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[Manga Dub] my coworkers think I’m useless, but our clients praise me highly… [RomCom]


Hey look ichigami is going to work overtime again today he's going to finish last minute right he works so slow I hear the voices of my co-workers but I have no time to get upset I just silently do the work in front of me hey you too if you have time to gossip about people then can you hurry up and turn in the receipt.

Oh please wait a minute I'll send it out right away then move your hand without moving your mouth hurry up a high-spirited voice that Echoes throughout the department as usual I think ishiki-san's shout is refreshing yeah you laughing at they are making fun of you again you know oh no I made her turn.

Her Fury this way how about you just let them say that about you aren't you frustrated people will be people let them say whatever they want to say I Carefree you should show off your work a little she's a really good person she gets frustrated on my behalf as if she's the one being mocked that's right homura.

Ishiki is a feisty and sincere woman who doesn't like being bent I'm also indented to her in many ways yes ever since I was sent to this branch office heyo what are you grinning about ah no I I finally finished work so I'm just relieved yeah is that so um you know if you don't mind um you know like other things for.

Working overtime every day well not really things but I was wondering if you'd like to have dinner with Excuse me Nino Mia hello did you think about what we talked about the other day no that's maybe some nice sake hey I was speaking to him first oh really I'm sorry I didn't realize as expected of the head.

Of the office lady the existence of the lower class is invisible to you didn't you learn any manners you shouldn't make fun of people you know if your reflects your upbringing too right say whatever you like what is this why is this happening this situation where I'm screwed no matter who I start with Ah that's right I saw you two I actually.

Have a dinner appointment with the president of our business partner huh what anyway I'll make amends next time bye he ran away did oh sounds like it was a wizard it's no laughing matter emissan I was sweating I didn't think Nino Mia was the kind of person who would pick a.

Fight with someone like that in the past she was like a cute small animal but as of now she's a career woman who's doing great things over there I guess people really do change Imagining the image of nonoka ninomiya when she was a rookie I let out a wry smile huh you wouldn't have worried about such things in the past I was at a loss for.

Words in front of emissan as she said that her name is Emmy mitsui an important business partner of our company in addition to being a president she's also my senior for my college days talented is just the word for her just by facing her like this I could even feel something of an aura would you join our company emissan you.

Mean yes called Head hunting hunting that's right actually she's invited me twice before the first time was when I was still looking for a job as a student and the second time was that time you were demoted from the headquarters you rejected my invitation for our respect adult with social.

Fledged member of society as my right hand man I want you to make use of that skill like those days when we were still students saying that she presented an exceptional condition the salary was way better than what I was making now I'm sorry please let me think about it ah it stings my brain there are too many things to keep up with like with Nino.

Mia-san and emissan they think too highly of me you drinking coffee again gustling coffee isn't good for your stomach you should drink moderately these words how nostalgic you remembered has it already been three years since you came I don't I'm sure it flies huh ah yeah at that time I was demoted from the head.

Office to this place and to be honest it was rotten to the core hey is that the guy that messed up at the main office people scorned me for having been exiled from the head office and my work in an unfamiliar Place didn't go well my mental health was at its lowest point it would suck if he messed up here too give us a break damn it you're drinking.

Coffee again hustling coffee isn't it's good for your stomach you should drink moderately she quietly listened to my story she just sat there till the end without encouraging or comforting me uh-huh and then before I knew it I had spilled everything I'd accumulated on her even so ishiki-san accepted my complaint with a gentle smile back then.

You'd look like you were going to off yourself being the medicine person that I am I couldn't let you be yeah you saved me it's time to you that I'm able to continue working like this she even continued to support me after that I owed her a lot seriously I want to thank her somehow ah Nino Mia regarding the Tea Company.

I would like to examine the matter closely so could you spare me a moment of your time that's my case even though she used to be my subordinate now she's my Superior guess I can't refuse I'm sorry ishiki-san I have some errands to do huh uh okay I'm really sorry see you I think that about sums it up I see thank you now I understand but a careful.

