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[Manga Dub] My childhood love found out that I had a girlfriend and… [RomCom]


Good morning cousin Ari I stepped out of my door to find my childhood friend kokone inamori waiting for me outside I've known her since we were babies and we usually walk to school together oh my name is kazanari imojo and I've always had feelings for her good morning coconay we're almost through the week finally.

I know I can't even explain how relieved I am five days is too long Friday is our favorite day of the school week we've been waiting for the weekend and it was finally here oh yeah you know arrive from class C somebody asked out again wow really she's so popular tell me about it all the guys from.

School are asking her out she's so jealous of her the girl coconay is talking about is the most popular girl in school her name is irishiratori she's in the same grade as us she's known to be beautiful inside and out and that's what makes her so popular she's been asked out countless times but.

Nobody has been successful in dating her everyone thinks she's impregnable but the boys keep trying I've heard rumors of an unknown boyfriend to explain why she keeps shutting guys down well she's pretty and kind at the same time it's no surprise Everyone likes her do you like her too.

Huh no I don't like her like that you hesitated something's fishy I was just caught off guard that's the only reason she's only ever been in my class once even then we didn't talk at all I I don't even know her that well.

You don't believe me do you I wouldn't blame you if you did she gorgeous well yeah I admit she's pretty but that doesn't mean I have feelings for her are you sure of course I am kokone you're the one I like I wanted her to know how I felt but I.

Couldn't tell her since I was scared of ruining our friendship I wish I had the guts to tell her but what do I do if she doesn't feel the same for me she's been by my side my whole life I don't want to destroy what we have I need her I don't think I can go on living if I.

Find out she doesn't feel the same way that's why I haven't been able to confess my feelings to her one day after school I've had feelings for you since we were in the same class will you go out with me irie asked to talk to me and suddenly confessed her feelings for me.

Kidding right no I'm being very serious I couldn't believe what was happening the school's it girl was asking me out she's known for dumping every single guy however um I'm sorry I have feelings for someone else hearing her say she likes me felt.

Amazing but my heart already belongs to somebody else she deserves to know the truth as to why I couldn't date her it would be dishonest and disloyal if I lied to her face by saying yes you like coconut am I right well I've been watching you for a very long.

Time I know that you like her but you guys aren't dating yet right she's more forward than I thought she would be well yes we're not dating yet then please will you date me just to try things out well we can date for a bit and then you can tell me if our time together doesn't.

Change your mind but I re are you sure you're okay with that you know where my feelings are huh I'm okay with it I already knew you didn't have feelings for me I told you how I felt because I wanted to give us a chance by spending more time with you but I'm not sure this is that's how much I like you kazunari I'm.

Done with just watching you just give me a chance I have no idea what it is about me that you like so much there's nothing special about me oh what are you talking about don't tell me you forgot about all the times you helped me back but if you were in the same class.

Huh what are you talking about you helped me with the teacher asked me to bring everyone's books to the classroom and she went to make your umbrella on a rainy day when you saw someone had taken Mine by mistake you also saved me from a straight dog when it was barking at me.

Oh I faintly remember all of those incidents but I didn't think much of them back then I'm begging you I'm only asking for a few weeks or a few days irie I can see how determined she is I can't shut her down it'll be cruel.

Plus it's not like coconay likes me that way anyways dating the school's most popular girl would be amazing all right let's give it a try oh are you are you sure I can see you're serious about us and I already know how good of a person you are.

This is a dream come true because Inari I'll make sure you don't regret this decision I couldn't believe I was going to start dating the prettiest girl in school the next day hey I'm sorry I made you wait irie and I were meeting up to go on our first date however although I arrived 30.

Minutes early she was already there oh good morning don't worry about me I came an hour early because I was so excited about our date I didn't expect you to be coming 30 minutes early it means a lot well okay thanks oh gosh she's pushing all the right buttons here I come.

Are you really I mean we're on a date is this not okay oh no it's fine of course it's okay wow she's making me nervous I can see why the other guys all like her how can anyone resist her you have no idea how happy I am right now.

You are I'm glad I feel bad though I've never been on a date with a girl so I'm really nervous right now me neither you're the first guy I've been on a date with this is the first day of my life my heart is pounding if you hadn't noticed.

But kazunari don't you always hang out with coconut outside of school we used to hang out a lot before starting high school but we haven't chilled out of school for a while now plus even if we did hang out we wouldn't consider it a date I see I'm relieved to hear that I don't want to sound selfish but I want.

You all to myself somebody help me my heart is beating so fast it's like a bomb about to go off we headed toward the amusement park but it was already feeling overwhelmed irie was so cute I couldn't handle it what do you want to ride is there anything you would like to start with well I would enjoy writing.

Anything you want to ride irie I see okay why don't we try out the roller coaster irie I didn't know you liked roller coasters of course I do I love all the thrilling Vines they got me so excited she looks so quiet and calm on the outside.

That's why I didn't realize she was so active until yesterday once we got on the roller coaster Avery grabbed onto my shirt and didn't let go until the end of the ride she doesn't seem to be enjoying it huh that was so much fun Iris seemed happy when we got off the roller coaster.

She didn't look like she was scared at all really you had fun of course it was amazing I wish it never ended well we can ride it again um well you see though we shouldn't focus on just one ride that's boring we should try some of the other rides too.

I guess she was just trying to put up a brave front but why is he trying to act like that I wanted to ask her but I stopped myself since it could ruin the date after that we enjoyed the rest of the day together before we knew it it was almost time to go home.

