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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend saw me shopping with my pregnant cousin [RomCom]


Hello my name is tomoya Matsunaga nice to meet you all after graduating college I was working in the city but I turned around to come back to my hometown I was able to find another job and today was my first day at work I was excited to work when it's homo yeah.

Erico Mr matunaka yeah I know her from when we were students I ended up running into my childhood friend which was the one person I didn't want to run into back in my hometown about a week after I started working here we go again do you have a second.

Ace are you upset what can I help you with Miss arimura I told you that when you go home late you need to turn the lights off right when I came back to work this morning some of the lights were on sorry I'll be careful every day she would chew me out for one.

Reason or another she's always correct so I can't say anything back figure it out man not why you can't yeah you too need something no nothing you were hearing things or hearing things or hearing things always well known for being pretty even.

As a student she's still beautiful but she's also still kind of bossy at work she's been getting treated like a princess by the men and a lot of the women admire her too but she has no boyfriend figures.

You totally thought of something rude didn't you tell Maya what are you talking about bossy don't invade my thoughts so our relationship was still pretty weird but we had a welcoming party for me LTD right why did you drop everything and come back here.

Well when I was a student a lot of people back home really took care of me so I wanted to come home and take care of them too I see how an area code childhood friends right yeah oh YouTube nope just childhood friends.

there we go you asked me out before you said you love me I protected you though that was when I was 10. yeah I was rejected how do you remember this crap I have a great memory have you found a.

Girl after that uh no not once but that means both of us well I've been asked out numerous times unlike you guys calm down sorry ah this is so annoying could really pay normally she never messes with me when.

I'm at work so it's not a problem but sometimes she tries to bring up the past which makes me annoyed I have changed I still don't have a girlfriend but ah if I find a girl I can make her eat her own words but I don't want to make a girlfriend just to make Erico upset I went home and found my cousin Kasumi.

Waiting for me there it's long time wait was it today yeah sorry I'll do my best to stay out of your hair oh don't worry about it Mikasa is Tu Casa let me know if you need anything my cousin is two years older than me she lives fairly close and she's always.

Looked after me like her own brother she got married three years ago and is going to be giving birth to her first child soon her husband is away on TDY so he's not here my mom suggested she stay at our house till she has the baby to buy some groceries of course I'll drive.

We went to a nearby shopping mall I completely forgotten trying to get my revenge on eriko after looking after my cousin the next day ah what the heck happened when I went to work I found Erico completely soulless on her desk I didn't.

Know what happened and I wanted to ask but I wasn't brave enough so I asked a co-worker what was going on and she told me what an affair s but Erico the rumor grocery shopping and found the person.

That she liked walking with his wife and that wife was pregnant I see you must have really liked him why would she want to be with someone who has a wife I don't know but from the lips of it she didn't know that he had a wife probably sounds like it might be the man's fault.

Huh so yeah yeah you need to cheer her up what why me I've never seen her so out of it like that neither has anyone else you're her childhood friend so make sure you know how to cheer her up cheer her up huh.

I wanted to get my revenge but I don't want to beat someone who's already down I figured I'd talk to her after work was over oh well we are childhood friends hey you seem upset you'll be all right okay what I never actually seen anyone vocalize.

Ugh so perfectly why are you talking to me what do you mean you're acting funny today oh uh no nothing no you're acting weird you seem upset too you look sick as well what's going on so I might be invasive but.

So you have a wife what are you talking about wait did she see me with costumey then the whole thing made sense with the rumor but there's one thing that didn't make sense then so I might be overthinking this but do.

You like me what why would you ask me that well you're upset about me right uh I I mean I didn't believe it but I guess I'm spot on I'll just be honest but I've always liked you I still like you is there a problem.

No I mean there's no problem but I was asked about by great looking men and rich people but I turned them all down because I really liked you really well what were you going to do if I didn't come back to my hometown I was going to go visit you when I lived with my parents to save money right as I was about to go visit you you came into.

Our company seriously in other words you were teasing me because you liked me I mean yes but it's not just that I wanted to check and see to make sure that you didn't like someone else then how about just you know asking me like hey do you have anyone you like.

If I do that then you'll figure out that I like you that's why I figured that one day you'd look at me and ask me out again then how about you ask me out first would you do it if you were in my position she's my childhood friend and if our relationship was screwed up because of.

That but yeah I guess asking her out is pretty terrifying I'm sorry if you've been upset because of that I mean yeah it was pretty annoying I'm sorry but what why are you crying.

I didn't realize that you got married and I had a wife wait what no uh I'm sure you were talking about how raising a child was better in the countryside than the city that's why you brought her back right uh Erico please listen I wanted to marry you and have your kids.

Wait but then something is weird huh you're always buying lunch and you never have any handmade food in other words ah she figured it out your wife is being mean to you he didn't figure it out I wanted to joke about her creativity but I started feeling bad for her.

