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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend’s older sister wants to be my GF!? [RomCom]


My name is hisaki hisaki I'm a 17 year old sophomore in high school one morning I was heading to school and I opened my door when my let's go to school together the one who was waiting for me was my childhood friend miona miotsky she's also a 17 year old sophomore we live next door to each other and we've always gotten along.

Since we were young you seem to be having a blast as usual excited because I get to go to school with you I just felt like I needed to come here to make sure you weren't late to school stop treating me like I'm three please I mean you're about as mature as one right then I need to hold your hand so I don't get lost what I.

Wouldn't do that that's embarrassing I know I'm joking I wasn't joking I want to go to school while holding her hand because I really like her but I can't tell her my feelings I didn't want it to get awkward and we couldn't go to school together anymore we were changing our shoes to our indoor shoes when Morning YouTube.

Coming to school together again how lovely this woman is mione miotsky she's 23 and she's a teacher at this school she's also miona's sister miona and I call her mione by the way they're both totally in love with each other saki cries when I don't go to school with him don't diagnose me with some weird disease I can go to school along fine.

I have alone starting tomorrow I won't cry but I'd like you to come with me fine I can go alone but I'll go with you I'm glad that you two get along that's so cute I like miones headphones I'm not sure I can handle the embarrassment mione has always liked us and always rubbed our heads I kind of felt like she was my.

Sister too miona and I are both in the classic literature Club there was a senior in here before but now it's just us Mio nay is the teacher in charge of the club too I'm in the classical literature Club because I want to become an author hey what kind of Novel are you writing right now I'm writing a novel called I reincarnated into a gun the.

Main character turns into a gun and travels with an old man should make it a young girl or something what's wrong with old man why would an old man use the main character as a gun that's a totally hard-boiled novel I don't think that that's what a lot of reincarnation series lovers want I mean that's true.

Your advice is always useful you think so I mean I'm planning on becoming an author's editor besides besides once you're a pro you said I could be a jerk you remember that huh promise seven years ago when I was 10 the novel that I wrote was mocked by a classmate something that people worked hard on you.

Better rethink your actions sorry after they left can I read it yeah but it's gonna be boring I had completely lost all confidence after being mocked um I think it's all right but I like it it's too warm you know did you want to go pro I mean yeah I was worried she'd laugh at me but then I'll be your editor.

It's my dream so once you become a pro I'll be your editor-in-chief let's make something great together I'm excited now right then it's a promise if she didn't cheer me up for my story she didn't laugh and mock me so I am who I am today I'm still able to write like before and I've always been in love with her since I really want an.

Award already good luck I believe in you becoming an author yeah thank you I'll become a pro I felt that as long as she believed in me I was able to accomplish anything uh I forgot to submit my course request I'm gonna go submit it gotcha all right I'm going to do anything for miona and once I make it I'm going to propose to her I heard some.

Notice because I'm kind of slow about those things but oh that's awesome they like each other because Fiona Mino and I both live at home and sleep in the same room but asaki I love you I wouldn't marry you she's always sleep talking her confessions for hisokona but the two don't know about the other person likes.

Them they're ignoring their own feelings I want them to actually tell each other and recognize each other's feelings all right I'm going to help the two out I'm going to make their love work in the name of being her sister mione are you not coming in you were listening to what oh if you didn't hear it's fine yeah you didn't.

Hear me I decided to start my plan immediately hey he's a I think I might have a curse for her I need to be all over you or die so yeah I gotta be all over you hey mione you're not cursed what's wrong with you are you sure about that if you turn me down I might die are you sure you're okay with me dying no I don't want you to die but it's okay then.

It shouldn't be a ah you can't rub your cheek on me seriously I'm too shy about that my first stage was to make Fiona understand what she's feeling if I start sticking all over hisakun then she would be jealous and realize I'm not scared to forgive you for this here we go she's.

Jealous you've already figured out what you're feeling is that what it is I'm not going to forgive you his sake I'm the only one that's allowed to be all stuck on meone what that's what you're jealous of oh yeah she's totally got a sister complex oh she really loves me huh that's not what I'm after damn it I don't know how to.

Get her to recognize she's in love the next day mione was all over me again what is she thinking you sure a teacher should be this close to a student it's fine that's literally something a teacher should never say what was miona doing what are you doing looking up how to break her curse.

She really believes the curse I love that she's so gullible though she's so kind little mione kept sticking on me and after she said something about the curse it was tough to say no I was red and nervous but I tried to keep my cool ah miona and his sake are always stuck on each other but it's it's frustrated.

You're lying if she doesn't do that so I know it can't be helped but seeing him all embarrassed for some reason I want you to look at me and be shy around me what what did I just say I said something insane this is like I like him or something that's not possible serious the fact that it's not at all spitting even though a beautiful woman.

Like mione is stuck on him it's so cool and the fact that he's chasing his dreams is amazing we have so much fun with him and oh wait I can't find a reason I shouldn't like him he's attractive huh do I like him I just couldn't stop thinking about it today miona and her mom went to school first and I went to school alone did you have.

Something to do today huh oh yeah I did why aren't you looking at me why are you acting so suspicious it's my new favorite hobby that's a weird hobby you should probably stop that I'm so nervous about hasaki that I can't go to with him because I'm sort of what to think about it so I can't look him in the eye is it because.

I'm in love with him I don't know because I've never been in love I can't just stay this way because he'll think I'm weird hey are you okay your face is red I'm okay all the time and ended up going Club I don't know she said she has something.

To do she's been acting so weird today she tries to avoid looking me in the eye or she turns all red I hope she's not sick and why do you look so happy oh my God she's finally realizing her good for him I'm so proud of my sister you know I honestly feel like you're acting Stranger than her recently what are you scheming.

I want you want you so I'm going to start a special class today the theme is a classmate she's really a free spirit what I was in high school I liked someone I could ask about whatever and I was waiting until graduation when back in class after graduation the person I liked announced that he was engaged to a different girl.

In my class it was a tear-filled graduation for all the wrong reasons I should have asked about sooner I was full of regrets that's rough so I don't want you to regret it like me you might think that you can do it whatever but it's actually pretty fleeting make sure you do what you can while you can what I should do now like maybe write.

And finish my fantasy novel what do I want to write right now what I want to write right now and tell people my most important feeling thanks mione for what I know what I want to write now oh I Love It Go baby go I wrote Whatever my heart desired one week later my novel was finished and I told miona I had something important to talk to her about.

I want you to read my new novel sure okay wait this main character and heroine I feel like it's me and his sake right the knees are different but it has to be oh what's he thinking whatever I'll feed through it I read the whole sentence and couldn't help but let out a voice but it said hey this is us right you used us as a bottle for the.

Characters so about the last line of the main character is that how you feel yeah that's right from the moment we made that promise I've always liked you my next goal is that I want to be your boyfriend will you make my dreams come true I said the same line as the novel and asked her out what's going on mione said that I should.

Do what I can right now and I wanted to tell you how I felt even if the relationship we have now is ruined I didn't want to not tell you the best way I could tell you my feelings was through my writing I want to continue this by writing your answer in my novel okay yeah I appreciate your feelings I want to tell you my feelings too so can I.

Borrow that laptop why the laptop I don't mind but I had typed up something that I have never said in my life but this is my feeling this is the line was written answering the main character the heroine said I like you a lot too he's such a lovely line I love that line miona I want to hear you say it though.

What not soon you're always such a little shy girl I like that about you though what's up like a celebration huh you're spunky let's go yeah that's how we started dating a few years later I was an author and Mio now was my chief.

Editor I want to work hard and for us to support each other in our professional and private lives foreign