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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend thinks everything is cheating…! [RomCom]


My name is ririto Lil and I'm a 16 year old High School freshman as I was relaxing during lunch break as usual excuse me I have something important to discuss with you can you come over here for a minute I don't know this girl at all I'm not sure what's wrong.

As I was pondering if it's something important I'll listen instead it's not a confession now is it uh um funny you mentioned that it seems I've fallen in love with him at First Sight oh no what um I'll be back the girl fled in fear that was close.

Hearing a confession from these girls makes you a level 90 cheater so be more careful my name is Lumina remise and I'm 16 years old I miss childhood friend and his future wife in my mind I think the only sleepy Ruby toe is cool and kind of love.

Him so much I'm sick I've caught the ryrito flu what cheating level we're not even dating in the first place right we're dating us childhood friends right so anything I deem unpleasant is considered cheating the cheating level is a skill that measures the unpleasantness of cheating.

The unpleasantness level of confessions too high you lack awareness I read it into Shoujo Manga that there are even girls who try to kiss before confessing you know it's considered level 90 because of that possibility a kiss is a level 90 offensive Act of cheating by the way so confessions must be prevented don't.

Worry I will protect your precious lips uh yeah but I don't think it's right to block people from confessing what what tell me you want Twix up someone's confession no I don't don't cry if you don't then there shouldn't be any issues with me getting in the way right even if someone confesses I will never.

Be able to answer the other person's feelings because I love Lumina who's bright and straightforward I may be a dunce but I'm not insensitive I know Lumina likes me but there's a reason we can't go out together would you like to have lunch with me this is Sarika serenomia she's 16. a noble lady if you will.

Tell what are you doing a hug is a level 97 offense but I'm not at fault here that's right maybe tokun here has done nothing wrong snuggle snuggle it's so hot please stop rubbing your cheeks against me my only you would say such a thing to me I love that bluntness of yours.

So true I fell in love with him because he was honest with me back then too I'm so cool and manly and tough what song is that it's a song about me being cool as a junior high school student I loved my short hair and how cool it made me look but certainly I think your personality is.

Really cool but your face is really cute it's small neat it has a gorgeous feel huh I didn't expect to feel this happy to be told I'm cute from that day forward I started growing my hair out because I wanted him to say that I was pretty and praise me more and before I knew it I had fallen in love with him setting that aside Sarika Chan you're.

Too close to veto let go of him I don't want to please refrain from using violence Mr Goda is Serena Mia's guard Butler age 30. you finally showed up settle this once and for all shall we I shall triumphants with all the power I gained to protect my ribito.

Bring It On a Super Battle has begun Lumina trying to pull Serino Mia away from me always results in the two fighting may I ask is there a reason you don't confess to miss Luminaire related to the debt your father put on you three years ago.

How do you know about the dead I haven't told anyone about it or rather how do you know I like Lumina it's obvious as for the dirt my father conducted a background check on you after learning that I like you my apologies there's no need to apologize but please don't tell Lumina about the dead okay.

All she knows is that my father disappeared why if Lumina finds out about the debt she might sell herself to make some money or something and I know I'll have trouble stopping her my mom and I will work together to pay off the debt so I don't want to get anyone else involved.

Is that so that's why I can't tell her how I feel until I pay off all the debt I don't want to hide the debt while dating her I want to confess after I've become a person who can make Lumina happy in that case I will make you fall in love with me before that happens uh as I stood there troubled.

It's a level fifth getting offense Lumina came back what happened to Goda he went after jordina the English teacher the perverted Butler I will cuts his pay Lumina you have a small cut on your cheek huh oh this is no big deal no Lumina you're a girl so you have to be more careful.

Thank you he's so blind let's eat lunch I made it just for you ribito there's no way you could finish all of that why did you make so much what I think of him I always end up making too much because I pour all of my love into it sorry I can never finish it it is good.

Though oh I'm hearing you say that makes it all worthwhile that looks delicious might I have a bite maybe tokun uh hey hon is a cheating level 80. first off you should be getting permission from me.

May I have some huh of course not I made this strictly for vivito then why even tell me to ask permission you make those sense just cause after school maybe tell let's go home I'll hold your bag for you no if you do that it'll appear like I'm bullying you stop so then how about.

Hi Gary you instead put me down oh but I want to carry you to your bed and cuddle with you and I refuse what was that pause I'm going to keep it a secret that I considered it for a Split Second it's not right to do such things when we're not even dating.