I shouldn't just leave it like this wait hang on where's your ring huh oh if you're really married you should be wearing a ring on your left ring finger in other words ah she finally figured it uh you've already protested from your wife it's already a fake versus patient.

Hey stop making up a story I couldn't just leave it alone so I told her that she was my cousin after she told me her feelings I figured she'd be upset but wait so you don't have a wife or a girlfriend or anyone you like yeah but you're really close I have a chance uh yeah.

Also weird then then go out with me no sorry oh why I mean there's a lot between us and it's going to be annoying to go out with you that's so mean you're totally a grenade but how about we start over from the.

Beginning start over yeah we're childhood friends aren't we I liked you when you were Frank and honest you've started looking down on me since middle school I can kind of tell it was because you liked me but.

How about you make me fall for you again fall for you again what the hell am I supposed to do I just want you to be honest with me tell me what you're feeling and thinking okay I promise to be honest around you we had a lot of problems along the way but we were back at the starting line afterwards she started flirting with me.

Constantly hey Mr Matsunaga let's have lunch together okay sure let me finish this real quick I'll be out in five yeah okay here we go is so happy recently he was worried about her at one point yeah that's how she normally is look at you you really.

I mean I just cleared up a misunderstanding you made Bento again sorry about that it's okay I love making Bento for the person I really like it's fun you don't have to be that honest you said to be honest in front of you I'm I did but you're telling me that.

Bluntly it makes me embarrassed how about this say uh hey hey this is training to get you used to me she's so cute I can tell she really likes me when she teases me on the weekend she invited me to go out somewhere so I couldn't tell her no hey where do you want to go next.

How about the movies there's a movie that I want to see that sounds great though oh sorry I feel like I kind of dragged you here it's weird with you often try to think like me I'd make things work with me it wasn't stressful.

Anymore even when we didn't talk I didn't need to force any conversation just being around her made me happy and I could notice myself smiling more so cute she was every day when I fell for her she was bright and cute and honest it really was a blast from the past.

I'm home welcome home tomorrow yeah how was your date with eriko oh yeah it's really great but what uh I'm just worried I told her about my worries with Erico I thought that once I got older my thoughts would Age too.

But I feel like I'm still a child around her you know why you guys went back to how you were right I mean honestly she's much more mature than me and you know she just seems so smart huh I figured it out she's so beautiful and nice that you think you're not good.

Enough anymore yeah kinda hope you're just bragging about how great she is I'm seriously worried though you've always been that way you're worried too much you really don't have to worry about that stuff you're overthinking it.

Are you calling me a pessimist no I think it's just that you're really thinking about your girlfriend that's why you're worried but basically you like her right I mean yeah then you should tell her she's waiting for you to tell her yeah I know I should be honest too.

Yeah oh wait hang on what's wrong cost of me I think I think it might well it's coming what can you call a cat I called Mom and called cosumi's husband it was hectic her husband didn't make it but she had given birth to a healthy boy I was able to get courage from her I can't be.

Worried I need to tell Erico my feelings a few days later I was on a date with Erico I just figured I'd tell you my feelings today your feelings what is it I'm sorry to keep you waiting I like you I just wanted to tell you that so you'll go out with me there's one.

Thing that I wanted to tell you beforehand I like you now it's not that I've always liked you I like you now the honest you honest me so I might not be as passionate as you since you've liked me for so long yeah I kind of figured you wouldn't like me in middle school or High School sorry.

But I I know what you mean you're saying what happens from now on is what's important right I still am happy that you like who I am now yeah so I swear I'll like you forever will you marry me I'm going to take care of you for the rest of our lives.

She was pretty shocked by the sudden proposal she thought we'd date but we skipped straight to engagement I'm going to say yes then yes please make me your wife my proposal worked and I was able to go out with marriage in mind I was happy and felt good.

I honestly couldn't explain it after we left the store to head home all right let's go home now wait hang on what did you forget something no like um can I be with you a little longer is that okay.

She's so cute no that's okay where did you want to go I mean you live at your parents house and I do too so like um what is she trying to say what am I trying to get her to say I need to lead here figure it out man okay let's go then.

Yeah we went somewhere and had a great night with each other we like each other and we were engaged so no problems there half a year later congratulations on your marriage Erico thank you for coming you should be so happy tomoya it's thanks to you Kasumi.

Our wedding was huge we had reunited and butted heads before we finally understood each other and went back to the starting line I feel like we took the scenic route but we got here before we knew it I'm sure one day we'll laugh about it after that at work do you have a second Mr Matsunaga yes.

Mrs matunaga it's kind of weird with both of us having the same last name huh yeah what's up Erico why don't we go by kasumi's house huh we should help her out with the baby yeah that sounds good I'll let Kasumi know later you could see her kindness leaking out.

At work too she seemed so happy and I'm going to continue protecting that smile