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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend loves me, but she’s trying hard to pretend she doesn’t [RomCom]


A sudden streak of lightning and a deafening sound following it there's a storm outside and there's a storm happening inside my brain as well did you not hear me I'm ordering you to spend the night with me why the story started when we were still toddlers I know goes way back B mcui Hannah bishy and I soji Kyra have known each other.

For a long time kindergarten and we in the same class yay Elementary School we're in the same class again uh-huh Middle School we're going to be classmates again yeah we've spent our whole lives together she's my childhood friend however it doesn't mean that we're necessarily close we gradually stopped talking to each other and by the.

Time we got into high school I can't believe I have to go to high school with you it's that like I purposefully came to the same high school if you had planned this I would have crushed your family for Generations don't bring my descendants into this she couldn't stand being around me I don't remember doing.

Anything to make her hate me or anything me let's go to the cafeteria together hey can I join you guys yeah let's all go together everybody else thought she was pretty and had a kind personal she was always at the center of the crowd oh she probably hates me because she's embarrassed to be my childhood.

Friend because she hates introverts gosh I finally figured it out after I realized why she hated me I try to stay away as much as possible we were finally separated into different classes during our senior year at Yuki High School Bye Mom what do you mean uh we live close to each other it's not my fault if you run.

Into each other hey where are you going you're heading away from school I'm we're doing my day huh I don't want to start the day by bumping into you I'm going home once and we doing my morning what the see you jeez what a drama queen does she have to hate me this much it's impressive how I've adapted.

Nothing hurts anymore whated wow I saw somebody crawling on the floor and realized it was my friend Mama you're late again I was up till late reading Canon's romcom manga series oh hey I bumped into mury at the entrance I guess she's late too oh I think that would be my phone why her face was red I thought she was sick or.

Something uh she was fine when I saw her this morning wait did she get sick because she ran into me nah nobody can hate somebody that much if that was the case she's going to have a hard time getting through the year I'm planning on going to a college far away my mother told me mcgui was planning on attending a.

College nearby so I don't have to worry about bumping intro After High School I'll be moving at the end of the school year that will be the end of mcui and my connection I'm home wait nobody's home oh what is this I'm going to Tokyo to see my favorite Idol group Daddy's on a business trip I'll bring you back a present love your lovable.

Mommy my mother is so weird my mother is busy chasing her favorite Idol group these days I called her and she answered the phone with an unusually high squeaky voice I'm going to a photo opportunity event tomorrow night I asked to make dinner for you what I can't hear you there's too much noise in the.

Background oh it's almost my turn bye she hung up on me aren't I important to her at all she's obsessed according to my mother I don't have to prepare dinner oh I wonder what she ordered for me coming hi huh hey don't you think it's rude to look at somebody like that you're want to talk mcui so what do you.

Want that's no way to treat me I'll be making your dinner you better be nice to me dinner no way I asked meory to make dinner for you that's what she said she needs to emphasize the important parts I'm sorry my mom bothered you you don't have to make dinner for me I'll just order something or go to the convenience store huh why are you trying to order me.

Around I'm sorry I apologize please don't hold the kitchen SS like that I'm going to do what I was asked to do just don't bother me okay okay thank you wait I didn't know mcgui could even cook I wanted to ask her but couldn't from Fear of the consequences H she looks cute in an apron what are you looking at you.

Idiot my bad I was just thinking you look cute what again I would prefer you not to threaten me with kitchen utensils the Peter is scaring me I'll call you if I need anything you need to get out of my sight now sure I decided to find shelter on the couch in the living room it's been so long since we've been alone.

Together I don't know how to act around her we used to go over to each other's houses a lot maybe we could have stayed close if we were were the same gender hey something smells good I glanced over towards the kitchen mcui was mixing something while coming cheerfully she looks happy she should push me away completely if she hated me so much but.

She would sometimes confuse me by showing this side of her this is why I can't erase the feelings I have for her I have a crush on her here you go wa it looks so good I love nikujaga I heard heard it's ranked number one as the dish guys want their girlfriends to make not that that means anything okay why does she sound so.

Awkward go get your own rice and miso soup bye then hey you're not staying to eat with me huh crap is she mad at me again you made the nikujaga you deserve to eat it right you mean you want to eat dinner with me well yeah I guess so H I guess I'll eat here since I'm hungry I'm glad she doesn't seem angry at me I keep trying to read her emotions it's.

Probably because I like her kamasu wow yum of course it is I made it what else did you expect well I didn't expect you to be this good at cooking remember the weird looking chocolate you gave me in elementary school I was a kid back then St thinking about stupid things like that how could.

I forget it meant a lot to me wait is it raining oh yeah it's pouring the weather forecast said it wouldn't to rain today I wonder if it's going to last long huh was that lightning wa it's a blackout stay here I'm going to get a flashlight I brought a land to my family.

I prepared for when we went camping and L it up in the dining room I guess this area is all out it'll be dangerous for you to go home now what should we do I'll ask my mom if she could come pick me up I should take her home if her mom can't come she could get hurt with an umbrella I'll get a rain Cod for her SOI what did your mom say she told me to.

Stay the nights huh she said it's too dangerous to walk outside and that I should stay here oh did you not hear me I'm telling you we have to spend the night together you this can't be happening I could see that her mom's suggestion was the safest way to get through the night however I would have to spend the night with the one.

Person who hated me plus I have feelings for her what should I do you okay with that I mean there's nothing we can do that's true by the time you finished eating dinner the lights were back on I let mcui take a bath first we used to take baths together I wonder how much she's grown.

No stop it she'll punch you if she catches you peeking thanks for letting me go first yo why are you smirking you look gross hey don't walk around half naked I'll go set up the bed go get your clothes does she not know how sensitive boys are to things like this we don't own guas futons she'll have to.

Use my mom's bed dad's pillow stinks my bed is not an option mcui let's figure out the bed situation okay I get the right side what aren't we talking about the bed situation are you planning on sleeping with me huh are we not going to sleep together I was thinking of lending you my mom's bed.

I can't sleep in a married couple's room why not plus what if the electricity goes out we need to stick together at times like this you have a point right but we're high school students of the opposite gender me we used to sleep together all the time it's not a big deal I tried to tell myself that but I knew it wasn't as simple as.

That the bed is too small we're too close to each other I slept on the left side since mucuri chose the right I turned away from her the next second I felt something soft against my back now why is she facing this way I doubt I'll be able to fall asleep tonight maybe I should sleep on the floor we just need to be in the same.

Room that's the only way I can keep my sanity hey mucuri I turned around I saw her face what mcu's face was right next to to me I could see her blushing and she was looking straight at me has she always been this sexy I I'm going to sleep in a different room what the heck do you hate me that.

