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[Manga Dub] My daughter-in-law loved me every since she was a small child… [RomCom]


I is my stepdaughter I don't know that was about 10 years ago back then she was a healing influence on me and now 10 years later I'm gonna be Pub is that so.

I grew up amazingly fast and now she's starting to give me headaches Papa open wide she had no rebellious period never had a guard up and never showed any resistance she grew into a daughter who's obsessed with me and repeated I'm gonna be Bubba's bride like it was a habit.

And so after falling over me to no end because Papa's mine for some reason she looks at her own mom Emmy with a triumphant glare I think you already knows this but I has what's known as a father complex and that's why I think this is no good for I either it's not so bad is it beats being hated.

Yeah but uh yeah but a High School junior shouldn't be clinging to an almost 40 dad like this ah most people will be pleased even so I isn't just honest and cute she's a hard worker right not only did she have the highest grades at Canon High she's got good at sports.

Too smart and athletic you just have the most wonderful daughter hmm but according to the girl in question that's only because I want Papa to praise me what's more isn't she the student.

President well liked popular with the boys your daughter really is worthy of envy hmm according to Remy boy is always asking around but she says no uh I'm gonna marry Papa and rejects every single one of them so he was responsible for creating his.

Further complex monster well I'm her dad and I raised her so the blameless lie with me somehow ah did I make a mistake somewhere or did I do things right I don't know but in any case I've got a feeling it's no good for I to carry on like this place.

I happen to be passing through so I thought I'd come say hi to everyone you work with my papa's always so good to me well well thank you for the courtesy it's my Judy as your wife after all ah stop it stop joking around and go home.

such a close relationship I'm jealous good grief she finally went home she really loves you huh she seemed really upset when you Foster to go home are you sure everything's all right I can't ever causing everyone to work a nuisance like that.

I join us cleaning company 17 years ago they treat me with the warmth of a family it's a comfortable place to work and I'm lucky to be here they probably didn't see eye turning up as a nuisance but I'm gonna get in trouble if she goes around talking about things like becoming my future wife.

A little while after that I was called into school by Ice teacher it's I she seems absent-minded lately and her grades have gone down I'm worried about her I see well in that case I'll speed through about it I wonder what's wrong she could be stressed about the.

University exams UK universities highly renowned and their Medical College that's probably difficult to get into hmm is it exam pressure I was told the same thing by a private shooter I thought she was probably just going to go through a phase but it still played.

On my mind that night I told Emmy about what happened at school and went to speak to I in private I is now a good time huh Papa why are you here this late at night um I'm not sure what you're imagining.

But it's probably wrong plus it's only 7 30 P.M spoke to your teacher from school today they're worried about you you know you are my teacher teacher yeah if there's something on your mind I'm here to listen.

Are you stressed over your exert no it's Papa what is it then I'm being serious you know I'm serious cause the person I love won't give me a look and no matter how long I wait.

What are you talking about Suzuki I mean why have you been so distant lately huh me stop stroking my head like you used to and you've started doing a laundry separately.

Look uh you've got this backwards backwards then teenage girls normally say things like don't touch me and don't wash our clothes together when they're your age doesn't bother me in fact I like the way you smell good grief.

I think you're overthinking this Papa or uh how should I put it you should show me more affection damn it okay you're cute how's this somewhere like it throw dies head again for the first time.

In ages do you seemed happy again after that but as before a motivation to study remained low I decided to speak to Emmy about him and then she said that don't you think eyes got too much of a father complex so she's serious when she says she wants to marry you you know got him but she's my daughter.

You're not blood relative so isn't it fine come on it's not fine is it plus I'm just a boring old guy with a high school diploma but you know I doesn't care about that I mean she doesn't seem to care but I'm with I on this one you too Emmy what are you saying.

Besides I think it's what he'd want to even if Ayumi did support it I by the way me and Emmy aren't actually a couple if I had to label it I'd say we're housemates but technically class was a couple because we live together but we're not actually married I has no idea and she thinks of me as a.

Stepdad nevertheless me and Emmy agreed to continue with the family Arrangement until I graduates high school and so if she successfully accepted into University I'll be leaving the house that's why little by little I decided to try and put a little distance between us but seems like a bug.

Flat the next day I paid another visit to ice room I can we talk again what is it Papa won't you study with me daddy with Papa I'm not sure what you're imagining but it's probably wrong and how should I put this.

Actually I'm gonna leave that sentence as it is I explained to why that I wanted us to study for a University exams together I don't mind but is it okay with you papa aren't you tired from work I might look that way but don't worry that's fighting me yet besides back in the day I was actually.

Aiming for Yuki Medical College myself so I might be able to help you out a little yeah but it was a long time ago I failed my exams and gave up but I do have a good memory so let's study together and that's what I told her lying only a.

Little as a matter of fact I had a feeling this day would come and I've been preparing for it for a long time Suzuki you still haven't gone home yeah I got permission off the bus to stay behind and study a little well study the University exam workbook for the med.

School you're not preparing to take the entrance exam are you no it's my daughter is going to take the exam maybe I'm an overzealous parent but I decided to start studying with I to help motivate her I wanted to suppress her old man.

Suzuki well she's supposed to be a long time ago right hey Papa what about this hmm that's this is the most efficient way to solve it I knew I could count on you Papa.

Looks like I was right to put all those hours in studying there are some blanks but at this rate she should make it somehow wow hi that's amazing after that I carried on studying with ion a day she wasn't with a private tutor at some point her motivation must have.

