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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend skips the field trip to take care of me… [RomCom]


My name is Akira kasugano I'm a junior in high school I love playing games and hamburgers are my go-to food there's nothing special about me I'm an ordinary student morning Akira hey morning akane hey let me just huh her name is akane mihara she lives next.

Door and we've been friends since forever she's kind and gentle and a little overprotective of me you have rights on the side of your mouth oh uh thanks look they can never get enough of each other they say they're childhood friends but they're practically married.

Hey Masa kotani I met him during freshman year he doesn't look it but he's a friendly guy saki emera I also met her in high school she looks like a gyaru but she's brilliant they like to joke about akane and me it's a daily thing well I mean it's like you guys are.

Showing off how close you are hey the school trip is coming up you guys should go on a date in Kyoto you deserve it we'll give you privacy ridiculous hey um yeah I would love to spend time with Akira but I want all of us to have fun.

Together we don't know when we'll have the opportunity to go on a trip together again oh I already knew this but a Connie you're an angel she's right this is akane's first school trip we should all stick together yeah fine let's gather during lunch to talk.

About our plans there's so much to see in Kyoto this is so exciting I agree school trip was only a week later we were all psyched about it but akane especially so since this school trip meant more to her than others I went to elementary school and middle school with akane.

There were school trips during both but akane couldn't go to either because she got sick not being able to go on the school trip during Middle School really got to her I still remember her face when I visited her with a present I got her at the gift shop Akira comforted me by telling me I still.

Had the school trip in high school to look forward to he promised we would go to the same high school to enjoy it together oh my gosh you guys are too cute oh listening to that tickles my heart you guys we should get back to planning things akane you've told that story a million.

Times oh sorry let her be man it means a lot to her okay we'll have so much fun on the school trip I promise yes what do you want to do I want to eat a matcha parfait okay.

Let's look up cafes that don't have long lines yeah we don't want to spend too much time waiting in line I'll do some research at home hey what should we eat for lunch Ramen seriously we're going to Kyoto Ramen shouldn't even be an option.

Yeah there's Ramen everywhere we should eat something they only serve in Kyoto the four of us meticulously planned out a trip agenda for Kyoto we spent every moment we could spare to put together the best trip we could imagine and finally it was the day before the school trip gosh I'm so excited my.

You should relax akane you don't want to stay awake the whole night I know I know my gosh this school trip is really happening it's tomorrow this is officially your first school trip akane oh I swear to God if I get sick this time I'm gonna I bought you an omamori to protect you from getting sick.

This time remember yeah I don't know if the omamori will work but I'm sure God will let you go on at least one school trip he's not that cruel yeah you're right oh we're home already I'll text you later okay um Akira yeah thank you.

For what you can thank me after we go on the school trip okay see you tomorrow the morning of the school trip morning uh gotta get up oh I don't feel so good body feels so heavy I've got chills running up and down my body no this can't be seriously.

Am I sick akane good morning Akira you awake let's go to the station together akane I'm sorry huh I called what it's not that bad but I don't think I can handle a school trip right now.

But my heads are you feeling okay uh that's good I'm glad you're okay I'm sure you guys will have a great time we made an awesome plan but you've been looking forward to this trip for a long time no so you deserve to have fun just don't forget to buy me an omiyage.

Uh okay I hope you feel better ah this sucks but there's nothing I can do they aren't allowed to bring phones so I won't be talking to akane until they come back after that my parents took me to the hospital to get checked out the doctor told me my fever came from fatigue.

I guess I spent too much time and effort planning the school trip we were told the fever would probably go down once I got a good rest I'm so bored it's 10. akane must have arrived in Kyoto by now huh how is akane calling my phone the teacher should have her phone right.

Now hello Akira you say oh uh but I should rest and the fever will go down okay can I come in then huh I'm outside your room what akane why are you here you're supposed to be in Kyoto right now.

I decided to stay back why well I couldn't score with you you're kidding you've been looking forward to this trip so much this was your last chance to go on a school trip why wouldn't you just go because I wasn't here.

No huh I was looking forward to going to the school trip with you Akira huh you promised we would go together back in middle school so there's no point in going if you won't be there Akira akane you.

huh they are ridiculous who would stay back just because of a silly promise we made in Middle School Akira that is so stupid but you have no idea how happy it makes me I get what you mean I didn't have any fun on my school trips during elementary.

And middle school because you weren't there akane I get where you're coming from oh I see so you want to come in now oh uh yes please here I made rice porridge wow thanks uh so do you want me to feed you.

I can eat by myself that was good I'm God ah I wonder what Mata and emerosan are doing right now he'd be there eating Ramen nah free time isn't until tomorrow it'll.

Suck for Emerson if they eat ramen though hey Akira since we're missing out on the Kyoto trip what do you think of going to Kyoto together once you get better akane yeah course somebody's calling me it's an unknown number you should get it.

Okay hello Akira you uh Masa how are you calling wait did you sneak out your phone I didn't break any rules I borrowed the teacher's phone oh why yo Akira how you feeling uh it's not a big deal I'll be okay after a night of sleep.

