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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend teases me for being bad with girls, so I approach her… [RomCom]


My name is yuya fujiwara I'm a junior in high school alrighty the morning I guess I have to get up my hips are heavy I feel like there's a giant rock or something on me ah I'm not that heavy Gane why are you here what do you mean why I came to wake you up that doesn't mean you can get on top of.

Me Kenai Makino is the same age as me and my childhood friend our houses are next door to each other so every morning she comes over to my house like this we've known each other for a very long time but I actually tried to avoid her most of the time oh come on you yeah don't tell me you stuck to me from morning are you getting.

A little nervous of course not you just scared me that's all sure whatever you say you don't need to hide it at this point you know I already know how easily you blush what if I get in this and sleep next to you oh he cut it out.

See you're already blushing just from that oh yeah if you get that close anybody would get that way ah that was fine now hurry and wake up my sister is also waiting damage you gotta have her way again whenever I talk to Kanai I always get this way but now it's in my I'm fine.

With her can I is so a restrained she's always causing me trouble back in the day she used to be a lot more calm but but around the time he got to middle school she started getting like that I couldn't understand what happened to make her change that much it was so strange to me when I got down to the living room.

Waiting for me there was to mine oh Ilya good morning uh good morning to my sorry to always keep you waiting not at all I do this because I want to to my Makino was kanai's twin and the older sister and then like Kanai she was very ladylike I've known her just as long as I've known Kanai but I felt like my.

Personality matched better with to my she doesn't tease me weirdly either yoyah what's the matter oh nothing Ilya why do you act cool in front of my sister this is normal I'm not acting anyway more importantly I guess you don't cook all you can do is eat I could say the same to you yuya even though this is your house.

Both my parents and their parents leave early for work and since we are next door neighbors every morning we have breakfast together like this we really are pretty much like siblings yuya does your class have biology and geography today oh yeah I do take what you're going to use in your.

Own class yourself well then let me borrow yours you're in the same class as you yeah right but hey hey don't align your sister for everything huh you're always so quick to take our side hey yoya you're only walking next to my sister Well yeah if both of you commit.

Me from both sides and of course this happens oh she's such a little kid this one for the record these twins were tentatively identical and look alike but there's a way to tell them apart along with the mall under arise little sister can I the one that has two moles is the older.

Sister timai the malls aren't gonna disappear so it's very helpful to tell the two of them apart we have to be separated until after school I wish I was in the same class too oh well I know we have the same face anyway so I should just trade places with you.

Tomay why are you causing necessary trouble cut it out come on Julia you don't want to be with me to be honest I'm fine as is being with tamai but to my isn't annoying yeah you're always all over my sister if you want to be all over her then why don't you just choose me I'll let you do.

Whatever you want you know can I I've told you not to stick to me at school see you yeah you always get like this you get too nervous around me and that's why you escaped to my sister's side right Hannah that's enough just like yoya said if you treat him at school like you're at home you're gonna cause.

Trouble what are you going to do if people misunderstand you yeah why are you taking his side if you're trying to lay me out like that well I'm not gonna let it happen I not again you panic just from me grabbing on to you like this.

I think you need to get more used to girls you yeah why don't you make my big sister your girlfriend then maybe you could get over your fear of girls don't use your precious sister like a practice board oh there's the school bell well then see you at lunch break she's like a walking hurricane.

I'm just trying to notice already but it's just Kanai being can I need to worry about what she says at all right no actually I if you're okay with it yoya then I don't mind tamaiah wait but I have no intention of using you like a practice board in that way to my favorite I was also just kidding but you.

Want someone more like Kane anyway right did you say something good huh we need to go back to the classroom or we're gonna be late I really should think about conniving attitude it'll be one thing to do that to me since I'm like a brother to her but she.

Talks to other guys that closely that will definitely be guys a misunderstander intentions I know how can I access school since she's in another class but I'm sure she behaves in the same way so for her sake as well maybe I need to put on an act and so after school in the morning I'm.

