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[Manga Dub] My boss isn’t looking for a relationship, but she’s jealous…? [RomCom]


My name is yukiyatsukiyuki I'm an ex-bartender but I like juice more than I like alcohol and I transfer jobs to a regular desk job I was telling someone my feelings after everyone left I like you hyoka I'll make you happier than anyone in the world so please go out with me.

The girl I was talking to was Hoka hyosaki she's my boss and beautiful too she produced the hit product fantasy she seemed to be confused but she said how dare you talk down to me your boss I don't remember teaching you like that I'm sorry I just said that without thinking she was very strict about manners but that was attractive too why.

Me because you're beautiful and badass and hilarious it's all just so attractive to me I don't think I'm that hilarious you definitely are when you're trying to drink coffee you take too much time to adjust your sugar so it cools off also oh you're embarrassing me um I could tell you to watch me but I.

With you why aren't you interested in Romance well my parents got married after they fell in love but they're pretty on the surface couple you know so pretend to get along in front of people but they almost never talk at home seems so bored I've grown up watching that so I can't bring myself to believe that romance is something fun so then.

I'll show you the fun and romance times do I have to tell you you're talking down to your boss is there a brain in there somewhere sorry I understand you don't have any interest in Romance but but do you not like me oh of course not I have no reason to dislike you then I'm not going to give up on you I'm going to keep.

Flirting with you and make you interested in me going to reject that project I reject your rejection that's how I was rejected but I was executing plan flirt-a-thon the next morning I went to the office early to finish some things off before work started when good morning are you working too the girl talking to me with.

The girl next to my desk kazano hikaze she's 23 years old and very bright and bubbly she started working a little after I did ah you too yeah no one's here other than us huh um I have something I want to talk to you about before someone shows up what's up well I really like you because you're so dependable and kind shikaze sorry I.

Have someone I like I mean I was rejected but I haven't given up you know so I can't say anything to you are you talking about hyosaki-san how do you know that because you're always glancing over at her I want you to focus on work sorry I'm kind of embarrassed that you knew about it I'm probably the only one noticing because I'm looking at you.

No of course not then I uh you and make you attracted to me huh I said something like that yesterday are we similar this this is a battle who gets to make their Crush interest in them sooner I'm not going to lose yeah I'm not gonna lose either lunch break I'm executing my plan yozaki-san I made Bento wanna eat with me I think I.

Actually did a pretty good job take a look I didn't know you could cook it looks good I made this with lots of love for you hyoka so that you'd smile for me did you already brainless head will fall off oh you're choking me I remember you said manners so please don't pull on my.

Necktie I mean I guess there's no harm in eating lunch with you oh but it's not like I want to eat lunch with you I'm after your Bento Ray I don't have any kind of affection just to be clear hey let's go to lunch together no I'm gonna eat with yozaki-san get off of me I'm on lunch break so this is no problem that's.

Not the problem here what are those two doing in this holy crowd that we call an office he likes me and won't give up but he's gonna be on lovey-dovey with another girl wait what am I upset about I don't care who is lovey-dovey with I'm not interested in Romance tsukiyuki how about you go to lunch with her I'm gonna.

Eat your lunch alone on the roof okay bye wait she's so fast she took my Bento and ran off at light speed I mean if she eats my Bento then I have no regrets but it seems like I'm interested in him and I'm upset because he was with another woman I think I've been done oh there's no way he suspects anything probably because I.

Wouldn't reject him if I liked him yeah I haven't fallen for him but he spent it was so good I love it she was definitely in love with my Bento next lunch break I was going to eat lunch with yozaki-san this time but why are you here hikaze put me into this too you're cool with it right do it was your place what do you think about him.

Yosakisan he's an expert Bento Craftsman your Bento is great today too thanks I'm happy you're praising me for my Bento but I don't think you're looking at me as a romantic partner then I can have him right sure do as you like I not interested in Romance is he being anxious maybe she is a little interested in me why aren't you.

