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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend that I love dearly thinks I’m cheating on her…!? [RomCom]


By my name wake up the one hitting the frying pan is me Daisuke Matsuyama it was my usual routine but the childhood friend of mine who was still in bed amane arizawa showed no signs of waking up just as I thought amane is known to be an oversleeper I guess I have to do that I made up my mind and approached Domini.

Woke up with a cute scream oh Daisuke good morning good morning I'll be waiting downstairs so change quickly yeah all right Amani got herself out of bed while rubbing her sleepy eyes and then without any warning she put her hands on her pajama buttons wait wait I'm still inside I ran out of the room in a hurry jeez.

She's a senior in high school and she's still the same as before or rather I wish she would do something about her not waking up so easily and that I have to go through that routine even if she's a childhood friend of mine it's embarrassing I wish you would understand what I have to go through every morning.

When I went down the stairs amane's mother spoke to me I'm sorry for this she won't wake up unless it's you don't you that's gay don't worry about it also thank you for your breakfast always I would like to do that for you since you come early to wake up for my daughter the reason why I can go to omni's house so casually is because her.

Family and I are both good friends also we both go to the same school Alice high school so basically Aman and I do the same things together I do have to do things for her but I never found it to be Troublesome for me taking care of amane has become part of my daily routine after we finished eating at amane's.

House we made our way to school we will be graduating next year that's true but you might have to repeat a year so maybe it'll be two years what do you mean Daisuke I will not repeat a year I'm kidding with your grades you should be fine they seem really dangerous I'll help you thanks ice guy say what do you plan to.

Do after you graduate from high school I haven't decided yet to be honest there was something that concerned me more than my future it was about amane this is just between you and me but I have feelings for her that is she's more than just a childhood friend of mine I don't really know how that happened as we spent a lot of time together I.

Realized at one point that she had become someone that I wanted to protect from the bottom of my heart but I couldn't get myself to tell her my feelings for her I thought that was rather miserable of me because I can't work up the courage to tell her something that's very important most likely amane only sees me as her.

Childhood friend that makes me hesitate even more I really need to do something about this at last I've been thinking that I need to tell her for so long and things have continued the way they've been until today I need to tell her before we graduate.

From high school I know but I was weak and kept on putting it off so it is a dice gay amane peered into my face looking worried she is quite perceptive when it comes to noticing my changes oh I was just thinking about dinner for tonight Fizz you are a big eater dice gay the.

Innocent smile made my heart skip a beat I couldn't bear to lose this smile so I felt hesitation as I battled between my feelings good morning at that moment our classmate I amakase came to us oh morning I morning I am akasi and we have been going to the same school since junior high and she.

Was a very good friend of amaneis she was smart and came from a nice family she was easy going and friendly and popular among everyone as usual the two of you are very close friends yes I know that's because Daisuke and I have been friends ever since we were little just looking at you two makes me feel.

Warm inside you do have a precious relationship precious she is smart but sometimes she says things that don't quite make sense that's one of her characteristics I listen listen there was something I saw on TV yesterday oh there's a sweet red bun stores like that I would love to try it then let's go together next time yes let's definitely.

Go together for me they look like they have a much more precious relationship I thought as I saw them enjoying their conversations with each other hey you're falling behind sorry sorry after school I headed to the classroom to get something I had forgotten there hmm isn't that amane and amakase there I stood by the door to see what was going.

On it looks like maybe they're having a study session bye you were asked out by another guy today right it's isn't that two days in a row no it's three days in a row you are so popular as usual so what did you say nothing special I declined their offer as always I see do you have.

Someone you like uh well there isn't anyone in particular although there is someone who I'm a little interested in how about you amane you must have someone you like no I don't because there is someone who I promise to marry what hey what is this who is it that you have promised to marry I haven't heard such a thing amane.

Had gotten herself a guy without me knowing about it oh no I can't listen to this anymore money who is it it's of course dice gay oh Daisuke Matsuyama yep I promised him when we were in kindergarten I see that's nice does Daisuke remember that though I think he does probably probably I see I would think that he would not.

Remember this by the way have you ever gotten a date with Matsuyama hmm I guess I have not really you haven't sometimes we go shopping or to some places together but is that a date well I think that might not be a date that sounds like something Matsuyama would do in that case I should help these two somehow at this rate they will graduate.

Just as childhood's friends anything the matter oh sorry I was thinking about something well let's stop chatting and proceed with our studying the next day amane and I were going to school together however that was how things appeared on the surface inside it was completely different from.

The day before you were a little later than usual oh I couldn't fall asleep and I ended up waking up late who I know you were playing the latest game all night weren't you yeah it's something like that to tell you the truth it was because of amane but since I didn't have any guts I decided to let.

Her think that amane I think it would be good if you could wake up by yourself it's fine I know that you will always come to wake me up hmm that's not fair on money if you say it like it's completely normal then I can't say that I don't want to do it I didn't want to go to your place this morning but I couldn't just suddenly.

Stop without having a good reason in that case I need to find out who amane's fiance is but I was too scared to find out the truth I was so preoccupied with it that I couldn't sleep she doesn't realize it herself but amane is quite cute so if someone else approaches her it would not be strange.

But to not have realized that there was someone I felt miserable about myself what should I do that day during the break time at the corridor I was walking like a zombie this is not good my legs are unsteady because I didn't get enough sleep just then I saw amakase coming from the opposite direction.

You don't seem so good but everything is all right I'm all right as I said that I felt dizzy and lost my balance I can't fall down here I unconsciously grabbed hold of amakase sorry what are you all right I just lost my balance okay if you're not feeling well I will take you to the nurse no I can go.