With the twin sisters but it doesn't mean that we're together all day until after school I was asked to do something by my teacher and I was late to leave the classroom that day I wasn't expecting this at all I'm sure Kanaya has gone home already I wanted to strike while the iron is hot.

But timing wasn't great I guess oh well there'll be plenty of other opportunities anyway is that oh that's to my I guess when you've known them for a long time you can even tell them apart from behind we might as well go home together neither of us are in high school clubs anyway hey it's Amai if.

You're free do you want to go somewhere on the way home what did you just call for my sister what aren't you to my excuse you no I'm kinda look closely at the mole under my eye oh you're right there's only one can I is a one with only one more that's weird I really thought it was to mine I'm sorry I promise I can tell you to a.

Part by now which is a little mistake well then if kunai is still at school then this works out perfectly do you have any plans right now if you don't then I want you to come with me interesting I guess sure that's good well then come with me can I why are you so shocked I do this all the time you really are bad with girls aren't you you.

Yeah yeah the more I think about it it's definitely not good to be this close to a guy you're not even dating we arrived on the rooftop where it seemed like nobody else was around what do you want from me coming all the way up here can I why are you fidgeting so much I'm not you just think that I am really.

Well there's no weather can I would get nervous being with me anyway so maybe that's true actually there's something that I wanted to talk to you about can I oh what is it shoot I'm starting to get nervous if she would have laughed at me well then that would be pretty tough.

This is for our own sake I can't just run away now we're all alone like this and you still don't have any guard whatsoever what were you going to do if I suddenly attacked you like this come on I can do this I can act it out in a time like this after school even if you call for help nobody can come.

Um am I uh am I not playing the bad guy pretty well yeah that's right I am you yeah but I'm also not yuya right now I'm a bad U yeah fujiwawa so bad that I could even kiss you right now she seems shocked I got an even better reaction than I expected maybe I should cut the act and tell her the truth now well as I'm sure she will have her guard up more.

With other guys as if I'm actually just joking and sure you can what excuse me if you want to no listen I was just acting so that I could warn you okay because I've been wanting you to kiss me all this time Julia hmm that's weird she sounded a lot more like tamai when she was saying my name just now and plus she seems really calm to be.

Kanai this whole time no she's talking like canai but something about her feels different what are you doing that voice can I that's not fair to my head I have one that liked you you first but wait a minute what is going on here I was so confused and so focused on.

Trying to grasp what was going on that I didn't really hear what Kanaya just said yeah yeah I'm so sorry I'm actually Tama what tonight the mold into your eyes I just covered it up with concealer if I rub it see oh that's true this whole time I thought I was talking to Kanai but it was actually tamai but why did you pretend to be Kanai yeah why are you.

Pretending to be me and not only that but you were trying to fool Yulia kinda this was for your sake but why because no matter how much time was passing you weren't even trying to tell Yulia how you feel telling you yeah I like him because I don't know can I didn't you say something else.

To me I could have sworn I just heard you say I was one that lights Yulia first that's what I thought I heard at least weird if you pull some mean prank like that on me it's not going to work hey you need to wait Connor can I you yeah I'm really sorry but.

Would you mind going after kind of for her or do you not like Kana no well I alright I also don't want to leave Canal like that so I wonder if yuya was able to catch up to her I did this much so I need the two of them to get together properly but to be honest just like Kane I also liked you yeah I actually thought.

Maybe maybe he would actually kiss me but Kane was the one that liked him first there was no way I'll be able to find Kanai who ran away that was not the case at all there she is have my eyes on you guys back she's never been very fast and was.

Always bad at sports because I was not a fast runner to that point her sister tonight seems more quiet that was great at sports can I wait up oh what do you want must you come after me all this way there's something I want to say to you anyway well there's something I wanted to tell you that was sad that you were just.

