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[Manga Dub] My childhood friend’s sister asked me out, but I thought it was just a prank… [RomCom]


you say do you have time after class today yeah I don't have anything to do you going somewhere I'm us na a regular old junior in high school the girl in front of me is my childhood friend aari mikiz zuka she's been dating my other childhood friend Koji from middle school okay then.

Come out behind the school building after class huh are you going to ask me out but you're going out with koi right maybe they broke up without me knowing no I saw them coming to school together this morning they seem pretty good to me huh of course not are you stupid I'm joking what is it well there's someone.

That wanted me to bring you out huh who is it you can find out yourself uh sure I'm curious who it is but I'll go you should be excited you're never going to have this sort of chance again again yeah I know what you're saying but you should probably keep it to yourself but someone has to be asking me out right it's not like a fake prank.

Or something I went up behind the building after class half expecting someone to prank me husun you actually came yeah I didn't understand what was going on but aari said I needed to come here I didn't expect Mater Chan to be waiting for me here though matz Miki zuka she's aari's sister and a year younger than us but we'd hung out often.

Since I was around aari a lot we get along well but that means it's not a confession or something aari Chan is more of a sister than anything else Yun do you know why I called you back here no idea is there something you want to tell me in private yeah what do you think of me h i mean I'm just an only child so to me you're like a sister.

Sister but I'm not your real sister so we could just get along well right yeah I guess so you're probably the only sophomore I talk to in school right which means I guess I'm the youngest of the bunch huh right I guess so so you like me right yeah we've been around each other for over 10 years I can't despise you.

Really then you were go out with me huh can you say that again I feel like she just dropped a nonchalant bomb on me let's go out wait is she asking me out when did she like me no way we've been together for over 10 years she would have asked me out way sooner so this must be some kind of prank right a Ki told her to come here I'm going to tell.

Her what's what when I see her tomorrow sorry uh I'm going to go home huh what about your answer there's no answer see you it's a prank anyway but I knew he wasn't interested in me but I didn't realize that it was this bad I headed home alone the next day what the hell did you do you turned down matery are you stupid huh I'm the.

One that has a fight to pick you don't have a right to say anything you're not popular so stop pretending like you're a badass and go talk to her huh that was stupid stupid stupid you're such an idiot you little can you hear me out that confession was aari ran out of the classroom from a crouching start position wait hang on you little.

You think I'm going to give up I'll chase you down to the end of the world I'm not going to wait for you I'm on track in field buddy you're not going to catch me the second I catch you you're going to tell me all about your silly little prank Frank what are you talking about stupid why are you acting like you don't.

Know I don't know but stop following me she turned but I'm not going to let her go huh why you stop I can't stop at time I ran into the girl that was around the corner and knocked her down uh sorry oh it's you I didn't hit you that hard so you're okay right yeah I'm okay stop sitting there like a girl come on I'll help you.

Up thanks not only did you turn her down you pushed her onto her back you better take full responsibility huh what are you doing here so the girl that's on the ground you say she's right I want you to take responsibility sorry I thought I ran.

Into aari yeah I figured I was so surprised cuz both of you came flying through here oh I see what were you doing here anyway this is for upper classmen you're in the lower floors right yeah I just wanted to know why you've rejected me yesterday huh that wasn't a prank that aari set up are you stupid why would I do that.

Because you like to mess with with me yeah but this was a real confession from her she didn't have the courage for years to ask you so I made a time and place sis stop it you're embarrassing me it's the truth so just roll with it no besides part of the reason he thought it was a prank to begin with was because of you.

Sorry she actually apologized she's easy on family huh hey you sayun if you know that I'm not just pranking you you'll rethink your answer right well I told you yesterday but you're more of a sister than anything to me then can you look at me as a woman do you like older girls no if anything I like younger girls okay then let's go.

Out I don't know why do you not like me or is it because I'm your younger sister I mean that might be part of it aari wouldn't shut up if I went out with you hey you too don't blame me it's the truth though yeah it is you need to get along with your boyfriend you two are so mean I'm going.

Back to class akari hobbled her way back to class I'll tell you everything now that she's gone I've always liked you so I want you to go out with me thank you you and I'm sorry huh what do you mean I mean now I know you were serious but I thought it was a prank I'm sorry and I'm honestly happy that you like me but now that I know you're serious I want to.

Make sure I give you a proper answer too yeah thanks can I have a little time okay I'll wait a week or so both of us went our separate ways you say you're finally back you look upset what's up nothing were you asked out again how do you know that I mean aari told me oh okay wait you're not with aari yeah she was complaining up a storm but now she's.

Taking a nap cuz she's upset huh I mean matri Chan was pretty mad at her yeah it's aari though I'm sure she'll be fine when she wakes up but did you start dating Moz Reon no I kept it on hold and came back huh why you guys get along now so there's no reason to say no I mean yeah but there's got to be someone that's better suited.

