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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend is preventing me from having any experience with girls so I try to..


I'm going to protect you Ty no matter what happens I'm always going to protect you but why are you going to protect me sh because you like me don't you Ty yeah I love you my dad said this to me that I need to become somebody that can protect the person I love so that's why I'm going to protect you Tai because I love.

You I love you Ty you're my tai I won't ever give you to anyone ever show wait it was a dream what a nostalgic dream I just had even though I don't really remember what happened in it but I know for a fact that show was in it I can't believe we were together even in my dream too good morning Ty morning shoko oh you don't scream.

Anymore do you what are you talking about I've gotten used to it by now that's unfortunate your screams are so comforting though stop saying such villainous things my name is tauke Kagawa and the person who had slid into my bed is shoko Yamada she's my childhood friend and we've been together ever since we were born I don't remember.

A time when shoko wasn't in my life that's how much she and I have always been together to not spend a minute apart is exactly what our relationship is if you're awake then hurry up and get dressed we're going to school together together what is it you don't want to go that's not what I'm saying but well then what are you saying forever and ever.

We've been going to school together so why are you complaining now come on hurry up you're such a lame sloth as usual all right what's the problem you don't want to go to school with me that badly wait a minute is there somebody else that you like without telling me crap sh's flip has been switched no that's not the case Hey Now who the hell.

Could it be if you don't tell me this is going to be a problem I'm saying this for you to know Ty surely you know that I'm doing all of this so that you don't get a bad bug stuck on you now come on hurry up and confess H come on you're wrong it's not like that at all well then what is it nothing I'm going to get dressed so go away from.

Me outside and we can walk to school together as long as you understand ever since we were little shoko has been overprotective one time when I asked her why she was this extremely overprotective she said to me oh it feels so bad for any girl that would get stuck with a guy like you Tai and because of her overprotectiveness no.

Girls would ever come near me anymore and thanks to that my age is the same number of years I've never had a girlfriend and I also have no experience with girls at all am I going to spend the rest of my life like this with no experience I don't want that at all I want to enjoy my high school days too if anything I want a cute girlfriend too.

And I want to flirt with girls too I want to have a relationship that makes my heart flutter in order to do that what is it nothing none of your business if there's something you want to say then say it clearly if you stay silent I can't read your mind you know like I said it really is nothing mhm not that I care what it is.

Anyway how unmanly of you to hide things like that you need to man up more you're seriously so useless without me I have to do something M shoko who's so overprotective which means that I need to create some distance from her somehow do you know what maybe I would just say it clearly after school what do you want calling me out to a place like this.

Before we go home is is it that important that it can't wait yeah there's something I have to tell you shoko really is that so what on Earth is it I have no choice so I guess I'll listen I with you with me I don't want to be with you anymore huh what hey hey wait a minute what is that supposed to mean shoko you're way too.

Overprotective I understand that I'm important and you're trying to protect protect me uh um but but TY but you know what because you're so overprotective and too involved I can't even make any female friends much less the girlfriend and all the girls say it would be wrong to show Co and they keep their distance from me and that's why I from my high.

School experience I'm cutting off all ties with you you're joking right I'm not joking I'm being serious I'm being serious and I want to have my high school experience with freedom do you really mean that yeah I do mean it I'm super serious about it so from now on don't come near me anymore.

What um uh shoko you don't have to cry that much because you told me that you're cutting off ties with me and not to come near you no because you're seriously too overprotective and how do I say this it was causing me trouble and I don't want to I won't accept this shoko I am never never ever going to cut ties with you Ty.

Because I I am going to be together with you forever because I'm the one that belongs next to you Ty and I'm not going to give you to anybody else hey shoko she's gone I really didn't think she would cry like that how am I supposed to look at her tomorrow no actually don't have to look at her anymore but also starting tomorrow we're going into a.

Onewe school holiday anyway during that time I'm sure shoko will calm down I hope and anyway starting tomorrow I'm going to enjoy that onee break to the fullest and my parents are going on their own vacation so they won't be home either it won't be too late to think about this after I refresh my feelings in mind.

Right Ty today is a day off of school let me sleep a bit more that's not okay just because it's a break doesn't mean you can be lazy I'm still sleepy if you don't wake up then I'm going to wake you up with a kiss aiss kiss wait what kiss good morning Ty morning shoko wait why are you here right now I.

Told you that was cutting off all ties with you didn't I and I told you as well that I won't let you plus it seems like my love wasn't reaching you properly so I thought about telling you sincerely your love wait what what are you talking about see I knew it you didn't understand after all even though every day day after day I was giving it to you.

This much H I've done so much for you until now Tai I've worked so hard to make sure that a bad bug doesn't come near you how can you cut off ties with me after that wait wait wait I'm not really understanding what this has to do with love what I'm trying to say is that I like you Tai like me what like not in the family kind of way no I like you in.

The love kind of way I want to be in a relationship with you I want want to be married to you and I want your Seeds of Love to grow inside of me too whoa stop stop are you being serious right now yeah of course I am but apparently none of my love was reaching to you all this time that's why I starting today am going to spend the next week making sure.

That you understand it h so I'm going to stay here and I'm going to take care of you Ty what did you say there's no way your parents would ever allow both my dad and mom said that if it's you it's fine and they sent me here by the way I've already got an approval from your parents too you've completely sealed all agus for.

Me anyway that's that so I look forward to it Ty and so my week of living together with shoko began hey shoko it's the best what are you talking about stop sitting inting me so much without saying anything but first of all.

What is this positioning to begin with because this way I can smell you more efficiently I need to breathe you in a lot so I can breathe more of you into me Tai and I'm going to make myself full of your smell please stop that it's embarrassing don't worry I'm not embarrassed but also is that even fun smelling me like that it is fun if.