By myself fortunately it's just over there I see you then I will let her teacher know that you have gone to the nurse sorry to trouble you don't overburden your self I know I said bye to amakase and went to the nurse's room the next morning.

Something that I would call a miracle happen to me amane went ahead yeah she said she has some duty to take care of did Amana not tell you about it no I hadn't heard about it I'm sorry I will tell Amana to let you know in advance next time but to think that she woke up on her own I wonder if something strange will happen amane's mother says.

Some incredible things when I entered the classroom alone amane who would arrive before me was sitting at her seat she said that she had a duty to do but was there anything like that I wondered about it and approached her desk amane that you woke up on your own and went to school is unbelievable for me Armani suddenly stood up from her seat.

Without a word and left the classroom it was obviously a kind of attitude I had never seen before Alma is acting strange what happened I felt Disturbed I could only stare down at the desk that its owner had left during the lunch break when the Sun was shining warmly I was asked by Amana to come see her in the courtyard Amana what.

Did you want to talk about I I didn't realize that all that you like Daisuke I what what do you mean you don't need to hide it I couldn't let the ice cake oh if it were someone else but if it's I then I can let him go people are my best friend also there's nothing that I excel out more than you so.

I give up come on what are you talking about I'm on it left my side without answering my question come on and wait my voice disappeared in the thin air I wonder why Yamada said something like that all of a sudden oh yeah after school amane asked me to go see.

Her in the school Courtyard this is good timing I'll ask what happened say amane what was up with you today I liked you Daisuke oh I lost my words at what she told me I'd plan to speak before her but she was quicker than me when we were little you protected me.

From a bully I liked you taisuke when I was in trouble you would help me out that was Daisuke who I liked Daisuke you like I and not me right so I will cheer both you and I's relationship from now on it doesn't change the fact that you and I are both very important to the people in my life amane said those words big drops of.

Tears ran down her cheeks oh why am I crying tell me able to talk as usual by tomorrow Amani turned her back on me and ran away I like amakase what's going on or rather why did amane say that she likes me I thought there was someone she had promised to marry one mystery after.

Another my thoughts got stuck in a maze the next day amane was absent from school because she was not feeling well I entered the classroom alone and amakassi approached me can I talk to you for a second I wanted to talk to you too so this is good we went out of the classroom and went to the side of the corridor.

Honor right yes today after school amade told me something she thinks I like you oh was that so actually Amana also said the same thing you too why on Earth did amane think such a thing that is the problem well oh maybe she saw us at that moment.

What moment oh and you became unsteady on your feet it nearly fell down on the floor at that time that was only to support you but we were in each other's arms that sounds like a good possibility or rather that is the thing I could think of in that case we need to clear up the misunderstanding quickly no it's better not to clear the misunderstanding.

Up Matsuyama oh no no actually I told her about the conversation I had overheard between her and amane in the classroom then amakase started shaking her hands but amane is the guy that she had promised to marry yes but that person is yumatsuyama.

What that was me but I don't remember making such a promise said that you guys had a promise when you were in kindergarten whatever the truth is the Mana intends to marry Matsuyama that's what it was I felt the power draining out of me from relief I wish I'd listened to their.

Conversation until the end then I will leave the rest up to you Matsuyama please let Amana know of her misunderstanding also tell her about your feelings towards her as well yes I know that's my Duty after school finished I went straight to Amani's house amane I'm coming in I usually knock but I went in.

This time without knocking this was so she would have no time to say no there was no side of amane in the room instead there was a mountain made of a blanket on the bed I brought the worksheets I got from school also there's something I want to tell you first I am not in a relationship with amakase like you think that was.

Just me being unsteady on my feet and amakase supporting me and second I'm sorry that I've forgotten our promise to marry each other so please let me promise you again right now the person I like is you amane oh amane came out of her blanket are those words true are you really going to marry me of course.

The only guy who's allowed to marry you is me I'm really happy Harmony dived into my arms stay scared I like you we like you I would definitely be a good wife to you Daisuke I'm a name this poster is kind of not so good in many ways at that point I heard the door open I brought some tea and snacks what are.

You two doing oh but I guess you two are old enough so it's not a surprise I am pretty understanding about this so no worries I won't tell Dad about this so I will put the teen snacks here so you have a good time Daisuke please take good care of him on it make her happy also just make sure not to cause trouble for the neighbors with your voice and.

Noise Okay now I'm on his mother what are you saying you don't need to worry about such a thing hmm what did Mom mean by the voice and Noise ah don't worry about that you let me go now no I want to remain like this for a while so Daisuke please hug me tightly too hey are you serious.

I'm an a I'm a guy please be conscious of this fact this is how amane and I became lovers instead of just childhood friends and with that amakase became amane's personal love consultant I will support among his love completely thank you I there are many things that I don't understand so please teach me yes please rely on me I will take care to.

Support you very well Matsuyama I don't think this will happen but if you make a money cry I will use all my power of the harmonic group to take action against you yes I understand I'm scared recently amakase is strangely scary this perfect smile on her face is too scary that's all right I'm on it there is someone who I have been interested in for a while oh.

Really who is it that is you a money amakase grabbed amane's arm oh is amakasi interested in girls seriously oh I you are joking yes yes I am joking Matsuyama just because Amana is infatuated with you doesn't mean that you can take it easy there may be people who want to go out with Amana I understand I'm amazing my.

Love would be controlled by this talented consultant but that's a story for another episode thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well