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[Manga Dub] My coworker was concerned for me after my mother passed away… [RomCom]


John Mom it's too soon I rindo yasuto lost both of my parents in an accident today many things must be done such as contacting relatives and playing the burial I'm an only child and my relatives don't live nearby so I have to do everything by myself but just for an hour I.

A week later I was busy with all sorts of formalities and funeral rights I just lost my parents so I'm still sad but I believe I've recovered enough to return to work but after a while I realized a serious problem wait a minute do I even know how to cook that's right I graduated from a nearby.

Junior college and got a job and a company from my parents house but I can't cook at all no for lunch I always eat at the employee cafeteria but what will I do about breakfast and dinner after the two died I was so busy that I.

Skipped meals or bought a lunchbox from the nearby convenience store if I keep living like this it'll be bad for my health and my bereavement leave will end tomorrow so I gotta do something for now I'll have to buy ingredients for tomorrow's breakfast and dinner I hurry to the supermarket.

As for vegetables I guess bean sprouts and cabbage is fine I don't know which one is best for but for the time being this should be fine next I'll get eggs and meat Maybe that'll be 1 280 yen here you go I have rice at home so I should be fine for tomorrow.

The next day all right I started the rice cooker so I should cook while it's going I've only cooked and cooking class when I was a student but I'm sure I can at least make fried eggs ah the yolk lost its shape well it's not like anyone's going to look at it so it shouldn't be a problem.

If it doesn't look great right what the man it's really sticking to the frying pan oh I forgot to oil the pan well this should still be manageable uh it looks so unappetizing I don't have much time I guess I'll just have to eat it the vegetables and eggs are burnt and the rice was slightly hard.

It's not like it was inedible but it was disgusting I should have asked Mom to teach me how to cook oh no I have to go to work soon I don't have time to wash the dishes so I guess I'll do it after I get home I wonder if I'll really be okay no I'm sure everything will be all right.

If I try after that I soaked the dishes and frying pans in water for the time being I went to work good morning window Koon ah right you start again today good morning sorry for the unexpected break Sora nashiro she's three years older than me but unlike me who graduated from Junior College she got a job right after.

High school and is now in her fifth year as a member of society she's a very dependable senior it's a bereavement to leave so you don't have to worry about it it's been half a year but window Koon is still in his first year so you're entitled to be spoiled not shiro-san thank you very much oh no.

If you treat me kindly now I feel like I might cry also you look pale are you sure you're okay you'll have used paid Lee from here on I don't think anyone will complain if you choose to take a break it's only been half a year so you don't have much paid leave but.

Oh no I'm fine I also want to do my best at work is that so that's fine if that's the that's the kingdom if there's anything I can do yes thank you huh let's get to work then yes I worked hard and managed to get through with one hour of overtime I'm glad I was able to go home early and.

It's all thanks to noshi Roshan she supported me so that I could easily return to work I should do something to thank her I wonder what she likes we often talk about work but we don't really talk about private matters no rather than giving her something I.

Should do my job perfectly so it's not to cause any trouble for her all right it's the started I'll have to get fired up and do my best all right I left the dishes ah come to think of it I need to make dinner too placing your own tableware and preparing your own food.

I had no idea it was so difficult until today I feel ashamed the next day you eat lunch at the cafeteria right let's eat together today sure if you don't mind nashiro-san doesn't usually use the cafeteria how rare you look worse than yesterday.

Are you sure you aren't pushing yourself yes did she invite me to eat lunch because she was worried about me it would be rude to lie to her I should probably tell her the truth it's a really pitiful story would you be willing to listen.

Thing after all over until now I've had my mother cook for me so I don't know how to cook at all it's embarrassing that I'm 21 years old and I'm struggling with something like this only realizing such an obvious thing after being alone despite being a member of society.

Are you so down about that huh I mean isn't it pathetic oh you didn't know because you didn't need to until now right I mean that's true but what you have to do is get better at it right people study cooking for the first time since I started living alone I was.

Really bad at it at the beginning but I've gotten plenty good in five years I see true I just need to get better at it I was thinking too hard I felt pathetic since I couldn't do anything for myself after my parents died but now I realize I just need to learn.

Then shall we practice together then together but don't you know how to cook already ah I'm saying I'll teach you so starting this Saturday we'll have a special training at your house okay what my house yeah my house is fine too but it's better to practice with the cooking utensils you have at your home.

Right I mean yeah but so give me your address later okay after that I gave in and shared her my address and in the blink of an eye it was Saturday for the time being I vacuumed and rolled the carpet I'm not as good as my mother but everything should look reasonably.

Clean I wonder if having her come here is really okay oh she's here pardon the intrusion yes thank you for coming don't worry about it it's my first time seeing her outside of her work clothes are you okay ah yes I'm good here are your slippers.

Uh-huh thank you all right let's get started let's try using the ingredients that are in the refrigerator for the time being may I take a look in your fridge yes of course well this is quite um is something wrong no no but um.

Didn't they have any plastic wraps yes I believe so I'll teach you how to cook but I think I'll go for ingredients too many ingredients here so maybe we could start by grocery shopping yes thank you very much yeah let's do our best we decided to go.

