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[Manga Dub] My coworker got too drunk, so I carried her home [RomCom]


The kitty senpai I don't know who came up with the name but that's what people call one of the employees at my office her name is akina hiragi she's known for her petite figure and charming smile she's one of the most popular employees everyone considers her the mascot character of our department.

But I Toya kitamura am a year younger than Kitty senpai I turned 25 this year she's no doubt a senpai by a year Toya is there anything you need help with if there is I will teach you everything you need to know because I'm your senpai she uses her position to the maximum and.

Tries to act Superior I find it cute most of the time however sometimes I have trouble handling her o gisan this is my third year working here I don't think there's anything I need help with but there must be some things you don't fully know about I can look up and find answers if.

There's ever something I don't know I'll come to you if I ever do need the help hmm you are so unappreciative I appreciate you but you're the only Senpai in the office that wants to teach me so much huh my ears are not made to hear mean comments for an unappreciative cohis.

Oh stop sulking I love watching her get upset over the littlest things she was my trainer when I started working for this company I've grown to like her through the time we spent together that's why my dream is to have her acknowledge my growth I need to become.

More confident for her to consider me a man worth her time why don't you teach the new employees if you want to teach someone so badly the section chief told me I'm not allowed to teach any of them you're not allowed to why he said I shouldn't be in charge of teaching because I literally teach them.

Anything I've ruined their chance of growing oh that's true hey do you have to agree with him right in my face oh no it's not that I'm making fun of you okay it's just she gives out answers to everything even when we aren't asking for them she even starts doing all the.

Work for us it's like She lays out all the answers so he told me I was only allowed to teach you Toya ah why did he put me up as the sacrificial lamb you think that makes you a sacrificial lamb oh uh I guess you deserve a long lecture from me today oh um I'm sorry please don't get angry with me.

I'm not letting you off the hook that easily you think I'm just a small person you could walk all over no I'm serious believe it or not I actually look up to you you look up to me of course I do you're the one who taught me everything I know.

Oh yes I am she's so cute and so easy to handle as you can see Kitty Senpai has an adorable character you are a good boy Toya hey please stop petting my head when you're happy son always pets my head whenever I say something she likes hearing I think she.

Wants to look like an adult by treating me like a child I'm not complaining I like it but it's so embarrassing when she does it in front of all the other employees you guys always get along so well section chief you're here what a nuisance hey she rocky side.

Hey Rocky why do you always treat me like that I'm your boss you know you took away my human rights I don't consider you my boss anymore I've never forgiven you for treating me like a little child ever since I started working here and I will never forget how you disrespected me by coming up with the name Kitty Senpai and making.

Everyone call me that oh so that's where that name came from wow you still hold a grudge against me titamora listen up yes take hiragi out for a few drinks tonight after work what why do I have to do that oh come on stop complaining I need you to entertain hiragi tonight.

Wait that's not my job why are you asking me to do that it's a give and take situation no it's child I can drink alcohol if I want to you know I'm a year older than you I'm more of an adult than you.

Oh oh there's no stopping her now why are you acting like you have nothing to do with this you started this this is all your fault you need to learn to take responsibility for your actions think this is funny don't you Hey Toya yes.

We have a day off tomorrow we should go out for drinks tonight I will prove to you that I am not a child uh um why is she up for this how about we invite the chief wait he's already gone nobody beats him at running away from awkward situations yeah but that was at the speed of light.

I take my eyes off him for one second and he's already gone I can imagine him hiding somewhere and watching us with a smirk on his face I don't care about him Toya promise me you'll hang out with me after work fine nobody can stop hiraki-san when she.

Becomes like this actually I think everybody's avoiding us just so they don't have to deal with any of it she's 26 this year he's probably had plenty of experience with alcohol after work are you ready let's head out okay I'm.

All set to go great come on then where are we going it's up to you where do you want to go to be honest I don't go to many izakayas I'm clueless it might be better to go somewhere you know is good if that's okay with you look it up online and we can pick from.

There oh do you not have any places that come to mind of course I know good izakayas around here I do so don't think I don't I bet she's as clueless as me why don't we stop walking and look up some izakayas first she was obviously lying but I didn't say anything.

I knew it would only get her upset and I didn't want that after that we found an Izakaya with good online reviews and headed inside we were enjoying our drinks but hello chief always eats me like hello child all the time Senpai was already heavily intoxicated.

She was still on her third glass at the moment she started talking strangely after her first I couldn't believe how low her tolerance was she was a sloppy drunk and would yell at me when I tried to take away her drink that's why she was so wasted the hiragisan it seems like you are too.

Drunk let's go home look junk I'm an adult and also got drunk don't treat me like a little child she's becoming harder to handle Jamar ah seriously what should I do with her I scratched my head as I thought about what to do next I noticed that nobody handed her any alcohol at previous.

Company parties now I know why I have a feeling she did something crazy at her first company nomikai that's why Chief ran away before I could invite him wait a second why would he make me do this knowing how it would turn out it was frustrating what does he think I am look at hiraki Sanchez chucking down her drink in the end.

