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[Manga Dub] My cowoker was in need for a boyfriend, so I pretended until one day… [RomCom]


Hey Arthur here do you want to go out for dinner sounds good I'd love to let's go my name is Asahi Baba I'm a regular office worker who does sales for a Trading Company the person standing next to me is my senior colleague Nako kawakita I learned from her every day while working on her team underneath her.

Great work today as usual here too well done Miss kawakita is something that matter huh what do you mean oh nothing I just thought you had less energy today and you were getting so much done at the office today in perfect fashion but as soon as we left you seemed a bit down so I thought I should ask.

Uh well yes I need to do my best at work so I was pushing myself I just didn't want to go home today would it be inappropriate for me to ask why yeah you'll have to listen to me complaining though it's just that actually my parents are sorry me I need to bring a boyfriend.

Home to them soon what so why don't you do that I don't have a boyfriend though wait what really I should be asking you why you thought I had one I'm pretty sure I never mentioned having a boyfriend that's because you were always asking me what kind of girls I like or about my.

Love life but anytime I asked you you would never reply well well that's so that's why I assumed you had a boyfriend and that you just didn't want to talk about things like that oh I see but why don't you want a boyfriend I'm sure you have a lot of guys going after.

You all the time even today didn't you have a client give you his phone number well maybe but I don't think I want to date someone who would do that thing in the middle of work plus I would never just go out with someone that I don't even like you know she's a lot more of a maiden than I thought hey I bet you were thinking I.

Sound like a little girl no not at all I just thought that it was cute hmm you shouldn't be teasing your senior colleague uh I'm sorry gosh you keep interrupting with weird comments so I can't continue my story ah sorry you were saying that your parents want.

You to bring home a boyfriend but why don't you just tell them that you can't bring one home because you don't have a boyfriend I know but the problem is a little while ago I accidentally told my mom that I do have a boyfriend oh dear why did you show off like that.

Because over the last year my mom has been begging me to get married and that she can't wait to see her grandchildren and it's been so annoying so I got fed up and I told her that I do have a boyfriend but we're going to get married at our own pace so to leave me alone I see after that she stops saying things like get married or get a boyfriend but.

Instead now she's been insisting that I need to bring a boyfriend home and introduce him I see that's pretty rough too I wish that I could help her but there's nothing I can do oh I know then why don't I pretend to be your boyfriend what really if you're okay with it then.

It would be a huge help well I mean yeah if you don't mind that it's me I was half kidding with such a ridiculous suggestion but I think she just got on board even if it's fake are you sure you're okay with me as your boyfriend we're on such different levels that it'll.

Probably be really obvious no not at all if anything you're the only one that could do it what why is that because if it's you then you know me pretty well right that's true you do take me out for dinner pretty often so I know your personality and stuff but like I said before I don't know anything about your.

Romantic life so if they poke around in that area at all they'll know immediately that we're lying fine then I'll tell you everything now what you're going to tell me everything because the last few times I asked you seemed like you really didn't want to talk about it.

It's not that I don't want to talk about it it's just that talking about those things is a little embarrassing well I guess that's true too so that means even though it's embarrassing she's going to tell me in order to make a fake boyfriend's strategy a success which means that this is my chance to ask her all the things.

That I couldn't ask her before all right well which do you prefer younger guys or older guys how is that going to be more important when you talk to my mom of course it's important if you like younger guys then there's no problem but if you like older guys then I need to make myself seem more mature you think.

So well I like younger guys anyways so I guess there's no problem oh really well then what type of personality do you like I like honest guys who are nice and will listen to my stories that are younger than me that was very specific what what's the matter did I say something wrong.

Nothing well then what type of girls do you like I told you before didn't I I like hard-working and smart nice girls who are good at their job and older than me I know I asked you before but it could have changed you know well I guess you have a point it's it's so obvious that I'm talking about her why won't she notice that just goes to show how little.

She even considers me as a potential partner but if I like younger guys and you like older girls then I guess we won't have any issues I think would be able to convince her that's true you're right the more truth there is mixed into the LIE the easier it'll be to believe yeah exactly oh then before we go to my house and meet my mom we should go on a.

Date together what did you say a date yeah if we go with at least one date together when it comes up in conversation it'll be easier for us to talk about it that's a good point a date with you we've gone to dinner together multiple times after work but it'll be the first time we're hanging out on a day off how about next Saturday.

We can go on a date and then you can come over to meet my mom on Sunday Yes sounds good to me I spent the days leading up to our fake date feeling nervous and anxious hmm at works you always make sure that she's at least five minutes ahead but she's late today but I guess this is her personal life and there's no need to.

Worry so much about the time so it's fine oh there she is I'm sorry I was running late no need to apologize you weren't even five minutes late but more importantly I've never seen you wear your hair like this yeah I tried it out for the first time but it took a lot longer than I expected so I see well even though this is a fake date it.

Makes me really happy that you took your time to do your hair like that plus it looks amazing I really like it really thank you I'm glad I did my hair like this then she really is too cute all right well should we go to a clothing store to start sure why don't we do that what are you going to buy I can't remember the.

Last time I went to buy new clothes I don't know if I'll buy anything yet but I was just thinking I wanted to go look at some clothes sounds good shall we go then I can't wait to see her try on new clothes and look cute in all of them the two of us headed towards a clothing store but wait a second.

This place only has men's clothing though yep that's because we came here to look for your clothes what oh no I'm fine though I usually just buy random things anyway that's exactly why look even what you're wearing now doesn't fit you does it uh I got this one when I was a bit heavier heavier I don't remember you ever being.

