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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend overheard me lying about having a girlfriend and… [RomCom]


My name is Mario taka mayumi I'm a six-year-old sophomore in high school I shouldn't say this myself I've got pretty good grades I'm pretty good at sports however there was something I was definitely bad at hey Mario taka you're the class assistant with me today oh yes thank you looking forward to it why are you stuttering well anyway see you I was.

Really bad at talking to girls it's not like I was traumatized cloudy girls in the past I would simply get extremely nervous I would get so nervous that I had a hack with a stuttering as I sat there inside to myself why'd the popular girls came over to talk to me mayotaka I saw you get nervous and stutter again her name was reality she was also a 16.

Year old sophomore and also my childhood friend and a popular classmate she just wanted a very few girls outside my family a relatives I could speak to without getting nervous I've known her for so long that I don't get nervous with her I'm trying to read this notebook full of tits on how to talk to girls normally and trying to get over my.

Fear but it never goes well in reality there it is a myutaka notebook Amaya Tucker notebook is a notebook full of facts surrounding any particular topic that Mayu taka researched and I also received one in the past when I get into high school I want to be a popular girl but why because they seem like they have fun and I thought maybe my personality.

Would get brighter if I do I don't think there are any issues with your personality now but I guess it's not a bad thing that you want to be popular so I'm girly for you to become popular let me do some research on how to become popular I'll make a notebook about how to become a Cochlear girl if you want you can use it as a reference yeah thank.

You ever since we were little kids Mayu taka would always support me and cheer me up I have always always had a crush on myutaka and his kindness oh well I don't think you need to be in such a rush to be able to talk to girls even if you're weak against girls you still have a lot of other great qualities and plus they say that the most important thing.

Is for students to study so as long as you do that I'm sure you'll be fine thanks for cheering me up but I don't think I'll be able to get a girlfriend will I huh what uh my utaka you want a girlfriend yeah I guess well that is why I could finally learn how to talk to girls hit me you made me think that you were.

Trying to get a girlfriend right now by the way what kind of girls do you like my utaka um I guess a girl that's easy to talk to like the friendly type well the definition of backyard Edition oh what do I do code is it ready for this and I guess an older girl if.

Possible oh what's the matter this guy likes older girls the first time I've heard of this would I get my hopes up like that but of course I got my hopes up I'm a girl with a huge crush on him what about you Rio what kind of guys do you like guys like you I can't say that and there's no way I could ever say that that's how.

Embarrassing I guess someone like Mr Zero from that series Driving School zero I want to learn how to drive a car oh that's not a lie because the actor who plays Mr zero kind of looks like myutaka I like how direct Mr zero is saying things like you need to learn how to ride a bicycle properly first yeah that's it don't you think that some.

People would be told that they should start back at riding a tricycle that's true I can't help I have fun every single time I'm with him if I asked him out and he rejects me that I might get awkward and we won't be able to spend time like this anymore that's why I can't do it well I guess there's no rush either I never could have.

Imagined that something was about to happen that would make me panic one day after school I invite my best friend hayatel to the arcade when no sorry actually I got a girlfriend and we're going on a date today what how you tell you have a girlfriend now yeah so I think from now on the time that I can hang out with you is going to be even.

Less than before sorry my Yutaka that's okay you'll need to worry about me sure yeah he's worried ayato is such a good guy but I don't want hightail to worry about me I want him to enjoy his time with his girlfriend there must be a way oh I know actually I also have a girlfriend too so.

I think I also will have less time to hang out with you and it goes those ways so don't worry about me and go enjoy your date with your girlfriend what my utaka you have a girlfriend I I see oh I'm going to be late to go meet my girlfriend so I'm going go now you better tell me more about your girlfriend tomorrow I can't tell more.

That's because I don't have a girlfriend I only lied so they won't have to worry about me ah the more that I think about it he's gonna know immediately that was a lie because I don't even have a photo of a girlfriend I need to apologize tomorrow just as I was feeling guilty I heard the terrifying voice from behind me my.

YouTube friend what I mean right now girl cared this was the first time I ever saw her yell this angry her face was scary my utaka you said that you would get a girlfriend but you could speak to girls normally you better introduce that girlfriend to me and.

You're shaking me too much I can't introduce her to you I thought the reason why I said I have a girlfriend was because I didn't want High until to worry about me and be able to enjoy spending time with his girlfriend guilt-free so I don't have any girlfriend don't scare me like that sorry thank.

Goodness it was a lie but when I heard why you Tucka had a girlfriend hit the Heartbreak break I felt oh that was crazy the sadness I felt that some other girl got my attack instead of me are you taka said he'll get a girlfriend but he could talk to her house normally but if an older girl approaches him now moti just ate her right away I can't let this.

Go on all right that's it I need to go after my Yutaka the popular girl way and I need to make sure that my utaka's lie doesn't become the truth and so that mayotaka will look at me the same way one day after school as I was trying to go home mayataka I could help you study for the next test where did that come from and wait a minute you told me you.

Were bad at school real well that was the old me until yesterday me today is a girl that's super good at justpage 31 of the math problem sheets I studied page 31 extra hard yesterday so I could teach you that page only what a limited edition genius so anyway let me teach you let me teach you sure fine and then and you put this equation in place.

Of this one wait Mighty Taco why is your face all red well because you're sitting so close I would be able to focus a little better if you could play a little bit more distance why you talk can talk to me normally but I guess it makes him nervous to be this close I didn't think he thought of me as a girl like that so it makes me kind of happy I guess I'll.

Get a little closer instead how's this what are you doing I'm playing rugby we need to study real finally made some distance and we continue to study thanks Riel you're really good at teaching and it really was a great review before the test even though you said you were bad at school that was amazing you're welcome but your taka is looking.

