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[Manga Dub] My classmate came over pretending to be my girlriend [RomCom


My name is Hiro homurado I'm a 16 year old high school student I spend every spare moment studying to prepare myself for the entrance exam of the most difficult University to attend in Japan so yes I don't have friends well I have one harukoon you're working hard as always I don't know how many times I've told you.

It's hero not hero I know I like messing with you well you don't have to mess with me every day the girl's name is akari hinose she comes over to talk to me every day that makes her a rare existence she's a top level human people like her don't usually talk to guys like me.

So um Hathaway how do you like my hair today it looks great do you mean that that makes me so happy wait but you're not even looking at me hey Hino Saison comes from a wealthy family but she never looks down on commoners she's easy going.

And fun to talk to I always considered School a place to study so I never thought I would enjoy her company like this one day I took a day off from school because I was feeling sick when I woke up in the evening you're awake how are you feeling she knows he saw.

Yer well I came out of bringing you the notes from today's class wait did you take notes just for me so could you bring them to my place yep thank you wow you've summarized everything so neatly this is amazing I really appreciate it.

This is so helpful you're welcome I'm glad I could help out he could I bought you rice porridge don't call me she Kuna this woman is my mother I can't tell you how old she is because she's self-conscious put the porridge over here I know why don't you let your little.

Girlfriend feed you you don't know how relieved I am I never thought you would end up with such a pretty girlfriend I can't wait for her to become my daughter girlfriend what are you talking about that is so sweet of you to say Enjoy your time young ones uh I apologize on behalf of my mother used to think you're my girlfriend for.

Some reason it's okay that's not your mother's fault she asked me what my relationship with you was I told her that I'm your girlfriend why would you lie to her oh um I keep dreaming about what it would be like to be your girlfriend so.

I think kind of slipped out before I could hold it in sorry uh wait Hino Saison you like me yes hirokun I have feelings for you ever since that day six years ago uh that day I don't expect you to remember my family owned a big dog called saboris.

He was a vicious dog only loyal to my mother I not his tail and he started chasing me that was when my hero appeared the hero held Severus in his arms it's gonna be okay nobody's gonna hurt you the boy who turned out to be you managed.

To save my life by calming the feral dog after that he ran off somewhere it seemed like you were in a hurry but I never forgot about you the way you handled Severus only a person with a pure heart could communicate with animals like that it was love at first sight and I was attracted to you even more.

After uniting again to know you in high school so that's why you keep calling me hirokun why didn't you tell me you knew me earlier well I was gonna tell you what I asked you out so hirokun what do you think I'm honored that you think that way about me but I have to get accepted to the most difficult University in Japan.

I don't have the time or capacity for anything other than studying I'm really sorry oh I see why do you want to go to the most difficult University in Japan my mother her dream was to become a manga Creator before she got divorced but she gave up her dream to raise me.

She has a stay-at-home job as a translator now I don't want my mother to have to give up her dream I need to get a job with a proper salary if I want to support her and her dream I don't want to be a burden to her anymore I want to help her succeed that's why I decided to apply to a top.

Level University to raise my chances of getting accepted to a top tier company I'm in awe you are such a caring son how wonderful hirokun please let me help you achieve your goals how will you help me let me think how about I hire seven of our best home tutors in Japan using the hinose family's power.

I wouldn't expect less from you thanks but I don't have the money to pay such high-ranking tutors you won't have to pay them please think of this as my way of thanking you for saving me all I did was calm a dog this is too much to ask in return that's a true I would have been ripped into pieces by sebaris if you haven't.

Stepped in to save me hey raccoon You Are My Savior that dog he really hates me I feel for you okay fine I'll accept your offer the next day my first tutor arrived he is one of the top seven tutors in Japan Mister what would you do Nobunaga he teaches Japanese history.

I'll ignore his outfit thank you for coming Mr Nobunaga I wasn't sure if I could focus after seeing what he was wearing but his methods were fantastic I learned so much in one session you are in good hands young man how Nobunaga talked sir I need you to stay in character I will be in charge of.

Teaching English I am one of the seven tutors here is my certificate take a good look you exceeded all of my expectations I'm grateful you're teaching me English but have you heard of personal space we need to be close to make sure your pronunciation is correct oh no are you blushing.

of healthier you are you say that but your face is bright red as well I was born with a red face I am called akari the post box princess by many oh I see okay sensei can you tell me more about this part Sensei it has such a nice ring to it you.

Could keep calling me that during classes um this is where you are wow you're good at explaining hinose Sensei you're great how about how about we go with a car akari sensei akari sensei wonderful you're doing great.

Aquarie turned me dinner for us tonight you are so lucky to have such an amazing girlfriend he's not my girlfriend oh come on don't be shy hikoon you have to learn to be more confident my mother still thinks he knows his son is my girlfriend I've given up trying to.