Fat ever since I joined this company I haven't bounced back to that weight back in my first year of college I started living alone for the first time and I gained a lot of weight at that time oh that's interesting wait does that mean that you've had those clothes for that long it's a good thing that you take care of.

Your things and have them for a long time but if your body has changed then you should be getting new clothes to match you're right I guess I'll keep these for just wearing at home sounds good all right can I choose a few things then please do you have much better taste than I do anyway we spent the next two hours going around.

Different stores and trying on a lot of clothes this is the first time I've spent this much time shopping for clothes wait really I actually wanted to look at more places if we had time oh really I'm glad we finished in about this much time then tomorrow I want you to wear this this and this put together when you.

Come oh sheesh is that what we're shopping for today no not exactly but I thought it might be perfect wait but don't you think it's a little too casual if I'm going to meet your mom I was thinking about going in a suit hmm think that it would be a little too formal though I would understand if you.

Were going to ask them for my hand in marriage to wear a suit now that you mention it that's true thank you Even If today was a fake date I'm still really happy we got to go out on it and plus the food here is really good I'm good I came here once before with a friend and it was really great so I had been wanting to tell you about it oh.

Really well thank you it's great she's so cute this is definitely a regular day at least it feels like it to me I wonder if she feels the same way at all even a little bit oh by the way you're not allowed to call me your senior calling tomorrow or address me so formally why of course not most people wouldn't speak.

To their girlfriends like that well then I'll call you miss kawakita I'm pretty sure most people also wouldn't say miss or use the last name don't you think I'm going to call you Asahi so you should call me Naco too oh man I don't think I could I at least say Miss Naco well I guess I'm older than you so that should be.

Fine but now that I think about it we should have started calling each other like this from the beginning of our date that's true I'm so used to calling you a certain way already that I might mess it up tomorrow all I can say to you is good luck yep I'll be careful and do my best all right.

Well since you're coming over to my place in the morning tomorrow why don't we head home now yes let's well then see you tomorrow Asahi I could get used to this you too Miss Miss knuckle oh and you can speak formally to my mom but you need to be more casual with me yes yeah all right am I really going to be able to play the.

Part of her boyfriend tomorrow I'm pretty nervous the next day well well welcome I'm naco's mom satoko kawakiti um my name is Asahi Baba nice to meet you her mother opened the door and I was escorted into the living room you look a little bit younger than Naco are you her Junior colleague at work yes Miss.

Naco is two years older than me and I work under her in our company that was close it's so hard trying to be so casual with her oh I see so which one of you to confess your feelings first soup I hadn't thought of an answer to this question it was me I approached her.

So that means you started to like not go first huh what did you like about her um you're asking too many questions you're making USA here comfortable why not I've been wanting to ask these questions um this might sound strange coming from her Junior colleague but I like how hard working and smart she is she's good at.

Her job and she's serious and that's what I like about her plus she's not only nice to her bosses she's always kind to her Junior colleagues like me and I think she's an amazing person well it seems like you've gotten quite the crush on her ah I'm sorry that's because you made him say it Mom you're right I'm very sorry from there I spent almost two.

Hours talking to her mother don't you think you should get going soon mom you're satisfied right yeah I suppose so I had a wonderful time Asahi please come over to visit again soon yes I will thank you very much for today and next time I'd be even happier if you come to her not as a fake boyfriend but the real thing what.

Um since when did you notice since yesterday yesterday was your first day wasn't it what how did you no you really thought I wouldn't notice when you were acting so strangely even when you were eating breakfast you were fidgeting the whole time and I had never seen you put in so much effort into your clothes or even your makeup especially.

Your hair if you realize it then why didn't you say something why did you wait until he was actually here why not I wanted to meet aziki too you're always talking about him so if you were going to bring home a pretend boyfriend I figured that he would be your only option really mom please don't say anything further.

I'll see let's go I'll walk you to the station yes oh see this is what it's usually like between the two of you gosh shut up mom I'm so sorry I knew she might figure it out but I really didn't think that she already knew before you even arrived same I was surprised too I'm really sorry I put you through that it feels.

Like a bad drama I really want to make it up to you so do you want to go for some food with me now oh are you sure yeah but before we go can I just confirm one little thing yes what is it um well earlier when you were talking about what you like about me and what you answered when I asked you what type of girl you like or the same answer but.

You just said that to play the role of my boyfriend today right no those were my honest feelings I felt that way ever since I started at the company two years ago and you're the only person that I've ever had eyes for what no why why really yes if anything every time I would tell you what type of girl I like you never seem to realize.

That I was talking about you which I thought was extremely Clueless that might be true but I could say the same for you you know do you remember what my answer was when you asked me what type of guy I like I'm pretty sure you said honest guys who are nice and will listen to your stories that are younger than you right no matter how you.

Think about it I'm clearly talking about you aha I had no idea yeah looks like we both thought the other person was extremely Clueless yes I guess so now that you already know how I feel it's a little bit embarrassing to do this but I want to make sure I do this right so would you mind if I say it again yeah Miss kawakita.

I've always liked you will you please go out with me yes I've always liked you too I'm excited to be your girlfriend I guess we didn't have to fake it after all now that we are a real couple I know should we go back one more time and redo it that would be way too embarrassing so maybe next time.

Our first date may have been on the premise of being fake but I'm looking forward to our next real date watching how as well