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[Manga Dub] My coworker’s father ran away, so we took her in… [RomCom]


Hey Sue simu you free we're going for karaoke with some of the girls you want to come with Kar Renee will be there I'd love to but I have to take care of things at home oh okay you do what you have to do you must be really busy maybe next time you're missing out on hanging with the prettiest girl in class.

Yeah sorry guys see you later I'm Susu muhanga I'm in my last year of high school and the heir to my family's small restaurant today's Friday most people's favorite day office workers looking forward to the weekend will be rushing in to forget their problems so business will be at a fever pitch.

Fridays are Peak day so I help out because we're swamped with orders every time I don't mind though I'll run the restaurant eventually and I'm a good worker I'm home whoa we got a lot of customers the restaurant was crowded when I got home I'm grateful to see that business is still booming in this day and age.

Welcome home good changes quickly and help us out as you could see we have a lot of customers tonight okay I'll be right back finally a break this is great I still can't make mine taste this good that's because your dad has years of experience under his belt of course you.

Can't make it like him I know that still a little frustrating though just do the best you can right now you're right I have to keep doing the best I can to get to his level oh the phone's ringing I've got it you get back to the shop mom all right then thank you for calling.

Restaurant gohanka how can I help you um I wanted to call about part-time positions oh yeah I think Mom and Dad mentioned they're looking to hire someone thanks to a food magazine spotlighting the restaurant we've been a lot busier recently so they urgently want to hire another worker is it okay that I'm still in high school that won't.

Be an issue we don't serve alcohol before eight o'clock so students are able to work great um when can I come in can you come tomorrow morning around 10 . that will be fine I'll see you tomorrow at 10. we look forward to seeing you and please bring a resume with you they were calling about the.

Part-time position they're coming tomorrow at 10 for an interview got it thanks susumu a new part-timer huh it's pretty hard work around here even without working in the kitchen they're setting the tables taking orders serving food and working the register on top of holding conversation with the customers.

There's a lot less downtime than you think sounded like it was a girl on the phone if she can't handle the pace it'd probably be better if she quit quickly I was worried about her and on the day of the interview the girl who came in was someone I'd never expect excuse me I called yesterday about the.

Job come on in wait car ready the girl who came was karane okatsu my classmate and the Madonna of the school among the boys she was voted first for three years in a row for girls they'd like to have as a girlfriend what could she be doing here suzumu what are you doing here this is.

My family's restaurant and what about you it won't be long till we graduate I'm inheriting the restaurant so I'll be going to a trade school will you be okay with the college entrance exams I'm not going to college so it's fine oh okay hmm I decided it was best not to delve further she's such.

A good student so she must have her reason for not going to college back to the job we'd love to have you some days get overwhelmingly busy so you'd be a lifesaver are you sure about this though it'll be tough and we can't pay very much it'll be fine I want to work here may I ask why the food was great when I had it and.

I want to remember the different dishes so that's why our food is pretty good here I see I know your behavior won't be an issue and the resume is really just a formality are you really sure about this though working here will probably be three times harder than you expect well I'll work really hard all right then.

Welcome aboard since we're in school working hours are five to eight on weekdays and 11 to 8 with an hour break on the weekend what days do you want to work oh we're off on Thursday Sunday and holidays can I work every day I can that shouldn't be an issue then please schedule me for every possible day this.

Month I'd like to start today if I can okay then then go ahead and change in this room thank you for having me after she changed I went over tasks and duties with her before we opened business for the day she was really motivated to work I'm bringing up Table Three Kearney please wipe down and set the table I'm on it oh welcome how many people Colony.

Disorders for table seven then these are for table four and table one okay and what about this one I'll take it I know it's busy but don't push yourself too hard what do I do they said they didn't order this start with an apology then ask for their order again then offer them something to make up for the mistake.

Okay I'm really sorry it's so busy and I'm slowing things down you're doing great it's not your fault it's this busy just don't make the same mistakes again master your new part-timer is working hard yeah she's a good kid she's cute and diligent might you say this restaurant's got a bright future ahead of it that'll depend on our son.

Really oh maybe not so bright then I can hear you old man is what I'd like to say but what's really frustrating is that I can't deny it I've never had a girlfriend good job you worked really hard today thanks but I messed up that order like I said it's not your fault it's busy anyone.

Could have messed that up it'll be fine as long as you don't repeat your mistakes okay thanks suzumoo all right then I'll see you back on Monday oh before I forget this is for you what's this Fried Chicken I made it so we can't serve it to customers.

See you on Monday will she really come back though karane seems really hung up on messing up that order in the end I had nothing to worry about karane came in on time and worked hard every shift she's left good Impressions on my parents and our regular customers and she's been an MVP during rush hours.

Until one day doesn't look like Corona is coming in today I guess so she doesn't seem like the type of person to miss work without telling us though I'm worried and she's not picking up her phone either suzumu can you check on her all right with that I went to the.

Address written on her resume to see if she was home this is one of the high-end neighborhoods she does seem to come from a well-off family still why would she be working part-time I found karane in a small Park while I pondered these thoughts she was sitting alone on the swings karane.

I'm so sorry I completely forgot don't worry about that are you okay did something happen my dad he's gone huh my house is gone too I have nowhere to live what I couldn't believe my ears after asking a bit more it seemed like her.

Father messed up at work and had now gone missing her home was also ceased to settle debts so she had nowhere to live there was no way she could have come to work in this situation come home with me for now we'll help you out somehow so that's how it is it must have been really hard for you karane if.

