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[Manga Dub] My boss introduced me to his child… I didn’t know she was a girl until… [RomCom]


Foreign can you check these documents for me I have some for you too me too okay guys just leave them on my desk I am yutokonage I just turned 25 and my company is making me work like hell why am I the only one with so much work to do.

Yuto you never get a break do you hey boss this isn't funny I might just end up dying from working too much this is my boss he's kind and gentle but that's not all there is to him he's good at his job when I was a new employee he was the one who gave me the best advice however he's also the reason I'm so busy oh no that would be a tragedy but I've.

Got good news for you ah why am I starting to get a bad feeling I'm impressed at how you can talk back to me like that nobody else talks to me like that anyway I heard you like anime and manga am I right yes that's true.

You know my child loves that stuff too will you be willing to take some time to show some of the good stuff um but I've never even met your child yes I'm aware of that to tell you the truth my child has been a shut-in for a while now I want to make the situation better so I thought you guys could become friends.

That's why I want you to come over to my place why do you think I would be the right guy you guys are the same age and you guys remind me of each other hmm is he trying to say I have a gloomy character the way he said it it bothered me.

But I decided not to tell him about it I'm open to meeting new friends especially one who has the same interests as me but if he's been a shut-in for so long he might have some problems with communicating who knows what I might say that could hurt his feelings but I owe my boss for teaching me so.

Much I see I guess it won't hurt to have a little conversation for starters yes I knew you would be willing to help me out how about you come over this upcoming weekend sure I can do that and so we decided I would be meeting his son that weekend at his house the day of the planned meeting.

Hey thanks for coming you too I appreciate the invitation this is for you you didn't have to do that but thanks here come on in yes sir thank you oh hello it's the boss's son right he said we were the same age but he looks a lot younger than me.

Ah hello oh I apologize as you can see my kid isn't used to talking to people other than family her name is kokoro it would mean a lot to me if you guys got along well his name is kokoro wait we're the same age and since we're adults would it be better to call him kokoroson.

I don't want him to think I'm being overly friendly kokorothan I've heard a lot about you oh uh Coco roll this is the guy I was talking about his name is yuto kogane he likes anime and manga so I think you guys will have a lot to talk about.

Okay here let me show you the kokoro's room yuto why don't you follow me sure I followed my boss and kokoro-san into the house towards his room however he keeps looking at me I guess he hasn't seen anybody other than his parents for so long it's weird to have a stranger in.

The house but he looks away every time I try to make eye contact with him it was awkward to be honest okay how about I let you guys have some privacy ah boss you're leaving already Dad wait well I don't know anything about anime.

And stuff I wouldn't understand anything you guys are saying you should get to know each other but but you said kokoro-san wasn't used to talking to people wouldn't it be stressful to have to spend time alone with a stranger like me the thing is kokoro will hide behind me and won't.

Speak at all if I'm here sometimes parents have to get their children to face their challenges so they can grow with all due respect you're taking things too fast come on relax I believe in you yuto you'll do great seriously you always do this.

I've been watching you take care of all the employees who joined the company after you that's why I trust you with this please for me this happens every time how am I supposed to take responsibility if something goes wrong well we'll find a way for you to take responsibility.

Wait so you're planning on making it my fault if something goes wrong after throwing it in my face like this don't worry about it as long as you keep your hands to yourself you think I would try something with your child whom I've only met seconds ago why would I be interested in a guy.

Anyways okay have fun guys boss I'm not done hey maybe I'll go out for a walk hey he had a huge grin on his face as he shut the door and left the house oh gosh he's totally freaking out what did his dad expect you get trapped.

Two strangers in a room and expect them to instantly become friends anyway I gotta calm him down first so kokorosan you like Manga and Anime huh he's hiding from me um.

Oh I can see he's a little interested in me kokoroson what kind of anime do you like uh this horse oh I like Miss horse too all the characters are so cute but the story is great I love the racing scenes Pluto you like it too.

Yes of course I do have you played the app game too yes and I have all the manga books too wow same here he's coming out great so I guess anime is the way to go with him who do you like yuto well we got along great after finding out that we like the same anime I was afraid.

That we wouldn't be able to talk properly since he had been shut off from the whole world for a long time but none of that mattered anymore I'm jealous I want her too you don't want to know how much money I spent on getting her I wish I had money for characters that's true but that can't be helped.

He probably doesn't want to ask his dad for money I wouldn't be able to either if I wasn't working at all I know I should be out working but I'm scared oh I should have asked his father why he ended up like this in the first place.

I don't know what to say to him I wish I knew why kokoro-san is so scared to leave the house I can't ask him that would be too harsh they have stay-at-home jobs now what about those I don't have any skills and I'm too scared to talk to strangers.

Um so maybe he had a traumatic experience in a relationship if he's been like this since he was a student maybe he got bullied well I don't think you should push yourself too hard but that doesn't mean you can stay like this forever.

So how about you and I just take baby steps and we can slowly start getting ready for your future don't worry I'm here for you okay then oh are there any books in the bookshelf that you've read huh you have so many books I have a lot of time at home my dad buys.

