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[Manga Dub] My classmate overheard me saying she was not as cute as some pop idol [RomCom]


Hey Mr akaba I got serious stuff to talk to you about what is this what's all the hurry let's take a look at these photos is there a girl here that's your type what he showed me were some photos of a popular Idol group this is really out of the blue what's up this is to get you to become infatuated.

With these sexy Idols like me huh give me a break I have absolutely no interest in these so-called Idols my name is chiaki akaba my classmate is a die-hard idol fanatic aptly called otaku he approached me and well he started gushing about how great this or that Idol was I know that you the great Lord akaba would appreciate who.

Would be the most fabulous how would I even know that and stop calling me Lord Akbar would you well that's because you are pure and Noble Lord akaba a sex-deprived fellow like you would become infatuated with this sex deprived give me a break man and again stop with that Lord crap I suppose I.

Have a look especially my glare that makes me look a little intimidating and hard to approach which by the way is not true at all despite my looks I don't have much luck with girls and so my classmates pick on me for being squeaky clean world just for fun could you tell me which of these girls you find most.

Attractive oh man all right give it here he seems to think it's so easy but I have no idea about these Idols this year's a group that I am oh so crazy about don't you think that this one here looks a bit like miss Nana say okay yeah she does look a bit like her and this one looks similar to my classmate Miu to be you an idol huh I'm Mew.

Ayasaki your angel from heaven hmm kind of nice I must admit but a little like those cute anime witch characters on TV well if I was to pick a cute Idol I suppose if I was to pick one it would be her I pointed to one girl that looked a bit like my classmate Miu she didn't seem too flashy.

I see hey could you give me as to why you chose her well let's see she seems different from Sana this one looks like she's quiet and unassuming I suppose I prefer a girl like Miu Sana is more of a model type but Miu looks more like the idol type in my opinion I.

Just happen to blurt out what I honestly thought when hey what do you mean by that how different am I in your opinion huh hey Sana so chiaki you prefer Miss ayasaki to me is that what you're saying so you think I'm not cute okay chiaki at least you're being honest.

Hey come on wait I didn't mean it that way goodbye come on it's on it how did I even get myself into this mess apparently Sana was listening to the whole conversation and it really upset her she just took off looking a bit insulted what I said was she was more of a model.

Than an idol a model being prettier in my opinion that's what I meant to say Sana apparently took it the wrong way but I guess I didn't explain it properly so I wanted to explain and put things right um hey Sana can I talk to you for a second please I'm busy but it seems sana's pretty pissed off and would not.

Even give me the time of day I would try and talk to her several times but she managed to avoid me at every turn one day after no progress Lord akaba there was an extremely important favor I want to ask you sire what now this is just between me and you but I made up my mind I'm gonna go for that new rent to Idol.

Scheme I'm hearing about Renta Idol what the hell is that is there even such a thing where have you been all these years it's a scheme that allows you to rent an idol of course they're not professionals but close enough oh yeah you can think of it as the idol version of those dating sites I suppose hmm I.

See and so what's it got to do with me didn't even realize such a thing existed for your information I decided to select the pretty girl like that Idol I showed you the other day she was my favorite so does he mean that girl who looked a bit like Sana oh shoot wait one second.

An idol that looks like Sana going to be rented out love I will be your idol and yours alone so bad however it's not what you think sire not what you're imagining mind you it's more.

Restricted to watching a stage show with her performing or just taking photos together that kind of fan service uh don't get the wrong idea I don't have any lewd thoughts or anything oh are you sure about that okay get on with it what's this important favor you want yes yes about.

That when I rent the idol well I would very much appreciate if you would come along huh come off it no way why don't you just do it yourself you don't need me no way man I decided on the rental because there was one that I really liked but the more I thought about it the more nervous I got Lord akaba please come.

With me besides you have no interest in Idols so it's easy for you right no interest let's stop with the Lord ah what's the use do you really have to ask me I mean go ask somebody else I'm sure you can find a lot of takers huh how can I ask anybody else it has to be you my Lord akaba of course I'll pay for everything.