Hey hirakistan fell asleep at the table um okay what am I supposed to do now hiragisan hiragi-san please wake up this isn't your home ah she won't budge.

My gosh what the heck am I doing I waited until the izakaya's closing time to see if she would wake up as you can see she didn't I have no idea where she lives I'm in such a pickle thankfully I live alone in an apartment near the office it wouldn't be too difficult to take her back to my place.

Well I'll just explain to her when she wakes up I did feel a bit uneasy about bringing a drunk sleeping woman back to my place but I couldn't leave her outside I had no choice hiragi-san is a kind-hearted person I'm sure she'll understand how I had to do what I had to do.

There we go once we arrived at my apartment I laid hiragisan on my bed I guess I'll have to sleep on the couch tonight I hope she doesn't think I had ulterior motives when she sobers up are you awake.

She didn't wake up when I was shaking her but she woke up once she was in bed how strange hiragisan uh it's you Tanya ah hey you can't do that to me I respect how much you work and the effort you're putting into everything I.

Am proud to be your senpai no no you're asleep you're sleep talking aren't you I'm not asleep talking I am so awake she's so sleep talking or wait is she still drunk told ya you always try to treat me like a little child that's a No-No okay I haven't treated you like a child even.

Once you're saying that I'm sleep talking that's like saying I'm a child I don't know how she mistook that for treating her like a child but it's safe to say that drunk hiragi-san is a hot potato hmm what is it.

Hiraji-san was staring into my eyes and I didn't know what to do about it I wonder what's going through her brain I love how you feel what are you doing I've always wanted to try this on you it's so nice this is not what I was expecting what the heck is going on right now why is.

Hiragi's son rubbing her head against my chest I had nowhere to put my hands so I tried stroking her hair just for the sake of it oh that feels ticklish key Rocky Stone looked like a cat for a second she narrowed her eyes and smiled at me.

She's too cute to be true my gosh I don't want to let her go the Temptation was overwhelming but I suddenly remembered she was drunk somebody had to be in control and that somebody had to be me you had too much to drink hiragisan sleep it off are you listening.

Oh yeah you are such a meanie huh I don't want you to let go of me yet no way I can't resist this I felt my conscience going down the drain is this how you like it your hands are so warm put yourself in this situation would you be able to.

Resist you would be lying if you said you could I mean look at her she's insanely adorable after that hirakistan invited me into bed I wrapped my arms around her and held her while we slept together I could hear my conscience yelling at me in the background.

I know I shouldn't be doing this with a drunk woman however I put it on mute so I could stay close to this Angel hiragisan and I both fell into a deep sleep soon after the next day I woke up to hiragisan screaming at the top of her lungs.

I probably would have done the same if it were me me there's an explanation for this you drank too much alcohol you were drunk and fell asleep so you took me home with you well yes but not how you're imagining it.

I swear to God we didn't do anything like that I mean we got close but technically I'm not lying are you telling me the truth about this yes I am why won't you look me in the eyes that makes me think you're lying about it no I promise we didn't do anything it's just I didn't want to leave any issues.

Unaddressed so I told her about what happened yesterday she replied hearing how drunk and touchy feely she was shocked her more than I had expected I guess that's how embarrassed she was but I have to say she was so cute when she was all over me um I'm not trying to tell you to forget.

About it but it already happened and so no I don't let this go I am so sorry for coming hey it's not that big of a deal I didn't mind at all in fact I actually enjoyed it so please kick your head up enjoyed no crap.

Crap what do you mean you enjoyed it well I don't think you realize how cute you are when you're drunk I see what you mean now I don't think she's used to people calling her cute it was refreshing to see her so shaken like that hey you know it's not like we did anything too inappropriate last night.

How about we just put it behind us everybody makes mistakes from time to time right um I don't want to put it behind us you don't hmm I guess it's not that easy to forget well we're past friendship now so I want.

To be your girlfriend huh why what as I said before I just stroked your hair a little and yes we slept in the same bed but but nothing else happened for me those are things that people do in a relationship so um but you would date a man you don't have.

Romantic feelings for just to justify your actions does it tell you the truth I've had feelings for you for a while so yeah so it would make me the happiest girl alive if you were take me what why do you like me I've watched you ever since you joined the company you are a hard-working and.

Modest you make my heart flutter whenever somebody messes up you jump in to help I've always admired that courageousness anyways so that's how I feel about you I had no idea I always thought I wasn't good enough for her that I needed to grow but she had already accepted me as a man.

Wow what do I do about this I need to tell you that I've had feelings for you too deep feelings to be exact ly I wanted to become a better man so you would find me attractive you just made my dreams come true hiragisan long we've liked each other.

It doesn't matter anymore me neither well I guess we can take the next step together then of course I'm look at this to ya and so I succeeded at winning the heart of the woman I love after a night of drunken mistakes if you want to know what happened after.

Oh yeah we should eat lunch together I bought europento today is always by my side whether at home or at the office the other employees always make fun of our relationship but it's a nice feeling to be celebrated by our colleagues just FYI I asked akina's she prefers pampering people or getting pampered she.

Told me she loves both I think akina and I have a healthy balance of pampering and being pampered my life has been perfect since thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well thank you.