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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend is a Tsundere… [RomCom]


Hey do you feel that the sound of my heart yeah it's okay go ahead and listen excuse me as you can see I'm in the middle of the greatest incident ever my name is Yuta mukita I'm a sophomore at a public high school.

I'm so tired why do I have to go to school school should come to me I'm the epitome of lethargy and laziness do I have a girlfriend of course not that's just too much work no I'm not saying that to be cynical for being unattractive yeah.

Then one day when I came home from school long time no see you've grown up haven't you oh hello my neighbors Mr and Mrs natsume and their daughter Sana were at my house although Sana was from a different school she was my childhood friend who.

Was the same age as me I hadn't seen her in about a year ah we were close until middle school but when we went to high school we grew apart I mean it was obvious that Sana didn't like me when I asked her why they were at my house she told me that her father was going to be transferred overseas from.

Next month I heard that her mother was also going with him and Sana was the only one who would be staying in Japan so in conclusion we've decided to let soda stay at our house for a while what a cool living by herself wouldn't be safe would it the room next to yours is open and I've.

Always wanted a daughter too what I'm sorry Utah it might be a burden but I'm counting on you and it seems that things were already decided before I came home living together look at her did I ever do something wrong to Sana I.

Had no recollection at all Well it can't be help that she hates me I'll just have to put up with it that's how I started living with my childhood friend Sana however what you got transferred to Hokkaido too ah I'm so bummed I got to notice all of a sudden three days after Sana started Living.

With Us my father got transferred to a rural area worried about his lack of ability to make a living my mother decided to go with him as well what sorry Santa John I've left the house and mute his hands so call me if anything happens okay.

Don't worry have a good one hmm ah it's even more Awkward and so we went from living together to seriously living together it ended up being just the two of us but from the next day Sana started acting strange when I woke up in the morning I made you breakfast.

Oh okay and here's your lunch take it with you today uh okay despite acting cold Sana made my breakfast and even packed my lunchbox you know I told you I take care of the housework right huh I'll take care of that I'm your.

Housemate Sana agreed to take care of all of the housework I don't know if I should be thankful or uncomfortable well I guess Sana is being considerate in her own way she must have really disliked making a lunchbox for someone she dislikes.

During lunch break I opened sana's homemade lunchbox what is this the letters l-o-v-e were written oh your mom is really into it today huh uh yeah is this supposed to be is she making fun of me wait but it tastes good.

And at night hey what what are you wearing a what I'm just wearing like clothes because it's hot what do you mean I'm a guy you know huh Utah are you getting excited seeing me dress like this and she provokes me by saying that oh man I can't get rid of the image of her outfit I just saw.

I got out of the bath and went to my room to find Sana already sleeping on my bed no wait a second why is she sleeping in my bed huh sleeping together is not a good idea I decided to sleep on the couch in the living room.

The next morning I was slabbed awake oh why are you sleeping here what because you were sleeping in my bed you should have just slept with me then we used to sleep together that was an elementary school right we're in high school now sana's Strange Behaviors happened one after another.

This might be due to the stress of housework anyways this can't go on like this that's what I thought and that evening I made a proposal to Sana let's split the housework 50 50. what why was the food not good why was there something wrong with me no not at all in fact you're perfect.

Then how come you you don't need me no no it's not like that but if I leave everything to you I'm going to get lazier and lazier aren't I I'm too lazy and lethargic to do anything in the first place I can't let Sana keep doing everything for me can't put any more burden on you and you're not even a housewife and I don't.

Want to start acting strange because of the stress that's why I'll do my best with the housework I'll try to help you out for the next three days I cleaned the bathroom the toilet and made dinner instead of sauna I made some mistakes but it looks like I can handle the.

Cleaning for now however hey Utah are you okay uh yeah are you sure are you really sure do you need any help Sana was always checking on me which made things difficult late at night I lay in bed completely.

Exhausted I'm so tired housework is so much work I was once again filled with gratitude for my mother and Sana the next night I decided to say something I've been too embarrassed to say Sana um today's Bento was delicious too.

Thanks yeah no problem sana's brightest smile come to think of it I haven't seen this kind of expression on sana's face for a long time but it was that evening when I was just beginning to think I could get along with Sana.

Um Utah I have something important to tell you when Sana came into my room her expression was somewhat dark let me do the housework after all what are you sure I mean why it's practice I want to practice for my future husband oh that's what she meant.

The reason Sana has been diligently doing the housework it wasn't for me Sana wants to practice for the man who will be her husband in the future when I thought that I felt somewhat sad and disappointed while it was a little bit hurt I thanked Sana who would prepare breakfast and.

Lunch for me again from tomorrow at lunch time when I opened my lunch box it changed from love to I love you this is not for me your lunch today it's so enthusiastic rather heavy I felt even heavier when I realized that it wasn't for me and when I got home.

You must be tired I'll give you a massage she suddenly started massaging I'm going to wash your back do that and even showed up in the bathtub suddenly her strange Behavior started to become even more extreme than before as.

Days like that continued one day I was lying down in my room and reading manga when Sana came in I asked her what she wanted what are you eating she laid down next to me is that manga interesting uh yeah it's called Canon's Romance I tried my hardest to play it off.

And Sana suddenly raised her posture and straddled me hey what are you doing you've been so distant lately I didn't mean to but but maybe I've been acting like that without realizing it and why are you straddling me I wanted a little reward today saying that Sana pulled my hands to hers I couldn't believe it but she took my.

Hand to press it against her own chest isn't this a reward for me hey my heart is thumping yeah what is this girl doing Utah you're a guy after all aren't you come on stop how do you feel right now I mean it was just me and Sana in this house right now.

Under the circumstances Sana and I are no it's not like that cut it out already what I pushed Sana away from me this is all practice right for your future husband yeah it is but don't try these things on me so lightly do that kind of thing for him.

Then Sana giggled and hugged my back are you jealous this kind of thing should be for your future husband you're as insensitive as ever I told you there's no problem Sana suddenly kissed me on the cheek why my future husband is you Yuta what what.

I'm surprised you didn't notice at all even after all the things I did to you but didn't you hate me it's not that I was just annoyed because you didn't contact me at all after you went to different schools does that mean uh that you like me Utah you're so cute when you're embarrassed.

Whoa wait a minute the morning after that a smiling sauna saw me off and I left the house at noon when I opened my lunchbox your mom isn't she a little bit crazy these days doesn't she love you too much are you okay.

The words in My Lunchbox had changed from I love you to Let's Get Married time it gets serious for Sana who loves me this much thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.