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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend goes Yandere on me… [RomCom]


Ah it's finally over my name is Yuki usio my looks and grades are average I'm a freshman in high school I don't really stand out so to change that I joined the archery club when I entered High School but since I'm a freshman I haven't done any of the cool stuff yet all I do are.

Chores nice work Yuki ah same to you Kai day are the girls already done cleaning up yep there's a lot of us so we were done quickly hurry up and change so we could go home together okay I'll change and get myself together this is kaide natsume she's on the girls archery team and has been my childhood.

Friend since kindergarten we ended up hanging out because of our families whenever kaije's parents would come home late she would eat dinner at my house a lot kaije's looks and grades are unrivaled and she's super popular I've seen her get asked out about once a month.

Even though we are childhood friends I wonder why there's such a level gap between us hey Yuki what did you talk about with my senpai oh with nozamisan she asked me about lack of equipment for the girls team I see but no zombie son why are you calling her by her first name eh she.

Told me to call her by her first name don't you hate being called by your last name anyway jeez Yugi your sense of danger is lacking I have no clue what you're talking about but sometimes you say things that I just don't get ah could it be that noise befriending me to use me later on.

No you dummy Kai day was in a bad mood for some reason when we were walking home yesterday hey I don't know why you're mad but it's about time you cheer up I'm not mad she's pretty mad once she gets angry it's hard for her to get herself together morning.

You two came to school together again today it's just because we don't live far from each other ow we come to school together because we're close I see lovey-dovey as usual.

Because of how qaida acts she has some people thinking that we're dating Hey Coyote is it okay for people to think we are dating it's more convenient ah if people think you're dating it's hard to ask you out well in the end there are some guys that don't care that she's dating so the confessions haven't really decreased.

That you don't think it's bad that you're a caught up in this rumor I've been used to it since elementary school so it doesn't really bother me but if there's a person you like wouldn't they be misunderstanding too you idiots she's in a bad mood again I really don't get it but it's probably my fault that.

She's angry I don't know why you're angry but fix your attitude I'm mad because you don't understand looks like it's come to this I'll stop being angry if you compete with me a competition sure but what will we do it'll be on all five subjects on next.

Week's test Whoever has the highest score gets to order around the other person no way you'll definitely win wasn't there like an 80 Point difference on our tests last time that's on you for having low test scores no my scores weren't that bad I had over 80 points across all subjects your.

Grades are just too high I'm not lazy it's just no one is reckless enough to challenge you who has been number one in great since middle school well if you're number one again I'll listen to your requests another first year has a better chance of beating kaide than I do gotcha don't forget what you said I.

Won't a man doesn't go back on his word so after one week my efforts amounted to nothing Kai day naturally got a perfect score on all subjects bringing her to number one with an overwhelming difference between her and second place make sure you listen to my requests as promised yeah but on one condition as.

Long as it's something I can do let me get to my house could we hold hands hold hands if that's fine with you in the past when we would play together we held hands a bunch of times but being asked again now feels a bit embarrassing it's probably a good thing it'll be a Kai day's house and not outside.

I'm going to make some tea so go ahead to my room okay thanks it feels like it's been a while since I've been in kaide's room she still hasn't changed in her minimalist approach we really have been together since we were little there's a lot of pictures of.

Me when did she take this photo of just me oh a crocodile plushie I gave her for her birthdays on her bed thanks for waiting cold barley tea is fine right yeah thanks you're still taking care of that crocodile plushie yep how do you take care of all the.

Presents you've given me I cuddle crop child all the time so it's a bit worn out now though oh you gave it a name I think I gave it to you about two years ago yep it was 684 days ago huh why do you remember it down to the T it's natural is it oh because it was your birthday you can do the math easily.

You were a bit quick with the math so I was surprised I didn't do any math I just remember give me your hand yeah we're gonna hold hands now okay huh what was that noise just now what handcuffs why you've been neglecting me and plus you said stuff like this would be fine huh there's no.

Way I said that when we were heading home I asked if I could hold hands in cuffs uh I was tricked but why handcuffs to begin with and aren't handcuffs meant to be used on both hands it's so you won't be separated from me recently you've been hanging out with other girls uh I don't really get it but I'm sure.

You're misunderstanding plus the girls I talk to just do small talk or pass on information it's not a misunderstanding in the past you only talked to me you had no other girls to talk to isn't that just a roundabout way of saying I'm a Loner and unpopular I'm with you so you aren't lonely well that may be true but anyway.

Since we are handcuffed we can't shower or go to the bathroom we can just go together I don't mind no there are a lot of issues with that so cut me some slack I'll be obliterated socially fine I'll use another pair of handcuffs on both of your vests that way I'll be the only one free.

Well when it's time to eat take them off too I don't want cold stairs from your parents no need to worry I told them I was eating with you today plus they both won't be home until really late the heck is up with all this planning I completely forgot about the great relationship kaide has with my parents and my sister.

