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[Manga Dub] My childhood crush works at the venue that the blind date was held… [RomCom]


Deity want to hear something pretty swell nope not interested save your breath for someone else that's me daiichi Noto I'm your average sophomore who studies at an all-boys High School there are a few people who I considered friends I do somewhat okay-ish when it comes to studying and I'm not someone.

You'd call particularly interesting really that's all there is to me see dude we were able to schedule a mixer with an all-girl school please dude I'm begging you come with us yeah just as I thought really not interested at all I'm a pass for this one.

Just why you know this opportunity is too rare to pass up look you've known me since middle school I'm not someone who likes these kinds of things all right I do know that you still have a thing for that girl yeah I mean we just need to make the numbers please dude that's all we need you tagging along for see bringing someone not interested you do.

Us a favor too fewer competitors for us so that was your ulterior motive all along dude I'm on my knees it was really hard scheduling this mixer you guys are just okay you Count Me In but only to fill in the numbers I really owe you this one.

And so I joined reluctantly I'm gonna be a bummer if I was the one who crushed their chances of getting a girlfriend however on this day hey hold on this place is yeah something wrong sorry but Imma head back oh why do that too late to be backing.

Down now I should have really stayed home when it comes to these the only thing I could do is pray it's her day off today while I was doing this ridiculous prayer of mine my mixer partner showed up can I sit beside you oh I miss a narumi by the way right I'm daichi Noto nice.

Meeting you uh cut off that solo private convo guys jeez you couldn't just wait for the drinks to come uh yeah sorry about that I kind of don't know how these work I get it sure we study at an all-boy School mixers like this are pretty rare Among Us.

excuse me hear the fights you ordered crap some music cut did work here sis told me music I was working part-time in a karaoke spot but of all places why on Earth would it be here she lives right across from my house as my childhood friend who I've known as his.

Feelings but once I love my swords are for 10 years and counting she's the last person I want to be here and expose myself to when I was in a mixer scramble a plan for explaining the music I look I'm just here because they needed one guy to fill in the spot.

Is no come on I know it's not the type we're doing mixers you're a complete stranger ah look I told you I'm only here because they were short on peeps excuse me please enjoy your meal wait hold on for a second oh There She Goes.

I wanna know I'm um when did you start liking her uh yeah about that love stories.

Like she's probably just gonna nag me with this okay so it started back then when we were in first grade you kind of liked her for a very long time but I had no chance yeah yeah right it keeps saying that and.

Totally I know for a fact that you'll be close to her all your life also happy procrastinating and she'll probably end up dating somebody right like she's really cute so nah that would be the least of my concerns she'd probably just shrug that off um.

yeah right here absolutely right I'm telling you better pass up to that girl after her yeah.

Surely she turned me down you're right oh I see does this even said the same thing just what are you guys talking about.

Please I'm begging you okay got it that song is yours yeah this one for me.

Earlier though you even said that he was a complete stranger he's a complete stranger to me I mean it's none of my business right hold on the Army what are you doing.

together for the next song yeah that one is she really do a favor after that he's okay we'll call it a day here I believe it's your after party though.

but the reason I gloomy really you did play A Part first things first make sure you speak to her as soon as your shift ends you get me I promise this will all go smoothly without any problems.

afterwards I just went straight back home I've gotten into you so suddenly look.

I'm really not in the mood to entertain you right now I've got things to do nevertheless by someone who's a real pain in the ass you heard the news straight from izuka I thought so too wow those were really good friends.

girl you're really trying hard to make me look bad here huh I hesitated but my friends forced me to join them I was about to text her then you marched in here.

You go ahead there and talk straight to her and yeah she just told me she's already back home yeah yeah really after that I went straight to musica's house you've got it all wrong can you please.

Listen for a sec this is simply a misunderstanding look I wasn't supposed to go to that mixer in the first place I mean yeah you're right about that but I did hesitate going there not really an army was kind of teasing.

Me during that time until that's why maybe it looked like that especially calling her name again do you seriously like her what do you mean if I made a mistake so yeah the only one I can call on a Thursday.

dude such a coward uh yeah forget about it anyway we really don't talk that much nowadays plus there's still this misunderstanding that happened today what I want to say is it was all my bad please forgive me but.

Really she partly shares the blame regarding this why we aren't talking much lately an apology you plan to do that yeah I'm willing to do anything you say oh a date yep I want to go to karaoke too okay.

what to be with picking out these clothes towards me at all I'm happy but at the.

Same time ready to belt out those notes just like back at Middle School sure whenever you're ready.

did you there's that too we do attend different schools now that we're in high school though you seem to hate me whenever I try talking to you um regarding that look we haven't met for almost a month after starting high.

School friends yeah like school semester has just started and so I was busy and I couldn't visit her it took some time before I was able to see you again yesterday by their first name.

You'll always stay close to other girls would just margin and statue away it was all somehow a silly misunderstanding but I feel like I'll be thinking sooner or later you'll end up being taken by somebody away from me I was really embarrassed about it I decided to stop giving you the cold.

Shoulder and just ask you straight up for our days distribution I really liked you for a very long time ever since we were little please go out with me.

I'm really happy you confess holding back from so be sure you're ready for all my love yep ditto I hope you're ready for me this dark shoes for a very long time but now we're finally together and we'll be sure to make the best out of our relationship.

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