These books he's a great father let's see yeah I've read most of these books you're opinion it looks like it companion what a unique way to call it but recently.

I've been into this manga kokoro-san took out a manga to show me it was a manga about a Japanese instrument called Koto oh they started an anime series on that manga right I heard it's great uh-huh yeah it's amazing I really liked reading it the performance scenes are so cool it brought memories back from when I was.

Young did you watch the anime too of course I almost started crying at the end you too you're just like me I love talking to you I'm glad you think so after that we spent the rest of our time together talking about all kinds of.

Manga and Anime kokoro-san seemed quiet at first but I soon found out he was rather energetic once we started talking about stuff he liked I had a great time talking to him and I think we both had fun that day I felt a little sad when we had to say goodbye starting that day I spent every moment I could with kokoro-san we spent.

A lot of time together I felt lucky to have found a friend I could talk to about my interests we kept talking Non-Stop about our favorites after three months of hanging out in his room he asked me oh you want to go to an amusement park it yes I've always wanted to see what it's like.

Two guys in an amusement park usually I would suggest calling some friends to join us but it probably took kokoro-san a lot of courage to bring this up I don't want to do anything to crush his efforts well then let's go on my next day off yay thank you we spent the rest of the day talking about which amusement.

Park we would be going to to be honest I always wanted to go to an amusement park with a girl but I guess it can't be helped I thought it would be best if I kept that thought to myself the day we promised to go to the amusement park I wonder where kokoro-san is I was waiting for kokoro-san it was way past.

Our meeting time but he hadn't arrived maybe I should have suggested picking him up at his place should I go see him now oh hi oh kokoro-san I'm glad huh did I make you wait long ER rostan yes do I look weird no you look great.

Goku's son is a girl and she's so pretty phew you look so different today oh I told my dad I was going to the amusement park with you and he told me to wear this oh man I bet he planned all of this to happen.

Anyways should we head in gosh I can't talk to her like usual I can't believe she's a girl okay have you been to any amusement parks before nope my dad was busy with work while I was growing up he didn't take me anywhere on weekends oh I see that's why.

I was looking forward to going today oh that's great no my heart needs to stop my heart started racing the moment she glanced up at me I did all I could to keep my poker face and we headed to the amusement park so many people it's gonna be okay nobody's here to hurt.

You please don't grab my clothes my heart is racing let me calm down I I know but still how about we get on a ride for starters you'll stop caring about others once you start having some fun oh okay which one do you want to ride.

Oh the ferris wheel okay how about we head toward the ferris wheel then no Ferris wheel yet huh I thought um I want the last ride to be the ferris wheel maybe she's scared of heights too.

That's fine with me how about we go decide which ride we want to ride now then okay thank you no problem is there anything you're interested in um I want to write that teacups is that okay uh-huh sure thing.

I'm writing tea cups with a girl we spent the rest of the day enjoying all sorts of rides at the amusement park kokoro-san surprised me by suggesting to get on the biggest roller coaster in the place but she seems to regret her decision once the ride was over I could see she had tears in her eyes and she looked like she had seen a ghost.

I can't believe that today is almost over time flies when we're having fun yep this is the first time I felt like time went by too fast ever since I stopped interacting with the outside world uh how was being in the outside world um I had so much fun that's a relief.

Hmm kokoroson um you tell I wanted to tell you something important today something important yeah back when I was in high school I was bullied by a group of girls that must have been so hard for you yep I don't know exactly why they didn't.

Like me but they used to make fun of how I looked I'm pretty sure they bullied her because they were jealous of how she looked spending the day with her made it clear she was very attractive and I could see how other girls would be envious The Bullying wasn't her fault she didn't deserve to go through the pain.

She should have been able to live a normal life instead she was traumatized because of the hate that surrounded her it ruined her life that's why I couldn't leave the house I was terrified of meeting people but you tell after you came into my life I started seeing the better things in life.

That's why you decided to come here with me yep my dad encouraged me to take the step forward with you he said I would be safe in your hands so did you feel safe today yep I feel protected I had so much fun today spending time with you I think.

I'll be okay as long as you are by my side yuto oh I'm so glad you feel that way Coco rossan so um I wanted to ask you something ask me what um can we stay together from now on huh what does that mean.

Well um I was hoping you'd be my boyfriend you tell I like you not just as a friend to be honest I was shocked kokorothan was so afraid of being involved with people I never imagined she would be the one to ask me out however I could tell she wasn't joking about it that's why I gave her my honest.

Answer okay I would love to be your boyfriend kokoro oh her you sure of course I enjoyed every moment I spent with you these past three months I want to get to know you better oh my gosh you don't know how happy this.

Makes me uto this is how kokoro and I started our sweet journey together kokoro slowly became more willing to leave the house with me and she started a part-time job two months after we started dating we had the perfect relationship a year later we were walking down the aisle to get married.

Just FYI I complained to my bosses about the workload they made me deal with I needed more time to spend with kokoro they agreed to lessen the weight on my shoulders and I was finally able to live a healthy balanced life with kokoro foreign please check out our other videos as.