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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend moved over to my place in college and started living with me…!?


My name is kanade kanase I'm a senior in high school I'm the heir to a very big and expensive hotel so I'm going to college to learn business accounting and with studying hard for entrance exams right as I was getting ready to go home the girl talking to me is a childhood.

Friend that I've known since elementary school through the read suzuriha she's 18 as well she's apparently the queen of anti-social and has no friends other than me she's not great at talking sure but her words have saved me before.

When We Were Young a girl was teasing me for my name kanade and she said I think your name is so beautiful great representation of how beautiful your heart is I love your name those words moved me and I actually started liking my name I didn't mind if people made fun of me.

Anymore but it wasn't just my name that I fell for is something wrong why are you staring at me oh uh your ribbon's falling off let me retie it yeah thanks she was quiet and kind and I really liked her.

I had a huge crush on her Canada always looks after me from When We Were Young kind of like my mom but I have always had a crush on him from since we were young but I'm sure this is just a one-sided crash thanks mommy Canada can you at least make it Daddy.

You have a pretty face so I think mommy fits better I think you're complimenting me so thanks anyway let's head home you have everything uh I forgot my bag that's like the one thing you shouldn't forget.

I'll go grab it real quick we're gonna graduate so soon yeah are you sure you didn't want to join any clubs that was out of the blue I mean I thought maybe you'd want to go to clubs instead of going home with me every day I've been doing Club work every day.

Huh when I'm in the walk home club we mostly just walk home with you and I had a great time what about you I I had fun of course thank you manager Canada oh I'm the manager huh I guess you're the sub manager oh I'm just a secretary why a secretary.

It's a secret I want to remember and write down all of my memories with you oh have you decided what you're going to do yeah same as you business accounting you've been interested in accounting yeah I was born to go into accounting that's a bit blown out of proportion don't you think.

But you want to go that bad huh yeah I want to go to accounting sure but it's mostly because I want to go with Canada I could never tell them that though I would be so happy to go to the same College as suzuri ah once we both are accepted let's continue the walk home from school.

Club together if you want to oh I'd love that let's do that manager all right let's go home and study together yeah we studied hard and both of us were accepted to the same College we moved into the city and I lived in a really big room that.

Was way too big for anyone living alone my father being the rich man that he was was told by someone that you have to play the part as the heir I was about done organizing and eating my soba in celebration when my door rang hello wait it's you hmm who's the man behind you I'm going to live here from today.

Huh what are you talking about you've got more than enough room in your house right I feel bad for those rooms I don't want anything to feel left out so then that room won't feel left out and it'll be happy is that okay actually it was because I heard that he was going to live in a 2 LDK it would still each have her own room so.

Maybe won't say no to living with me and they want to live with him I've got permission from his father you're so kind how could you be kind to a room I'd love for you to live with me the room would be so happy yeah thanks yeah the room might be happy but I I'm so happy I'm so nervous too though.

I feel a little guilty I mean I guess I'm just being kind to my room I'll just clean up every day then her stuff was brought in wow it's so fancy in here now indoors so I spent so much time at mids I want to make sure afterwards we decided on what chores we.

Would each handle you cook for sure your cooking is great I'll handle the cleaning and laundry you really like my cooking but then you get two and I only have one so I'll help with cleaning okay that's how our lives started this is how it usually went I got breakfast ready.

Wake up we're gonna be late for school I'm going to sleep for 100 million more years the Earth won't be around by then and woke up suzuri it's so good I can't believe I'm eating your homemade food from this morning I'm being overwhelmed by happiness and just leaving is.

I am wake up we need to go to school I want braids today I don't know if we have time today I don't mind yeah I definitely mind then we went to college and afterwards we came home to do our chores and eat together we'd watch TV or play games I spent so.

Much more time with her that I had so much fun thank you so much for letting me stay in a big apartment dad friends at college for Canada has a lonely I was folding the laundry one I knew what I was doing I bowled myself into his clothes and turned into a fluffy monster that this is some kind of nesting Behavior right they can't have.

Canada see me like this he's gonna think I'm weird I need to clean I'm home haha I was just doing this to see what it felt like to be in a clothes rack you're a curious girl huh after we started our sophomore year something shocking happened one day I.