Every morning in order to pay off my debts I have a part-time job delivering newspapers finished today as well I gotta hurry home and prepare for school ah what's going on.

My eyes are I collapsed and was taken to the hospital by an ambulance I had morning Club practice today so I couldn't walk to school over three retail he's still not here is he taking the day off Lilly Mino is not feeling well today he's going to be in the hospital for a day so he's taking the day off.

Realized to go see him as I attempted to leave the classroom after hearing the teacher talk about the hospital please wait a moment sorry Sarika Chan I'm in a hurry I know that I'll take you to the hospital by car so let me have a word with you about what.

Made a promise to me not to tell you but after this incident I believe you have the right to know I believe he collapsed as a result of overworking to settle his father's debts what Dad he heard that his father had run away but he didn't tell me anything about a debt what do you know about that because.

My father did a background check on him as expected of a rich person fine I'll sell myself right now and pay off his debt please wait weary tokun didn't tell you because he knew he would do so oh but I have to help in some way daughter of a conglomerate so you could pay off his debts right please this is my one and only wish I promise I will.

Work to pay it back so please pay off the debt but if you pay for it if you don't might fall in love with you don't make a fool of me that would not make me happy at all I will not pay it off unless he wishes me to do so because I want to respect his will to pay it off himself isn't there something more crucial you should be doing than selling.

Yourself or begging me for money which is to support him so he doesn't have to end up collapsing like this again this is something only you his childhood friend who knows him the best can do isn't it uh-huh you're right I know now what I need to do thank you but why are you giving me such kind advice.

I'm just taking advantage of you to ensure Riri tokun's safety also I haven't given up on becoming his lover okay I love you what's with you all of a sudden I was wrong about you I thought you were a bad bug but you're a good bug I'm not an insect anyway hurry we better get going.

Yeah when I awoke I was in a hospital room and after having everything explained to me I just lay in bed dazed Nitto you good you're alive I've come to comfort you Lumina arrived carrying a large amount of bags what are those yeah well goodies.

I brought flowers fruits change of clothes books Etc I'll be discharged tomorrow so maybe it's a bit too much but thanks yeah I heard about your circumstance you collapsed from overworking your part-time job to pay off your debt right how did you find out about the Dead.

Um I can't tell you the source I shouldn't tell him for Sarah kachon's sake well I won't force you to tell me but Lumina oh don't worry I won't sell myself for anything what I want to do is become your personal fitness trainer what do you mean by that.

I'm going to take care of your house I won't ever let you push yourself like that again thanks for the sentiment but I don't want to become a burden do you honestly think I'd feel that way about you no but then it's settled you can call me master.

If you'd like I don't think Master is the right word to call a fitness trainer but I'll be in your care leave it to me so thanks to Lumina I was able to work hard without overdoing it ten years later I became a business employee and my mother and I were finally able to pay.

Off our debt we did it Mom yes but I will never forgive that damn husband of mine though I waited in front of lumina's parents house to speak with her she had just returned from working at the city hall maybe tell what's wrong finally did it I paid off the debt I wanted to report the good news what.

The Lumina I'm so glad I'm so happy for you ravito it was thanks to your support Lumina thank you really guys are the ones who worked the hardest though yeah and I promised myself to tell you.

Something when I paid it off I love you Lumina I want you to be my lover please go out with me what leave it don't like me really are you being for real right now that's so unexpected huh is that surprising because my expression of affection are.

Over the top and easy to understand I was aware you knew I liked you but you never tried to confess to me so I always thought that you didn't see me that way that's why I didn't confess myself because I thought you would reject me the reason I didn't confess was because I wanted to do it after paying off the debt I've liked you since I was in.

Junior high school huh from that long ago uh-huh when my father ran away you you always stood by me and tried to cheer me up saying funny things like I'll be your father uh things like that did happen huh I was saved by you.

I fell in love with you is that so but I can't become your lover or go out with you what I'm sad but it's understandable to think that Lumina would love me forever was an extremely presumptuous mistake but I don't want to give up on her Lumina I.

Whoa instead of dating I want you to marry me I want to be your wife not your girlfriend so please your affection is as always over the top huh and that's what I love about you so yes Let's Get Married Lumina yes I love you too.

How about handcuffing each other's wrists after we get married that's a hard pass what because it can't be helped how Lumina expresses her love can be crazy at times but she quickly withdraws when I refuse and I'm going to level 999 Mary such a kind girl.

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