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[Manga Dub] My coworker girlfriend took credit for my work and I got demoted, but… [RomCom]


Cold rain hits my shoulders I don't even know how long I've been standing in the pouring rain but I don't feel the cold in fact I feel a boiling heat within me I looked up to the heavens the rain doesn't need to stop anymore after all don't need the light of the sun anymore that's why I'm going to begin my revenge my name is masamori tayama and I'm a.

25-year-old businessman working in a home appliance manufacturer company called the tonawa corporation as I pressed the keyboard of my laptop today fully focused I thought yep I couldn't feel any better masamori do you think you can get off on time today woman who came up to me was my cooworker uko nakagawa she's my collee and she's 25.

Years old she's the leading Beauty in our company she's always the center of the male employees attention however this woman was actually my girlfriend because of that I was the target of envy and jealousy from my male co-workers I think I'll make it in time if I work hard enough what's up I wanted to go to that new restaurant together if you can.

Get off on time I see I'll get everything done so let's go there together it's a problem prise then I'll see you later then after work I walked side by side with Yuko headed to the restaurant weird that I'm the one saying this but I think my life was smooth sailing during that time I was productive at my job and in addition I.

Was on a rising Trend I even had a beautiful girlfriend in fact I could say it was my golden age yes all until that incident one day I coincidently came across Yuko and my Department chief talking nagaon business proposal you submitted a while back Alice's dream colored pot it was super good I'm thinking about presenting it to the.

Higher up soon what do you think that would be amazing Alice's dream colored pot isn't that my treasured proposal that I was planning to submit why is he saying that my business proposal is Yo's don't tell me when our lunch break came around I immediately called Yuko into the Hall what was that about that business proposal was mine oh was it but.

It's my project now did you betray me don't make me sound like a terrible person I just went along with the plan oh by the way I wasn't dating you because I was in love with you or anything I was was only using you so I could get promoted you're useless now I guess I'll thank you though thanks for being a stepping stone to my path to a.

Promotion complete stranger starting today Yuko I chased after Yuko as she walked away from me with a quick jog Yuko ran to one of the mail workers close by help me what's wrong I already broke up with this guy but he's obsessed when he forcing himself on me what the hell do you not understand what you're doing a crowd quickly gathered around me.

Hold on a second I didn't do anything stop making excuses I'm going to report you to our supervisor after that I was transferred to a far Branch without the case ever being investigated I did do anything I was angry at the unfairness of it all but I could also feel a dark fire burning inside my heart I walked with my back to the company's main.

Branch and left in the pouring rain the tonawa corporation was in fact going down a path of sales decline these past few years taking this issue seriously the higher-ups created a strict reward and Punishment policy in order to make improvements within the company as a result of that a trend where employees tried to get achievements at the cost of.

Bringing others down increased only employees like Yuko were left behind and many of the proper workers ended up with the same fate as Me 2 months went by after that my everyday life was completely ordinary in both a good and a bad way honestly I had no motivation but I haven't forgotten about the day for even a single moment that's because it's.

Not something I should forget tatama son let's go make the rounds together today too a woman with a small frame came up to talk to me while I was absolutely unmotivated her name is no soya she's an employee in this branch and is a junior worker who's a year younger than me yeah okay I don't have any tasks that I need to get done immediately anyway so I.

Decided to tag along your snack needs to be under $3 but I'll be no bananas we're not going on a school picnic come on let's get motivated and work hard today we go around to visit our clients like we usually do but in the first place these were the clients soya son was responsible for I'm basically just accompanying her thank you for your.

Constant support I'm here to represent tonawa Corporation oh noaman you're very energetic and cute today too thank you by the way noaman the invoice you gave us a while ago you added an extra zero to it what do I do I'm sorry I'm sorry it's fine it's fine we haven't processed it yet you should just remake the invoice and bring me.

Another one truly apologize for my mistake it's fine it's fine don't worry about it you Ming up as a normal occurrence by now more importantly there's a question I wanted to ask about this specific part of the diagram oh is it about this Hearts this is basically she's very positive about her work as per usual that was my straightforward.

Review for soya son yes she was constantly dedicated and aggressive with her job and her actions that's why she did a pretty good job with her work it's not like she was an outstanding worker but it's true that I see her make a lot of mistakes like this but it hasn't brought on negative consequences it's probably because her natural energy and.

Positivity create a good and trusting relationship with her clients for the person I am now Zoya son's presence was way too bright that's why I started to feel a new type of emotion for soya son after we got around to a good number of clients we sat down in an udon restaurant to grab some lunch this is my favorite udon restaurant I recommend it.

