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[Manga Dub] My coworker passed out at work, so I fed her and took her in… [RomCom]


My name is Kato furuhashi now in my senior here in high school currently I'm doing my part-time work at the convenience store meaning the cash register however there's one thing bugging me right now and that is there's this girl wearing tattered clothes wandering aimlessly by the aisles.

Seems to be that Homeless girl living by the park or so what my Senpai says she just gives me the creeps and her movements are far sketchy too no way she'd shoplift right I mean this one's probably not working yet I guess she's a middle schooler I'll take these please good evening good.

Evening a piece of candy awesome onigiri guess she doesn't have money either and if she's this timid probably doesn't have the guts to do something rash such as stealing thank you the girl this young struggling to find a proper meal just what's this world coming to if I take.

Senpai's word for it this person should be older than me but someone this small looks young It's gotta be a child obviously I treated her as our usual customer refraining from blurting things straight up to her face huh ah Miss is everything all right oh crap should I call an ambulance so hungry.

Eh you sure you're just hungry yeah someone collapsing from starvation now this this is a first just hang in there for a bit okay Senpai could I bother you for a moment hmm what's wrong I know it's still a little early for lunch break but could I take it now gotcha sure I'll man the register and so Senpai kindly manage the.

Register instead of me I picked out two bentos then brought them to the cashier he seemed a bit puzzled as to why I handed two bentos but seemed to have figured out why as he caught a glimpse of the Homeless girl slumped nearby here you can eat these are you sure you'll wake up feeling bad if you faint right now so here my treat.

You can go ahead and eat these crying you're so helpless right now so my tears suddenly don't take this the wrong way but I'd really appreciate if you could share the situation you're in right now I know it's bad prying it to someone.

Else's business but still seeing her cry it's hard to ignore her I finally mustered up and inquired about her what happened actually I just lost mom and dad from a young age Grandma's the only one who has been taking care of me since then but shortly after graduating from high school.

My nana passed away from an accident wow so she was older than me again pardon me for jumping in but did they not leave inheritances or any sort of these yes I went to college but soon dropped out and decided to go apply for a job I didn't know what fail hold on did she just dot my question on purpose and went ahead with her story right.

Getting a job is even hard because of that new strain of virus from years ago becoming widespread you mentioned inheritance before wouldn't this take a significant amount of Burden off of you or did it not oops feeling like not sharing it pond.

The roadside who like really needed money at that time so I got carried away and punched them what is that person even someone you know that person was a total stranger is she for real just how dumb kind-hearted is she so that money they never returned it.

I tried calling the number they gave me but there was no answer so she got tricked no doubt about that she's probably a kind person at heart to top it off she's quite naive too and thus there's your formula for being conned um I can't help but Wonder you didn't give them all your money right I kept an amount enough to live.

For a month then transferred all of my savings to them nah nope this person's on another level this isn't your everyday naivete then you eventually lost your home huh how do you know that well that tone of your story gives it all away saying that would just be cruel I made an effort to bite my tongue and.

Smile back at her well then you could stay at my place does that sound good I mean not having a home sounds really tough you could stay with us first then focus on you finding a job so huh by the way in case you're wondering I'm staying with my parents so rest assured you'll be fine.

Why would you do such a thing at me a compranger I guess I just can't leave someone this naive all alone is what I should have told her but I kept it to myself sure telling her that might stress her brains out we should watch someone's back when they're.

In need just don't want to turn a blind eye when this happens but your parents wouldn't let you off the hook on this one easily if they found that out hey no worries my parents have a soft spot for helping others plus there's a vacant room right now too okay I'll be asking you a huge favor though.

Yep sure thing bringing a complete stranger home without knowing their background turns out being a sort of people pleaser can be really tough I thought that it'd be best to provide her shelter once she gets into any more trouble getting caught by a sketchy guy after that I asked her to patiently wait until my shift ended then went back home.

Along with her shortly after wrapping up work then Cato you know we're not talking about bringing astray cat or dog here this one's completely different mom's face she was really dismayed with me I'm sorry I'm really feeling sorry about this oh sorry that wasn't meant for you.

Darling uh first things first your economy wasn't it oh you're more than welcome to stay here but you'll need to take a shower first I think my clothes may be baggy for your size but but I'll lend you some for the time being really they're there.