And honest work as expected it's no big deal it's probably the only thing that makes me stand out definitely return to headquarters I've already been through this Nino Mia but but your fault I know the truth you took the blame for all of my mistakes because my father is the executive do you know how.

Frustrated I felt back then you know Mia cutting the person I respect getting blamed for all directions and forced to leave I could never forget it that's where you're wrong Nino Mia that's all my fault there's nothing for you to feel bad about oh yeah all as well.

Well behind the name but I have changed it worked hard for this whole year just for that I utilized every thing I had even my parents to get this far I have a lot of influence in the HR departments you know please come back please she got me son I need you please Senpai I am who I am today because you protected me.

Please let me return the favor you think too highly of me Nino Mia I appreciate it but I'm not as great as you think I am I've been hearing about you your reputation is amazing you've really grown up it has nothing to do with your parents Brilliance it's all your power your effort I'm proud of you come now we shouldn't mix private matters with work.

Yeah let's go have you had lunch yet I can treat you it's not that expensive but it's a well-established store so I think you'll like it too um I just happened to pass by it was a coincidence he's dropping is rude isn't this.

Considered a compliance violation like I said I was just passing by or what were you discussing something Shady that you didn't want people to hear about please stop making silly assumptions we were just having a meaningful discussion as business partners uh Hey guys people are around so let's end it oh ishigamisan there's a customer waiting at the door.

Oh for me yes a lady by the name of Emmy mitsui emission sorry for stopping by without an appointment is something that matter regarding the matter of the other day I forgot to tell you about some of the work conditions I thought it would be better to discuss in person rather than over the phone the.

Way you charge head-on on once you've made up your mind it's just like you well I've known you for a long time plus you are the only one who listens to my unreasonable requests I love how you spoil me huh oh uh this is mitsui-san she's the CEO of mitsui Corporation you may have heard of them I am Emmy mitsui nice to meet you ishiki homurasan and.

Hanukan I waited already no I just know them personally I have been keeping track of your interactions even I know the famous CEO of mitsubi Corporation Adventure company that continues to grow rapidly with the momentum of a rocket of the hottest stocks in the industry and one of our.

Major Traders let's talk about the employee contract while having dinner somewhere an employee contract tell me this is between me and him I'm sorry but please give us some privacy I'm sorry but we cannot allow that huh oh ishikami-san is an important person in our company please cease this nonsense.

An important existence of the company huh and yet it seems he is treated poorly here yes that is why I'm asking him to demonstrate his abilities in the proper place not in this place are you implying the headquarters that kicked him out is where he should be beautiful CEO first person there's nothing I can do for him.

Hey all of you please stop you're being a nuisance to everyone Nino Mia I'm sorry I know I was inviting you out but we'll have to get lunch another time I don't think you can have a rational conversation right now you too emissan please don't come to people's companies and start fights oh I'm sorry I appreciate the offers and.

I will reply to both of you properly so please stop doing this seriously they act like children I guess I'm not one to talk come to think of it what were you doing over there hmm what's going on I've received a request from the other party how did this happen my apologies I'm terribly.

Sorry I thought I checked it they are in quite a bad mood how dare you make such a rudimentary mistake hey what's wrong I forgot to place the order so the delivery won't be in time what what is the due date today what do I do there's no way to get it there in time okay company ah I know the person in charge here where's the schedule for the people.

On site there it is hello this is ichigami from yoshibitu Corporation yes yes it seems so I'm very sorry yes yes we sincerely apologize for the delay yes we will be sure to send it by that date all right they agreed to reschedule we'll be cutting it close all that's left to do is adjust the work and we should be able to make it work somehow.

Uh really first we need to go to both the client and the site and apologize to them I'll accompany you so let's go thank you thank you very much I'm so sorry even though I always said horrible things about you don't worry about it it was all thanks to a small connection besides I used to be the same I looked down on guys who did humble and steady.