Anything I want to enclose your smell into a Ziploc and keep it forever please spare me of that but why why even though you smell this good shoko you can smell me too Ty there's no way I would do that even though I might smell good I already know that you smell good shoko how many years do you think we've spent together even though I would definitely never say.

That to you uh so you're not going to sniff me why do you want me to smell you that badly because they say if you think somebody smells good then you're meant to be together on a DNA level what a DNA level that's right that's what I wanted you to confirm by smelling me.

Tai nothing you used to smell good back then but I guess I wouldn't know now but who's to say that you're meant to be together on a DNA level that has to be made up get out I don't want to because I'm definitely going to get in the bath with you there's no way no way why not we used to take baths together all the time back then how many years ago are.

You talking about there's no way that at our age we can now take a bath together that's not true because I'm totally fine if you see me there naked huh what the hell are you even saying if anything I'm totally fine for you to wash me with your bare hands what you there's no way I would do something like that even though you.

Totally should you know I'm fine for you to do whatever you want to me stop saying weird things and calm down anyway I'm not going to be getting in the bath with you all right that's so mean I'm so sad why would you say such a thing because if we do then I will be the one causing a crime in society uh fine and then I'll just tolerate it with this hey.

Now hey now hey now wait a minute what did you just try to take what do you mean your underwear whoa whoa whoo that's crossing the line but why I think it's going to smell the best though stop saying such perverted things anyway I'm confiscating this a you're such a meanie Ty I'm not being mean anyway just get out already.

Please well then let's go to bed together Ty I had a feeling you'd be here come on I warmed up the bed for you so come here like I said a guy and a girl at our age shouldn't be sleeping in the same bed together so we can't we can't there's no way this is acceptable and once again I'll be committing a crime in society in that case let's.

Throw away a society like that you and I can be holed up here together good night hey where do you think you're going I'm going to the living room I'm going to sleep on the sofa you know there's no way I'm going to let that happen for this one week I'm going to have you sleep with me whoo there I got you you little I'm so happy that I get to sleep.

With you TY but why because I get to sleep in the same bed as the person I love that's nothing but happiness shoko you really do like me then huh of course I like you I love you Ty what wait a minute should I show you that I like you with my body please I'm begging you can you stop trying to make me a predator if it's you you can do whatever you want to.

Me Tai I feel like I heard the same thing by the bathtub because it's the truth I like you so much that I'll forgive anything that you do all right all right I get it let's go to sleep now fine hey I said I'll sleep here next to you but I never said you can stick to me why not at least this don't be so stingy I wish I could be touching you 24/7 Tai.

Well then good night Ty I love you and just like that the days continue to shoko being all over me to be honest I thought that this was some kind of joke but it turns out that shoko's love is real Not only was she telling me that she loves me over and over again but she kept trying to show it with actions I was really confused by shoko because it.

Was such a huge change from before even though she said she would protect me her words were always harsh she would call me a sloth among other things so I completely thought that she didn't like me I had no idea that it meant she likes me this much I was happy but to be honest it was mostly a complicated feeling first of all if the reason that.

She was going crazy was because I said I wanted to cut off all ties and by the end of the school break surely shoko would be logical yeah I'm sure things would go back to the way they were more so I thought but Ty Ty Ty what is this why haven't shoko's loveby duby Obsession calmed down at all um Miss shoko isn't there something.

Wrong with this distance between us because one week wasn't enough for me to tell you my feelings in order to give you all of my love we need an extension hey how serious are you about this what do you mean I've been serious all this time I don't get it why is shoko this obsessed with me is she being serious when she says that she loves me how can.

I be sure she's not just teasing me but then if she's just teasing could she take it this far I don't get it what do you not get you and that attitude what do you mean because no matter how you look at it it's strange all these years you've made fun of me so much and if you suddenly say that actually all of that was because you like me it's hard to.

Trust that if I believe you but then you suddenly say actually I don't feel anything if that were the case then I would be so devastated I wouldn't be able to recover especially when I'm so comfortable with her telling me how much she likes me do you dislike me so much that you can't trust me was this not enough for you shoko I really do.

Love you Ty please please don't hate me I'm so sorry for saying such terrible things to you until now I'm so sorry I couldn't be sincere what do I have to do to make you believe me when you're the only one for me Tai shoko calm down I won't leave you okay I won't leave really you'll stay by my side I will it's going to be fine thank goodness but.

Why is it me you always call me a sloth and lame you said all kinds of things I couldn't be sincere you were always so nice and so handsome and you were my prince and I realized that I had always always liked you but I thought that if you found out you would distance yourself from me and I didn't want that that shoko that's why I was so stuck up.

And pretended like it was nothing but even then I didn't want you to be taken by anyone else and that's why I was so overprotective because I didn't want you to become anyone else's I'm really sorry for everything until now I'm sorry for hurting you so much because I was being selfish I didn't know that you had thought so much about this choco I.

Understand now that your love isn't a lie but I still don't know whether I like you the same way yet of everything that's happened until now I can't immediately feel the same way but I really am glad to hear that you feel that way about me thank you for loving me like this shoko Ty is it okay if I keep liking you from now on of course.

You won't hate it and I won't hate it thank you tai since then shoko's obsession with me has continued however ever since I learned of shoko's true feelings I was able to sincerely accept her love towards me and she was never harsh towards me like she used to be to be the days and months went by and shoko do you still like me like that of course.

I do I love you even if you hate me I'll love you I don't hate you what there's no way I could hate you after all the love you've given me I'm sorry this is so late but from now on can I love you too shoko of course you can thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.