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[Manga Dub] My crybaby childhood friend grew up to be a beautiful voluptuous woman [RomCom]


Coton okay really really missed you I'm not letting go of you this time I swear so why is this unrivaled beauty hugging someone who's a real loner textbook introvert like me well you see explaining something short of a miracle needs us to peek back into a few years ago from now.

Do you pinky promise me that we'll be best friends forever even if we go separate ways I promise ouchon you and I are just the bestest of friends and no matter how far we may be separated our hearts will surely be together as one John.

Just another silly dream still that dream kind of brings back some memories oh when was that again I guess mystery right nah might be during my early grade school days man those times were just the best.

I'm koichi suzumura currently in high school and a real introvert and loner while we're at it I was your usual everyday kid up until grade school however I got exposed to the concept of extroverts and introverts by Middle School it was then I realized that I leaned towards being an introvert during High.

School I really wanted to Cast Away this introvert side of me however I failed miserably and now I'm trudging the life of an introvert and fair enough before I noticed it I wasn't able to make friends and felt all alone inside the classroom I was living a really dull school life and I felt desperately alone.

Everything was just painted in Bleak Gray that's cool for you I guess but there's still this feeling of being upset over something and probably the reason why I saw that dream that will be best friends forever in that dream I was supposed to be doing.

This pinky promise with my childhood friend AWI miyanami who uttered those words shy a crybaby an introvert that was her we always did things together no matter what she tailed me from behind calling me coach on I'd always thought I'd spend my days together Inseparable from this cute girl.

Back then forever however huh you're moving out Sean yep my mom and dad's chest we kind of need to go abroad so bummer so this means we're parting ways already oh I don't wanna I don't wanna be separated like I want to be with you forever and ever.

I don't want to go to a place without coaching ah don't cry out Sean crying doesn't really suit a cutie like you alchon hello John and it's not like we're not gonna see each other again I won't forget you outside no matter where you go okay go down do you think he promised me.

That I'll be best friends forever even if we get separated I promise I'll Sean you and I are just the bestest of friends and no matter how far we may be separated our hearts will surely be together as one I swear I won't forget your promise a few weeks after doing that Pinky.

Promise oh we finally moved abroad now that I think of it probably my days grew boring and monotonous after that girl left still makes me wonder why that dream keeps popping up just how much do I miss are we man oh dude haven't you heard there's gonna.

Be a transfer student starting today huh a transfer student oh I hope she's real cute I know right man I'd be all excited if she was really pretty maybe there's a chance I did her too a possibility of dating her huh and true to the rumors that flew around that transfer student came after a few.

Minutes no everybody settled down I'm here to introduce the newest addition to our class starting today a transfer student please you may now come inside I'm aware Miya Nami I have been living abroad till two weeks ago I probably spent more of my life overseas than here in Japan.

I might take some time getting to know all of you but I hope to get along with everyone well huh weird talking about witnessing such a coincidence really to meet somebody with the same name as hers after seeing that dream everything just lines up so perfectly what she's looking in this direction.

Wait wait hold on did I do something weird and it's not like I did something to Garner attention I miss you oh wow oh I really really meet you still I feel guilty for the fact that I wasn't able to meet you till.

I returned here um but I'm real glad I finally hear her I promise I won't leave you ever we're together forever and ever coach on just hold on right there so you're uh did you already forget all about me look it's me ahori like your childhood friend died is it really you owie you look totally.

Different you really had me thinking you were a total stranger with coincidentally just the same name did I really change that much it's not that you simply changed or anything let me see do I look cuter compared to before I mean you were already cute back then you're way cuter now.

You're just like I remembered back then uh which part like you're still the same coach on back then oh I'm so glad should I take that as a compliment you're silly play of course obviously anyways I'm just glad we'll be attending the same school starting today and that means we can be together every day.

I hope we'll have lots of fun starting today oh I can't wait to go John and that's how thanks to owie I started my school life fresh anew the next morning kotan I want to go to school together are we why are you here oh I wanted to go to school together and so I decided to meet you here wow you still remember.

My address huh oh we hung out all the time back then obviously I know it by heart kind of I mean there's no way I'd forget about you kojan what are you doing dallying for hurry up um keep throttling and we're gonna be late so wait owie you're way too clingy you're being silly isn't this normal if.

It was me back then I would have clung to you like there's no one tomorrow now comparing things with the way they were back then is gonna be weird why do you mean why are you embarrassed of course I'd feel embarrassed I mean you're just too cute so sweet gojan look didn't I tell you.

Not to cling too much um no way we were separated till now coach on so I'd like to make up for those times we were apart from each other okay that's why I'm Clinging On To You for dear life what the heck are you saying my heart's gonna give up any moment if you continue to do things like this.

Do you hate this coach on I mean me being clingy nope it's not like I hate it I mean I'm kind of happy with this and so uh why didn't you say so uh what is it this time nothing really quit spacing out we should hurry up then during lunch time coach on I want to have lunch together sure.

So I made bentos I want you to try them Bento and you made them you are we yep oh looky here whoa that totally looks good and the way you pick the colors pretty cool it's like a pro did it coach on oh you flatter me too much well then dig in say uh kochon say ah look I said we can have lunch together but you.

Don't really need to go that far and feed me nope I want to feed you now now don't be shy mouth open wide please is it delicious whoa It's really delicious see I did tons of practice I wanted you coach on to try something really delicious.