So please help me out here dude uh seems like you have your mind set on it so all right I guess yes you're sure about this no backing out later okay that's that keep your weekend open I'll contact you about the details later yeah right so I reluctantly gave into his pleading.

And now I was about to experience this so-called Renta Idol thing to be honest not a huge fan of all this Idol stuff but then again might be kind of fun then that day came huh why is Sana here it was Sana who came she was the rent to Idol really so miss sonnet.

You are the rental Idol huh otaku didn't you even know that come on dude okay guys let's have some fun today yeah let's have a ton of fun Yes siree yeah right have fun of course otaku knows about Sana and he looked pretty nervous Sana seemed a little uptight too and she.

Would peek a glance at me now and again but Sana is working so she makes no attempt to talk to me man this is driving me crazy okay about today's schedule first off we'll do the live performance and then go on to the greeting slash handshaking stuff and then finally we can go on to the photo shoot what do you think yes that sounds.

Great okay then let me get prepared just when Sana was getting ready for the performance uh huh huh what's the matter otaku I forgot about one important thing huh one important thing you know I just remembered I forgot to do the homework I was assigned it's due tomorrow oh yeah well you got plenty of time to do it when you get home later today right no.

Way it's the otaku family rule we must not go out to play unless we have finished our homework oh yeah maybe in this case they will so I'm really sorry but I gotta get back home don't you worry about the money I got that covered Lord akaba and one other thing can you put together a report of today's little gathering.

100 Pages or so will do see ya what are you nuts a hundred Pages this guy said what he had to say and just simply took off and left me holding the bag besides what's with the stupid reasoning what the hell am I going to do now he's the one who wanted to do this rent to Idol stuff I mean this wasn't even my idea uh excuse me but huh yeah I have to.

Prepare so could you leave the room please oh yeah right sorry about that what an idiot right ah I just went along and did what I was told and left the room but maybe I should have just canceled the whole thing but she's already preparing and to cancel it now would be kind of impolite.

Why oh boy completely screwed that up should have said it sooner too late now well I've come this far might as well have as much fun as possible yeah go for it oh yeah hey everyone are you having fun yeah yippee having a super fun time go Santa go sauna for some reason I was having a lot of fun.

This rent to Idol isn't all that bad I was never really interested in Idols at all and thought this rent to Idol stuff to be some stupid gimmick but this is actually great once you get into it and come to think of it Sana does make a pretty good Idol and some of the dance moves were how should I put it sexy.

Okay get ready for it the last song of the day yeah gosana after the live performance it was finally time for Greetings handshakes where fans get to shake hands with and talk to the idol of their dreams of course it's all sort of pretend play thank you so much for coming today yeah.

I should be thanking you I had so much fun really I'm so glad so then could you root for me in no other Idol of course there's nobody better or prettier than you don't go changing your mind now what I would never do that you have my word how can I not root for you after that performance that was amazing the time just flew the.

Last part was a photo shoot okay here we go a picture of the two of us come on get a little closer would ya well that's pretty close but I suppose we're supposed to do it like this hey come on what are you waiting for I know this is supposed to be working all but I feel sort of well I don't know confused huh what's up oh well.

Sana wants to do stuff like this so I have no right to say anything but I still had mixed feelings about this whole thing but all in all although I had such feelings Sana looked like she was having fun and I did get to see a side of Sana that I had never seen before which was sort of refreshing so thanks for coming today I had fun.

That does it for today that's it huh wow that ended so quickly yeah by the way yes Donna sauna what is it she said it was all work so I figured no talking about personal stuff but maybe that's not the case what did you think I mean you know.

My performance was I a good Idol I really thought you were great your performance was top-notch and very pretty and Idol like oh really did you really think so well of course it's a given yeah right I'm just glad that you finally thought that I was suitable as an idol huh.

Does that mean does that mean you're doing this rent to idle gig because of what I said well I suppose I was yes that's right uh yeah I practice all kinds of songs and dance steps don't get me wrong it was not to get revenge or anything it's just that I didn't want to be seen as an attractive I suppose I just wanted.