Once we get off the ferris wheel we're gonna have to head home huh yeah time flies when we're having fun hmm I don't want to go home yet huh what do you if we were adults we would be able to spend the night together I wish we were older.

Yeah that's true I almost freaked out I thought she was going to ask me if we could spend the night somewhere but I guess I was wrong it can't be helped but you know we can hang out tomorrow if you're up for it are you sure yeah I had a lot of fun today and you.

Know I'm your boyfriend irie oh you are aren't you okay I'm looking forward to tomorrow already uh-huh me too good night ivory good night kazunari thank you for bringing me home tonight be careful on your way home.

I will thanks see you tomorrow our first date was over so I took irie home and said goodbye I have to admit it was an amazing date she surprised me when she asked me out but I enjoyed our date I couldn't get over how lovable she was I loved spending the day with her I know the start of our relationship.

Wasn't typical but I felt content and happy I guess that means I made the right choice the next day oh what you're here earlier than me kazunari I made sure to be over an hour early since irie told me she had waited for an hour the day before.

I was glad to see she was pleased waking up early wasn't easy but it was all worth it just to see her smile laughs I can't believe we're spending another day together I know I'm so happy to be here with you are you sure you're okay with going shopping today.

Yep I'm up for anything you want to do irie you are so sweet cousin Ari we walked around enjoying each other's company for a bit then headed for the nearest shopping mall what do you think about this one we started picking out some clothes for her.

Irie told me she wanted to start wearing clothes that would make me like her more I've never met anybody as sweet as her wow you look amazing but with your looks anything would look good on you hmm but I want to wear clothes that you would enjoy seeing me in I see how about you start trying on other.

Outfits then okay let's do it irie went back into the dressing room and came out to go pick out another outfit her next outfit shocked me do you like it she looked so mature and sexy gosh I don't know where to look.

You look great but maybe you could try something a little more age-appropriate I agree I'm a little embarrassed already yeah I can't wear this yeah let's go see something else okay I should get out of this we went looking for a different set of clothes what about this one.

The next outfit she chose was a boyish one that she had probably never worn before however I couldn't help but think she looked great in it her sophisticated look and the boyish outfit surprisingly merged well to be honest I liked it a lot yes you look great in this one it's a.

Nice change from your usual clothes thanks this is at the top of my list since I don't have anything in my closet I agree do you want to try on some more yes I'm having so much fun what about you kazunari I'm having a great time I love seeing you in so many different outfits.

You're so sweet the next outfit she chose was uh what about this one a black Gothic Lolita dress she even tied her hair up in pigtails I didn't know they had Gothic Lolita clothes here me neither I was a little surprised I'm surprised she chose this to try on I.

Mean she looks so pretty but I can't imagine her walking around like that irie looks a little embarrassed too I think you look cute will you buy it uh I don't know I don't think I can pull this off I'm a little self-conscious now okay let's go see if there's anything else yes please.

We walked around the shopping mall for a while trying on clothes at each shop in the end she chose the outfit she wore at the beginning of the date she also wanted the boyish outfit but she wanted more time to choose between different boyish clothes she decided she would pick the best boyish outfit for her next time.

I like the boyish outfit too but I wanted her to do what she wanted to do so I agreed irie let me hold that for you oh kazanori you are so good to me but it's not that heavy I think I'll be okay okay let me know if you change your mind I will thank you.

Where do you want to go next cousin hurry huh coconay you guys look really close what's going on um well we're what's going on tell me it's not difficult to figure out coconut there are the dates I think they're.

Dating this can't be true dating everybody it is a trail um well actually we're dating huh cousin Dory and I have been dating since the day before yesterday.

Coconut it's me I'm the one who knows you better I'm the one who's lied you longer I was taken aback by kokone's words I had no idea she had feelings for me I was in Ari uh I only started dating irie to test things out between us now that I know coconut has feelings for me too the best.

Thing to do is to break things off with irie to be with coconay but I'm sorry coconay it's true irie and I are a couple thank you for telling me how you feel I'm sorry that you had to find out about us this way irie is the one for me I really like her.

Oh I see I hope you don't hate me we should get going now coconay probably doesn't want to see my face right now I decided it would be best for us to leave the area thankfully coconay was with her friends they can be there to comfort her.

Umari huh what is it I don't know why I'm saying I'm saying this well you know you can go get her if you want nah this is what I want I realize that you are the one I want to be with irie.

Spending the day with you made me see what I truly want I think being your boyfriend will make me the happiest man on Earth that's why I picked you irie thank you cousin Ari we will do everything I can to make you happy I promise I think you just just my line I'm here for you through thick and thin.

I'm going to do my best for you after what I put coconay through I promised myself I would never hurt irie it's the least I can do to make up for breaking kokane's heart irie and I left the shopping mall and we made sure not to bump into kokone again we took a walk through the park which was a nice way to spend time with her.

I couldn't be more positive about this I like irie after we said our goodbyes I arrived home to find kokone waiting for me outside my door I braced myself for another dramatic scene but instead of acting angry with me kokone asked me if we could stay friends.

I gave her my word and we all finally found peace or so I thought hey you two are together again I re relax it's okay we're only talking you need to keep your distance you guys are standing way too close irie felt uneasy whenever she saw coconay and me together.

She didn't try to hide that she was jealous whenever we started talking I know that the best thing to do is to cut ties with coconut but but she's my childhood friend we've been through so much together and I don't think I can do that I think there will be some drama in the coming days.

Just FYI everyone eventually found out about us dating all the guys reacted harshly I don't think they like me very much however I think I can overcome anything they throw at me as long as I have irie by my side that's all that matters to me for watching how was today's video.

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