Much huh why would you think that man she's irritating now that I think about it I'm always the one of an emotional roller coaster she'll push me away and then give me help now I'm dealing with this feminine side of her I should tell her what I'm thinking how can I share a bed with you and you're blushing like that what if she.

Has a fever that would make me the biggest jerk ever I can't help it I can't control anything when I'm around you huh mcui started to explain she avoided me because her face would get red whenever I was near her when we ran into each other on our way to school she went home because she had to calm herself.

Down um mcgui can I ask you question yeah what does that mean you have feelings for me H can she be more obvious now I know how she feels for me I I'm going to take that as a yes whatever I'm sure it doesn't mean anything to you since you're going to a university far away to run away from me.

Don't say that I finally realized something we were both so busy dealing with our emotions but all we had to do was be honest with each other are you up for a longdistance relationship yeah but you got to call me every day I will we'll we'll talk every night only at night no I I'll call you during the day.

Too A year later I have two toothbrushes leading into each other in the bathroom of my apartment she's beg leaving her makeup as well FYI we use matching pillows together in my bed kagari akit she's a classmate and the school's most beautiful girl but don't talk to me boys is famous for hating boys then one day let's go out so she.

Said but uh I like someone so um unfortunately I like someone what do I do it all started one day when I was at a bookstore at the neighboring town I ran into someone at the entrance what sorry I didn't mean to run into you no no I'm okay I'm sorry I'll pick it up oh don't worry about it just leave it huh love novels and for men I didn't.

Know girls read stuff like this here you go sorry for running into you oh thank you it's my fault for not paying attention wait huh are you kagari akit you're wait who are you I'm utaro nme your classmate sorry I'm not very dominant the girl I ran into was the school's most beautiful girl kagari akit skki she's also well known to not like.

Men she was buying love novels for men classmate uh so those books um aren't my hobby or anything oh okay uh whose hobby is it then oh this is from my grandma who's in the hospital right now I see your grandma reads love novels whatever I'll give those books to you really if you don't want them I'll take them off your hands but are you sure of course.

I'm sure she was clearly shaken up it was more than likely so that she could read them I don't know why she was lying about it I guess she was embarrassed I'll keep it a secret that we met here so here you can keep these books I don't need them you don't need to make it a secret okay then I guess I can talk about where I got the love novels right.

And from who no you can't say that to anyone I'll do anything you don't have to panic I'm teasing you don't worry I won't tell anyone about this and I already have these books so I don't need them what so so you already read these yeah I did I like love novels in anime how was it was it good yeah I enjoyed it I'm excited for the next series the main.

Character and the heroin actually wait I haven't read yet don't say it it was for you right here take it she turned bright red before taking the bag of books back she shook a little before talking to me you're not going to make fun of me huh make fun of you for what because I love reading novels targeted for men You Like Love novels right no.

One has any right to say anything about your hobbies no one likes when people talk bad about their Hobbies either so I won't make fun of you but if you want to keep it a secret don't worry I won't tell a soul really thank you natsuma no worries I'm going now and just as I was about to leave she stopped me what now I need.

Some kind of condition for you to keep it a secret a condition no seriously I don't it's not like I don't trust you but what do you want something I want uh a girlfriend so you're saying you want to go out with me what I didn't say that I like someone oh who is I was a little hesitant but I decided to.

Tell her my secret since I knew her secret well it's another classmate ly shirahama Lily shirahama she was a different kind of beautiful from akit she seemed fairly calm but had a strong sense of self-worth she was definitely class president ah Lily that's a tough hurdle I know that it's hard but I like her so I'll just watch from afar I see.

Then it's perfect you should date me what were you listening to me why would I date you if I like her Lily is the kind of girl to chase after what she wants if you actually attack her from the front she'll back away what seriously I mean I'd heard that all the guys who asked her out failed.

Spectacularly that's where the fake couple tactic comes in tactic what is this kindergarten what sorry I'm not creative okay summarizing her story boys with girlfriends are actually really popular something about handling a boyfriend who has the warmth and gentleness of handling a girlfriend after you show.

Everyone how attractive and great of a boyfriend you are what do you think will happen when you talk to someone and say you're not doing too well with your girlfriend what happens are you going to break up with her maybe it's my chance she'll come close I think you're reading too many of these love novels what do you think would happen if my boy.

Hating self started dating you a boy that flirted and convinced a girl like you that you must be fairly talented exactly so let's try it oh I'm going to call you utaro now uh okay and that's how we started pretend dating is this really going to work the next day I waited for her at the station in the morning to go to school together.

But do you need to be holding my arm this is more of a public appearance thing besides it works for me to Chase off boys too this is perfect I think she might have just wanted to use me to Chase off any other guys what those two are dating Kari is holding on to him who is that they're all looking but I feel like.

The girls are looking at me more different than usual I feel like they're interested in me see it worked right this is how you let everyone know you arrived wow it worked works because it's you right can you not talk like that though we're supposed to be dating you can call me kagari by the way oh okay kagari 3 days after we continued pretend.

Dating hey Nats do you have a second yes oh miss shirama can I help you it was shirama my crush I heard that you were dating kagari is that true yeah what why do you sound so unsure oh yeah we're dating wow look at you dating that girl that hated boys how did you get her to like you what do I say here look you.

Don't have to act like you're not confident you can't be like that when you're in love that's right I'm not sure if it's impressive or not but I'm glad to be dating her because I have fun every day a I'm so jealous I wish I could have a boyfriend that day after class I report reported back to kagari about talking to shirama and wow look at.

That we're seeing effects already I really didn't expect her to talk to me I was so nervous we just have to keep this up and make sure she understands why you're such an attractive man okay thank you we kept talking outside and during school I especially liked talking with just us about anime and love novels surprisingly she actually loved anime.

Just as much as if not more than me maybe that's why I started to fall for her the more time I spent around her however the one thing I was curious about was why she hated men she talks to me so much um why don't you like boys I'll tell you because I trust you but when I was in Middle School the boys found out and they all mocked me that's.

So mean so I figured all boys had no delicacy and were all but but huh nothing what's wrong nothing she suddenly turned red and looked away I realized that I was also nervous this is how 2 weeks passed after we started dating and we ended up going on a date on the weekend did we really need to go out on a date I feel like we're spending.

Enough time together to show each other off of course this is important there's no couple that doesn't go on dates so here hand what I can hold your hand yeah because it's you I mean because you don't know who's watching yeah that makes sense that's how we ended up holding hands it was a little different from when she was.

Holding on to my arm it felt like we had grown closer that day heading home ah I had so much fun time flew by didn't it huh fun you had fun with me yeah it was the first time I've ever gone out on a date with a girl and even though it was pretend I was able to be your boyfriend so every day is so much fun then she turned a bright right red and don't lose.

