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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend found out that a girl asked me out… [RomCom]


My name is haruto natsuki I'd always been a weak soul let's go play soccer to make things worse I wasn't very athletic so I was often the odd one out during break time I was never invited to things like soccer or dodgeball I'm doing break again the girl always.

My childhood friend Sai saiki you're probably the only one in the world that sits in the corner like that during recess probably you can't say let me play that's why you're always just gonna be a geek I don't care me joining is just gonna drag everyone down anyway what the hell is that about.

It's pretty sad isn't it I've been this way throughout Elementary School and then nothing changed after I started High School I don't have any real friends and I'm still the quiet geek in the corner of the classroom it's fine though just like there are shadows to light there must be introverts to extroverts I was basically.

Around to protect all the extrovert's existence probably yo haruto and here comes one of the extroverts what does he want in the Dark World what's up can you swap with me for cleaning yeah what a dumb request why.

It's not like you have anything to do I want to go hang out and a dumb reason too fine whatever whoa hey kazamasa let's go to the karaoke whatever he's right it's not like I have plans what did they make you clean again.

Hey Psy she's the same as well always making fun of me you're seriously used by everyone you realize that you can say no I have no reason to that's why they never respect you exactly right but it's fine I don't have any plans and because I swapped with him he can enjoy karaoke what's to lose.

Yes just like their Shadow to light someone must lose something for someone else to gain something the world is really well designed just like she said the disrespected me needs to be on the losing side to make others win they're so annoying as usual he apparently didn't like that she was my childhood friend and she doesn't like.

Me how sad that day on my way home oh what is that did someone drop something crap it's a wallet and it looks pretty nice too I guess it's time to go to the police I took the long way around whatever I.

Hope the person finds it one more time that I lost something for someone else to gain something that girl was beautiful I knew that she'd never have anything to do with me but I wanted to look anyway praise be to beautiful women I'll probably never meet her again so I'll remember her face.

Behind the new transfer students Hinata hyuga nice to meet you all or I thought I'd never see her again all right Miss Huga take that seat there what's your name nice to meet you I didn't think that I'd see her face again the very next day.

That girl was definitely the girl I met yesterday so beautiful that she was instantly the center of everyone's attention of course I was quiet and in the corner as usual this is how she would be someone that was out of my reach even though we were in the same classroom Mr harito would.

You like to eat lunch with me huh hey Hinata you should ignore him he's always alone and boring I'm sorry I would like to get to know Mr Hearts Omar better so I will have lunch with you another day and we invited you first anyway so you should.

So what do you say will you have lunch with me uh sure oh perfect thank you what's going on why would this beautiful girl want to go to lunch with me I do not deserve her at all damn yes you don't have to sit so close why you don't want me to.

It's not whether I like it or I've never seen anyone eat food this close to each other then don't worry about it I would like to get to know you better I ended up closing the distance without trying so I'm curious yes why me because I sit next to you I know.

It's weird for me to say it myself but I'm really not that interesting hmm that's what you think of yourself huh it's not me knowing your own value is important and I think everyone including myself knows how boring I am I don't think so anyway you are incredible.

You don't have to compliment me we only met yesterday it's not just a fake compliment I like you huh if you want me to be technical I think I'm about to fall for you I am very interested in you just so you know I'm not okay with anyone I like you I don't say this to everyone.

What face is so close see the universe in my past life or something okay okay okay let's eat lunch together okay understood I think I would have lost it if I kept that up.

It's such a mystery I would understand if I was such an incredibly good looking man but unfortunately my face scores a 55 on a good day I'm not an excellent Communicator either so I'm just a regular guy with no specialties I don't understand why she would show interest in me the second we met you like bread.

You like Bento it looks good would you like some huh here say uh no no no no no no no what you don't have to be shy do you not like eating from others utensils no it's not about that and then Naruto what would you like to go home with me.

That's fine but but my arm oh you prefer to hold hands no you don't have to do that either after she transferred over my life as a lonely isolated student had completely changed just as she had told me she really did have a thing for me of course during recess she even wanted to hang out with me going home.

On the other hand hey Hinata if you want thanks for the invitation but please invite someone else she was staying true to her words about not being okay with everyone if anything she was cold to everyone other than me it was even more strange there had to be people that were much better than me.

So let's have lunch sure I wasn't sure why but I was happy that someone actually wanted to spend time with me hey oh hey Psy oh what's going on with you haruto what just because the beautiful transfer student sat next to you you're writing a.