To the nearest supermarket let's try making Curry today um I couldn't even make a fried egg properly won't Curry be too advanced for me hmm it might be a little difficult make it with you so it should be fine here to teach the basics of cooking with.

Curry is that so then yes please sure then for starters carrots oh here they are if the carrot is not fresh enough the stem will turn black so don't choose that kind I see so that's how you tell the difference could it be that I have to memorize all these points for each vegetable I didn't.

Know Housewives did such amazing things every day I wonder if I'll ever be able to do the same well people who are really good at cooking may be very particular about the ingredients but for the time being learning about the vegetables and the meats that you use often should be.

Enough I see that's certainly true I will memorize the necessary ingredients with all my might huh it's the same at work but it's wonderful to see dedicated to your studies let's keep looking and we continue to shop are we utilizing any of these today nope I bought a lot of things in.

Addition to the ingredients we'll use today if you freeze or store it properly the ingredients should last quite a while I see oh let me get that what a gentleman guess I'll leave the heavy ones to you then yes leave it to me feels like we're a couple going shopping.

Together no no Hassan is making time just for me I shouldn't misinterpret her intentions all right now that we got the ingredients we can finally after that we went home and had a special cooking lesson don't stick your finger out when holding.

The knife hotspot curl it like a cat's bar this way you won't cut your fingers and you're able to hold the ingredients firmly in place right right nashiro-san you're really good at teaching you think so.

Yes including work you've been a big help I'm glad to hear that but it's thanks to you working hard to learn that I'm able to teach you properly you know huh what do you mean because window Kun you always work hard right that's why you make me want to teach you with all my might I think that.

Part of you is cute it's one of your good points uh thank you very much I know she's just praising me but it makes me want to think otherwise noshiro-san are you this kind to the other male employees.

Huh no I'm sorry it's nothing of course it's only towards you when dokun saying weird things leave before the curry is finished sorry I'll move my hands instead of my mouth good after that conversation I focused only.

On making Curry you made it surprisingly quick let's taste it yeah I'll prepare a plate for you too Senpai thank you it's delicious it's good I'm glad yes but this time it's all thanks to you nashirosan so from now on I'll try to make it by myself.

Yeah it's good to have more dish options all righty then tomorrow morning you can have the leftover Curry and I'll teach you how to cook nikujaga for lunch or dinner it uses the same ingredients plus I planned ahead and bought the shirataki noodles already see huh you'll be coming tomorrow too I'm thinking of coming on Saturdays and.

Sundays until you can cook reasonably well but I'd feel bad to have you go that far don't mind it like I said before we were in the same boat thank you and please let me thank you in some way do you have things you want or places you want to go.

I have the car my parents used to drive so I can go anywhere mmm using this as an excuse to secretly ask me out on a date what no I'm sorry that that wasn't my intention but I guess it would benefit me more than you you're so Sly then let's go on a date if.

Your cooking improves huh can be both your reward and a token of your gratitude right right if you're okay with that senpai that wasn't my aim but she's willing to go on a date with me if I improve my cooking I'm going to do my best to become good.

At cooking as soon as possible after that I put all my effort into studying cooking even when I was alone so that I could hurry and go on a date with her by the time a month had passed oh you've improved quickly I think it's safe to say you can cook now come to think of it how are you doing with the.

Other chores there doesn't seem to be a problem with cleaning yes I've always been a neat freak so I had no issues I get my dress shirts and suits dry cleaned and doing laundry was easier than I expected I see it looks like you are doing fine now living on your own yes thank you for all you have done.

come here anymore that's true you visiting has become the norm for me so it'll be a bit lonely oh sorry even though you're the one going out of your way for me I'm being a bit cheeky aren't I you sure are for a junior but if you want I don't mind dropping by.

Uh but I don't need help with cooking anymore I couldn't possibly ask you to visit me for no reason I'm not allowed to if I don't have a reason no if you're okay with it I'd love to spend every day with you don't appear confidence but you can say.

Stuff like that without hesitation huh I'm sorry it's fine but I'd really like it if you could put it into words all right um I'm a little nervous so please don't laugh um I was worried because I never cooked or.

Lived alone before my parents died but thanks to your help I managed to overcome the sadness and loneliness I was supported not only by your cooking skills but also your kindness I love how kind you are please go out with me uh-huh and I like how hard working you.

Are let's go out then yes I like that very much mom if that's the case you didn't really need to improve your cooking skills huh huh because I could cook for you from now on right oh no originally I was learning to cook so that I could live alone but from now on I'll do my best so that I can assist.

You not shiro-san please cook with me and teach me more sir can I'll keep training you yes I look forward to it our relationship has changed but I'm sure we'll continue to get along a month later think of it right.

You anywhere thanks oh totally forgot yeah I was so surprised by your sudden confession that I forgot all about it right but what should I do we're already dating hmm well I'm supposed to cook today but you can do it instead huh are you sure you're okay with just that.

Yep a small piece of happiness is fine with me got it then I'll give it my all today alrighty then please make me Curry okay leave it to me I unexpectedly lost my ordinary happiness due to an unforeseen accident but from now on I'm sure I'll be able to pile up small.

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