Sight of your goal we were just pretending did you forget why we were doing this huh why are you mad because you're completely forgetting the goal of this we're doing this and pretending to get Lily to like you yeah I had forgotten about that because I was having so much fun with kagari the goal was to get shir's attention and make her.

Think that I was attractive in other words once we achieved that goal our relationship was if I ended up dating shirama what are you going to do I was able to get with her and you were using me to avoid men but you won't have anyone to chase away men for you my chest felt tighter after hearing that I'm just her keepa away device I'm not.

Even her real boyfriend I don't know I'll find another boy to pretend to be my boyfriend so you didn't need me to be your pretend boyfriend yeah I really just ran into you on accident and didn't care who it was I see you didn't really care about oh wait it's not like that I didn't like you but thanks for today you probably.

Don't think much of today's date but to me I'll remember this forever bye I didn't realize how nervous I was and I went home like a little loser I felt something painful in my chest the next day I went to school alone and didn't even look at kagari she also kept some distance from me a few days passed while I kept my distance and what's going on.

She's not with you today either oh shirama you don't look happy but if you want I'll listen what do you think will happen when you say that you're not getting along with your girlfriend I mean it wasn't going well with kagari recently but is this the right time I was completely unsure but I decided to tell her what happened recently of.

Course I left out the details about how we were pretending to be dating yeah so that's how I'm not really getting along with her recently I see she said that it could have been anyone to have gone out with you huh what do you want to do of course I want to get along with her but I feel like if we stay together we're just choking each other does that mean.

You want to break up with her I I don't know if I should say yes to this question if I say this I can't go back anymore then shirama said she was actually bragging a lot about you huh kagari she said you're really thoughtful and caring and you never say anything bad about anyone you keep secrets and she's always nervous around you she said.

She's glad to have gone out with you she said that maybe she was saying that to just spread positive Impressions about me or maybe that was how she really felt maybe I was just wishing but I just felt like I kind of wanted to have a boyfriend too and if you were to break up with her thank you shirama you really helped me out huh oh yeah it was so.

Simple all along all that mattered was what I thought about her huh what do you mean I love kagari even if she doesn't like me so I need to tell her the truth oh okay good luck Nats yeah thank you shirama this was how I was able to come to terms with my own feelings that it was the perfect mood he should have just said he was going to break up with.

Me why am I so happy I was running around school looking for her but she had gone home already I was going to wait until tomorrow to tell her how I felt but you took a while kagari I saw her waiting for me in front of the school why were you waiting for me I just felt like going home with you I see great what's so great um I had something.

I wanted to tell you I see that happened huh yeah I asked her to help me but that's all that happened that was your shot though maybe so you're so dumb why wouldn't you break up there because I didn't want to break up with you even if it was pretend I didn't want it to end huh I fallen for you for real you Taro.

If it's not too much to ask I'd really like to date you if you don't want to we can just keep up the pretend it it doesn't have to be pretend huh so does that mean I want to date you for real because I like you the same way I love you I'm never going to make you Reg this please go out with me utaro yay I love you hey.

Idiot don't be all loud in the road you're going to embarrass me it was love straight out of a love novel pretending to be lovers before actually falling for each other it was a fairly common story but I was so lucky to have actually made this beautiful wonderful girl my girlfriend a few days later we were spending our time on the roof during.

Lunch she said she wanted to keep the fact that she liked anime from everyone else so this is how we spent our secret time discussing love novels and Anime oh yeah you said you bought the new edition of The Love novel from last time right yeah want to read it I can bring it by um can I read it in your room oh sure you can come over whenever thank you I.

Love you utaro yeah I love you too kagari and another thing happened when kagari came over to my house we made another secret but let's just keep that a secret between us I was on the rooftop after school when what what did you just say I said um my name is kasugi kagayama and I couldn't believe my ears when the most beautiful.

Girl in our school said she wanted to talk to me the reason well that's because I like you what she had confessed her feelings for an introvert like me how did this happen let's try going back to the first time she talked to me about a month ago I was stealthily staring at a person in our.

Classroom like I usually do Sawa shiroan is so pretty today too out of my league was the perfect way to describe yukari Sawa shiroan she was my dream girl she had a mysterious Vibe about her that pushed strangers away yet her beauty stood out in our classroom she was a respect able person and had excellent grades it was no wonder she was elected.

To be our class president a gaku like me is no match for someone like her I couldn't help but sigh twice once for her beauty and once for how shameful I was that's why I was okay with watching her from afar kazaki are you watching saashi Roan again don't scare me like that then I'm.

Not don't hide it man the person talking to me here is my only real friend uto sugano he's very handsome but he's another gamer like me I guess you can't help it she really is beautiful I told you I wasn't watching her is she acting indifferent or is she cold on the outside and affectionate on.

The inside either way I bet she'd be so cute if she tried to act SP sped I can't imagine it sa Shir Roan asking someone to spoil her either way how are you and your girlfriend oh yeah well we're doing pretty good in a way huh is there a problem hey.

Youo calm down Mizuki don't suddenly hug me from behind oh why not we're dating aren't we uh what are are they making me watch that girl's name is Mizuki son and she was Sugo's girlfriend they started dating quite recently I wasn't a big fan of her light-hearted flirting what were you and kayamakun talking about oh about saashi what.

Nothing it wasn't much oh what are you hiding anyways youo let's go on a date after school today there's the things I've been wanting sorry I have plans to hang out with kazaki after school today what plans oh right I forgot I have plans after school yay the after school date is.

Decided then uh is it really okay kazaki I completely forgot I had things to do after school they just started dating so I felt bad for getting in the way of their dates that's what I I was thinking when excuse me Mizuki son I heard a slightly Stern voice and saw sa shiroan standing near us being.

Lovey-dovey on school campuses lead to the corruption of morals get away from him immediately what who cares it's not like I'm bothering anyone so you're saying you're allowed to do anything you want if it doesn't bother anyone you're so strict you tell you're okay with it are you sairo might be right do you think.

You can get off me a little youo you're going to take sa Shiro's side I'm not taking sides it's just I'm it's just I'm not a huge fan of PDA either okay then let's be lovey-dovey when there aren't as many people around hey hold on a sec Mizuki son ran away after she said that goodness I'm sorry it's my fault I know it's primarily.

Mizuki's fault but if you're her boyfriend you better be more responsible yes ma'am I was thinking about something in the middle of all that I wasn't part of that conversation at all I know that I wasn't a part of what happened so there was a good reason still I felt that I had such little presence that I was a little heartbroken suddenly sairo.

Glared at me kagay yakun if you're their friend you should warn them too what oh I'm okay the person of my dreams suddenly lectured me I was completely speechless after that saashi Roan went back to her seat in a bad mood not many people are friends with her because of her strict personality what a waste she's honestly such a.

