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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend loves me, but she’s trying hard to pretend she doesn’t [RomCom]


A sudden streak of lightning and a deafening sound following it there's a storm outside and there's a storm happening inside my brain as well did you not hear me I'm ordering you to spend the night with me why the story started when we were still toddlers.

I know goes way back but mcguri Hannah bishey and I soji Kyra have known each other for a long time kindergarten class hey Elementary School again.

Uh-huh Middle School we're gonna be classmates again yeah we've spent our whole lives together she's my childhood friend however it doesn't mean that we're necessarily close we gradually stopped talking to each other and by the time we got into High School.

Chance to believe I have to go to high school with you purposefully if you had planned this I would have crushed your family for Generations don't bring my descendants into this she couldn't stand being around me I remember doing anything to make her hate me or anything.

What's with her yeah let's all go together everybody else thought she was pretty and had a kind personality she was always at the center of the crowd she probably hates me because she's embarrassed to be my childhood friend.

Because she hates introverts gosh I finally figured it out after I realized why she hated me I try to stay away as much as possible we are finally separated into different classes during our senior year at Yuki High School Bye Mom what do you mean ah we live close to.

Each other it's not my fault if we run into each other hey where are you going you're heading away from school I'm we're doing my day huh I don't want to start the day by bumping into you I'm going home once and we're doing my morning.

What the see ya geez what a drama queen does she have to hate me this much it's impressive how I've adapted nothing hurts anymore wanted wow I saw somebody crawling on the floor and realized it was my friend mobileyama you're late again.

I was up till late reading Cannon's wrong call manga series oh hey I bumped into meguri at the entrance I guess she's late too I think that would be my fault why a face was red I thought she was sick or something and she was fine when I saw her this morning.

Wait did she get sick because she ran into me nah nobody can hate somebody that much if that was the case she's gonna have a hard time getting through the year I'm planning on going to a college far away my mother told me McGeary was planning on attending a college nearby so I don't.

Have to worry about bumping intro After High School I'll be moving at the end of the school year that will be the end of McGeary and my connection I'm home wait nobody's home oh what is this I'm going to Tokyo to see my favorite.

Idol group Daddy's on a business trip I'll bring you back a present love your lovable Mommy my mother is so weird my mother is busy chasing her favorite Idol group these days I called her and she answered the phone with an unusually high squeaky voice I'm going to photo opportunity event.

Tomorrow night I asked to make dinner for you what I can't hear you there's too much noise in the background oh it's almost my turn bye oh she hung up on me aren't I important to her at all she's obsessed according to my mother I don't have to.

Prepare dinner oh I wonder what she ordered for me coming hi huh hey don't you think it's rude to look at somebody like that you want to talk mcguri so what do you want that's no way to treat me I'll be making.

Your dinner you better be nice to me dinner no way I asked megory to make dinner for you that's what she said she needs to emphasize the important parts I'm sorry my mom bothered you you don't have to make dinner for me I'll just order something or go to the convenience store.

Huh why are you trying to order me around please don't hold the kitchen decisions like that I'm going to do what I was asked to do just don't bother me okay okay thank you wait I didn't know McGarry could even.

Cook I wanted to ask her about a kitten from Fear of the consequences hmm she looks cute in an apron you're looking at you my bad I was just thinking you look cute again I would prefer you not to threaten.

Me with kitchen utensils Peter is scaring me I'll call you if I need anything you need to get out of my sight no sure I decided to find shelter on the couch in the living room it's been so long since we've been alone together I don't know how to act around her we used to go over each other's houses a.

Lot maybe we could have stayed close if we were the same gender yeah something smells good I glanced over towards the kitchen McGarry was mixing something while humming cheerfully she looks happy she should push me away completely if she hated me so much but she would sometimes confuse me by showing this.

Side of her this is why I can't erase the feelings I have for her I have a crush on her here you go whoa it looks so good I love nikujaga I heard it's ranked number one as the dish guys want their girlfriends to make not that that means anything okay.

Why does she sound so awkward go get your own rice and miso soup bye then hey you're not staying to eat with me huh crap is she mad at me again you made the nikujaga you deserve to eat it right you mean you want to eat dinner with me.

Well yeah I guess so I also eat here since I'm hungry I'm glad she doesn't seem angry at me I keep trying to read her emotions it's probably because I like her wow yum of course it is I made it what else did you expect.

Well I didn't expect you to be this good at cooking remember the weird looking chocolate you gave me in elementary school I was a kid back then stop thinking about stupid things like that how could I forget it meant a lot to me wait is it raining oh yeah it's pouring.

The weather forecast said it went into rain today I wonder if it's gonna last long huh was that lightning whoa It's a blackout stay here I'm gonna get a flashlight I brought a land to my family I prepared for when we went camping and lit it up.

In the dining room I guess his area is all out it'll be dangerous for you to go home now what should we do oh ask my mom if she could come pick me up I should take her home if her mom can't come she could get hurt with an umbrella.

Look at a raincoat fur Ji what did your mom say she told me to stay the night huh you said it's too dangerous to walk outside and that I should stay here oh did you not hear me I'm telling you we.

Have to spend the night together now this can't be happening I could see that her mom's suggestion was the safest way to get through the night however I would have to spend the night with the one person who hated me plus I have feelings for her what should I do are you okay with that.

I mean there's nothing we can do that's true by the time he finished eating dinner the lights were back on I let McGarry take a bath first we used to take baths together I wonder how much he's grown no stop it she'll punch you if she catches you peeking thanks for letting me go first yo why.

Are you smirking you look gross hey don't walk around half naked I'll go set up the bed go get your clothes does she not know how sensitive boys are to things like this you don't own guest futons you should have to use my mom's bed dad's pillow stinks my bed is not an.

Option McGeary let's figure out the bad situation okay I get the right side what aren't we talking about the pet situation are you planning on sleeping with me huh.

Are we not going to sleep together I was thinking of lending you my mom's bed sleep in a married couple's room why not plus what if the electricity goes out we need to stick together at times like this.

You have a point all right but we're high school students of the opposite gender man we used to sleep together all the time it's not a big deal I try to tell myself that but I knew it wasn't as simple as that bed is too small we're too close to each other.

I slept on the left side says McGarry chose to ride I turned away from her the next second I felt something soft against my back now why is she facing this way I doubt I'll be able to fall asleep tonight maybe I should sleep on the floor well we just need to be in the same room as the only way I can keep my sanity.

Hey mcguri I turned around I saw her face but Gary's face was right next to me I could see her blushing and she was looking straight at me as she always been this sexy I'm gonna sleep in a different room that much huh why would you think that man she's irritating.

Now that I think about it I'm always the one on an emotional roller coaster she'll push me away and then give me hope now I'm dealing with this feminine side of her I should tell her what I'm thinking how could I share a bed with you when you're blushing like that what if she has a fever.

That would make me the biggest jerk ever I can't help it I can't control anything when I'm around you huh McGarry started to explain she avoided me because her face would get red whenever I was near her when we ran into each other on our way.

To school she went home because she had to calm herself down um McGarry can I ask you a question yeah what does that mean you have feelings for me hmm can she be more obvious now I know how she feels for me hey I'm gonna take that as a yes.

Oh whatever I'm sure it doesn't mean anything to you since you're going to a university far away to run away from me don't say that I finally realized something we're both so busy dealing with our emotions but all we had to do was be honest with each other are you up for a long-distance.

Relationship yeah but you gotta call me every day oh well we'll we'll talk every night only at night no I I'll call you during the day too a year later I have two toothbrushes leading into each other in the bathroom in my apartment he's begun leaving her makeup as well.

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