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[Manga Dub] My boss found out that the little girl was my stepsister… [RomCom]


Hey who is a child is she yours I bet you didn't expect the story to start this way um before that can you tell me why you're making me sit like this my legs hurt believe me I didn't think this would be the start of my story either my name's tatsuki Yamada and I'm currently getting a scolding from this.

Gorgeous woman with beautiful long black hair it's because you brought your child to work um that wasn't my child I don't have children you're lying she won't believe anything I say her.

Name is Mina Anto and she's the manager of this restaurant I'm a full-time employee here I used to be a part-time worker but I recently became full-time thanks to mina she's my boss and I owe everything to her she's the one who got me to where I am now however.

How do you explain how young she was with all due respect I don't see any problems with how young she was I mean I guess I could see how a small child like her could seem like my child I turned 24 this year I have a few friends who already have children I could be seen as a young dad I would have never brought her here with.

Me if I knew this was going to happen it's a mother why do I feel like I'm being interrogated it's all a misunderstanding I'm not even married you see Mina that girl is actually hi guys I tried to explain who the girl was when.

One of the part-timers came through the door why are you on your knees tatsuki I wish I knew we had to end the conversation since we were interrupted however I'm sure he noticed something was off since Mina left the room abruptly see you tomorrow bye.

Although my morning started pretty rough the rest of the day wasn't that bad the sun was going down and I could see Darkness was starting to seep through the city through the window the Italian restaurant I work at closes early compared to others and we have a regular day off every week I have to say it's a pretty nice working environment.

Do they all go home they left I made sure they ate before they left that's good to hear to be honest I don't want to make them work at night I understand your concern for them but they won't be able to keep the restaurant running if we don't keep the place open at night they're practically.

Adults I don't think we need to worry too much about them maybe I should assign you to take them home every day starting tomorrow I will if that's really what you want me to do she's being overprotective you think I'm being overproductive don't you.

She just read my mind speaking of which has she forgotten all about what happened this morning I was expecting her to bring it up once the other employees left to go home I'm relieved don't want to go through that again I guess she isn't as smart as she looks hey did you just insult me in your head.

how did she know that tutsky did you want to go for drinks of course I'd love to great let's close out the place yes ma'am here cheers cheers and so we decided to go for some drinks.

At our favorite Izakaya after work we do this often since both of us are single and we have a lot of free time nothing like a beer after a long day of hard work huh whatever I know I'm not young anymore but you're still 24 right already 24. so annoying.

I've been so overwhelmed with work I never had time for a boyfriend don't worry you'll find a great guy soon I promise nobody would want to date me she needs to take a look in the mirror to give herself a confidence boost she's gorgeous I don't understand why she gets so.

Annoying every time she gets drunk Mina I remember you getting hit on by that customer at the restaurant the other day oh yeah but I said no why didn't you give him your number you should have if you want a boyfriend that badly so you're okay with it if I get a.

Boyfriend what is he trying to get at I replied with confidence you should go for it idiots what why is she calling me an idiot maybe this is why nobody dates her well I guess I mean nothing to you gosh I can't believe you have a kid damn she hasn't forgotten.

I've been trying to tell you that's not my kid that's my stepsister what what you're joking right there's no way she's your stepsister she's practically a baby I wish it was a joke but I'm serious my parents remarried recently and I.

Ended up with a five-year-old stepsister ly really considering the age Gap it wasn't my fault if she looked like she was my daughter oh wow it's true oh that's what I've been telling you I see she's your sister I should have realized that a guy like you couldn't be married.

You're just not fit to be the way she phrases it just irritates me I guess you're right I'm not married and I don't even have a girlfriend who would date a guy who couldn't get a job without the help of his store manager if Mina hadn't helped me get a full-time job I would still be desperately.

Searching for one she's the reason I can sit back and relax knowing my life won't crumble well you're not the only one I guess we're both losers then maybe she's trying to make me feel better after insulting me about the issue I care about the most anyways don't you want a girlfriend.

