the more I like someone the more I care so I'm a really annoying woman who crumbles and crumbles.

Uh and yet you leave I won't leave you hi everyone see your feedback you always give me the right Corrections you write down exactly what's wrong and you find the little mistake that I don't even notice myself and you also write a.

Lot of good points the kind of good points that I didn't even know I had when you say detailed it means you're looking at that person that much more closely I like you for that serious course I'm warning you if I get closer to you I might worry about more things than.

Before and become more of a hassle then I'll like you even more senpai and so this is how hazama Senpai and I ended up going out with each other it's wrinkled you usual you're very good at noticing these things don't be silly and fix it yes our relationship within the company is the.

Same as usual but shoot for me she's now just a little bit more honest about how she feels thank you for watching check out our other videos as well