Interested in Romance my parents don't get along at all I've been sing that since I was a kid so I can't romanticize well romance but your parents have had one of the best experiences of your life thanks to their romance hmm I'm not sure you were born romance has a lot of downs and negatives but there are a lot of.

Miracles and great moments too I want to experience that with you I'm not going to let you have a single boring moment I said you better mind your manners yeah what are you doing you guys seem to be in a good mood so I couldn't have using a good vibes cutting ability what are.

You some kind of anime character hikase cut the mood in half so we just enjoyed the lunch with the three of us I wasn't around they might have moved forward in their relationship to work harder closer to hyosaki-san had spent it was so delicious I'm such a lucky girl afterwards I would keep approaching.

Hirozaki-san and hikaze-san would approach me he caught his son would cling onto me so much that hirozaki-san would look at me with a cold gaze one day I figured I'd ask her out on a date there's a hairy weasel Potter in the Goblet of ice showing and I have two tickets would you like to go with me uh uh play I might actually be interested.

She's interested I know she likes Harry weasel Potter and then I want to go too I only have two tickets I'll pay for my own tickets crap this is the part where she's gonna say you two go then shiyozaki-san took a ticket from my hand I'm gonna go with you with just us this is a direct order you understand sukiyuki yes ma'am yozaki-san wants to.

Go with just him that means she the way home from the performance that was really fun yeah the performance version is just as good as the movie I have something I want to give to you today what is it you always make me a Bento so I made this for you as a thank you it's handmade that's lovely can I try opening it sir this is It's a cake in the shape.

Of a mood with some white chocolate as snow I wanted to make something nice what do you think it's lovely I will make this a household treasure huh you should eat it before it rots are you sure I can't save it forever human need to eat it I'm gonna eat this to work hard on my week-long business trip starting tomorrow oh.

You did have a trip didn't you are you going to miss me not at all I'm going to miss not seeing you for a whole week can I call you hyouka I thought she was going to chew me out as usual but I mean maybe once won't hurt huh that's unexpected whatever she said yes so I'm just gonna work hard during my trip after leaving tsukiyuki what's gotten.

Into me I need to Chum out for his behavior but I didn't dislike him being casual with me as full of himself as he was it's almost like I after I got back I noticed something in the office hey there's someone sitting in shiyosaki-san's seat that I don't know Shiva sent overseas because she was praised for her work while you were away.

On a trip I didn't hear about that she probably didn't say anything to you because she knew it would hurt you but I thought that you should talk to her before she leaves so this is the time and flight number of our flight I asked her ahead of time if you go now you could still see her go thank you you're a great girl thanks.

Great girl so if this doesn't work out I'm gonna kick your butt you've got this looking around for her there she is and she's running I chased after her at full speed she's so stinking fast why are you running I'm running away I just heard running at the airport is healthy and you can lose weight it was in a magazine that's.

Definitely fake news I I got you now you didn't have to run why what is I should have been happy since it was my dream but the first thought that crossed my mind was that I wouldn't get to see you anymore I finally realized that I liked you I hated romance but you've completely destroyed my beliefs I.

Wasn't going to have any romance for the rest of my life so I didn't have any experience or sad feelings but you've made it so sad I'm going overseas seeing you is only going to make me sadder so I was just going to go I'm going to work hard to get stationed overseas so please believe in me and wait it hurt that I job so it might be possible but it's.

Gonna be tough I'll work hard for you my lovely shoka if I can be by your side I'm going to be happy Yuki I don't remember giving you permission to call me by my first name a hug ah you're breaking my bones we're dating now yeah that's true but you're so full of yourself that I need to make memories so hug.

I'll give me a better memory come on a better memory huh how about Fitness that's good yeah I won't forget this all right heading out I'm going to be believing in you you don't overwork yourself okay yes ma'am I'm going to get there just wait I'm going to call and text you all the time so you're not lonely I.

Feel lonely you said you wouldn't be sad a second ago I should have kept it to solve that's how we started dating a year later I was stationed overseas and I'm working with my lovely partner I want to cherish every day I have with her thank you for watching that was today's.

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