High horse now that's where you spending that much time with one person oh it's not like that whatever don't mistake her attitude you don't have any romantic experience or even social interactions just because she's a little nice to you doesn't mean anything.

Just as your childhood friend I'm going to warn you to not take her advances serious haruto oh I was looking for you I couldn't find you in the classroom can I help you nope that girl psyche yes is she your friend yeah she's a childhood friend from kindergarten she doesn't even like me so.

It's not like we get along but I see ah don't mistake it huh I know I'm not someone that people like I know that oh haruto I wanted to go home with you you weren't on cleanup duty today were you oh yeah someone asked me someone else yeah what did they say nothing special I.

Guess they just wanted to go home first it was pretty pitiful as usual I'm sure she's growing tired of me doesn't that mean they just pushed the job unto you because they were lazy maybe so you don't seem upset though I mean it's not like I had anything else to do me doing this means someone else.

Gets to go home first it wasn't like I wanted to go home or I had anything to do but he wanted to go home early it would be beneficial for him to go home early that's it don't worry I say no one I really need to leave some people have told me that it's not.

Really good logic those people would be right all right I will help you too huh we'll finish sooner with the two of us you don't have to no no it'll be all right besides this is beneficial huh I want to go home with you if I can help.

You I can go home sooner and to make things even better I get to spend time with you while I clean it's literally just full of positives I see yeah so let's clean thank you I was able to finish quickly thanks to you oh I just helped because I wanted to but if you really wanted to show me your gratitude would you like to.

Go somewhere after this it's a day after class return early we have some time right a date don't mistake I know I know but sure let's go yay right now I'm okay with this warm feeling I want to keep feeling this warmth.

So where would you like to go um I had never gone out with friends let alone on a date I had no idea where to take a girl let alone a beautiful girl careful huh sorry I wasn't looking forward it's all right don't worry aren't you okay yeah.

Sorry to ruin your ice cream I'll buy you another one will you come with me are you sure I ran into you of course thank you you're awesome yeah but you have to promise me to be careful don't run around in the streets okay yeah bye yeah be careful.

Phew heart out your jacket oh it's fine I can wash it off in the bathroom or something that's not okay oh I have an idea for our date you look great uh isn't this store expensive don't worry about it I will present this to you I can't do that to you.

It's okay you're incredibly kind besides I haven't thanked you yet huh do you know how much money was in that wallet I was surprised when I heard from the police you have reported that you found a wallet and didn't take any money at all it had over 200k yen in there that wallet was yes it was mine this is.

My thank you Hinata hyuga my guess is that she comes from a very rich family and she has never struggled for money on the other hand she says that she has always struggled with relationships her parents money and being a young woman people who came to her all wanted.

Surface level things that's why she was attracted to me the humble guy that showed no desire to be with her you're so kind to everyone but apparently you're not kind to yourself if that's the case I would love to be kind to you for you Hinata so please buy whatever you'd like a woman that likes you wants you to do.

That thank you don't mistake it I can't now I don't know how you can not like her hey you what Miss psyche can I help you come over here I don't know what you're doing but if you're just messing with him you should stop.

Him you know who I'm talking about haruto he's got no romantic experience and he's got no resistance to girls messing with him so if you mess with him even a little bit he's going to take you completely serious so if you're messing with him you should back off before that happens you're worried about him aren't.

You oh what why would I be worried about him it's okay I won't betray him I'm serious oh what do you like about him you're such an idiot how could you like a loser like that who's always being used by those around him and he doesn't even get mad he just takes on everyone's losses he can't be saved you like him too don't you that's why you can't.

Forgive other people messing with him right there's nothing that would make you more Angry than someone who hurts the person you like oh hey there you are Hinata let's have lunch oh haruto hmm what's going on you two are talking hey hmm.

You like her what why are you don't worry about it what do you say do you like her yeah I like her but you're clearly out of her League I know that's okay though I like her and she says she likes me that's all that matters.

I see look at you being grown up finally what was that all about I expected her to say something like you won't be able to date a girl like that or something along those lines as usual but haruto what I'm glad you said that you liked me too oh sorry that this was how I told you.

It's okay I'm happy about it anyway but I guess even others think that I'm not good enough for you either huh I don't care about others huh from my view you are the best person I can go out with thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos.

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