Work and I neglected to check too it's a path that everyone goes through I hope this was a good lesson for you and if someday you have subordinates or Juniors then I hope you'll help them in the same way she got me son Senpai you've really changed I agree in the old days he had eyes for only numbers oh I'm servant of you that's why I want the current.

Kenichikun yes and for that reason I would like him too what I won't give up I will not hand him over to anyone phew somehow it all worked out I was confused about what was going on but for the time being it settled down you could say it ended well ah a cup of coffee after finishing work is truly exceptional thank you for your Hardware.

Oh did you did you hear from Nino Mia it's not that big of a story really I feel indebted to her it's a really pathetic and embarrassing story when I was at the head office I was a fearless and cheeky young man she was my subordinate I was in charge of teaching her she was a cute honest person she would always work hard saying I'm going.

To show everyone I'm not a useless hire who's here through my father that's right I thought of her as a younger sister working hard and following me around no maybe I saw her more as a pet or something I didn't see her as a member of society not only did I allocate more work than she could handle but my checks were also sloppy as a.

Result I made a mistake that cost our business partner a big loss and make her look like that I still remember her pale face at that time the pitiful side of her trembling in so much fear she couldn't even come up with the words to apologize the expression of such a subordinate it was all my fault my responsibility.

That's why you were demoted that's right and the rest you know after that I finally understood the importance of taking responsibility for my work actually emissan invited me to come to her company when it was decided that I would be demoted but I turned it down why you would have been treated better there well it was my small Pride being.

Scooped up after losing isn't that too pathetic that person is my goal she's a senior I respect I didn't want to be a burden but now it's different right you are an amazing person just like the two sad at a place like this you're just saying that oh even the department manager is.

Interested in you even earlier that stiff man only raises you I I think it's time to step up both of them are amazing just like you different from me that's why I stay here I want to be with you see whichever you choose your future will be bright so do your best in a new place I will always be rooting for you son being able to.

Resolve that matter in an instant I'm starting to want you even more Emmy son I unlike humans numbers don't lie that's what I told you before right however after learning about all of the hardships of one's life in society I realized I was wrong even numbers lie it all comes down to the people you handle the software is more important than the.

Hardware you learn that it continued to grow through your mistakes that's why I not just as a worker but as a partner words of great honor an invitation from a woman whom I admired and responded I should have had no hesitation but for some reason I couldn't bring myself to say yes thank you for today having dinner with you is such fun I can't tell.

But drink to lay with you you it makes me happy to hear that then emisan good night this is from it's all right go ahead and answer it I have a feeling I know who it is I will take my leave me son it's all up to you I look forward to your third reply good night Kenny chiku Nino Mia I give up care how vindictive or person.

s with me and as a man you are someone who understands the pain of others you are empathetic yes you have changed but the word of you is still the same you are my favorite Senpai and the person I respect the most in the entire world you feel that strongly about me I have a spot open for you but I won't Force any.

One at first amisana now Nino Mia to be honest I'm at a loss of what to do working at emissan's company or going back to headquarters with nonoka both are great opportunities for me what should I do what do I want to do my desire see whichever you choose your future is bright so do your best in your new place I will always be rooting for.

You I and then a month or so passed in the blink of an eye isigami-san ishigami-san is it true that the headquarters is taking you back I heard the mitsui company is targeting you man and rumors sure spread fast I guess they did make quite the scene the two ladies that invited you are super hot I want to work in close proximity with.

My customers after the last incident that's how I felt I think I prefer here I pondered a lot I never thought so hard in my life but this is what I chose and after much thought a certain someone's face appeared that's the reason I'm staying in the branch office so cool man people who can get things done sure are different.

Hey everyone please gather around I know it's sudden but we have a new member what that's sudden that girl next to the chief a temporary transfer from the main office pleasure to meet you all can get along Senpai how tenacious is it wants to go this far I told you it didn't I I won't give up huh emissan.

They say everything that happens twice will surely happen a third time this is why you are so interesting however don't think this is the end you know I am not a quitter right seriously it seems the noisy days hahaha aren't over yet thank you for watching how was today's.

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