I can really see you've been through a lot helping out each other when each is in need make yourself at home okay I don't lost for words thank you really they're there honey hold those tears for now you need to take a hot bath first with that Mom took Konomi along heading towards the bathroom Mom I'm really sorry I know this is asking a lot really.

Kato I wonder where you got that soft-hearted side of you surely a certain someone sorry Mom but I can't just leave her alone well I do understand how you feel seeing her in ragged clothing untrimmed hair and even unkept all over makes you wonder what she really went through no way is this all a simple act.

That poor girl really had a hard time I'll cut you some slack just this time got me thanks Mom oh there's no need to thank me you'll be paying for that lovely girl's meals though hard-earned money from your part-time work what why well obviously you brought her here uh yeah now that you mentioned it I mean in that way.

Um oh I was just joking you're too serious oh God quit bullying me Mom relax I'm joking wouldn't hurt right Spencer's including her meal this mom's got it all covered in exchange you'd better buy her some decent clothes as far as she's concerned today's first time meeting us we need to make her.

Comfortable and feel at home the sooner the better for her okay got it thank you so much for letting me take a shower oh look at you you're all lovely honey so next stop how about we take you for a tour to the salon uh oh dear spending a day with that hair would cost a Gloom over everything a quick snip snip would do the trick but I.

Don't have any money oh don't you worry heart dear Cato here has got you all covered no you don't have to do that no no it'll be fine oh my you'll attract attention from all people with hair on camps like that you'll do us a favor just by having them cut I see okay.

I really owe you something for this so I took Konomi for a stroll outside however yep as I thought hard to walk in those clothes right konomi's height was totally different from my mom's and the clothes did not Naturally Fit her and because of that walking was a bit of a struggle for Konomi at any moment those clothes could slide off if she's not.

Careful I dare say these people would probably think I'm forcing a shy feeble girl to wear such clothing sorry for bothering you oh no no you're not bothering me at all so um going straight to get you clothes after we're done with the haircut is probably a good idea are you okay with that.

Well it feels awkward seeing you wear those baggy uncomfortable clothes no need to force yourself to wear them okay thank you I really appreciate it so we went to the salon where Mom often gets her hair cut and got kodomi's trim done and.

How is it there she was one hell of a beauty right in front of my eyes um who um sorry I spaced out so how do I look wow suits you well happy to hear that it's been ages since I had my last haircut.

And imagine her in that she'd really look far younger if that happens after that we bought some clothes and we chose clothes that would suit her she just got cuter and cuter yeah I could see an idol losing to her if we're talking about pure cuteness it really suits you no doubt about it really thank.

You so much oh I really owe you for this one now that we're at it we could also pick out more what do you say yeah you need spare clothing too and one set is simply not enough and since we're already here I say we shop for four more let's I can't possibly ask you to spend more money.

No it'll be okay I'll happily spend money from part-time work for this anyways I've already decided so shall we get going and buy you more clothes that's really nice of you Cato well it's not that I'm just being nice we stopped here and there she tried on this and that and eventually we got a variety of five tops and bottoms and.

Thanks to that my wallet was now far lighter than it was before but no doubt it was money well spent Konomi really picked out a lot which looked good on her Heck if you ask me I wish I could have bought her more finally corn on me changed into the ones she picked earlier then we moved on to buy her some shoes.

After that she then spotted some shoes to her liking it was a pleasant stroll back home as we got along well then there was this incident one night Cato somehow Konomi came to my room oh it's already this late is something wrong so would you be okay if I slept beside you that that's probably not a good idea.

I'm afraid I'll wake up knowing all that's happened today was a mere dream really today like I'm living in a dream I'm scared if these all turn out to be a lie these thoughts I can't sleep alone okay I understand well how about sleeping with my mom wouldn't that be.

Better I mean you'd feel safer that way Konomi right but I might make things awkward with her or bother your mom and I'll feel it's easier talking with you kiddo so is I don't know shameful is the man who turns the woman down with her already approaching me all this way I'd be an idiot to turn her.

Down man those puppy eyes that's unfair way too cute Konomi okay hop in thank you I made space for Konomi and lifted the blankets where she then oh so happily hopped in that's it she's so cute it's illegal I wasn't prepped for this curveball a Loser Like Me would surely fall for you in an instant that snug.