To people all the time the udon is originally amazing so it tastes delicious alone but can you add this special red pepper the cap for the red pepper came off oh this is the Gobo 10 udon of hell that said to only appear in front of Brave Heroes I turned into the same red color that I saw during my tour of Hell in the beo prefecture I think it.

Was the blood pool of Hell T son why is she looking at me with eyes like a hamster what's she expecting from me fine we can switch you really do that for me yeah sure I had no other option after being looked at with eyes like that thank you so much Tama son I love you yeah yeah still this looks like a bad idea but I'm hungry so I guess I.

Have to eat it I made up my mind and took a bite Fire H emblem engaged no water water the water from the cup soya was about to give me struck me right in the face why is this happening I even have water up my nose this is so painful I'm sorry I'll ripe it right away no you.

Don't need to do that I got it I had a bad feeling seriously I had a bad feeling about everything no please let me do it what my face feels sticky what this is the dust rag we used to work to clean up the parts why is it in my pocket how should I know my face is super oily now that's why I told her she didn't need to wipe my face I'm so over.

This comedy show already I swear you did that on purpose didn't you of course not it was just a careless mistake after careless mistake still this is terrible I won't forgive you next time I know that I'll make sure to bring plain dust Rags next time that's not the main problem here uh I'm just kidding I understand really really.

Really gosh seriously please I felt so drained that no words came out of my mouth but for some reason I also felt comforted thinking back now I never felt this way at the main branch at the very least I didn't hate it there was a part of me that believed that this was all possible because I was in the presence of this woman about 2 weeks after that I.

Spotted the branch supervisor and soas Son talking with serious faces I mean don't get too upset over it you'll always have another chance yes sir after leaving the supervisor soya son exited the office my eyes were fixated on her because she clearly seemed different than usual I was curious and asked the supervisor what happened oh the thing is.

Supervisor informed me that soya son submitted a business proposal to the main branch but that it wasn't accepted but the Casual rumor about soosan that he told me about after was the thing that was on my mind the most soosan had a strong desire for self-improvement and was hoping to be reassigned to the main branch to take that next step in her.

Career that's the reason why she submitted proposals every time the main branch opened up applications regarding new business projects and operation Improvement apparently every proposal was turned down is why she looked like that in the present I don't think her proposals or ideas are bad though maybe the higher-ups think that it's missing.

Something I believe soya son is working exceptionally hard too no I'm sure everyone at this office thinks so too the reality is that working hard isn't enough I just feel so much pity for sookun I understood that pain firsthand the truth was I had a suspicion that the workers at the main branch were intentionally dropping her projects.

Especially because I heard rumors like that before sorry but do you think you can cheer soya son up I think that you're in the best position to do that since you're always working with her I understand searching for soya son I went outside the office the sky was suddenly filled with thick gray clouds she wasn't inside building so I'm sure she's out.

Here somewhere I looked around as I walked through the area there she is she looks like is she crying I slowly approached her after realizing my presence soya son hastily wiped her eyes and looked up at me oh this isn't what you think it is I just got something in my eyes you don't need to force yourself during times like this you don't need to.

Hold back soya son suddenly stood up then I'm so frustrated why aren't my proposals good enough what's wrong with them I'm working so hard even with the proposal I just submitted I sacrificed my sleep to come up with it are the people at the main bridge that good are you saying they can make products that are much.

Better than mine rain started pouring along with a sudden strike of Thunder as if to reflect the mood that her heart was in let's do one together next time I'll get you promoted to the main branch soya son I promise tasan will you lend me your hand yeah so you should cry as much as you want about what happened today and forget about it then let's.

Work hard starting tomorrow together yes I believe in you tan cold and heavy rain poured down on the both of us but we didn't dare move from our spot we continued to hold each other tightly now was the time May when the rain pours heavily down on the Earth ever since that day soya son and I teamed up to complete our work together we worked on.

A business proposal and operation Improvement proposal together as a result our project was approved and we successfully got our hands on a ticket to be relocated to the main branch the day I arrived at the main branch the department we were relocated to introduced the two of us after that an unexpected individual came up to me it's.

Been a while I'm surprised you came back to the main branch what do you want from me now I just wanted to apologize to you I'm so sorry something was wrong with me back then I think I was pressured because I wasn't able to accompl Lish things here that I wanted to that's why I did such a horrible thing I also wanted to start things over between us.

That's a work partner and also a couple no thanks soya son is my partner right now so don't ever talk to me again let's go soya son yes masam morisan as she said that soya son linked her arms with mine then she turned around as we walked away to stick out her tongue I couldn't help but break out into a smile because of her sudden action well how dare you.

Treat me like that I swear that I'm going to make you regret it you better better watch out during our lunch break soya son and I ate our lunch together in the company cafeteria I'm sorry that I called you by your first name earlier oh no don't worry about that truth be told I was a little happy about it um can I start calling you masamori son from now.