Beauty but she's not wrong I'm not sure if being right all the time is a good thing anyways youo about you what I'm not a huge fan of the clinginess but Mizuki son came all the way to our classroom for you you should be happier I think you need more courage to do PDA but I haven't gotten used to mizuki's Vibe yet if you're her.

Boyfriend you have to step up and reassure her she might have doubts about your feelings at this rate you know I mean I've never even had a girl friend so I'm sure my advice isn't that convincing that day after school uto left with Mizuki son so I was about to head home alone that was when kayamakun do you have a minute yes what is it.

Saahir Roan started talking to me was it about the incident during launch you're on class duty today aren't you these things need to be brought to the office can you help me with them oh oh okay oh it was about work I needed to do for classroom Duty she handed me a huge pile of notebooks she helped me carry the other half and we headed to The Faculty.

Office together but it was awkward we didn't say a single word as we walked together I was trying to hurry to the office so I could just go home when sa shiroan opened her mouth I'm sorry about what happened during our lunch break it was a little harsh on you when you had no part in that what I do regret that I was very harsh on you.

After looking sorry she looked sorry and let out a big sigh it seems like the incident during lunch was bothering her it's totally fine you were only saying the right thing it's not that I've always had a bad habit of directly saying what's on my mind I know that it's the reason why everyone around me doesn't like me but I'm guessing you.

Might be a little clumsy with your feelings and that you're also the type of person that overthinks afterward I'm not sure what everyone else thinks but I don't hate it in fact I uh uh in fact what oh uh nothing in fact I think that you're responsible and actually care about everyone around you thank you I didn't think you would.

Compliment me so I'm not quite sure what to say no no no I felt like I understood Sawa shiroan a little more she wasn't mean she was just a little clumsy with her emotions and so we were able to get over this small misunderstanding we headed back to the classroom after we dropped the notebooks.

In The Faculty office thank you again kagay amak I'm on class Duty after all anyways I'll be on my way now I was so happy that I was able to talk to a girl normally and to the girl of my dreams on top of that it might be a simple moment but I thought this would be one of the best memories of my life a week after that I'm sorry I'm going to hang out.

With my girlfriend after school today okay don't worry about it I'm glad you and Mizuki son are so lovey duy I say that but a part of me is still a little sad ever since uto got a girlfriend I've been alone a lot more a girlfriend how nice the next day after after school oh kayamakun there's something I wanted to talk to you about.

Do you have a minute sairan what is it I'm not on classroom duty today I heard that you're a gamer are you good at playing them what video games well yes to a certain extent I have a favor I wanted to ask you then a favor what is it the thing is I want you to teach me how to play video games what sa shiroan you play.

Games it's not that it's not for me saashi Roan explained to me that her younger brother was into fighting games she wanted to play with him but he wouldn't let her be his opponent because she sucked at it I could teach you but we can't bring game consoles into school about that do you want to play it at my house what at your house it yeah.

If you're okay with it 30 minutes later I was in front of saashi Roan's house I somehow ended up here there was no reason for me to say no come on in okay when I entered saashi Roan's living room her little brother kentun was playing games they had a big age Gap so he was still a fifth grader Kenta I'm home welcome home big S is huh is that.

Guy your boyfriend he's not this is kagay yakun my classmate don't say such rude things like that you don't have to get that upset so why did you bring him here uh that's is she too embarrassed to say she wants to learn how to play games for him um the thing is I heard you love playing video games so I came here to.

Play with you what you want to play games with me yeah if you're okay with it will you challenge me yeah let's play you're so good kakun you're pretty good at this too this is more like babysitting sair Roan's brother than teaching her how to play is she okay with this I'm so happy my sister sucks.

At this I'm sorry I don't really play video games everyone one has things they're good at and things they're not good at and so the day ended with me playing video games with kentun while sair Roan watched from behind come play with me again okay yep let's play again Kenta I am going to see.

Kaga yakun off so make sure you're doing homework what I think her brother likes me this wasn't what we had planned I hope she's okay with this thank you for hanging out with my little brother today oh it's nothing I'm sorry I was supposed to teach you how to play but I ended up getting into the game instead I was relieved that she thanked.

Me with a smile anyways kagay yakun you're very kind what how do I say this instead of being straight up like me you're very good at saying things nicely I have a hard time of doing that so I'm very jealous of you oh it's probably just because I don't have confidence in myself I'm actually jealous of how you can easily say what you're thinking see.

The fact that you could say things like that is evidence that you're a kind person oh no it it's not that much I need to look up to you kakay yakun I'll try to do better with how I talk to people I don't think you need to look up to me still I need to look up to you and be more responsible too um if you're okay with it will you.

Play video games with my little brother again of course I'd love to do that thank you I'm glad I was able to talk to you like this kagay yakun my heart was beating so fast I never would have thought the girl of my dreams would say something like that to me after that I visited saashi Roan's house twice a week on the days that.

Kentun wasn't home I taught sair Roan how to play video games when kentun was home I played game games with him my time after school was very productive since saashi Roan was very smart she picked up on how to play very quickly she was getting better and better at playing at this rate I'm sure I won't need to come here to help her.

Anymore that's what I started to think when what you're going to introduce me to a girl misuki son said that she wanted to introduce me to a girl yep she likes video games too and she said she wants a boyfriend that would play with her what do you think kazaki I think you should ask Mizuki to introduce you um do you have a minute.

Kagay yakun can I talk to you after school oh sure what is it sair Roan looks like she's in a bad mood today did I do something wrong after school I met up with saashi Roan on the school's rooftop what were you and sugga nun talking about during lunch today oh uh we were talking about how Mizuki San wanted to introduce me to a.

Girl really good for you but I declined the offer I wasn't in the mood for that what really thank goodness huh thank goodness oh uh you know I don't want to lose someone that will play games with my little brother oh I see so it was about kentun I was hopefully expecting a different.

Response so I got a little sad that's also one of the reasons but huh the truth is I well huh what did you just say I said um I like you what seriously yeah I like how you're kind and how you care about the people around you whenever I'm with you my heart beats faster but at the same time I'm so.

Comfortable being with you I was honestly so happy when saashi wasan confessed her feelings for me the girl of my dreams said these things to me but I didn't have confidence in myself but I'm just an introvert I don't know if I deserve to be with someone like you then I'm just a straightforward girl that might not deserve to be with.

Someone like you you don't want to be with me saashi rosan looked like she wasn't that confident she must have gathered up a lot of courage to tell me how she felt the response I gave her was a week after I mean I still can't believe it who' have thought you'd be dating Sawa shiroan I still don't believe it either.

