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[Manga Dub] my ex-girl friend who dumped me joined my company… [RomCom]


Hey Scott's plans with me he made plans with me first it's not true I was her well I wanna ladies calm down you shut up quiet these two beautiful women playing tug of.

War with me well let me explain how this happened almost my name is ryohe Kimura I'm just a regular office worker you would find my name next to the definition of diligent in the dictionary that's what people are saying around me people appreciate me in the office and.

Then we just do this good job real hey you're working hard but make sure you take breaks joko-san the woman who was talking to me was Kyoko shimadasan when I started working she always took care of me and I was always able to rely on her she's the prettiest woman in the office and is.

Popular amongst both men and women I also admire her um I'm almost done but I just can't finish that little bit I totally get it eighty percent of it is quick the last 20 is slow I don't get how that happens huh I think it's paranormal honestly I wish I could just finish a hundred.

Percent huh yeah but it never works that's why I'm pretty tired when I'm done with work see here you have this Mr hard worker thank you so much I love this chocolate I always buy it at the store I'm glad you like it all right let's.

Finish off that last bit huh yes ma'am I recharged so I'm ready to finish it off hear it got some support from kyoko-san I'm gonna finish this off strong I work hard every day sometimes kyoko-san brings me a little gift I thought my peaceful days were going to.

Continue but this is momokahinamori she's going to be working with us starting today nice to meet you all I'm going to work hard to carry my weight around here thank you no way are you serious I was shocked when I saw the new hire her name was momoka hinamori she was my ex-girlfriend she dumped me without.

Giving me a reason at all in high school what is she doing here it must be a coincidence but this is so awkward but I guess it's fine if I don't talk to her right kimurakud it's you hey uh been a minute how have you been.

you are yes did she forget dumping me is that why she's so friendly why is she so close is something the matter no nothing is wrong but I'm gone someone I know is in my.

Workplace can I ask for your help if I don't understand something huh oh yeah if you're okay with it hey thank you Kimura Kun I was so worried so I'm happy see you around sure if she's not awkward about it then I guess I shouldn't bring it up or.

Anything I don't want to cause any drama I'll just stay quiet are you okay can I sit next to you kyoko-san sure hey along with a new hire do you know her well she's my ex-girlfriend from high school.

What a coincidence I agree think it's Destiny I don't want this awkward Destiny so did you dump her no no I was dumped I still don't know why I say I see her is something wrong.

And nothing at all don't worry about it I don't know how to do this can you teach me oh you just do this and that and this then click that wow that was easy I think it might take a little time to get used to but if you do it every day you'll learn it thank you you're so kind to me huh ah.

It's no biggie hey sorry can you teach me this too oh that you do this and that oh and you should do this yokosan oh and here take this oh what is this it's documents for your job you'll know how to handle most things once you look.

At it plus it is good use to me thank you so much awesome glad for you hinomori her manual saved me when I joined the company too he was always a fast learner though so he outgrew it pretty quickly I still look at it sometimes to refresh the basics.

If there's anywhere you don't understand by reading it then ask me it's always annoying not being able to ask questions when you don't know what to do I'll be around thank you Kimura Kun you're so kind today's fish is so good I know right the crispy skin is great.

You order this meal often don't you ah you noticed actually oh found out Kimura would it be all right if I eat with you yeah of course you can eat with me thank you ah I filmed salmon you still like this huh you used to always order this in school cafeteria too you remembered huh.

You always scarfed it up you would look like a chipmunk oh come on you don't have to remember that oh yeah kimarakoon are you free next weekend what's up I found a nice little place that has a really good salmon meal let's go grab a.

Bunch together grilled salmon huh I know a good place too how about you come with me too it's a really good restaurant you know good restaurants too man I don't know anything about that kind of thing.

Um can you not butt in you're the one who interrupted us first I think what oh what are you talking about oh come on don't act stupid now on the way home let's go home together Kimura Kun let's go home together hinomori-san uh can you not get in the way you're getting in my way shimara-san.

I invited him first no I did I did I did hey ladies how about all three of us go home together we shouldn't argue like this okay if that's what you want if that's what you want then okay don't copy me Hina Marie son nope that's what I said.

Huh what is going on they were both asking me out one day I was staying late to finish off some work with hinomori making you wait it's all right you've only been here for a couple of weeks I'm sure there's a lot you don't know thank you you're still so kind you.

Haven't changed a bit you think so this is pretty normal besides kyoko-san saved me before Oh you mean shimadasan yeah she's always looked after me since I started working here she's truly incredible she's kind and straightforward and hardworking.

I really respect her I see this is embarrassing don't tell her I'm not going to give my enemy ammunition all right we're almost done come on yeah great job great job I'll be done since we're both working together huh it's thanks to you honestly.

Thank you so much here have this you must be tired now oh I remember this chocolates you used to always eat this you said this was good and I've been eating it since you always knew the good stuff hey Kimora I know a way to refresh yourself more than snacks.

What is it a stretch or something no you do this oh why are you hugging me hugs are good at removing stress hey murakoon I actually still worry what are you doing here oh I just forgot something I didn't mean to interrupt you oh.

I'm sorry wait Joko son wait don't go you know Mori so go stay here what's gotten into you you dumped me that's what you did and now you're Clinging On To Me I didn't dump you because I didn't like you I just couldn't resist a jealousy he.

Was so kind to anyone and I couldn't watch that and once we graduated high school we're going to go to park colleges I didn't want to do long distance I see I didn't want to get hurt so I dumped you I know I was being selfish but I was so glad to meet up with you again I love.

You so please stay here sorry I appreciate you being honest with me but I like kyoko-san I see figured that much that much so much when you talk to her thank you hinomori no there's nothing between us.

It's okay you don't have to lie I won't tell anyone no I really don't have anything with her because I like you a second ago yes she did ask me out but I said no because I like you no way yes way.

You're honest and straightforward and hardworking I like seeing you eat things I like you too I love how hard working intelligent you are I fell for you when I saw you working hard this is so embarrassing kyoko-san I I like you I like you so much kyoko-san.

Please be mine of course I like you so much too that's how we started going out I told hinomori about what happened and hinomori congratulated the Two of Us by the way they suddenly get along well now they even go out with just the two of them sometimes I don't understand women a few days later.

Grilled salmon really is the best I'm so lucky to see her smile oh hey you have some rice on your face where right here we're dating now this is okay yes we're going to continue smooching daily thank you for watching how was today's.

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