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[Manga Dub] My ex-girlfriend makes fun of me, so I pretended my coworker was my girlfriend [RomCom]


Senpai I was working just like usual when one of my younger co-workers looked into my face with a cute smile This Woman's name is Mirai hasakura-san she was three years younger than me now tolkuraki what's wrong are you free this Saturday well yeah I don't have any plans really.

Come with me somewhere that day then is there something you're doing um I have a younger brother with a big age Gap I mean he's already a high schooler but I wanted to buy him a birthday present I don't know what boys want so I wanted you to help me choose something the best thing to do in situations like that is to ask the.

Person what they want can't do that I want to give him something as a surprise I'm sure he's expecting something if it's his birthday but what if you hand make him something you're good at sewing and cooking aren't you I think he'll be happy if you make him a cake or something I don't that either I want to buy him a.

Proper gift this year very adamant about this huh alright let's go look for something on Saturday then y'all come with me yeah I don't have any plans that day yay thank you so much I'm not sure if I'll be much help but I hope you can find something nice yes just like that I was going to follow hasakurasan shopping that Saturday I.

Knew she was a nice girl but it seems like she loved her family very much too she's so dedicated to make her little brother happy what a good girl I need to do the best I can too on Saturday Senpai thank you for waiting good morning hasakura-san you don't need to rush you're not late I tried to get here 30 minutes earlier I didn't think you'd.

Already be here I live close by we're a bit early but let's get going okay the two of us headed out to buy hasakurasan's brother at present one hour later oh I got a great gift thank you for choosing this for me I hope your brother likes it he will you chose it Senpai hmm that's a lot of pressure to put on me.

Anyway it's a good time for us to have lunch Naruto huh Rico what are you doing here you too is that that oh this is one of my juniors at work my name isakura Iko harukase so your co-worker huh what nothing I thought she was your girlfriend for a second.

But I guess that's not possible there's no way that someone like you could get a girlfriend why are you saying it like that so are you saying you have a boyfriend now yeah of course of course I do don't put me on the same level as you what did you just say I have a girlfriend too.

Oh really of course I do really you've always been the type to put out the front if I tell you to bring her here you probably won't have anyone to bring what that's not true because this is my girlfriend Senpai it's okay is honest and she's the type of girl that can go along with the.

Flow if she can just go along with it now she'll forgive me if I apologize to her later you said she was your co-worker earlier just because I introduced her as my co-worker doesn't mean she can't be my girlfriend we're trying not to be public about our relationship that's true but.

Um Senpai she's glaring at me um all right we're in the middle of our date see ya what what in a minute Reiko tried to call us back but I didn't want my lie to be exposed by talking to her any longer the two of us quickly ran away I think we're okay now sorry for putting you in the middle of.

That hasakura-san but um was it really okay to introduce me as your girlfriend oh sorry that was my ex-girlfriend earlier what what your ex yeah so I kind of put up a front I'd appreciate it if you don't think too much about it huh what's wrong.

nothing are you sure oh were you talking about lunch earlier is there anywhere you wanted to eat I'm okay I think I'm going to head home today what what's wrong I sorry I just got a little tired oh I guess you should rest then did you want me to drop you home.

It's okay I could walk home on my own good bye then after saying that hasakura-sam went home as if she was running away that night seemed weird earlier maybe she's mad that I called her my girlfriend I should probably apologize again at work huh I wonder who it is so late is it hasakura-san when I opened the front.

Door good evening Raco why are you here you had something I wanted to talk about can you let me in oh but it's it's important okay come in I'm glad you didn't move out of here I mean I still work in the same place so there's no need for me to move I so so what did you want to talk about you came all the way to my house did something.

Happen um you were lying when you said that girl was your girlfriend right well that's please say that you were joking Rico what's wrong you're acting weird because to another girl what are you talking about I'm sorry I lied to you earlier I don't.

Have a boyfriend I was just trying to act strong in front of you because you were with another girl I see but what about it what what did you just say we broke up three months ago I know but I regretted fighting over something small but ended up breaking up.

Where did everything after that that's why I would walk around your neighborhood on my days off because I thought I'd be able to run into you that's why we saw each other today hassakurasan and I were shopping at a mall near my house it's normally a place where a lot of people go but Reiko lives about six train stations away from me.