On then yeah if you're okay with it then sure thank you so much oh please call me by my first name too I want to be your true partner after all masam morisan I'll call you Noami then I look forward to working with you masam morisan I look forward to that too Noami we broke out into Smiles in unison days and months went by after that and a competition was.

Held within our workplace to prepare for a huge project nosi and I worked together to prepare a presentation to participate in the competition there was a reason we definitely could not lose it was that Yuko who I had an old score to settle with was also participating on the day of the competition Yuko presentation started first I would like.

To give this presentation on noomi and I kept our Gaze on Yuko and that ends my presentation Yuko glanced in our Direction with a sinister Smile as if she was saying that she won it was at that moment when can I make a comment the man who raised his voice from the audience was Maru yamasan a man in charge of new employee training the.

Presentation you just did sounds the same as well it's actually exactly the same as the presentation that Tatam makun and his partner showed me when asking for advice what to get advice the look of confidence suddenly disappeared from Yo's face that's because those two stole my presentation and showed it to you that's obviously it it has to be.

Nakagawa what's the date on the corner of the physical copies of your presentation September 25th but what about it look at the date written on our presentation documents it's September 11th plus we even got a signature from Mari yamasan after he assisted us the day he wrote with his signature is also September 11th basically the documents.

We have with us are the original papers the ones you have now are copies that you made after we printed our documents out exactly without realizing those documents were just copies you stole them from mam son's desk along with the data on masam Son's laptop oh what are you saying who's going to believe such nonsense we knew you'd say that so we.

Prepared evidence to prove that we're right Noami approached the laptop used for the presentation and inserted her USB into it suddenly a video of Yuko opening my desk drawers to steal my documents appeared on the screen the room immediately became noisy I see you were trying to steal tamaak kun's team documents to take credit for it weren't.

You that makes a lot of sense that's why the proposals you've been submitting lately have been terrible as the CEO glared at Yuko I could see her face becoming pale your past harassment suspicions against tayy yakun were probably things that you made up too weren't they you don't need to come to work anymore hurry up and disappear from.

Here hold on a second boss you're a disgrace hurry up and get that useless woman who only knows how to put up a front out of here a couple of the male employees held youo down wait mamori help me we loved each other Once Upon a Time didn't we we used to say that you wanted to get married to me I'll get married to you I'll be yours and only.

Yours so help me I went through a miserable time thanks to you still there's one thing I appreciate about you what you did led me to Noami I'll thank you for that thanks mamori curse you I'm going to curse you and pray for your downfall as Yuko violently cursed she was taken away from the room by a couple of male employees I apologize for.

Everything that happened it's all because I believed that woman and her words I put you through a painful experience it's all in the past so please don't worry about it I decided to respond in that way because deep down the competition continued as planned despite the interruption the two of us tried to change the atmosphere and.

Purposely presented with a positive mood thanks to that we were able to get our project successfully approved that evening noi and I left the office and walked side by side everything I accomplished was thanks to you noo Misan thank you so much not at all I appreciate you so much for leading me here it also makes me happy to be able.

To support you mamori son when it was decided that I would be going back to the main branch I told noomi everything from the reason behind me moving to this Branch to my relationship with Yuko and even my plan that's terrible I can't believe she would do that to you taama son I can't forgive her noomi became angry and cried for me as if this were.

All happening to her M Mor son noomi slowly leaned on me there are people who say that revenge is stupid and pointless but that's not true people who say that just want to sound like a good person and haven't actually been a victim that's why your plans for Revenge weren't wrong masamori son even if everyone in the world said that you're.

Wrong I'll always be by your side noi thank you I'm going to be by your side forever and will follow you anywhere masam morisan even if that meant I would go to hell because I love you masam morisan Noami looked up at me with a heated gaze I love you too Noami as long as I have you I don't need anything else so please stay by my side forever of.

Course feeling madly in love I pulled noam's body close with affection and a strong resolve time went by after that Noami and I quit tonawa Corporation and started new jobs at a foreign Affiliated firm that was somewhat of a rival company then we waged war in the form of competition with our old company the foreign form we worked at won the war.

And tonawa Corporation was forced to take part in a merger as a result the management team of tonawa Corporation was forced to go through a reform and a new system emerged thanks to that achievement Noami and I were promoted to the director of my department and assistant director respectively the season was now spring nosi and I were.

Standing facing each other in a park as the cherry blossoms fluttered past us mamor son what's the important thing that you wanted to talk to me about noi will you marry me yes I'd love to Noami cried tears of happiness as she hugged me from now on let's work hard together for our happiness masamori son I love you with all my heart I love you with.

All my heart too we exchanged a heated kiss we didn't realize at this moment that there was a shadow watching us from afar thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well