Practice cooking just for me yes I did like I honestly wanted to make you something such as this Bento for a long time thanks are we gum oh come on don't be shy you need to eat more kochon the moment always showed up my school life just got colorful all of a sudden.

That once Bleak dull world of mine was now dobbed in bright colors every day was Bliss I guess this was the very definition of what a rose-colored view of school life really was still she's being all this affectionate towards me I wonder why maybe it's because she's my childhood.

Friend I held these doubts close to me for a while time flew by and now semester exams are just around the corner so this goes like huh all right that should be that whoa no matter which angle you look from.

Always just really pretty pretty maybe how about cute nah how about both of them she was really cute back then but now she's on par with even the most gorgeous models no she's above models an angel perhaps koton is something wrong huh you're spacing out and just staring at me.

Thought something's bothering you sorry I was so fixated over you huh was that it if that's the case you can look at me as much as you want what the heck are you saying I can't possibly do that oh you're no fun I even gave you permission to stare and well we're at it I won't mind if you go off really see.

Look kotron here's a special just for you you could try pinching my cheeks why are you saying things so casually okay I've had enough oh by the way are we what's up why are you this attentive towards me for real are we something like you is better suited with.

A cooler crowd rather than talking to a loner like me well see it's because you're my Prince Charming me a prince nah I'm nobody Charming what do you mean by Prince Charming I have no clue what you're talking about is she playing a prank on me or something.

Hey coach on you need to focus on studying Focus oh I'm gonna wing our Sam exams following day these unanswered questions still were Weighing on my mind where the heck did all we go off this time our teachers asking us to relay this message but yeah oh there you are hey oh.

Really that's surprising I told you right but hold on it gets better than this oh that's sweet and then there's this too so actually oh those two make a great couple like a good looking couple is what you mean like if we're talking about a good.

Match for aioli I mean is there really anybody besides him obviously I totally agree yeah um the other boys are a total mismatch for her yes right huh it's just as they said no way someone like oh we would hit it.

Off with a loner like me who am I kidding I read this whole situation wrong I got my hopes up and assumed it was okay sitting down together with owie and I dude you did something totally lame back there koichi oh cotton um so I've heard this funny story earlier and I want to share with you.

Kochon sorry are we coach John I'm kind of busy right now later then wait a coach on this is bad I I really can't hang out with Ollie right now my thoughts and feelings are just over the place I can't stand this but I like Howie no I love her she's the only one I can ever I.

Why didn't I notice this sooner I'm such an idiot since that day I started distancing myself from owie I mean the scene back then I just couldn't get it out of my head all we just wasn't suited for someone like me the more I thought of that though the more I felt dejected.

In the end I stopped talking to her after distancing myself from her my school life then reverted to those gloomy days every single mundane day just wasn't fun but is it really okay to let things be the way they are now and continue acting like a real coward.

Instead of moping around maybe I should be out there looking for a solution right can't spend my time overthinking about stuff I need to do something about this yeah and so I was dead set on changing after that day I needed to do something about my body and started hitting the.

Gym I started exercising as I wanted to change this thin and lanky body of mine next on my list was learning to dress better my current dude just wasn't going to cut it if I was to stand next to this really pretty cutesy girl or should I say angel are we.

I had to look more refined another thing if I wanted to deliver results in the least amount of time if there's something I could pour my efforts into I'd be studying and so I studied really hard whatever the case may be I can't meet always at the moment I just look whiny if I meet her now no use crying over spilled milk I may look.

Selfish right now but please just wait a little longer owie then the long awaited day before our test came after weeks and days of grinding I finally asked owie to meet up after avoiding her all that time I've heard your feelings coach on if so I wouldn't know please I'll probably apologize for such things.

No owie if there's someone who should be apologizing That should be me what do you mean so I got really jealous seeing you talk to another guy besides me and yeah that guy suits you better than someone like me that got me thinking if it was really okay for me to be together with you and so I avoided you I see that's what it's.

All about and uh you see I'm really sorry for being so selfish and avoiding you over a silly reason that was pretty lame of me and so I spent these last few weeks improving myself I wanna I Wanna Be Your Prince once more are we what do you mean by that.

I have something to tell you but please wait a little longer I swear I'll tell it to you once I'm ready just wait a little bit longer until our semester exam results are announced if I Ace this exam I'll be honest about something okay I'll be waiting then I'll be waiting so promise me you'll do that okay then finally the results for our semester.

Exams came I got in third place wow gone you Pat the third place for a year level what let's go John thanks are we so yeah about that thing remember I promise to tell you something if my scores are good for these exams yup so what's this all about coach on I like you owie I love.

You I know I'm still not that good for your standards but I still like you I really really like you oh Sean I swear I'm gonna do my best to improve myself I'm gonna be a man who could stand proud right beside you that's why are we I swear I'll be your Prince Charming Once Again you are always there to lend a hand you.

Were always there at my side when I was scared I'm lonely you helped erase these anxieties that have been bothering me so you see you for always my prince charming since the beginning coach on promise me you'll be my prince forever and ever okay sure.

I love you too are we and with that we became an official couple plus we kind of caused a fuss doing such an open confession in front of a crowd that resulted in us being that legendary couple within our school it's pretty cool too that our classmates looked after our backs since that happened days weeks passed by and like.

You want to try mine too yup oh oh look at those two aren't they lovey they're just a perfect match are they both models oh they look so happy I'm getting all jelly you heard that a perfect match oh well they're obviously right enter my number one Prince kochan and we're gonna be the perfect match forever and ever.

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