Great you should come to Kyoto tomorrow if you feel better what we have free time tomorrow it would be nice to have you both here for it akane is with you right yeah she is but then bring her with you the matcha parfait won't taste as good if we're not together but we don't have money for the train don't worry about that the whole class.

Is pitching in some money to pay for both of your tickets what seriously dude give me the phone hey sake cut it out you must be really confused right now Masa talked to the teacher about getting you and Akana here like she went into serious mode to convince the teacher to let us bring you here.

Hey you idiot don't tell him you guys should come if you can I feel lonely without a Connie here you can get back to us on the phone so why don't you discuss it with akane Akira who was that oh uh Masa and akane want us to come to Kyoto the whole class is willing to pay for our tickets wow we can't ask them to go that far just to.

Get us there but to be honest I really want to go to Kyoto I was looking forward to the school trip I don't want to miss out me neither I still want to go on the trip with you Akira but I want something to look back on with my classmates okay let's go to Kyoto I promise I'll get better by tomorrow morning.

And so I did my best to get rid of my fever so Akana and I could join the others in Kyoto I explained what was going on to my parents and they agreed to help out as much as possible my fever is completely down I hope it stays that way gosh I think I slept too much during the day I can't fall asleep.

But I need to wake up early to catch the first train tomorrow oh akane hello are you okay yep see you earlier my fever's gone thank God I'm glad it's just I overslept today I can't seem to fall asleep.

Yeah just as I thought I couldn't fall asleep either I'm nervous you are yeah why don't we close our eyes and we'll talk until we feel sleepy okay good idea what should we talk about well how about the next morning Kyoto station I've already get here they don't want students to put videos.

On social media because it might ruin their reputation I wasn't asking to get an answer Masa Emerson we're here yay akame huh hey we got lost sorry to keep you waiting don't worry about it come on let's go it was a day late but we were finally reunited with Masa and amarassan they're huge look at how it's matcha is in here I'm.

Gonna put this on Insta once I get home are we gonna be able to finish all this don't worry I'm confident we'll eat it all um Masa yeah thank you I heard you convinced the teachers to bring us here I should thank you too you don't know how much it meant to us oh what you're welcome well you're.

Bright red hey hey stop filming me delete I'm putting this up on Insta as well laughs amazing I've seen this on TV before we were in Kyoto now Akira I'm here hey wait why are you alone I wanted to give them some privacy huh I told them when meet at the exit.

Come on we shouldn't be wasting any time uh okay hey akane so Masa and emerasan are like a thing yep I knew it they always made fun of us but I never thought of doing it back at them we should support them not get revenge on them you're right akane you did the right thing giving them some time alone well that wasn't the only purpose huh I.

Wanted to be alone with you Akira I'm glad friend Kyoto together Akira me too having so much fun I wish we could have gone to Fushimi Inari Taisha though hey we can come back together someday huh I'm not saying right away maybe when we're a bit older oh okay and so akane and I enjoyed the rest of the.

Day when we got back to the hotel we thanked our teachers and classmates we had a blast on the third day as well it became a great trip we will never forget time quickly passed after we got home before we knew it we had graduated high school cheers well I'm glad all of us graduated.

I was worried about you Masa yo I don't need you worrying about me worry about yourself hey cut it out guys you guys get along so well no you guys get along well you've been going to the same school all these years and now you're going to the same University as well.

Well yeah I guess so it was a natural decision for us oh yeah are you guys planning on a graduation trip oh oh well about that akane and I are thinking of going on a trip together I knew it and let me guess you're going to kill till aren't you uh why there's still unfinished business in Kyoto for them huh wait what does.

That mean it doesn't have anything to do with us we should plan our trip as well what dude fine whatever the day of our trip to Kyoto Kyoto Kyoto hey we're here we need to ride another train to get to Fushimi inamori let's go oh wait.

Huh don't let go okay uh okay wow so pretty it's like we're in a game or something I can feel my heart getting cleansed this is probably a power spot yeah that's a possibility so we're eating lunch next and then we should get back to the hotel yep there are a bunch of Kyoto style shops.

Around the hotel we can take a walk and look around um there's somewhere I want to go before we go back to the hotel yeah sure I'm up for anything you want to do I followed akane as she led me through Kyoto we arrived not at a temple or a fancy.

Shop but at a normal looking Park uh what are we here for nothing Kyoto about this place this is where saki asked masaku now what this park is near the hotel we stayed at at our school trip she asked him out on the third day seriously I had no idea yeah I was shocked when she told me about it after.

We got back I was planning to bring you here tomorrow but I couldn't wait I think I have to do it now I'm pretty positive you feel the same but the nerves are getting to me it's okay akane we've known each other for a long time I think I know what you're about to say.

Akira and I have a feeling you know how I'm feeling too yeah okay here goes I like you will you go out with me of course Akira and so akane became my girlfriend that day we always knew what we meant to each other but it felt good to hear each.

Other say it out loud we told Masa and amarassan about our relationship it was surprised to hear we weren't dating already but they congratulated us going on that school trip was the right decision it was the beginning of the life I would.

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