Teasing me and messing around with me all the time but I never thought that you would see me in any relationship with even this time I did what I did because I wanted you to understand that it could be dangerous if you guys misunderstand you although it ended up being titamai I was just pretending to be you.

know that that's why I was just thinking about your safety can I but if you really were to like me could I then there would be no need for me to warn you anymore I think you have a misunderstanding I never said that I liked you are you sure.

You didn't hear the wrong thing oh she came all the way just to see how it was going she seriously so overprotective but I also knew that she likes yuya too Tama and I are twins and we are always together so no matter how much we try to hide our feelings we can always tell and that's why she also knew that I've liked yuya for a really long.

Time but it must have been hard for her this whole time too in that case this is probably not the right time to tease you here up until now I was always teasing yuya in order to hide my embarrassment and nervousness but thanks to my sister I now know what I need to do now I don't care if I miss heard but I wanted to tell you this can I you're the one that.

I like me too I also like you you yeah congratulations you two thank you this is all thanks to you and you yeah always does things that aren't honest to her feelings so please do your best to see the real her oh trust me I already know what a complicated girl she is.

a good cover-up I hope you two stay like this forever and just like that Kana and I began dating apparently everybody around us saw that we were already going out so nobody made a fuss about our relationship more of an Applause.

No this is easier and it's fine because I never liked being the center of attention anyway two months in and having Connie's my girlfriend to fully become a part of my life uh good morning you can I and who says that to their own.

Girlfriend well it's between you and me anyway that means that if I lay down next to you it's totally normal right I know don't come signing in here didn't you come here to wake me up sleepy looking at your face what is that supposed to mean come on tonight's waiting for us too hurry up.

And get up no no five more minutes how do you have this much energy every morning I feel like I'm having to watch this mysterious act every morning I'm just so happy to see you every morning don't lie to me I'm 200 telling the truth come on you yeah now that we're dating.

Now you're the one always teasing me good morning both of you morning tonight when Kanai and I started dating Tamaya was the same as usual Tamiya is also my precious childhood friend it doesn't feel weird for her to be around us but at the same time I can't help but worry that maybe she doesn't feel sad seeing us all the time.

Quite an announcement to make why are you standing in the middle of breakfast do I really have to say it with you of course you do I can't just leave only you behind is she about to say Ilya until now you and I have been in a relationship together but from now on you're also.

Going to go out with my sister what does that mean what is it do you not like my sister yuya it's not what I'm saying but this is crazy in so many ways especially logically to go out my girlfriend's sister to leave my sister.

For me if you and Connor are still going to get along then I don't mind if you're going to take care of Kane with me and I don't mind being second in line see even she says so no but are you sure you're okay with that Julia are you trying to pull apart my.

Relationship with my sister wait a minute why am I becoming the bad guy here plus yulya we've gone on many dates ever since we started going out but did you even realize that one time my sister went on a date instead of me what no don't lie to me I only went on dates with Kanai yeah see you can't even tell Yulia to.

This day you still can't tell us apart anyway if that would be the case if I look at the mall under the eyes easily wait the malls aren't there see if we hide our moles then what do you see that's why you sense you're so rude Julia we decided that you're going to have to carry both of our love from now.

On oh lucky that you get to have both sisters as your girlfriend this is crazy he'll sit next to you yet too see you yeah isn't it better to have two beautiful girls next to you I'm very sorry I really did my best to root for the two of you but I couldn't help myself.

I thought this was kenai's new way of teasing me but I came to realize that that wasn't the case fine I'll figure this out in my own way perhaps the right thing to do is to straight up choose one girl to date but I don't think this is bad either I know it was weak of me but that's what I.

Thought well you know this is a bit of a special arrangement for now if I work hard to choose one of them in the end I'm sure they would both understand and please make sure you always take care of Kane as a priority I need to treat them both with the utmost care for someone like me who didn't have much experience with dating.

And being thrown into such a complicated situation how to deal with it moving forward but honestly wasn't sure if it was going to be hectic or happy or maybe a little bit of both that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.