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[Manga Dub] My ex-girl friend became my step sister…!? [RomCom]


So dare come here meet your new mom starting today and your sister Makoto nice to meet you I'm Mikoto hiroguchi huh what I'm salsa curata my dad remarried recently I'm 17 years old I'm just about to have a sister of the same age as me and.

Now got introduced to her what are you doing here soda I should be asking that that this girl which was about to be my sister was my ex whom I broke up last year a year ago here's what happened soda sorry for leaving you here.

You wait no I'm fine so what's this about on this day Makoto asked me to stay behind after class as she wanted to talk about something out with me huh I like you I really like you soda so.

No no I meant my answer not a no so that means you're willing to date me and if you're talking about me sure yeah happy thanks after that day we went to all sorts of places and hung out past various spots you name it aquarium amusement parks and malls we often went to the cinemas.

So yeah we did a so yeah we did go on a lot of dates however on that certain day Christmas Eve is coming shortly but I haven't decided yet which gift should be perfect for Makoto plus this is my first time spending Christmas with her I really need something that would wow her oh I could ask Amari.

Hello soda that's a surprise I could never imagine getting a call from you something bothering you so yeah I want your advice about something no probably a favor of some sort my advice now that's rare view sure thing so what are we talking about um it'll be Christmas in a few days.

Right sadly I still haven't decided on which present will be good for my girlfriend uh you have a girlfriend yeah I do why you told me about this now that you say it that I really not share this beforehand to you.

Not yet okay wait so do you have pictures of her yes why really your girlfriend sure it is just shut up she's Makoto so now you see I still haven't decided on a gift for her gift that's your.

I've been pondering about this since a week ago but I can't decide which one passes is good enough okay then are you free by the 23rd the day after tomorrow no plans perfect then we'll meet on the 23rd at the mall to find you your present make sure to keep that date open.

Get me wow I really owe you for this thanks Amari a weird one huh yeah that's why I'm counting on you ah soda sorry I'm late oh not at all you're even five minutes early well I mean it's you soda pop should be.

Okay even if I was a little late okay oh hey hold on soda the keychain on that as a gift for soda on his birthday that means this guy it's soda but who is that girl beside him.

She's even tugging soda Along by her arms said I just caught them cheating is everything all right Makoto it's nothing is it well we better go and get soda his present then huh.

Okay soda cheating he doesn't seem like the guy who cheats earlier no doubt that was soda I couldn't see his face properly no way I must stop him so what I would like for another person should I confirm things later tonight oh yeah soda how long have you been.

Dating Makoto maybe seven months you've been dating her that long did you two go what do you mean by how far we haven't done anything yet she's boring care to explain what you mean by boring um so moving on what is Mikoto into like the things she loves which one.

Mercado simply loves anything that is cute she's way into these things oh yeah there was this thing we grabbed by the arcade it was this cute teddy bear I remember she was really happy after handing that plushie to her hmm something cute but a teddy bear has a Christmas gift.

Doesn't sound that appealing to me right well this leaves us with that thing if we're talking about gifts this comes to mind right a necklace but we're still in high school giving a necklace is a gift doesn't that sound a bit too fancy for us.

Are you hearing yourself I think necklaces aren't that fancy of a gift even if you're in high school and hey this was for your girlfriend was it not um what kind of necklace should I buy that's entirely on you helping you decide all the way would just be me choosing a present for her and not you.

Soda am I wrong yeah yeah I know I was talking to myself and whoa thanks Amari you owe me one this time hmm treating me with something sounds like a good idea yeah just be reasonable about it look this one seemed like a match with Makoto.

Which one oh that's pretty nice so you had the same impression hmm should I go ahead and buy this I thought you were gonna draw and stuff but that was pretty fast well My worry is I might end up being too picky that later on I'll end up eventually settling for nothing wow asking for your advice was really.

The right decision I ended up buying the I ended up buying this awesome gift someone's calling Makoto hello Makoto something wrong Makoto always texted up for a call before she calls however today was different and she's straight up phone me.

Today what your what you're up to this by the way soda I think it's best not to share what we did today to the Mikoto what why think about this would Makoto be all smiles if she found out you went out together with me to decide on her gift or.

You take all the credit I need the perfect present on your own and handing it to Makoto you'd be totally happier with the latter you sure that's how things work yep yep I'm telling you Makoto's better off not knowing this you catch my drift I was just at the house chilling by the sofa today.

Yes do you have something you want to share with me something I want to share yes something that I should absolutely know so nothing right now.

So that's how it is so soda we're over I'll see you around wait hold on why would you suddenly break up with me so that was how my story unfolded till now from us dating then breaking up um we're really going to be relative.

Starting today yeah see seems like it for now I'll head back to my room okay I never thought we'd meet again this way after I broke up with soda I haven't spoken to him even once at school knowing that he cheated on me really took a toll on me I pulled my eyes out.

I thought I was unfor sure with him I was his girlfriend now his sister nevertheless me being soda's own sister feels awkward seriously awkward worse the way I broke up with him is still but no it was soda's fault in the first place but still do I even.

This is weird really awkward suddenly being told that we're over and then hanging up without saying a word I haven't talked to her since then my girlfriend and my sister I kind of Miracle am I witnessing one more maybe setting things straight with her might be worth a shot I didn't even have.

The chance to ask why she told me we're over and I'm just really annoyed why she didn't bother explaining why we broke up and not knowing the reason why we broke up two was really bugging me should they ask her tomorrow nope I should probably do it now yes Makayla can we talk for a bit.

Soda um sure what's the matter today was the first time we've spoke in a while and I just felt like talking to you for a bit bothering me at all talking about what happened last time maybe all sudden and quite awkward so I.