Convince her otherwise since she thinks I'm denying it because I'm shy can I call you hikun as well uh please don't I don't like it oh hey this rolled omelette is really good I'm glad you like it seeing you happy is what gives me purpose in life my feelings for Hino sistan continue to grow after that.

I should have been focused on studying but she was all I could think about summer break Hino cesan suggested we go on a trip her parents owned a house on a beach overseas I agreed to go since it would be a great chance to practice my English hero you're on a beach why don't.

You close that book for a bit um how do I look do you think this bikini suits me oh uh yes you look great that is nice to hear uh do you have your back to me how would you know if you won't look at me I have eyes on the back of my head did you not.

Know can't look at her I think I might fade if I do hear what's up I can't look straight at you because you shine so brightly Akira sama the woman who brilliantly pointed out what my heartfelt is Hino saison's maid slash bodyguard her name is MayMay and.

She's 22 years old apparently she's strong enough to sink the whole island did you not bring a bathing suit oh my I'm in a pickle hero Sama seems to be longing to see me in a bathing suit what see me in a bikini enough for you that's.

You made her cry I will execute you no your assumption made her cry why did you have to say it out loud seeing you in a bikini is more than I deserve I I I can't look at you because because you're too beautiful please stop crying uh okay why don't we have some fun now uh uh I have to study you need to take a break hirokun.

Yeah you're right taking a day off won't hurt I feel so alive right now I never thought something like this would happen to me studying was my whole life this feels great we played at the beach until evening we were heading back to the shore when he knows his son I pulled a muscle I.

Can't move can you call somebody for help oh my are you okay Akira summer please wait here I will go get him May Mason helped me out of the water and we return to shore I don't see Akira sama you're right I wonder where she went I think your GPS receiver inside her bathing suits let's check it.

GPS in a bathing suit that's insane Akira song is moving fast she seems to be in a car did someone take her against her will what why would anybody have dug tinose-san the bathing suit she was wearing it cost 30 million yen a fashion magazine introduced it in a recent issue I have a.

Feeling some jerk realized it's worth and took her with it I will call the place that follows the GPS to her it may take some time for the police to survive at the main island take me with you may son no it's too dangerous I need you to wait here so I can safely rescue her no way how can I sit back and wait when.

She might be in danger I'm worried she might get hurt I promise I won't get in your way please take me with you you're not gonna listen to me are you hold on tight I'm gonna run now wait shouldn't we take a car I will get there faster if I run seriously sure May Mason is a robot she was indeed.

Faster than any car we passed on the way so hand it over the 30 million yen bathing suit don't worry we have a set of clothes prepared for you we'll even turn around while you change he's kind of hard to hate what this bathing suit means a lot to me the.

Person I am in love with told me that I look beautiful in this bikini I'm not going to give it to you fine I guess we'll have to take it off for you who are you I finally found you you scumbags how dare you take the most precious woman in this world do you have any lost words guys get her.

What the heck she's too strong I have no choice you better not come any closer you have no idea what I'm capable of you're going to let me go if you want to keep the girl safe or else I'm going to are you trying to abandon your friends you don't get to do that idiot goon.

Mami-san knew the culprit would try to escape by taking kinose-san hostage that's why she told me to enter the building using the back door so nobody would see me I'm glad you're here hey take me do much.

I've been able to save you if it wasn't for May Meson you were a big help you just hit me from the man who was threatening my life I mean so much that you came after me hirokun he will always be my hero yeah I plan on staying by your side to protect you he knows really.

Yes I was so worried about you I felt like my heart was about to burst that's when I realized how much you meant to me I like you Hino Saison I want to become a real hero one that will protect that beautiful smile on your face.

You don't know how much that means to me thank you no thank you for being alive I see you have both forgotten that I exist do you realize how much effort I put into this Akira Sama here are some clothes please get changed the way I would ever forget you may may.

Thank you for coming all this way to save me well you wouldn't have been abducted if I had done my job right I shouldn't have taken my eyes off you I apologize I hope you forgive me son none of this is your fault I think my pulling my muscle is to blame for this incident no here are summer you do not have to.

Feel responsible for this incident however please remember one thing if you ever heard Akira Sama in any right I will come for you you will not get away from me I will throw you to the Moon you will never come back I can tell you're not joking which is why it's terrifying but I promise you I will never do anything.

To hurt hinose-san not while I'm alive hero well then you'll take lessons from me we need to build your body you need to become strong enough to protect akirasama from anything huh oh I forgot to tell you may Mei is one of the seven tutors I was talking about she's in charge of physical education.

Oh I see she's my tutor first we will start with ten thousand push-ups since you are beginner uh ten thousand Maybe you can't go too hard on herocoon this is an order I have to be strict or he won't get any better.

Fine hero time to run huh our relationship started with a simple lie to my mother who knew the LIE would come true now that it's all true I plan to protect her no matter what thank you for watching how's today's.

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