Been ignited because she even started studying quietly on her own however with just one month left to go into their exams I began staring at me within an even more serious expression than usual Papa I want to ask you something is this something you want I want.

Well if that's all I can just bite wait what I want to be with you forever and ever when I graduate high school will you marry me why all of a sudden there's no way you can't be serious I'm always serious but you always just.

Laugh and tease me uh I'm sorry but why are you asking me this all of a sudden you're going to leave me aren't you once I graduate high school you're going to leave this house aren't you hold on wait how do you know that Papa.

I know you and Mom aren't married ah it seems I overheard mine and Emmy's conversation back when she was in Middle School and as a university entrance exams began to draw closer she couldn't help but have it on her mind I didn't see the point in studying hard for my exams if it just meant you.

Leaving Papa so that's why I lost your motivation to study so please if you leave here take me with you take me as your bride I I was so shocked.

Why is this happening now if I said the wrong thing here it could have an effect on eyes exams oh what do I say no whatever she says I've decided I have to tell her I before I answer your question there's something I want to tell you what is it.

I've been thinking about this for a while I've got my closest and best friend ayumu your real father it was after we just turned 20. ayumu asked me for a favor you're still trying to get into med school.

I just failed my exams for the second time oh Emmy and I doing they're both doing great I only just turned one as for Emmy I'm not earning enough and it's making things tough for her anyway it's a kudo can I ask you a favor in earnest uh what is it why is this serious.

If anything happens to me I want you to look out for the two of them the two of them what do you mean ayumi's company has branches and factories both at home and overseas the other day he was called in by his boss and asked if he could go abroad because a local Chief manager had opened up.

Ayumi speaks fluid Mandarin and unlike me he's really good with people he thought if he took advantage of this opportunity he'd eventually be promised her career back home and be able to give his family a better life I spoke to Emmy I decided I'm gonna go for it but I'm worried about Emmy and I in case.

Anything happens to me I understand I don't even want to imagine anything happening to you but if it does I'll look after them a human had always been there for me when we were students I wanted to repay him somehow but immediately after that ayumi's plane.

Disappeared off the coast in the Pacific Ocean knowing gayumi I'm sure we'll just turn up out the blue one day still alive that's why it's too early to give up hope I'm gonna support you both until he gets back.

After that I started Living with Emmy and I I also started working at the company I'm at now Emmy and I talked it over and I decided to play the role of eyes father I grew up to be a really good kid hard working bright honest she really is sweet.

She'd always call me Papa even though she knew I was her stepdad oh so glad Papa was it my fault you gave up on med school no but I'm entrusting you to achieve the dream I couldn't I when you suddenly said you wanted to be a doctor during Middle School I was so pleased do you.

Remember when you said you wanted to save people suffering from sickness and injury yes your goal if you want to be a doctor you push straight on a head down that path okay I'll do my best on my college exams I'll.

Make sure I become a doctor that's good after that I stopped being so dependent on me I guess I mean she's one step closer to becoming an adult I successfully passed your entrance exams and got a spot at her first choice at the UK University Medical College.

I was so proud when I watched her give a speech at the graduation ceremony as a student representative I get my promise to ayumu and have no regrets about these 17 years spent with I and Emmy now I decided it was finally time for me to graduate too you didn't have to.

I had no idea you were taking entrance exams at the Alice University med school and I had no idea I'd pass more importantly thanks for everything as a matter of fact I had taken the entrance exams for Alice University Medical College as I watched ice study I too a kindled my old enthusiasm.

The start of my new life coincided exactly with me leaving the house that's why I decided to take the exams for Alice University without telling I and so I successfully passed and left the company I'd worked for for 17 years in addition to receiving a resignation allowance the president generously held a congratulations ceremony to celebrate.

Me moving on to the next stage of my journey with that I headed off to my new apartment alone to begin my new life or so I thought welcome home I what are you doing here when I returned to the apartment for.

Some reason I was to by the entrance and did you just call me sakuto it feels a little strange since I've called you papa this whole time huh no that's fine why are you here I I want to eat together from now on what about Yuki University it's too far from here how are you gonna.

Make it I'm sorry I decided to go with my second choice second choice no way you don't mean Alice University do you yes.

I never thought you'd actually choose it I want to be a doctor but I also want to spend my future with you tacto maybe I'm being selfish but I want to fulfill both of my dreams I and I have one more thing to tell you sakuro it's me Emmy under YouMail is.

That a Humu yeah I'm sorry it's been a wild sakur though on the other end of the phone was none other than a humor they've been missing for ages he told me he'd been in a plane crash but miraculously survived and have been living abroad the whole time however the accident left him.

Unconscious and bedridden for some time he miraculously recovered but no longer remembered who he even was just recently Ayumi finally regained his memory and returned home a couple of days ago I'm really sorry to just turn up out of the blue and ask you something so selfish but this is a request from me.

Emmy and I I want you to continue to keep eye by your side you really have a thing for asking huge favors it's okay if you say no I can't inconvenience you anymore no I have a request from you please let I be mine.

I felt like I was finally being honest about the way I felt thank you takudo I really appreciate everything you've done for me I'm the one who should be saying thank you are you moo and Demi thank you for giving me such a great life I'll make I happy I promise does that mean.

He'll let me be your bride I are you sure I'm good enough for you I don't want anyone but you Papa it feels really complicated when you call me Papa now and so I decided to be with I PA someone's well prepared oh and you're banned from calling me.

Papa on campus came to middle-aged man going on 40. if really is strange sometimes now me and I are studying as hard as we can as a couple to become doctors thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos.

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