There should have been another big mall near her house too that's why I thought it was weird that she was at that mall but turns out she wasn't just there to shop so that means you're still in love with me said you were dating another girl now she's always been a straightforward girl.

I stopped going out on weekends after breaking up with her so I guess that's why we didn't see each other Naruto that's no she's not I was doing the same thing as you just putting up a front really who is it this time I'm sorry Reiko I'm going to answer the door.

Reiko seemed annoyed that something interrupted our important conversation but I went to answer the door anyways yes who is it oh Senpai good evening how's the cross on what's wrong um I wanted to talk to you about something important huh is this deja vu I feel like I was in the same situation.

Earlier can we talk uh I don't think this is the best timing I'm sorry can we talk another time tomorrow or something oh I guess this was bad timing I assume so because you weren't answering my texts but huh hi those are woman shoes what what does this mean Senpai I thought you didn't have a girlfriend that's awesome.

You're scaring me a little don't touch the subject plus those shoes he looked like the same ones her cause his son was wearing earlier today she's so observant bye miss your ex-girlfriend here now oh why are you trying to hide it if you're trying to hide it it means you're doing something sketchy right that's not it we're just talking about.

Something important so I thought it would be best for us to talk another time what are you two talking about I can't tell you that nothing like that what's the matter with you you're kind of scaring me today I have another girl in your room she's your ex-girlfriend too wait does this reaction mean no way not possible I.

Are you done uh riko it seems like Reiko couldn't wait any longer she came in at the worst possible timing what why are you here hold on a second you two because I had something important to talk about now so.

Me too I came here to talk about something important with Senpai hold on the two of you and don't fight things were clearly getting heated so I quickly stopped the two of them I brought the two of them into my living room but I can you Senpai so please be in a relationship with me after finding out.

That Reiko was trying to get back together with me hasakura-san also confessed her feelings for me what the hell is going on this is so dramatic Naruto how are you going to choose do we really need to talk about this course you hold the decision making in this situation well yeah but Reiko looks like a tough girl but she's actually a.

Big softy she likes to act like a strong person but she also gets lonely very often when we were dating she would come over every weekend and even wanted to live with me I think it's kind of cute that she's not very upfront about her feelings we did break up after a fight but honestly I was kind of hung up on her too on the.

Other hand hasakura-san was friendly and a good girl she was hard-working and popular too now that I know she was trying to get my attention this entire time because she liked me things change either way hassakura-san was a cute co-worker of course I was happy that she confessed her feelings for me why does it have to be like this though if one of.

Them asked first I would have turned the other one down because I would already have been someone's boyfriend but now that I was in a situation where I had to choose one of them they're both very attractive women so it was a hard choice but if that's the case I feel like I should date Reiko who confessed her feelings for me first.

Supported me ever since she started working with me is it okay for me to turn down a good girl like that no no oh but Raco and I have been dating since College we've known each other for six years already we broke it off once but if we still had feelings for each other it might be the best decision to.

Start over with her I can't I can't choose between the two of you now because they're both amazing girls I can't just hurt one of you I can't choose senpai what.

What uh no I'm not going to do something that stupid so I have an idea will you listen to it oh oh what's your idea if you're both okay with it will you give me a month to think it over I'll make my decision by then on one condition then one condition yes I want you to let me live with you are you being serious because.

Who can see you at work every day I won't get to have that chance to see what's often don't you think that's unfair to me that's true but hold on a second I want to live with you too then you too hold on there's no point if you live here too we have things to do at work so I don't get a chance to talk to him.

Much have you lived with him it'll be completely unfair for me especially because you look like the time to seductively flirt with him what I won't you stuttered very sketchy that's because something weird I just mentioned what I think is possible.

Do that oh gosh why are you two fighting again I tried to calm the two down these two normally didn't argue much with other people but I guess they didn't want to give up on this knowing that I was the reason for this made me happy and uncomfortable at the same time in the end the three of us started living.

Together in the end the two of them became extremely calm when I spoiled them this lifestyle will end in a month so I can only hope I make a decision that I don't regret thank you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well.

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