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[Manga Dub] My daughter’s piano teacher thought I was married [RomCom]


Kill Tyrell what's for lunch today I was thinking about making yakisoba yay my name is kyotaro shirakawa and I'm living together with a seven-year-old girl from the outside I might just look like a single father but honakash shirakawa and I aren't father and daughter in order to explain the reason why we're.

Living together even though she's not my daughter I'll have to go back in time to two years ago two years ago three months after graduating college and getting a real job I was forced to face how harsh reality was.

My parents and my older sister's family went on an Onsen trip that day I couldn't join them because I had work but they hit a truck on the way and everyone other than holoka who miraculously survived died even my sister brother-in-law.

What kind of joke is this after that I decided to take in honoka who was left all on her own now Cairo mommy and daddy your mom and dad are you twirl.

What's wrong cry I had lost everyone important to me at once and horoka was still young so it took a while for both of us to fully grasp the situation but I was saved by honoka's Bright Smiles after a few months we were living.

Together like a normal family I adopted honoka after that but I didn't ask her to call me dad because I didn't want her to forget about my sister or brother-in-law honoka calls me kyotaro just like my sister did so some people look at us strangely we try not to care too much though.

Honoka let's clean after we eat okay yeah I'm going to help all right thank you she grew up to be such a good girl I guess that's expected since my sister and brother-in-law were good parents after that we decided to clean the room that was turned into a storage closet so Taro does this piano work.

I'm not sure no one's used it for many years we might need to get it tuned well let's tune um tuning when instruments get old they stop playing the proper sound so you get it fixed by tuning.

If I remember correctly to SS a lot of money it takes up a lot of space and I don't use it either maybe we should just get rid of it but this is the piano that Dad bought my sister when she was little hey honoka do you want to try playing it yeah I do kotaro teach me how.

Okay but I can only play easy nursery rhymes for an hour after that polokhandai played the piano together if my sister was alive she probably would have taught holoka how to play the piano like this kyotaro what's wrong did something bad happen no not at all.

Hey honoka do you want to try taking piano lessons yeah I do there's an extent to how much I can teach her so I guess it's better to hire a teacher after that I got a professional to tune the piano and look for a piano teacher oh this looks good we live close to a music University so.

We get Flyers like this often I called up the number written on the flyer that was inside my post box my name is maki nanasa I'm a student at the music University nice to meet you nice to meet you too my name is kyotaro shirakawa and I'm hanukkahokawa okay.

You can call me whatever you want okay I'll call you makichandan sure sounds good she will call us on today is just a trial one so please take a look at our lessons today and see whether you want to continue having me Teach okay I understand she seems like a nice person so I think it'll turn out all right.

Are you good at playing your piano yeah I think I'm good enough to be able to teach you at least I've been playing since I was about your age really hey hey play something honoka don't be rude to your teacher it's not a problem at all what do you want me to play hanukkah-chan song for America.

I'm sorry I don't think I know that song do you think you can wait for a little yeah okay what are you going to practice it now oh no it'll be quick since I'm just going to listen to it the piano teacher silently listened to the song I'm ready to play it okay what can she really play it just by listening to the.

Song once the piano teacher effortlessly played the song she had just first heard only seconds ago you're so cool that's crazy you can play by ear just by listening to the song once yes it's not that hard after you get the.

Hang of it wow I do that if I don't know how to play the piano yup you totally can okay do you think I could do it after a month didn't your teacher just say she's been playing since she was a little girl she worked super hard to be able to do that so you can't say it like it's easy you're right.

Don't worry about it I might take a little bit of time but you should be able to do the same thing if you work hard enough okay I'm going to work so I could be like you makichan all right then shall we get practicing yeah after that I watched as the two girls practiced on the piano.

Honoka looks like she's having a lot of fun the teacher did say it was a trial lesson but I feel like she's a good match for honoka honkatan let's end today's lesson here okay I had so much fun I see I'm glad Nana says honoka seemed like she had fun with you so we'd like to continue the.

Lessons if you're up for it lovers I'd love I'd love to and thank you for earlier huh for what when you said that you can't make the teacher's hard work sound easy oh about that I think that was just common sense not at all people have told me that they're jealous of my talent without considering.

That I work hard for what I have they say I was just born with the ability to play so I was happy that you said that I see I'm glad then yes all right I'll come by next week then yes please thank you so much I want honoka to have fun while she learns how to play so I'm glad her.