Just want to talk with you hmm is that you remembered it's the teddy bear that you gave me so you still have it is that not okay no not at all I can see you're really taking good care of it just kind of just kind of happy that's all.

Which reminds me this teddy bear was the first thing you gave to me right yep so my first present for you had to be a prize you wanted the arcade you don't need to apologize to me I've never felt bad for this in any way huh anything as long as it's from you soda they all make me really happy.

Wow is that so thanks so what happened after that did you start dating somebody today was pretty the same and I'm still not dating anybody I see well how about you are you seeing a new girl um yeah never mind never mind.

so Makoto yes then remember that day why did you suddenly tell me you're breaking up with me that day I don't don't really feel like talking about it but still okay I understand.

Sorry for suddenly disturbing you at this time well then good night good night soda soda someone's here is he's still sleeping answering the door should be fine right yeah soda sorry right now soda is.

This this this this girl she's the one he cheated on me with how can I help you oh are you soda's sister um I mean right now yes you're cute yes I've heard the news from soda like soda says he's having a new sister.

Naturally I was curious so I came down here to check I never thought it would be someone this cute hmm is something wrong oh wait are you Meek Hotel well yes seriously this means your son's new.

Sister this is such a miracle wow so you still knew about me so knowing that you still went for it stole soda away uh um yep yes do you have something you want to share with me.

Hmm something I want to tell you you're such a cutie are you making fun of me what I would never do something like that that question earlier did you not get into why I asked something like that.

Um honestly I don't know what you're talking about right then I'll approach it with a different question is there something you want to apologize to me for I annoyingly do something rude to you that's what I did in fact introduced me.

To her but as his friend should I do that might have been true and if so she'll see me as a weirdo at that point I'm this asking her straight up may be the better idea someone who I dearly love and cherish the most soda what help me hen.

Yes you did I already know all about it Mikoto oh wait a sec see I really loved soda no I still think about him hold on I still can't confess what's going on you it's hope because of you just wait wait wait wait.

Hold for a second seriously what did I do Makoto something wrong here there he is soda huh Mari what brings you here put that aside for now we think about this do something about this I don't even know what the hell's going on.

Look Makoto here no clue what she's talking about you have no clue about why like she's saying I stole you from her and then I should be apologizing to her about something soda I already know how you're cheating and all that stuff with her huh cheating you're flirting with that girl over.

There admit it look at all this possibly be just a misunderstanding I think you've got it all wrong misunderstanding look that over there is my cousin hamari nishino I haven't introduced myself yet and well that dwarp went ahead and blurted out.

Things so so does really my cousin I would never do something like feeling more so cheat with him I mean even I would have never guessed soda could get any girlfriend at all rude right before Christmas Eve I spotted YouTube by the mall.

Even him or it was clinging to your arm soda before Christmas Eve oh right we did meet at the mall you're at the mall too makota because I was buying your Christmas gift soda it was even totally excited for Christmas Eve too so just why I mean you're right about that part where she grabbed my arm but I don't.

Think we held hands at all well obviously like I'd ever hold hands with you weirdo this dweeb every time you just have to go ahead mumbling those snide comments no I had my doubts at first so why then I called you on that night remember yeah you did you said you were breaking up with me and I totally blanked out.

That time I asked you what you were doing at the moment and you answered with I was just at the house chilling by the sofa today you totally lied to me about that um so that probably puts me about maybe yours Amari yep I thought that maybe you finding out that we went out together to decide on your gift was wasn't the best.

Idea I suggested he take all the credit finding the perfect present for you on his own would make you way happier and so but wait hold on this then went over here too I just can't why you're asking why telling her that we both worked on choosing her presence was a no-go but.

I'm sure that I your cousin did not forbid you from telling her that we went to the mall I'm feeling sorry this all happened because I got the wrong idea causing all sorts of problems for you him Aria and soda of course I did something terribly unforgivable to you soda no I should be the one.

Apologizing if I had said things straight from the start this all wouldn't be an issue you should be how about a more sincere apology soda get down on your knees and beg it's a puku too that's way too overboard and oh by the way it's my first hearing that YouTube just broke up.

I mean I couldn't just casually tell you we broke up right Plus I even did you a favor helping out with her gift you could at least share that to her going back to our topic so Mikoto didn't you say you loved soda dearly and cherish him oh so much wasn't it huh you just couldn't give up on him I've.

How did you all this time even going far as to think you were cheating on me soda he wouldn't do something like that but still I chose not to put my faith on those words but I mean it was right before my eyes you even lied to me that's why well even knowing that sounded crazy I.

Convinced myself into it and swore to hate you over a million times but I just couldn't do it no still I really in love with you and that is why I'm really happy you were cheating on me um Makoto so you still liked me after that dude.

Then are you okay with patching things up these misunderstandings are finally all behind and me too I still think of you all the time you do yep so can we be a thing again I mean if you're okay with that makota.

Two lovebirds could wrap it up yeah anywho easily let you off next time you make Makoto cry got me soda now we're back being lovers and since then the three of us including that hamari often went somewhere just to hang out just like back then we frequently went out on dates.

Misunderstandings were now a thing of the past since we're living under the same roof I bake some cake just for you soda oh is that for me yep well I kind of heard you mumbling the other day saying you want to eat a cake so thanks Makoto let's dig in together.

Yay well my stepsister she's also My Sweet Home Alabama girlfriend a real Sweet Home Alabama miracle it was all thanks to this and I had the chance to clear up misunderstandings and enjoy doing mundane things as lovers with a smile on our faces is it good yeah it's awesomely good.

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