Gosh it's not a joke so start believing it already you two make such a cute match you still don't believe it oh your arm yaran you're being too clingy she's all over you I'm super surprised because I didn't expect this from you sa.

Shian didn't you get like mad at us for PTA a while ago that was because it was on school campus this is okay because it's outside of school I think I understand what uto was talking about a little sairan I mean yukari son started being very clingy with me after her confession that day yukari son's clinginess was a little uh.

How do I say this it was very dangerous she made me kind of worried I'm happy for the two of them you your plan went as planned I hope they continue to stay together I found out later on but the two of them were lying when they said they wanted to introduce me to a girl uto and Mizuki San schemed it to Force.

Yarian to make a move Kenta said he was going to hang out with his friends and that he wasn't going to be home till much later so I want to kiss you what uh wait okay um saashi ran liked to act spoiled when we were alone she was so cute I was having a hard time being sane I'm home what big sis what are you doing with.

Him this is uh yaran fell down so I was helping her up as her boyfriend I had to properly lead my spoiled girlfriend that's what I've been thinking a lot about nowadays Senpai please move the girl that approached me was hcan who became me koua hari's sister a few days ago she became my sister.

Because of my father's remarriage she used to be much nicer and friendly you're in junior high but now that she's in high school she was as cold as a different person and it was hard for me to talk to her sorry Amika Chan go ahead why did she become so quiet I returned to my room with these questions.

In my mind I wonder how we can get along like we used to she probably doesn't like me if that's the case I should find out why and fix it but I can't think of anything I didn't really talk to her ever since high school and when we became a family she was already this cold towards me so my thoughts ran.

Wild oh I fell asleep before I knew it wait what's going on why so many messages Senpai is that right okay I will be your girl can I go to your room now it's okay right I'll go what is this what's going on senpai wow what a surprise I'm so happy I've liked you since junior high school so I'm so thrilled that we both have.

Feelings for each other um what are we talking about what you told me you love me senpai what that's impossible I quickly check my phone then I really did send I love you to a Mikan apparently I send that in my sleep I didn't expect you to confess out of the blue but I'm okay with it like I.

Replied Let's Get Married After High School oh no I created a big misunderstanding wait but I thought she didn't like me uh I thought you didn't like me amikan that's absurd I've always liked you from before wait what that's funny I only remember you giving me the cold shoulder after we became a family did I.

Just wander into a different parallel universe without knowing it how could you make that mistake no because you were blatantly avoiding me her that's not what it was I thought that if I showed too much interest in you you might feel uncomfortable and avoid me so I just kept my distance from you so you.

Wouldn't notice seriously I remember this girl wasn't that good with people in junior high when she was having a hard time fitting him with of the committee I approached her and we gradually became friends uh um I'm sorry for creating a misunderstanding oh no I just.

Misunderstood on my own so don't worry about it if anything I'm sorry for the strange misunderstanding no then why did you fall in love with Me Senpai uh but what should I do I can't say that I sent the wrong messages here because amikan already confessed to Me Senpai uh yeah you see you were cute.

Since junior high that's why I started liking you I see I'm so glad then let's get married as soon as we graduate from high school why do you want to get married so soon wouldn't you want to marry the person you like as soon as possible isn't it too soon no it's not but you know right after graduating from high school.

You might be a college student right the marriage might not be the best choice what's wrong with a student getting married I think it's great it'll be a burden for Dad and the others oh I think it's better if you start working first then I will get a job after I graduate from high school and I will support you.

Senpai why would you do that you can't do that Dad and the others won't approve because I want to get married as soon as possible well there's no rush is there amikan you're cute so maybe another nice guy will come along and huh what well with that tone you make it sound like I would get attracted to other guys besides you no I didn't say that that's.

Impossible okay it's not possible for me to fall in love with someone other than you even if the Earth was was turned upside down okay I get it so stop getting so close I'm glad you understand I feel like I've seen the darkness in this girl it seems she's more than just a pretty face after that Amika cha made a lot of.

Appeals to get married with me but I tried to persuade her to calm down and the situation was somehow settled that's what I thought would you like to sleep with Me Senpai apparently her Rampage is not over yet amik Chan are you serious since we're lovers I think it's okay if we sleep together she's cute.

You're right come here thank you so much is there enough room yes it's fine I've always dreamed of sleeping with my Senpai like this I'm so glad it came true because honestly I almost gave up when we became family what do you mean you're such a serious guy I thought you'd be too hesitant to go for your sister even if she's step sister and.

There were times when I felt depressed that you didn't see me in that way I've been trying not to look at amikan it's the opposite sex exactly for that reason because she became my sister it's ironic that I was trying not to make amama Chan uncomfortable but on the contrary I was hurting her so I was really happy to have Senpai confess your feelings to me.

Uh to be honest I don't want to go to sleep because I'm afraid that I'll wake up and find out it was all a dream she likes me this much it's okay this isn't a dream and I'll be right next to you when you wake up so you can sleep without worries it's really a dream come true.

You don't seem you do something like this I do it when I have to you know yeah I know you're a man I can count on hey Senpai can I ask you for one more thing yeah you can say anything you want thank you very much I I want you to struck my head oh like this yes thank you sleeping would be a waste Makey Cham was like a Pampered little sister she'd.

Thinned her eyes and comfort she's so cute it's as if the cold attitude she's had up until today was a lie I'm glad I got to have this kind of Alabama relationship with amikan even though it was an accident that brought us together after that Amika Chan started to fall asleep so I let her be the next morning Senpai wait amikan what's.

Wrong what do you mean why are you trying to go by yourself let's go together or did you do that on purpose no it wasn't on purpose but I thought you wouldn't want to because of everyone's eyes at school I don't care what people think I want to be with my Senpai for as long as possible she's been really aggressive.

Ever since we started dating well she's cute so what the heck oh look cougar Saw's walking with a guy who is that guy why is our Idol with a guy Amika charm is being treated like an idol well it's only natural since she's so cute more importantly it's amazing how she just changed her last name a few days ago and everyone's already gotten used to it.

Those people are so noisy those people aren't your friends I've never talked to those people before in other words they're a Mika Chan's groupies great after we got to school I left a mikano went my classroom morning ah here he comes H kach Chun good morning good morning Andel son you're as.

Energetic as ever her name is namami Ando a bright and Lively gal who was kind of everyone she's a popular girl in our class I saw you you're walking to school with a really cute girl what you got a girlfriend yeah something like that oh nice how did you seduce her it's not like I seduced her.

But lawyer what there's no way heroi got a girlfriend before me yeah this must be haruki's fantasy because there's no way such a pretty girl is shuki's girlfriend what's wrong with you guys that's so rude just think about it how could such a pretty girl fall for heroi that's right get real.

