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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend thought I was married and was shocked… [RomCom]


Ah the morning finished without any problems I'll eat something yummy for lunch and do my best for the afternoon part my name is takahiro furoshiba I work as a businessman in a company I'm just a regular worker doing his best every day but there's a co-worker who might don't feel so comfortable with hi there.

Um Takahashi what does that look on your face like you don't want to see me nothing this is the one I'm talking about nagumi Takahashi she has a short but a great figure because of this combination with her down-to-earth manner many male workers thought she was cute and she was.

Extremely popular I wanna protect her the guys around her said but I had no idea what they were talking about hey I don't look so Graham and let's go out for lunch oh thanks but I prefer to eat alone hitting alone again don't you get lonely I don't get lonely I can eat at my own pace so it's good.

No way you're just saying that to look strong no this is really how I feel this is your chance to go to lunch with your cute co-worker you know this is a rare opportunity for someone like you who aren't popular with girls thanks a lot but no thanks why is she annoying like this.

Is her personality I don't enjoy being around her then we don't have to go out for lunch but we could go somewhere on our day off what what are you saying I'm saying that I could spend time with you who must be lonely from being single no way why would I have to spend my day off with a person I don't get along with.

That would be hell no thanks I want to spend my day off alone too why do you want to be alone so much you could spend that time with me you can invite someone else if you ask anybody will say yes I'm sure but it won't make sense if it's not you what did you just say nothing I said nothing you are so missing out to decline an.

Offer from such a cute co-worker like me you'll regret that later uh one of the other people find attractive about her seriously oh no my lunch break I'll have to give up on going to the local Diner and get something from a convenience store.

I have plans for tonight so I can't do overtime work tonight I'll eat my lunch quickly and get back to work after work she's late oh we're sorry bro did I make you wait oh yuzuki it's been a while you've been good.

Yes of course how are you bro me too all right great she's my younger sister yuzuki furoshiba she's getting married next month and I'm supposed to help her for that sorry though that I'm asking you to help with things don't worry about it it's for my cute sister an older brother is supposed to.

Help thanks I'm so glad that I'm your sister things going well with masaya we are very happy and in love even when he is busy working in various places he makes sure to let me know how he is doing every day very good he loves me good for you.

Masaya who's going to get married to yuzuki is a good guy he looks good his personality is good and he works at a respectable company he's busy flying around to various parts of the country on top of that he takes good care of my sister I want to make sure that their wedding is a success for that I was willing to do everything that.

I could do bro getting dresses so if you could come with me to see it sure thing if I see you in a wedding dress I think I might start crying don't see the same thing as Dad I'm wondering which dress would look good would I find them on I want to take many.

Pictures and send them to Mafia I'm glad you're happy yuzuki nice girlfriend oh mind your own business yeah and the day after hi there you look a bit tired this morning can I do something to cheer you up no thanks I don't need it.

Why do you always say something so cold I am worried for you you're just making fun of me it's not true I actually really think hey what are you doing sorry you always seem to trip on things why does that happen when there's nothing to trip on.

This is the second time that you've helped me like this no this is the third time you remember I can't forget it so easily when somebody was about to fall down with such a big Flash so you had been thinking about me that much WoW ah don't joke around and mind how you.

Walk hey what you were lucky to be able to support me oh oh no don't make such a scary face I'm flabbergasted by you if you talk anymore I'll get a headache alright let's go okay.

I really don't enjoy being with her I'm not good with her but she is a good worker she's very Earnest serious and passionate only she would stop being so egocentric or am I asking too much of her oh no she noticed she'll say something to me again hmm is she saying something.

You are watching me from a distance a silent pervert who's a silent pervert I cannot stand her on the day when I reconfirmed that I'm not good with Takahashi it was my lunch break oh I have a phone call hello yes I know wedding dress right.

I'll go with you so don't worry I won't forget of course okay okay then we'll reschedule the date could you message me that information so I won't forget it thanks see you oh what was that oh Takahashi you were here who was that you were talking with on the phone now uh I was just making a promise to go see the wedding dresses.