Tatsuki of course I do you answered that pretty fast well I'm desperate now that I have a proper job I'm ready to find a girlfriend I need a significant other in my life but that's just what I'm feeling it doesn't mean a girlfriend will magically.

Appear I'm allowed to wish though aren't I I hope I am hmm Mina sipped on her beer she stared at my face the whole time what is there something on my face here you chilled tofus I have no idea what she's thinking but.

For now I should focus on my food since we're paying for it wow she's still staring at me the next day I'm bored we have no customers we never get that many customers on Monday I usually come to work and end up spending the day staring at all the empty seats.

There's absolutely nothing to do and it gets pretty boring I'm glad the part-timers aren't here today they would have been bored to death if they were we only got a few customers during lunch and I doubt anymore will come for a while.

Shall we work on a new dessert that's actually a good idea let's come up with a new recipe and see if the bosses will let us put on the next season's menu I'll get a bonus for it great let's do it and so Mina and I went to the kitchen to whip up a new dessert our company gives us a chance to turn in a new recipe every month.

However um Mina what why are you standing so close Mina was standing a lot closer than usual to close it all oh really so you stand this close to all the.

Others what would it do that why does he always get angry at me I'm positive I didn't say anything out of line what's the problem anyway do you not want me to stand close to you no it's not like that.

Then I don't see a problem we'll stand just as we are right now well okay then she was a lot closer to me than usual the whole time we were in the kitchen we finished making the dessert and sat down at one of the tables to taste it it actually looks pretty good let's taste it.

I hope our bosses like the cake it's been a while since I last turned in a recipe and I'm starting to get nervous here totsky open up why why is she telling me to open up is she planning on feeding me wait a minute I see.

You want me to test if it's poisonous of course not I'm confused what is she doing to me gosh I've never been in such a romantic situation before Mina is usually calm and collected but she's acting like a teenage girl right now and it's the first time I've seen her act this way it's making my heart beat fast.

What is happening why is Mina making moves on me like this think hard I said open your mouth I'm sure it took Mina a lot of courage to do this I opened my mouth so she wouldn't have to be any more embarrassed than she already was however so is it good.

Um well I can't taste anything all I can tell is there's sugar in the cake can I ask you something what what why are you acting like this all of a sudden she's never fed me before so why is she doing it now I just felt like it.

That's her reason something's off Mina's acting strangely bye tatsuki great work today she's been acting differently for the past few days but I don't know how to bring it up to her another day passed by without being able to ask her.

Well I should get ready to go home totski do you have plans after this nope not at all good she wants to go get drinks gosh I'm gonna have to deal with her drunk again make yourself at home huh.

What's wrong do you not like my room well the room is great very stylish why has she invited me over to her place um why did you invite me to your place today I thought it would be a nice change since we drink out a lot but still would you have preferred to do it at.

Your place whoa don't want that everybody knows that a single guy's room is never clean enough to invite anybody important over wow this is the first time I'm in Mina's room I've known her for a long time but we've never been close enough to hang out in.

Each other's rooms she's smart enough to know she shouldn't let guys in her safe space so then why is she letting me come in now is she trying to hit something tatsuki do you want a beer yeah I'll take one cheers cheers.

We've been drinking together quite a lot these days we always start with beer I can't get over how good the bear tastes after a day of fork it tastes even better when we know it's our day off tomorrow I'm tired what's wrong Mina we've only just started drinking.

Drunk that was fast you get drunk so easily this is my room I'm about to get drunk she's right but still but you should be careful since you have company right now let's drink she's not listening Mina kept drinking after that.

This is how she turned out Mina this is getting a little inappropriate oh tootsky do you not like me hugging you like this I love it it feels great no tatsuki get a hold of yourself this is not good I would have let myself get carried away if I was in high school however we're.

Both adults with responsibilities now I need to get away before I lose control of myself I should get her off and put her to sleep and so I grabbed her shoulders in my attempts to pry her off but then this brings back memories huh I remember you doing the same thing the.

First time we went out drinking she's probably talking about the time she got wasted right about when I started working part-time it was supposed to be my welcome party instead I took care of you the whole night yep you are a good guy tatsuki I remember when all the other.