This is kind of relaxing yeah right what where I missed the part that's relaxing not good I can't come down my heart's gonna explode getting a good night's sleep was difficult after living past streets and today I can finally relax and sleep comfortably aha glad to hear that I mean really but how about me I ain't getting.

Any good night's sleep with this shortly after I could already hear Konomi sleeping snugly he's now sleeping all comfy and cozy you should probably be more cautious sleeping around men you know crawling into a guy's seats you know might be like asking for it so of course it goes.

Without saying that I wouldn't do anything so as to betray konomi's trust and thus it was Curtains Down for a jittery me barely getting any sleep at all soon after Cato can I come along together ah come along you mean to my school um yes.

She really wanted to tag along to my school so could we sleep again together for tonight her waiting by my room was a common sight something I'll see after coming back home from school she'd even carry her pillows to my room right by bedtime and to top all that off.

Yo that girl's here again and looking for you when did she start chasing after you oh I know her it's not like she's chasing me or anything and with that Konomi followed me all the way to my part-time job konomy looks like she's completely lost it things might turn back if she's willing to go all the way here plus it might be a nuisance to our.

Customers I should talk to her and set things straight any job leads lately Konomi I approached her after going back home Konomi was all cozy and snug inside my room yep I'm dead set on setting for a company already but my resume talks can't quite pass the initial screening yeah.

See things turning out that way as a lot of companies only prefer those with some background sorry oh no not blaming you or anything Konomi don't feel sorry I'm bothering you as I told you before I really don't mind rushing things might lead you to a sketchy company that would be the real problem and however you try.

To keep up with them one day you'll surely reach your limit too or should I even be saying that considering I'm the one who hasn't tried searching for a job yet hmm no that makes me happy you okay tell your mom really wish for what's best for me I can't thank you to enough I'm glad I met you too and welcomed me to your house with open arms that's why.

The least I could do is not cause you any troubles then how about working alongside me at the convenience store oh why this thought that you might feel lonely at times occurred to me so I mean why not was it written all over my face hmm you kind of tend to enjoy things.

Together with someone well at least that's what I observed you'd not miss me if we were beside each other working together right and sure I talked to him before about this the manager says he's willing to employ you if you're really up to it you did all these just for me well not just for you truth be told.

I wanted to work alongside you too Konomi for some time oh is that so well then I'll take you up on that offer my pleasure and so Konomi is now working together with me looks like I'll be beside you all day she's now closer to me than ever well there's no one to blame but me for this situation besides having someone cute.

Beside you ain't so bad as days went by hey Cato Konomi became more clingy a whole step up before yeah yeah it's my fault for spoiling her like this hard to imagine she's older than me heck she's cute so I'll let it pass this time however oh guys you could be lovey-dovey for all eye care but aren't you two making it official yet while you can say.

We might be fine this way the same doesn't apply to others even mom noticed and butted in and uh it's our fault for not sharing a clear picture on what our relationship really was yep I can't keep giving such lame excuses forever so I decided to move to another place bringing Konomi along with me and so uh.

Konomi would you mind going out with me really you're okay with me you're the one I want Konomi you're very affectionate clingy really just adorable I'm someone who's four years older than you you okay with that none of that matters Konomi care less about your age it's you who I love to be with Konomi.

don't love to be with you no it's me who should be saying that and with that we're now an official couple wasn't sure how I'd handle her rejecting me but as it seems I guess all these fears were unwarranted since then a year had passed keto I missed you I dished my best at work I think I deserve some hats Konomi.

Landed a proper job giving all her best at work but being a working adult's a tattoo stressful as it seems and so she'd ask for cuddles every day oh by the way I'm still in college Konomi has been lending a hand by helping me pay for tuition and study related expenses Konomi said she's really grateful for the things we did until now and wants to.

Return the same favor seeing this Earnest side of her I guess that's attractive too huh so four years passed in no time our relationship went off without a hitch and today we're getting married before I've already given up the thought of getting married and trying this wedding gown all together.

Oh I feel extremely happy you're such a blessing Cato I should be the one thanking you Konomi I'm really glad I met you that day I will always be right by your side now and forever likewise I'll cherish you always my dearest husband as for me I just graduated from here on the future probably has a.

Lot of difficulties in store for me but one thing's for sure I promise to cherish this woman beside me and make her happy thank you for watching post today's video please check out our other videos as well.