At me with sparkling eyes does this mean that he likes me now hey Maya taka what do you think of me what do you mean you're my childhood friend I thought so well that's what I expect did I won't let this bring me down tomorrow's another day the next day at lunch I made you a lunch box today will you eat it I didn't know you could cook real just for.

Today I became Chef really I'm actually in really not good at cooking but yesterday I did my best and somehow I was able to make Vice balls a lunchbox with two types of rice balls this shape is a little rough but it should be good I think do rice balls really count as cooking did they not count as cooking hmm I'm not really sure but it doesn't.

Matter either way I'm just happy that you made this for me Brielle butterflies oh wait I shouldn't be the one getting butterflies I'm trying to give him butterflies oh he's a tuna Mayo this is my favorite ingredient of all the rice balls it's great I'm glad you liked it we are childhood friends of course I know what your favorite ingredients are.

Surely he's fallen in love with me now with my good cooking Maya taka what do you think of me my childhood friend I thought so I can't give up I'll try again tomorrow almost every day rielle was helping me study a green me homemade lunch boxes she was always really nice but recently I felt like she was getting particularly nice rather she seemed like.

She was working hard just for me and I started feeling things I never felt before what is this feeling then one day after school rielle was helping me study as usual when hey Riel about this Kroger wait she's sleeping real has been working at your heart lately she must get tired I thought she.

Was bad at cooking and studying and now she's going really good at both I need to be like her oh sorry I fell asleep it's okay I don't mind there's actually a favor I want to ask you a favor I want you to introduce me to your popular girlfriends what.

He wanted to be a popular girl if it's something you're seriously thinking about then I'd love to be against it but have you ever spoken to your parents about this I think your parents should know no I don't want to be one of the girls but in order to get over my fear of talking to girls I want to join some of your conversations with your.

Girlfriends oh I see it that's all huh but why all of a sudden I see how hard you've been working lately especially at things that you said you were bad at like cooking and studying and it made me think that I should work harder aren't the things I'm better I always thought it would be fine if I could eventually get over it but I didn't want to run.

Away from the things I was God anymore and if I feel like I don't get over it now I'll never be able to I see that's why you want to talk to popular girls and train yourself yeah the more flashy a girl is the more nervous I get so if I could skate normally to a popular girl that I should be able to talk to most girls normally after that well then let.

Me ask all the other girls well I'm sure they'll say it's fine because they're all really nice all right thanks the next day in between classes so anyway we have an exchange student into our girl group everybody be nice to him please nice to meet you my my name is my Yutaka nice to meet you all it's not nice to meet you you know we're classmates do.

You not know who we are no ma'am of course I do you don't need to be so formal yes I mean yeah when I get nervous I have a habit of being formal and stuttering this girl was a really mature cochlear girl named Riri and she's standing so close nice to meet you can I call you mayumayu really told us you wanted to be able to talk to girls.

Right you can leave it to me I'll make you a Playboy no I'm not trying to become a Playboy or anything and this was rudu who was a super outgoing popular girl she's so energetic well then why don't the four of us talk maitaka likes TV dramas so we could talk about those okay okay all right let me put my studies into action.

I need to have confidence and think of the other person like they're my friend or my family that put my conversation skills to use in theory if I could do just that that I should be able to talk to him without getting nervous but it's a lot harder that's exactly why I need to train it here what kind of Dramas do you like.

um right now I'm really into the this morning trauma called Lantern it's the story about the owner of occult dreaming of becoming a lantern Craftsman and Riri is a friend Riri is a friend so don't get nervous don't get nervous I'm watching that too so I know what it's about oh really is there any particular.

Character you like hmm perhaps tuck and noko I want a servant like that really yeah he's great it's a talking Milko me me I actually bought 30 lanterns because of that drama that's a lot of lanterns darn it talking to girls I get way too nervous and this is hard but maybe if I do this every day.

I feel like I'll be able to Tata normally no I will otherwise I'll feel bad to everybody who's helping me he'll be too pathetic of me all right today was the first day so let's wrap it up here hurry let's eat because Sarah of me she really is so nice what but I want to talk to my email you more well then maybe at lunch and so my train continued.

Like this little by little I was able to start talking to them without getting nervous Brielle will always zook in to help me and what's also thanks to Riri and Ruru being patient with me I was still studying with Riel and she was bringing me lunch and she is always taking care of me I want to crackly think real and also Riri and Ruru too.

About two months after I started my training get morning Riri apparently it's going to start snowing later good morning mayumayu makes sense why it's so cold I love this though I want to marry a snowman oh come on that's not Costco I've become able to talk to girls normally I could even tease him aren't you glad you could talk to girls.

Normally now it's all thanks to you guys thank you so much you're welcome after school I want to talk to you about something are you free sure I'm free that day after school in an empty classroom we're helping me study and making me lunch you're even helping me get better at talking to girls you could take care of me one side at all this.

Time so I said Thank you will you please take this it's a myutaka notebook yeah I remember you said you went to become a news kicker journalist in the future psych did some research on new sticker articles and play into the notebook wow thank you I love the bayoutaka notebooks they're so easy to read really I'm glad you like it also once I was able to kill.

Her my fear of talking to girls that gave some confidence there is something I'm going to tell you what is it how you like you Riel I saw how hard you were working for me it was so cute and so cool and I've fallen for you I see well this is how I feel real comb my hair back and she kissed me on the eyebrow.

Obviously because I like you too mayataka my first kiss on my eyebrow I'll never forget it for the rest of my life me too from now on I want to continue making memories so I'll never forget together and I will cherish every moment in every memory forever thank you.

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