Part-timers quits you were the one who helped the restaurant through all of it oh yeah all the part-timers had to quit around the time I started working at the restaurant I had no life and I had a lot of time on my hands that's all stop I know you turned down a job so you could help me.

How did you know that I didn't realize she knew I received a job offer but I turned it down I couldn't leave the restaurant since there were no employees if I did they would have to shut down there was nobody else that could help I turned to the job down so I could focus on working at the restaurant.

Mina was good to me I didn't want to see her in trouble I just wanted to do everything I could to help her well I turned it down because the company didn't seem like the best place for me to work at I know you're lying again I know you did it all for me it was obvious so don't try to hide it.

What I'm serious you idiots that's why I asked my boss to see if they could hire you as a full-time employee I see I always knew she felt sorry for me since I couldn't get a job I didn't realize she knew I was relieved when my boss told me that.

It was a great idea he was thankful to be blessed with somebody as hard working as you wow that's very flattering I was happy too huh I was happy to hear that you would be staying and working with me where's this conversation leading me now.

Well I need to tell you now I will regret it if somebody comes along and takes you away from me what is she talking about she needs to elaborate and explain what she means I was lucky that girl was your stepsister you're 24 and I know you are thinking about getting married to somebody in the future.

Well yes I guess so and the incident from the other day made me realize um tatsuki yes what is it will you go out with me I couldn't believe the words coming out of Mina's mouth I thought she was messing with me at first but she looks serious about it.

I think I could see it in her expression I'm sure the alcohol played a big part but I knew she wasn't joking around I have feelings for you tatsuki you're always there for me always and I love that we have so much in common if I am to be completely honest I've lied to you ever since you started working for us my heart started fluttering as I.

Listened to her talk I couldn't believe such a beautiful woman would have any sort of feelings for me I know I'm putting you in a tough spot but I want to hear your answer now I don't think I'll be able to continue without an answer of course I will.

What I'm saying I would love to go out with you are you sure why would you think I would say no to you I mean I brought it up Suddenly and I'm always putting you through so much I wouldn't have stuck around if I had a.

Problem with it I want you to know you are an amazing woman Mina let's put aside the fact that you saved me from being jobless I only stayed at the restaurant because you were there I wanted to be with you tatsuki now that I've said that I think we've.

Established the fact that I have feelings for you too you have no idea how happy it made me when you told me about your feelings I took Mina's hands in mine and looked into her eyes I want you to be my girlfriend most of my courage came from the alcohol in my system but I felt bad about Mina.

Having to be the one to bring it up I wanted to make sure she knew I was confident in my decision she looked at me and said I would love to I will never forget the smile on her face when she said that I'm looking forward to spending more time with you tatsuki it took a while for us to get there but we were finally.

Able to start our journey together Mino later told me about her dream of opening her Italian restaurant that was the reason why she was working where she is now study Italian cooking and to learn about business she told me she studied economics at University so I guess she has a rough.

Idea of how everything works three years later I was reminiscing while working my day shift I'll be right there miss absolutely I called Tamina in the back of the kitchen to tell her what the customers ordered Mina two beef carpaccios.

How many times do I have to tell you not to say my name you always call me by my name though well that's because I'm used to calling you by your name yeah yeah I'll be careful my gosh I saw her sulking a little as she walked back into the kitchen yes what can I do for you.

They just came out of the kitchen right now you guys seem really close well we were dating but now we're married oh my gosh I knew it that means this is a family business that is so cool thank you wow she seemed so excited it's pretty overwhelming.

Tell me if he's giving you any trouble okay Mina came out of the kitchen with the customer's food and started talking to them who are you two beef carpaccios fast it's because we're not that busy today why would I be causing them any trouble.

I was very nice to them you looked like you were having a lot of fun oh she's sulking again not that I'm complaining a restaurant with the love of your life that's like the best life I could imagine really and not to mention how in love you guys.

Are with each other I could see a grin surfacing on Mina's face as she listens to the girl talk she then said oh well he is an amazing husband I'm the luckiest husband alive thank you for watching how was today's.

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