For dating her that's seriously what's been stopping you she likes you so that's enough you're what she needs I mean I guess so he's not wrong but I'm not sure if I'm really good enough for her right what about her face and personality huh that's sudden I mean.

It's kind of important if you're going to date her she's kind and calm so I like her personality her face she's cute then go tell her and go out with her shut up man I know if you know then I'll stop luxury you after talking to Koji I knew what I felt but oh you're going home now yeah you yeah me too we're close anyways want to go home.

Together yeah that sounds good hey can I go over today sure we can watch movies on redflix or something yeah let's do that we headed over to my house you okay with horror movies yeah but neither of us are really bad with horror so it won't be much fun this is kind of normal now for us huh we all played games in our room until Koji and akari started.

Going out after they started dating I started just hanging out with matz richan we watched a movie for about an hour this isn't fun at all would it just end it yeah it's just screams and Loud Noises it's not scary at all okay let's go to romance then wait thinking about this again this is totally just a date right now I'm really nervous.

Uh how about we call it for the day huh it's only like 5:30 though I texted my mom that I'm at your house but if we watch another 2-hour movie it's going to be past 7:00 p.m. let's watch that Romance movie another time okay let's just play a game I'll leave a little past 6 okay sure okay the next day hey Koji there's something I want you to.

Help me with what is it well I was watching a movie with Matan in my room yesterday did you answer her there no no I was too nervous so I didn't say anything what the hell you two are just watching a movie in your room you're clearly getting along just go out I mean before I was just with a friend that's all I thought and what did.

You want to ask me well how did you ask her huh that's a little sudden h huh well you were friends with aari for the longest time right I figured it might help me figure out what I need to do to ask out Ms reach on it's simple I just asked her out when we were hanging out together Ah that's no help sorry I actually do things like a man when the.

Time comes unlike you yeah you're right I should just figure it out on my own yeah you got this man by the way want to go to a theme park tomorrow huh with just us we can invite aari too okay sure but you don't want to go with just you two I mean sometimes it's probably a good idea to hang out with the three of us I'll let her know okay.

Thanks the next day I was told we would all meet up at the park so I headed there when huh moeran oh good morning you seun you're late man Co Chief what the what the hell what do you mean it's a double date we're going to be going our own way though huh right off the bat I set it up for you so you better do this right yeah.

Thanks man good luck COI you're done talking let's go yeah I'm coming we're going on our date now so you guys make sure to have fun too hey this is like we were on a date too it's not like we're on a date we are on a date huh let's have fun huh yeah let's go on the roller coaster next COI did a lot for me I got to do this right yeah let's we hung out.

For about 2 hours at the park Matan haven't we been on enough roller coasters yeah we've been on at least 10 so I'm satisfied is there something you want to get on let's get on the ferris wheel then yeah that's a great idea you like the Ferris wheels they're okay but right now I want to get on the ferris wheel the most oh okay maybe it's a good.

Break from all the other roller coasters huh we got on the ferris wheel together wow it's so high up yeah it's higher than the roller coasters you don't like high places right yeah I hated going to the monkey bars too right then when did you get so okay with it I just remember you started hanging out with us up top well that was thanks to you huh what did.

I do you remember how you and my sister like to go up high yeah we used to jump off from tall places I mean they say idiots and smoke like high places so I figured I wanted to play there too you practiced with me remember yeah we slowly climbed up higher and got used to it you probably wanted to play but you always took the time to help me I didn't.

Do much you were the one that put in the work that's not true if you didn't tell me I probably still wouldn't like tall places I'm glad to hear that you probably don't know but you've really broadened my horizons you know that's why I like you I know there's a few days left till I can hear your reply but I'd love to find out now okay can I answer.

Now then he will yeah that's why I wanted to get on the ferris wheel okay then can you tell me okay I was really confused when I found out that it was a real confession I was happy but since you were so important to me I felt that maybe you could be with someone better but that was partly because I wasn't.

Confident of myself and I was running away I decided that I would make you happy so I'll answer you now I like you too please go out with me yeah thanks but you're mistaken about what you said that you'd make me happy the truth is I've always been happy around you right I guess I thought a little too hard about it huh I'm happy just to be around.

You too okay thank you I'm glad we feel the same way let's have fun together I didn't have confidence in myself so I didn't reply on time but I'm going to grow a pair and tell the person I like that I like her from now on later I mean a few minutes later seems like you finally asked her out huh yeah thanks man you took long enough you really.

Should have gone out sooner sorry I know I don't have balls sometimes seriously you're just the only one that can take care of her so bugle up kiddo you might be my brother-in-law in the future yeah do my best I didn't know at the time that that would really happen 5 years later thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other.

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