Heroi no you guys did to Face Reality she's my girlfriend although it was a happy accident the brought us together we won't approve no matter what you say all right out of the way it's not cool to get involved out of jealousy and Elan leave these idiots alone and tell me more I'm really.

Curious It's not that interesting though it's already interesting when it's someone else's love story that's not cool I don't want to talk about it what why come on tell me hey stop hugging me other people are going to get the wrong idea H notification cheating is not.

Allowed what huh what's wrong nothing this message means that she's watching from somewhere there she's glaring at me it's just plain scary I couldn't help but feel fear when I saw Mikan who was admitting an aura of darkness is this what they call the yandere wait isn't that kuga Chin's.

Girlfriend and son what are you come in caen's girlfriend you're welcome girlfriend if you say so I can't say no what is this girl she's so cute I want to take her home what take home what's your name you little cutie come play at my house what is this Senpai please help me kachin give me this girl she's so cute I already like.

Her of course not come on let her go ah you're so stingy CA jeene stingy it's not good to forcefully hug a girl who doesn't want to be hugged is it he was just trying to pamper her what you was saying earlier was dangerous in many ways amikan are you okay I was scared yeah I bet you were here oh I'm totally in the way I think.

I'll just leave I was consoling Amika Chan and andosan simply backed away maybe she wasn't that serious Amika Chang quietly returned to her classroom since the threat was gone for the time being come to think of it why was she in my classroom after school hey am Mikan why did you come to.

My class room in the morning to check check what to check who's interested in you I think a lot of students realized that you might have a girlfriend since we walked to school together so I went to check out to see if anyone else was in a hurry to approach you I didn't think she was sink in that far ahead I don't worry so much I'm not that.

Popular Senpai you don't know anything about yourself hi amikan I was a loner in junior high school and you were very kind to me not only that you were very considerate and helped me fit in with the others girls like kind-hearted people like you you should have more confidence in yourself sorry to be honest I'm scared that.

Someone will steal you away from me that's why I want to get married as soon as possible I thought that as long as we get married I wouldn't have to worry about you running away that's why uh sorry I was going to keep this quiet but I'm going to be honest with you when I said that I love you message it was actually a mistake while I was.

Sleeping what so you don't like me no I like you I originally I liked you as a cute Junior almost like a friend but since yesterday I've been thinking you were cute as a girl so I like am mik Chan as a girl that means we don't have to break up of course not you should have said so earlier I was so worried that I would be.

Rejected I'm sorry but I thought it would be better to talk about it properly I didn't think I could get rid of the insecurities in such a casual relationship like that remove insecurity yeah I'll say it again Mikan I like you I want you to go out with me officially now and we'll get married Alabama style as soon as I start working.

Uh Senpai you really are a serious person I'm sorry but I wanted to do it right it's okay my answer was obvious from the beginning Senpai no harukisan please let me be your girlfriend thanks Amika Chan once again please take care of me from now on and so amikan and I became an official couple 3 years later we had our wedding.

Since I didn't go to college and started working as a high school graduate we were able to get married of course I thought seriously about finding a job with my parents and amikan but I thought that this was the best choice amikan started going to college and she's very happy that she was able to get married as a student from now on I'll do my best.

To keep her happy my name is harski I'd always been a weak Soul come on let's go play soccer to make things worse I wasn't very athletic so I was often the odd one out during break time I was never invited to things like soccer or dodgeball you're alone during break.

Again the girl always messing with me was my childhood friend Sai Sai you're probably the only one in the world that sits in the corner like that during recess probably you can't say let me play that's why you're always just going to be a geek I don't care me joining is just going to drag everyone down anyway.

What the hell is that about it's pretty sad isn't it I've been this way throughout elementary school and then nothing changed after I started High School I don't have any real friends and I'm still the quiet geek in the corner of the classroom it's fine though just like there are shadows to light there must be introverts to extroverts I was.

Basically around to protect all the extroverts existence probably yo haruto and here comes one of the extroverts what does he want in the dark world what's up can you swap with me for cleaning yeah what a dumb request why it's not like you have anything to do I.

Want to go hang out and a dumb reason too fine whatever wa hey kazumasa let's go to the karaoke whatever he's right it's not like I have plans what did they make you clean again hey Sai she's the same as well always making fun of me you're seriously used by everyone you realize that you can't just say no I have no reason to huh that's.

Why they never respect you she's exactly right but it's fine I don't have any plans and because I swapped with him he can enjoy karaoke what's to lose yes just like there's Shadow to light someone must lose something for someone else to gain something the world is really well-designed just like she said the disrespected me needs to be on the.

Losing side to make others win you're so annoying as usual she apparently didn't like that you is my childhood friend and she doesn't like me how sad that day on my way home oh what is that did someone drop something crap it's a wallet and it looked pretty nice too I guess it's time to go to the.

Police I took the long way around whatever I hope the person finds it one more time that I lost something for someone else to gain something H that girl was beautiful I knew that she'd never have anything to do with me but I wanted to look anyway praise be to beautiful women I'll probably never meet her again so I'll remember her face I'm.

The new transfer students andata Huga nice to meet you all or I thought I'd never see her again all right Miss Huga take that seat there what's your name uh haruto natski Mr haruto nice to meet you I didn't think that I'd see her face again the very next day that girl was definitely the girl I met yesterday she's so beautiful that she was.

Instantly the center of everyone's attention of course I was quiet and in the corner as usual this is how she would be someone that was out of my reach even though we were in the same classroom Mr Haro would you like to eat lunch with me huh hey haata you should ignore him he's always alone and.

Boring I'm sorry I would like to get to know Mr harar better so I will have lunch with you another day and we invited you first anyway so you should why would she so what do you say will you have lunch with me uh sure oh perfect thank you what's going on why would this beautiful girl want to go to lunch with.

Me I do not deserve her at all damn uh yes you don't have to sit so close why you don't want me to it's not whether I like it or I've never seen anyone eat food this close to each other then don't worry about it I would like to get to know you better I ended up closing the distance without trying so.

I'm curious yes why me because I sit next to you I know it's weird for me to say it myself but I'm really not that interesting H that's what you think of yourself huh it's not me knowing your own value is important and I think everyone including myself knows how boring I am I don't think so anyway you.

Are incredible you don't have to compliment me we only met yesterday it's not just a fake compliment I like you huh if you want me to be technical I think I'm about to fall for you I am very interested in you huh just so you know I'm not okay with anyone I like you I don't say this to.

Everyone what her face is so close why is she so close to me on the first day did I save the universe in my past life or something okay okay okay let's eat lunch together okay understood phew I think I would have lost it if I kept that up this is such a.

Mystery I would understand if I was such an incredibly good-looking man but unfortunately my face scores a 55 on a good day I'm not an excellent Communicator either so I'm just a regular guy with no Specialties I don't understand why she would show interest in me the second we met you like bread you like Bento it looks good would you.