Seems like we needed to reschedule so that's what it was about a wedding dress does that mean that you are planning to have a wedding ceremony in the near future yes but what about it oh my God I thought you were single single why did you get someone to marry.

This must be a dream a dream it has to be this is not real hey Takahashi what's going on all of a sudden it's nothing see you later what was that after that Takahashi seemed to be in Low Spirits she couldn't seem to focus on her work.

And looked like her mind was completely somewhere else her attitude to her work was also terrible this week it wasn't just me but other workers noticed too and were worried about her I don't think I can leave her alone like this if I do.

She might make a really big mistake at work I'll go talk to her during break time hey Takahashi huh hey why are you running away please don't come this way if I see your face he'll start crying what why would you start crying because because.

Watch out are you all right you tend to fall easily so don't start running so suddenly to me it's normal to worry about someone who seems to not be all right hey why are you crying did you get hurt are you all right are you in pain we can't go back to work this way.

Let's go somewhere to rest Takahashi what's going on is it work if there's something with work you're worried about you can tell me if there's something that can be done about it I can help you out don't just cry tell me what's wrong.

It's not it I'm a terrible woman I can't stop my feelings even when I know it's too late I'm a homewrecker terrible homewrecker what are you talking about she's usually energetic so I really don't know what to do hey Takahashi I don't know what your.

Problem is but if there's something I can help you with then I want to help you you are kind of self-centered but I'm your co-worker so I want to help oh thank you oh what are you doing oh I'm sorry I almost kissed you from the excitement why would you kiss me that makes no.

Sense I'm sorry my emotions are running wild what emotions it was almost going to be a homeworker please listen to me for a little bit what do you mean by a homewrecker I don't understand did you steal something I cannot be by your side anymore it can't be by my side I don't understand.

What you're saying Takahashi can we talk this out in peace sorry I hope you'll be happy hey Takahashi what was that I have no idea what she's thinking after that Takahashi became even quieter than before on top of that she was completely avoiding me she kept her conversation to the minimum when it was.

About work she doesn't look as spaced out as before but it doesn't mean that she's back to her usual energetic self is she all right Takahashi and then one day after work good work today bro you too eat lots of delicious food today.

I treat you to dinner since you were helping me out with the wedding ceremony so much you don't need to worry about that but I want to show you how much I appreciate your help thanks yuzuki oh hey huh who is she do you know her uh she is oh I'm sorry to disturb you hey Takahashi thanks.

Are you all right what are you doing I told you not to start running suddenly since you fall down easily he's so nice to me in front of your wife I feel miserable my wife what are you saying she's my younger sister your sister don't lie to me it's way.

That you're planning a wedding ceremony the other day yes it's her wedding ceremony so your plan to get married is I don't have such a plan how do I get married when I don't even have a partner wait so I had misunderstood all this time.

What I don't know what you're talking about I see bro I'm going home how about dinner next time Miss Takahashi good luck huh I am cheering for you cheering for what I have no idea what she's saying could I say something what.

I like you what you like me it's love I really like you I love you for a very long time I was in love with you ever since I joined the company but you helped me get back on my feet I fell in love please go out with me well that's not I'm not.

Think about how you've been behaving I don't know how I can like you back oh I see I understand but I will not give up what I will make you fall in love with me are you serious I am serious extremely serious so be prepared all right then then as she had warned me she started.

Doing me all kinds of favors she would make me lunch work overtime with me walk to the station with me after work although we hadn't promised such a thing and she did everything she could think of to win my attention then one day you really don't give up do you of course not this is the big chance my.

Mistake was that I could not to be honest so the only thing I could do is be honest and keep trying to get your attention you know when however hard you try some things just don't work then I will just keep trying what on Earth if I don't give it my best I won't get through to you so I will.

Keep doing everything I can to win your heart please be prepared for it she continued to do me all kinds of favors for half a year congratulations megumi thank you yazuki please take care of my brother I will make him happy so don't worry what are you saying.

To think that things would end up like this people say that marriage is like a traffic accident but that is exactly how it turned out it was good that you crashed into my heart right I guess so it was good that I had the accident with you.

I hope will be a good couple I will love you forever Mega me me too I will love you forever takahito thank you for watching host check out our other videos as well