You have nowhere to go then stay with us we have an extra room you can use uh are you sure sure we're sure people help each other out when they're in trouble and you work hard we'd hate to lose such a star employee suzumu can you set up the room next to yours tonight we'll have Karana stay there.

Okay I'll be on it oh before I forget continue going to school like you have we'll take care of the money what you really don't have to don't worry about it we make plenty off of the restaurant so it'll just be like having two kids under the roof thank you so much but I'm imposing so.

Much we've told you it's okay if you're so worried but what if you really become family we could add you to the Family Registry if you marry this boy here mom where did this even come from hopeless when it comes to woman so I'm giving you a little push I don't need it don't say such weird.

Things Karne don't mind anything this crazy lady says do you think you are calling your mother a crazy lady what I'm sorry I didn't mean to laugh it's fine as long as you're feeling a little better susumu my silly son please show Corona to her room yes Mom.

This room's all yours let me know if anything's wrong I'm just in the Next Room over thank you um what is it thank you so good night Karne.

There were some sudden developments but we found a way to work things out thanks to this car Renee and I got a lot closer close enough to even make waves at school hey susumu yeah you and karane seem pretty close nowadays really is that how it looks you're coming to school together a lot and you're talking way.

More than before you've got this good vibe between you two are you going out no way me going out with karane you say that so easily there's definitely something there spill the beans or we're burning through all those gems you've saved up on gotcha poles cut it out I swear nothing's happened she just works part-time at my family's restaurant.

We're having PE alongside the girls today I hope we see something good yeah I'm feeling more energized today you guys sure are fired up I guess I'll join in you don't have to what's that supposed to mean look over there good luck Susie moo I didn't think you two were so close that she'd wave to you I'm never passing you the ball you traitor.

Susumu you going anywhere today the restaurant's closed on Thursdays right yeah I guess I could suzumu can we walk home together oh sure let's stop somewhere along the way sorry guys not today where do you want to go karane dang it they're totally a thing they're practically married already traitor.

Traitor traitor just wait I'll find my own girl the peanut gallery is noisy today all right Mom and Dad want to talk to you about something later do you have time of course I wonder what about though it was delicious as always glad you enjoyed it reminds me I heard from susumu that you.

Wanted to talk to me yes about that so my wife and I have been talking Corona we were only joking about this before but would you really want to be a part of our family what you don't necessarily have to marry susumove you don't want to we love you very much Corona if possible we'd like you to see us as your family too you don't have to.

Answer right now will you at least consider it it's okay I already have my answer you all are very dear to me he reached out to help me without any question I can still go to school thanks to you of course I'd want to be a part of such a kind and loving family who could be visiting this late at night.

I'll be right there how may I help you I I heard a girl named Karne okatsu is here she is and who might you be I should have introduced myself sooner I'm dad karane's Dad after taking a closer look I did see the resemblance but please come in for now I have something important to tell karane to disappear.

And leave your daughter behind so suddenly can you say where you have been this whole time yes my parents were Furious and understandably so I would be too but I'm sure karenay was even more conflicted about this after losing my job after making a terrible mistake.

I went wild trying to pick up the pieces I got in touch with a work contact and found new work and a new house all so I can live with my daughter again so I've been looking for her I understand the situation however in your efforts to live as a family again did you consider how you've abandoned her please reflect on this I did.

I wasn't thinking clearly back then I didn't want her to know about my dad and I didn't want her to become connected to it you her own father disappeared without a word even think about how she might feel I really am sorry there's no excuse for the pain I've caused her if you're truly regretful of your actions then please.

Live and work for her sake I'm sorry karane what were you talking about before this I won't what I'm not going you are my family now anyone who would leave their family behind a snow family to me karane family is right here with susumu and his parents get out right now.

Coronate I just please leave for today she needs time to sort through her feelings please come back another day I understand please take care of my daughter car Renee are you okay I I'm fine.

Tomorrow's Friday so we should get to sleep it'll be busy it was painful to see karenay trying to be strong I was worried about her and I took a lot more notice of her than usual the next day she really wasn't okay she kept spacing out during class and she mistook orders and dropped plates at.

Work car Renee wasn't herself at all I had to save her somehow to encourage her hey Karen a you should forgive your dad why even right but he had his reasons it's not like he wanted to leave you right but.

I don't really know how you feel but I have an Inkling deep down you want to forgive him right I think you really do you're a kind person karane you know why he did what he did now you don't want to understand so you can stay angry at him but you do understand.

Who want me to leave I'm on the fence about that I want you to make up with your dad but I don't want you to leave either I think Mom and Dad are with me on this but more than anything we love you a lot we want you to cheer up just like you.

Are when you talk to customers to do that I think you need to go back and talk to your dad I think you're right sure it'll be a little lonely around here but it's not like we can't live together again later like in the future we could get married or something married it's just a possibility you know but I.

Shouldn't have sprung it on you you must be grossed out what am I even saying right now it's not gross at all it makes me happy I feel like you're really happy I love you so much Susie boo I want to be part of your family along with your mom and dad really I guess I don't have to worry about.

Proposing now nope susumu I'm going back to my dad's tomorrow so please come for me but don't take too long I promise I'll definitely come and get you so please wait for me it's been two years since we confessed our feelings to each other and we got married when we both turned 20. she runs.

The restaurant as my wife alongside my parents and it feels like we're a brand new family thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well