Anyway let's make dinner together I haven't prepared anything yet what like this yep it's difficult without my left hand so help me if it's difficult you should just take off the handcuffs Yuki using that hand is dangerous let me help oh okay toss the fry pan up more.

Oh okay we finally finished but how are we gonna eat well I guess since it's fried rice I can just eat it with a spoon in my left hand we only have one spoon in the house so I'll feed you what kind of house only has one spoon mine apparently you can use your dominant hand so eat.

With chopsticks I'll use my left hand and eat with a spoon nogo eating fried rice with chopsticks is a hassle just go ahead and open your mouth no way it's embarrassing it's fine no one else is here to see say ah I give up oh it's good that's great feed me too you can use.

Your right hand so do it yourself I bet you so you feed me too ah fine delicious wait I didn't think about this because being fed was so embarrassing but this is an indirect kiss what's wrong no it's nothing hey kaidi dinner's done so do you think you can take the Cuffs off soon there's.

No way we can sleep like this okay I'll take them off if you can answer questions about our memories together that it I'm sure I can answer yep I believe in you question in the past you gave me a rock where and when was it a rock I always make sure to give you a gift on your birthday but did I give you a power Stone bracelet or necklace.

Sorry I don't remember you're the worst Yuki sorry I really don't recall whenever I'm picking out a gift for you I try to think of what would be the best so I have no reason to forget but hearing that makes me happy and all but a wrong answer is a wrong answer huh did I say something strange it's nothing anyway the right answer was this.

2453 days ago you gave me this rock at the sandbox in the park it wasn't a power stone or a fancy Jewel just a plain old rock that's right I said that from the get-go on top of that 2 453 days ago we were in elementary school your memory is crazy I remember all of our memories together 2 453 days ago we were playing in the sandbox together.

Are we gonna flash back we definitely don't need to right no we do oh look I scooped up something ah a rock candy this rock is Big so I'll give it to you really thanks so this rock has a lot of memories attached to it that question was too difficult you had no intentions of letting me free did you it's not like.

That I remember everything sorry I didn't remember plus that was such an ordinary occurrence there was no way I'd remember everything even though I remember everything even if it's simple everyday things it's a precious memory with you sorry that one was too difficult so let me try another one so kaide continued to.

Dish out challenging questions how was the weather when we first went to karaoke together so difficult what was your favorite motto in Middle School this is too difficult maybe kaide herself doesn't know the answers either but doesn't want to take off the handcuffs so she's just saying whatever could you tell me the answers.

The weather in the morning was sunny but when you left it was a bit cloudy your motto was once in a lifetime these questions are so difficult I don't know if that's even the right answer in the end I couldn't answer any of the questions it looks like I will be taking off the handcuffs after all.

Totally lost looks like it's just me huh Kai date what's wrong you couldn't answer any of my questions so those memories meant nothing it's not like that I cherish the memories between us we can even give me advice she said I.

Should handcuff to you so you would see me as a woman huh oh I'm really sorry I couldn't answer but I heard something that I didn't quite catch when you say reach on you met your older sister ritsu right yeah tell me what ritsu said one week earlier reach on you he has been getting popular recently but I want him to.

Huh see I'm being popular he's incompetent but I guess it can't be helped here's some advice from your dear older sister you have been friends since you were little so you're pretty close right yeah if you appeal to him just a bit I'm sure.

He'll realize his feelings that's if he was the type to notice your advances there's no way he'd neglect 10 years worth of memories with you I guess you're right right he's a big-headed type to not realize even when we work hard as a family to get him to so use handcuffs handcuffs yep if you.

Use handcuffs you'll always be close so even a dimwit like Yuki would realize his feelings for you John hmm I think I teased her too much just kidding it was a joke that's great advice I'll do as you suggested huh you're really gonna do it yeah I have to at least do that much with him.

Uh I won't stop you but next week I'll carry out my plan after getting my test results so tell Mom Yuki and I won't need dinner uh okay I see so when you were angry the day we went home and the day after that was it all an at yeah since we had to compete with our.

Test scores I see but besides that seems like there was something more important have you liked me all this time yes why didn't you realize you dummy I didn't think I would be telling you this way I really am a dummy huh we've been this close and I didn't.

Realize not because we've been kind of like family so you haven't really looked at me in that way that's so so go home wait a minute certainly I value you like family but I see you as a woman too really yeah sorry for not realizing until now so that means you'll go out with someone.

Like me yep if you're okay with dating someone like me please go out with me okay thank you what Katie if you're gonna hug me take off the handcuffs first I'll do it later it's a bothersome now.

Later ritsu don't say weird things to Kai day it's fine things turned out well didn't they well I honestly didn't think she would do it though hey you're being too careless but thanks to reach on we are dating so thanks sis don't mention it Yuki where's your appreciation yeah yeah I'm grateful.

Thanks for the handcuffs no you can keep them huh why it's on you he'll need proper punishment right you're right I'll hang on to them just in case I won't cheat stop saying unnecessary things thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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