Like some huh here say uh no no no no what you don't have to be shy do you not like eating from others utensils no it's not about that and then haruto what would you like to go home with me that's fine but but my arm oh you prefer to hold hands no you don't have to do that either after she transferred over my.

Life as a lonely isolated student had completely changed just as she had told me she really did have a thing for me of course during recess she even wanted to hang out with me going home on the other hand hey Hinata if you want thanks for the invitation but please invite someone else she was staying true to her words about not being okay with everyone if.

Anything she was cold to everyone other than me it was even more strange there had to be people that were much better than me hry to let's have lunch sure I wasn't sure why but I was happy that someone actually wanted to spend time with me hey oh hey sa what's going on with you Haro what just because the beautiful.

Transfer student s next to you you're riding a high horse now that's rare you spending that much time with one person oh it's not like that whatever don't mistake her attitude you don't have any romantic experience or even social interactions just because she's a little nice to you doesn't mean anything just as your childhood friend I'm going.

To warn you to not take her advances serious haruto oh I was looking for you I couldn't find you in the classroom can I help you nope that girl psyche yes is she your friend yeah she's a childhood friend from kindergarten she doesn't even like me so it's not like we get along but I see.

Ah don't mistake it huh I know I'm not someone that people like I know that oh harto I wanted to go home with you you weren't on cleanup duty today were you oh yeah someone asked me someone else yeah what did they say nothing special I guess they just wanted to go home first it was pretty pitiful as usual I'm sure she's growing tired of me doesn't that.

Mean they just pushed the job onto you because they were lazy maybe so you don't seem upset though I mean it's not like I had anything else to do me doing this means someone else gets to go home first it wasn't like I wanted to go home or I had anything to do but he wanted to go home early it would be beneficial for him to go home early that's.

It don't worry I say no when I really need to leave some people have told me that it's not really good logic those people would be right all right I will help you too huh we finish sooner with the two of us you don't have to no no it'll be all right besides this is beneficial huh I want to go home with you if I can help you I can go home.

Sooner and to make things even better I get to spend time with you while I clean it's literally just full of positives I see yeah so let's clean thank you I was able to finish quickly thanks to you oh I just helped because I wanted to but if you really wanted to show me your gratitude would you like to go somewhere after this it's.

A date after class we're done early we have some time right a date don't mistake I know I know but sure let's go yay right now I'm okay with this warm feeling I want to keep feeling this warmth aren't you a little too close it's a date it has to be like a.

Date so where would you like to go um I had never gone out with friends let alone on a date I had no idea where to take a girl let alone a beautiful girl careful huh sorry I wasn't looking forward it's all right don't worry are you okay yeah sorry to ruin your ice cream I'll buy you another one will you come with me.

Are you sure I ran into you of course thank you you're awesome yeah but you have to promise me to be careful don't run around in the streets okay yeah bye yeah be careful pH heart to your jacket oh it's fine I can wash it off in the bathroom or something that's not.

Okay oh I have an idea for our date you look great uh isn't this store expensive don't worry about it I will present this to you I can't do that to you it's okay you're incredibly kind besides I haven't thaned you yet huh do you know how much money was in that wallet I was surprised when I heard from.

The police you had reported that you found the wallet and didn't take any money at all it had over 200k yen in there that wallet was yes it was mine this is my thank you Hinata Huga my guess is that she comes from a very rich family and she has never struggled for money on the other hand she says that she has always struggled with.

Relationships her parents money and being a young woman people who came to her all wanted surface level things that's why she was attracted to me the humble guy that showed no desire to be with her you're so kind to everyone but apparently you're not kind to yourself if that's the case I would love to be kind to you for you.

H so please buy whatever you'd like a woman that likes you wants you to do that thank you don't mistake it I can't now I don't know how you cannot like her hey you what Miss psyche can I help you come over here I don't know what you're doing but if you're just messing with him you should stop him you know who I'm talking.

About Haro he's got no romantic experience and he's got no resistance to girls messing with him so if you mess with him even a little bit he's going to take you completely serious so if you're messing with him you should back off before that happens you're worried about him aren't you what why would I be worried about.

Him it's okay I won't betray him I'm serious what do you like about him you're such an idiot how could you like a loser like that who's always being used by those around him and he doesn't even get mad he just takes on everyone's losses he can't be saved you like him too don't don't you that's why you can't forgive other people messing with him.

Right there's nothing that would make you more Angry than someone who hurts the person you like e oh hey there you are Hinata let's have lunch oh aruto H what's going on you two are talking hey hm you like her what why are you don't worry about it what do you say you like her yeah I like her but but you.

Are clearly out of her League I know that's okay though I like her and she says she likes me that's all that matters I see look at you being Crown up finally what was that all about I expected her to say something like you won't be able to date a girl like that or something along those lines as usual but.

Haruto what I'm glad you said that you liked me too oh sorry that this was how I told you it's okay I'm happy about it anyway but I guess even others think that I'm not good enough for you either huh I don't care about others huh from my view you are the best person I can go out.

With I'm SOS manab I'm a sophomore in high school who was being a degenerate during summer holiday I don't have anything to do I'll play a game or something s if you're not busy clean up your room I don't want to it's too much work you don't have anything better to do so do it May's coming over.

Tomorrow what May's coming to visit May etoy she's my cousin a 7th grader she lives a little far away so we only see each other on New Year's but she's friendly and we get along reasonably well what didn't I tell you she's staying with us for 3 weeks starting tomorrow 3 weeks what's she doing here for such a long period of time sato's.

Going away for 3 weeks oh then I don't blame her aunt sato's a single mom after all no matter how mature May is you can't let a middle schooler live alone for 3 weeks right so clean up while you still can all right all right I don't want her to get mad at me anyways the truth is even.

If May didn't come over you usually have to clean up that's why you can't get a girlfriend in high school Shut up leave me alone you tell momoka that May's coming over when you're done cleaning oh she used to play with May when they were little I'm sure she'll be happy to see her yeah well I didn't mean it like that.

I ended up going to bed because I was so tired from cleaning that I forgot to tell momoka my childhood friend who lives next door the next day s long time no see oh long time no see you're already so unenthusiastic aren't you happy to see me May's looking more mature than when I saw her at New Year's yeah I'm happy I'm happy is that all you.

Got in your luggage yeah I sent it by corer since I'm staying here for 3 weeks you got it right oh I saw a big cardboard box that came in the morning yeah I don't have a lot of stuff on me so I'm ready to hang out I'm hungry so let's eat somewhere yeah are you good with a family restaurant or something okay I'm starving so let's go okay okay.