Came home to welcome home welcome home husband man uh I'm not her husband there was a girl I'd never seen with susury who was this and this is my friend I'm Thomas I'm in her accounting class.

Nice to meet you we had the same chorus so we got to know each other better how are you crying because she's the queen of anti-socialness and indoor activities and she has a friend of course I'll cry I've never seen such a miracle Miracle is a little rude husband man is funny.

We were eating with the three of us when Art's going out you want to make me your wife then technically not a husband husband man what do you say Oh Canada is busy looking after me you like me looking after you yes.

Great I thought maybe you didn't like it aren't you a little close though oh sorry oh it's fine you two are so cute I can't stop smirking it's almost healing oh and I'm just joking about the wife thing tomonesan occasionally showed up at our house I was glad that she made a friend but.

Every time she showed up she would tease us one day susaree didn't come home and it was past 8pm she didn't say anything so I was worried what's going on she won't answer either it's probably not that big of a deal an adult not coming home at 8pm but I'm just a worrier.

What can I say she didn't come home even after 12 so I went out to look for her what the hell is going on susaree right around Dawn I came back towards the apartment when I saw suzuri walking towards me where the heck have you been I was so worried.

Sorry um I went to tomones chance and had my first drink passed out and apparently I'm the type to pass out when I drink I was asleep till in the morning and I couldn't answer any of your calls she fell asleep too and she was apologizing for not contacting you I'm.

Sorry I'm so glad you're okay I was so worried about you I thought something had happened I thought maybe you suddenly hated me so you left the house I was looking for you all night that's why you're so sweaty oh sorry I I probably stink huh hearing and looking out for me.

You said I might not like you but that won't happen it won't ever happen yeah I won't ever not like you either yeah not only will I like her forever I'm not going to dislike her forever that was a perfect expression of our relationship right now and it felt great.

Around April our senior year something incredible happened congratulations your job job job offer from an interior design company I love the interior work so I chose this place I want to design interiors that would make people so comfortable that.

They never want to leave I want to conduct the Perpetual indoor human project and increase the amount of comrades that sounds like some kind of robot anime it's not terrible though you're gonna take over the hotel as soon as you graduate right yeah so I probably won't be able to see you much after I.

Graduate yeah it'll be sad but let's both work hard okay yeah honestly yeah I was considering finding employment at the hotel because I don't want to leave him but I can't just keep following him around I needed to make my.

Own path the reason I could feel that way was because he told me that he would never dislike me I thought that it was fine if we had a little distance I was able to take on this new step forward Canada was gone often I wonder what was happening I asked him but he just wouldn't tell me about it and to hang on.

I would wait for him every day and it was taking such a long time so I would often turn into a little ball of his clothing it's spring but if this was summer it would be too hot and I would start breaking out that's not the problem though he's like 100 million more times smarter than me.

So I'm sure he's not doing anything that can get him into trouble but I'm so worried and I'm sad that I can't see him I decided to talk about something important to susaree about my parents Hotel my youngest brother has been appointed as the heir.

No it's not that I just wanted to find a job at a food company I like eating and cooking so I've always been interested yeah and you know going to seminars and whatnot.

See why did you choose that over the hotel when I heard you found a new job I was really happy but I figured that we wouldn't be together as much and I was really sad about that I thought about the future I wanted most the answer wasn't the hotel was it defines work at a food company.

No it's not that honestly I want to be with you even after we graduate I wanted to find a job just like you that I wanted to work at that's why once I found a job I wanted to tell you something oh wait are you.

I've always liked you from since we were young I've been worried about potentially ruining our relationship now so I couldn't say anything but I don't want to run or hide anymore let's live together after we graduate I want to be with you I've always liked you too Canada but I.

Always thought you thought of me as a daughter or something so I gotta tell you how I felt I should have told you sooner huh but I think all the time we've spent together is not a waste at all don't you think yeah of course let's live life as girlfriend and.

Boyfriend from now on yeah what we were finally able to confess to each other and started dating a few years later we were getting married I'm gonna be your wife from now on so I want to take care of myself I want to be an independent woman that doesn't need.

To be taken care of not to shatter your bubble but you said that when we started dating too huh yeah he might be right you don't need to push yourself I love you Just the Way You Are thank you I love how kind you are and so we started living life as husband.

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