You to see me as pretty ha I'm so sorry for what I said it was insensitive of me but that was all a misunderstanding misunderstanding what do you mean I never thought you were unattractive in the least to be honest I think you're very attractive I've always thought so.

Huh really but you said that I was not I don't like what was that about that's what I mean I may have said you didn't look like an idol but I said you seemed more like a model that's what I said but you didn't catch the last part you're pretty stylish and fashionable just like a fashion model I see so that's what you meant huh I'm so.

Relieved it was all just one big misunderstanding I feel so silly yeah well me too I'm relieved you understand if that's true I just brushed you off they must have come up as really obnoxious sorry about that no no I didn't explain it clearly you know me not really good with words.

Uh if you don't mind could you not continue with this rent to Idol stuff huh why you know although it's probably just a job you still have to dance and sing in front of these fanatic fans as you did with me today right yeah I suppose I don't know what I'm even talking about.

It's just that you Sana dancing and singing in front of complete strangers well I can't bear it so that's how you feel yeah so that's why I want you to quit doing this idle rental stuff okay I see so chiaki you don't want other guys ogling me is that it yeah that's right what is something wrong with that.

So that means you got a crush on me is that it uh-huh no no don't get too far ahead of yourself I mean you know well truth be told the whole Renton Idol is all just made up made up what do you mean for starters there is no such thing as a renting Idol I mean come on did you.

Really believe it huh are you serious hold on a second what do you mean then what was all this today the whole performance handshaking and photo op I asked otaku to bring you here we set up this whole thing huh for real I wanted to show you that I could be an idol so I asked otaku for some advice he's really into Idols as you know so I figured he.

Had some good advice and well he did the this ain't happening he told me all about idols and gave me some pointers on how I could showcase my idol capabilities so to speak so he came up with the idea of a rent an idol and lured you in works like a charm didn't it hold it right there yep that's right.

Otaku helped me out every step of the way otaku you lying SOB that lying no good I thought it was my friend trapped me like some dirty rat oh yeah for your information he decided to help me out because I resembled his favorite Idol apparently yeah I do recall him saying that when we.

Were looking at those photos no mercy for these two no way chiaki you did say you were going to root for me all the way right not another girl right so just this one time please forgive me I'm gonna stop being a fan darn it I was swindled tricked into it the cute face isn't going to do it please don't look.

At me like that you did promise me that right chiaki no way you would fall for another girl I know it ah please don't ever look away always be with me don't know how long it can hold out how could any normal guy not forgive such a cute and Angelic face with that this whole rent to Idol episode came to a conclusion it's yucky.

You close for comfort back off Sana just a friendly hug from an idol to a fan that's all please please ever since that day Sana would come to me like this every day and start teasing me not that I really mind hey otaku good morning oh my princess Sana well thanks for all.

Your help otaku because of your help shiaki calls me cute every single day now uh not exactly every day so everything went according to plan I'm so glad I was able to be of assistance to my Lord and princess now it's Lord and Princess give me a break these guys these two have no Pang of guilt about.

Mocking me well I have one little payback in store for them hey otaku for your help as a form of appreciation I wanted to give you something you will accept it won't you really for me wow I didn't realize how much you two appreciated my help here it is and I hope you will read it from start.

To finish huh what's this with that I handed otaku a stack of papers the document he asked me to write okay this report is about my impressions of the rent to Idol episode there are approximately 200 Pages huh 200 Pages you asked me to write it remember.

I took the time to write this you will read it won't you yeah well of course he said 100 pages but I opted for 200. form of harassment or maybe I should say otaku abuse you seem calm so you figure it's someone else's business do you what do you mean by that.

Well I wrote it all down every little tidbit what song you sang how your performance was what you said how you said it the works I put down everything I remembered even your little ticks and weird little sexy movements all the good and bad points it's all in there yeah okay so what she has no inkling everything that.

Happened that day it's all there uh everything yep all the embarrassing details the stuff you said the little hip Twirls everything don't want our classmates getting a hold of this document they'll squeeze it for all it's worth please don't show anyone please I'll do anything.

Sana was super cute doing that idle stick but truth be told I prefer Sana as a normal fun-loving high school girl seems more natural much cuter in my opinion thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well.