Wait s why is he walking with a girl then may and I ate at a family restaurant and went to a nearby shopping mall to hang out s this is like a day hey isn't it what are you talking about I'm just kidding don't be embarrassed just because some junior high schooler told you shut up I don't hang out with girls much so I'm not used to this wait.

You don't have a girlfriend no I don't it's not that unusual you don't have a boyfriend either do you what I do what seriously I lost to a junior high schooler it's common for junior high school girls to have boyfriends I see s you're in high school you should at least get a girlfriend I.

Don't have a chance to meet anyone your school is co-ed right you're bound to meet someone don't tease me anymore sorry sorry cheer up oh how about Moka who lives next door you used to be pretty good friends with her right we still get along but it's not like that with momoka she said she won't hang out with me outside because other people.

Make fun of her when she's with me what that means you still get along with her even though you can't hang out with her outside yeah she comes over to my house sometimes to watch TV or YouTube oh I forgot to tell momoka that you're coming over wait are you stupid s mom told me to tell her too but what's the rush she'll probably come visit in a few days.

Anyway so we can do it then that's why you can't get a girlfriend that's what my mom said but that has nothing to do with this it does you'll never get a girlfriend at this right you can rag on me now but don't ruin my future potential then you'll have to change things now to prevent that from.

Happening when you go home you should go to moma's house and explain to her yeah all right you want to come with me no I want to hang out with Moma properly since it's been a while so I'll meet her later so for now you should go alone s you sure I don't know but I'll do that yeah that's better what aren't you going straight to.

Momas that's what I was thinking but I thought I'd return the manga I borrowed oh I see wait you two went inside the house together are you going out with her but I've never seen a girl like that in your life before and I caught a glimpse of her but she looked like a junior high school student.

S are you sure you're okay there's no point in worrying about it here I'll just have to ask him directly I went to check the house when the doorbell rang it was momoka standing in front of the door momoka what's going on I was just about to go over but if you're here that's perfect s just to be clear you have a girl in your house right now.

Don't you the way she's saying that yeah I do I knew you had a girlfriend girlfriend no it's not that S I heard the doorbell ring who's there oh Moma it's been a while oh is that you may yeah it's been about 5 years you've grown up so much I couldn't tell who it was from a distance from a distance no it's nothing forget it h okay never mind.

Then it's been a while since we've seen each other let's do something fun yeah sure what should we do let's play roic Paper Scissors and whoever loses gets to talk about their love life what love life yeah I want to hear momas and SZ no I'm kind of May I'll talk about that as much as you want when we're alone I see then let's play Rock Paper.

Scissors me and S why because I want to hear your love stories wait May are you going for S by any chance I'll tell you my love story if I lose at rock paper scissors I don't want to I don't have anything to talk about she's trying to make fun of me just because she has a.

Boyfriend I wanted to know what type of girl s likes Moma you're interested too right no not really I see then we can do it alone after mokoan goes home absolutely not I don't want to talk about it either oh God a I wanted to hear her uh but by the way may how long are you staying at s's house um about 3 weeks three weeks yeah I think I could.

Get to know s better in 3 weeks what are you talking about we've always been good friends yeah you're right s you'll be home all summer right yeah I have nothing to do I see then I'll come visit you at s's house during the summer vacation what why well I haven't seen May in a very.

Long time so I wanted to have a lot of fun with her oh it's true that momoka's family goes to a relative's house outside of the prefecture for New Year's Eve so it's hard to see each other I know it's been about 5 years since we l saw each other yeah when I was in third grade well if that's the case I don't mind ever since momoka actually started.

Coming to my house every day hello oh welcome you're early again today do you want to eat no thank you I've already eaten so it's fine don't worry about it it's as if s has brought a new bride and it's exciting for me what I don't really care about s that's right mom momoka's here to hang out with May s so.

Skar I'm sorry Moka I guess I raised him the wrong way no please don't worry about it it's been like this for over 10 years oh my I'm so sorry did I say something bad hey S I don't like tomatoes so will you eat them I like tomatoes I don't.

Mind here open up it's embarrassing just give it to me normally oh come on May I love tomatoes so can I have some huh momoka you like tomatoes that much yeah I just started liking them recently I thought you already had dinner Moka I only ate a little so I'm a little hungry I see here you go then good D I was able to prevent.

That since then momoka has been acting strange ever since May arrived may I think you're a little too attached to S really I'm just using him as a pillow May that's embarrassing stop it oh s are you conscious of me S no momoka don't make fun of me anyone would be curious if a girl approached them like this oh I see then what Moka.

What are you doing you're conscious of everything girl right did you get nervous I don't know but it's totally different from when may came close to me of course I'm nervous but momoka aren't you acting strange today what maybe there's something wrong with you and your face is rer than usual what no it's not really that's good.

Then yeah I'm totally fine so don't worry about it I wonder why they're not together yet huh huh did you say something nothing what I'm curious don't worry about it oh I'm going out with s's mom tomorrow I see then I'll just relax by myself tomorrow yeah you do that the next day.

Morning I thought you weren't coming because May isn't here today I didn't say I wouldn't come did I and since May's not here I figured today was the only day what do you mean what do you think of me H she's just my sassy cousin what really but may seems to like you s she's just making fun of me because she has a.

Boyfriend what really yeah she made fun of me for not having a girlfriend oh oh I see I guess I had a misunderstanding oh well I think I'm going to go home for today uh yeah okay no I'm not going home actually I came here with my mind made up today you've made up your mind yes I've always liked you s will you go out with me what.

Don't be so surprised I'm sure everyone but you had already noticed really thanks I like you too Moka what you too momoka you're just as surprised as I was because I didn't think you were into me it's true that we've been so close to each other that I've always thought of you more as family but I realized that I liked you.

For a long time after May came it was totally different from when may came close to me and when you came close to me really I'm so happy yeah thanks for confessing your feelings for me too I'll take good care of you yeah I hope you're a little less insensitive in the future I I'm home this mood I see you finally got together I guess I was right going.

Out after all what what do you mean well momoka and S are slow so I thought I'd make momoka a little on the edge seriously that's why you were getting so close to me yes it's your fault for not noticing moma's obvious feelings I think you're the only person in the world who wouldn't notice that I knew it see even May who's only been here for like 2.

Weeks knows it I'm really sorry about that I guess I'm really insensitive you didn't notice it for such a long time so I've been trying to appeal to you since we started high school you know what I knew you liked him ever since we played together in elementary school what I thought I kept it a secret when I was in elementary school what it.

Was so obvious seriously tell me more about at that time I want to know all about it since I didn't know I guess I don't have a choice let's have that love talk that got interrupted the other time yeah please don't say it may it's embarrassing I've never been able to.

Notice momoka's feelings for me but from now on I'll do my best to notice them thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well