Teacher seems like a good person I have no problem leaving it up to Nana cesan namaste-san came over once a week for piano lessons just like the first day she and honoka look like they were having fun while playing however there was also a big difference from our first meeting.

I'm going to leave snacks here so please have a break when you feel like it I'm okay don't worry about me I have a drink at least it's yeah for some reason she became cold towards me I'm okay with it because she's super.

Nice to honoka but I'm worried I did something to her all right I'll be on the first floor so can you let me know when you're done okay I understand I wanted to watch honoka play the piano but not as he saw might be uncomfortable with me here before I knew it two months had passed.

While I never learned the reason why Nana saysan was acting cold towards me what really huh was someone yelling is everything okay yes nothing's wrong there was a loud shout I heard earlier I'm pretty sure it's not nothing honoka did something happen.

Nope we were just talking oh really God doesn't lie to me so she might have just had an exaggerated reaction to something I'm sorry it might have just been my imagination I'll be waiting in the other room then um would you like to listen has gotten so much better these past two.

Months I'm so much better now so listen oh okay got it huh maybe I was just overthinking things and it was okay for me to stay here all along wow you did get so much better you might even be better than me.

I could teach you how to play now till tomorrow I see I'd love for you to teach me do you want to practice in the piano recital oh yeah hmm it's a place where you show people how much your piano playing skills improved can't take fun I want to do it what it's.

Only been two months since she started playing is it okay for her to participate of course it helps motivate kids also it's nerve-wracking to play in front of people so I think it's better to start getting used to it now I see in that case yes please of course after that portal and Nana says started officially practicing for.

The piano recital just like Nana sistan had said having a visible goal was extremely important poloka started practicing harder than ever before not only that the two had gotten extremely close because of the lessons and Mackie can let's eat their kick at her honoka don't bother Nana says by asking her that.

She probably doesn't want to eat food I cooked either not at all if you're okay with it Shira kawasan I'll help again what you're okay with it yes I'm gonna wash my hands um you don't have to force yourself I can explain it to honoka myself.

No I said yes because I actually wanted to did you not want to see me hear Shira kawasan that's not it at all I'd be happy to have you stay for dinner wait what's with the sudden change she was unfriendly with me all this time I washed my hand you have to wash your hands yeah got it.

Please relax on the sofa or something huh I'll help too what but you're our guest today about it I live by myself so I know how to cook please of course leave it to me I'll cut the vegetables can you set them on the plate okay this kind of seems like a husband.

And wife cooking food with their child 's son your hands oh ouch I wasn't paying attention okay are you are you okay I'm all right I can just spit on this and it'll get better on its own you can't do that what if it leaves a.

Scar you're right do you know where your first aid kit is yep over there Nana says cleaned up my cut after that you'd need to take better care of yourself worry yes I'll be more careful I'll also worried too.

Yes I'll be careful what's going on all of a sudden monkeys no we're not where did you even learn those words on YouTube a couple on YouTube said it why are first graders nowadays so grown but I'm happy you guys are friends now huh I was worried because you were.

Unfriendly with Coach Charles oh I'm sorry honokachan I didn't know I made you worried um honestly I felt that until recently too why are you nice to me now yes of course not truth is I started having feelings for.

You when I first met you what why you mentioned it earlier but I was genuinely happy that you saw it through my dedication and hard work plus I love children so much that I want to be a music teacher when I graduate so that's why my type is a man who is nice to children.

Ah I see but why did you start being cold to me after our second meeting cause I didn't want to fall for someone who has a wife so I tried my best to distance myself oh I see but I'm not married honokai is actually.

My sister's daughter she's not biologically mine yes mentioned that to me before oh I see everything started to make sense at that moment that's why you screamed yes I was surprised ah I see uh nanasi-san.

If you're okay with it would you like to be in a relationship with me what here oh you're okay with someone like me that should be my line I have a child after all of course I love honokuchan too would you be okay if shirakawa-san and I.

Started dating I'd be really happy monkey Chan are you going to come over every day then I don't think I'll be here every day since we're not getting married yet never mind I heard it loud and clear I heard it too oh please forget what I said.

What I wonder what I should do she was just holoka's piano teacher at first but our relationship changed drastically but I'm sure the three of us can live a happy life together from now on month later yo Tyrone played really well.

Yeah oh look up you're growing so much don't cry Maki you're crying too oh that family is so cute yeah I'm jealous we might not be directly related to honoka by Blood but I'm sure we'll continue to be a good family.

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