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[Manga Dub] My favorite idol retired after I told her that I made a girlfriend [RomCom]


I found you I've been looking for you this whole time looking for me yes yes you why me because I want you to be by my side what right in front of my eyes was one of the most beautiful girls I'd ever laid eyes on the reason why a girl like her would be facing after an idol obsessed nerd like me well I'll have to go back in.

Time to explain this to you cover me you look cute today as always you're an angel a living Angel my name is Casey Eda I'm an idol obsessed nerd who has devoted his entire life to idols my favorite of all of my favorites though was angel hearts member kurumi I've been following her ever since her debut and now I'm probably one of her oldest fans.

In the beginning they were only playing to small crowds and small underground venues but recently one of their songs went viral on social media and their popularity skyrocketed lately they've become so famous that not a day goes by where you don't hear one of their songs being played somewhere on top of that they've been selling out.

Stadiums and some of the largest concert Halls consistently everyone thank you for coming today I hope you listen to our Angel heart and angel voices until the end call me you're cute as ever today you're a true angel you're the best come steal all of our hearts the next song is Angel hunt let's go.

Wow no matter how famous or popular crew me gets she will always be my number one favorite even if I'm just another fan to her that doesn't matter to me her happiness was my happiness this was my idol obsessed life until one day at one of their meets and greets I haven't been to a meet and greet in a while I bought 10 CDs so I get to have one minute of.

Talking to her pretty sure I remember her staying in an interview recently that she likes people who are in love if I ever get a girlfriend I can't wait to cheer for her together oh how perfect would that be all right this is what I'm gonna talk to her about next in line go ahead.

Um Mr Casey I'm so happy to see you thank you for coming again today whenever you are anytime anywhere I'll come running there that's so sweet thank you my favorite smile is way too bright oh wait I'm running out of time I need to tell her what I wanted to say your concert last month was really amazing and your newest.

Song is a lot more powerful than usual and I love it oh oh also also I I have a girl all right your time is up the exit will be down that way the angel crew me one minute is way too short but I can see her again at the next meet and greet all right I'm going to go buy all of the merchandise now a few days.

After the meet and greet no way this has to be a lie why kurumi announced on her social media account that she's retiring the news that crew me from the extremely popular Idol group Angel Heart had announced her retirement was exploding everywhere when I turned on the TV it was all anyone was talking about and on.

The internet the blogs and fan sites were going crazy with thousands of people speculating and coming up with their theories as to why as for me I was so shocked by the sudden news that I couldn't get out of bed I couldn't even get myself to go to work and I completely would treat it into my home for days.

Roommate how could you why would you retire I would have cheered for you no matter what an angel has been taken from the world according to the most reliable rumors the reason for her retirement was apparently because she was in love and if I remember correctly Angel Heart members weren't allowed to be in.

Relationships or reveal their personal lives but even then even then she didn't have to quit I would have supported you even if you were in love I wish you wouldn't have quit and continued being an idol a few days after kurumi announced her retirement there was an update on the news that her retirement announcement was made on her.

Own personal behalf and that her agency hadn't approved it on top of that ever since she made the announcement she had gone missing and no one was able to locate her for me where did you go please don't tell me that you really left this Earth to go back to the heavens above but it's entirely possible this impure world must have been.

Poisoned for her roomy ah no matter how desperate you are you still get hungry the human body is crazy I guess I also need to go back to my company pretty soon uh but but I have nothing to look forward to in life anymore.

How am I supposed to live um excuse me yes good evening good evening true just come over here with me what are you real real are you the real crew me please but this is the news.

What are you doing here you were Mr Casey Eda right yes yes I am but I came here to see you to see me why because you said that you got a girlfriend that's why I couldn't even sit or stand still I know that you have someone you love but but even then I want to be beside you so I came here wait wait wait wait wait what.

Do you mean someone that I love first of all I don't even have a girlfriend or anything like that are you sure you're not mistaking me for someone else what but at the meet and greet you said you got a girlfriend that's I was trying to say that when I get a girlfriend we'll both come and cheer you for you together that's what I was trying to say huh so.

Then your girlfriend there's no such thing she doesn't exist ever since I was born I've never had a partner or a girlfriend or or anything like that in my life oh I see but more importantly I read that you had gone missing that's right we need to get in touch with your family and your agency no you can't do that please hide me for a.

Little while no but if you don't contact them everybody's really worried if we get in touch with them now then they'll definitely make me go back so please a little bit just for a little while please let me stay inside you I'm begging you oh well if you beg me with such sad watering eyes.

If you're not going to hide me well then I have to find somewhere else to go that you can't do that I'm fine okay fine but only for a little bit okay thank you Mr casuke please let me introduce myself properly I'm kurumi kurumi ital and I'm keske Ida nice to meet you Mr casuke nice to meet you too and so this is how.

My number one Idol kurumi for a limited time only became my roommate and we started living together I can't believe that my number one Idol is living with me I could have never imagined this in my wildest dreams good morning good morning Mr casuke kurumi is greeting me wearing an apron in the kitchen what is this is this.

Heaven am I in heaven um is this since you're going to let me live with you I thought I needed to make myself useful somehow so I tried making some breakfast but you made all of this yes uh was that not okay that's okay what happened are you okay.

I just this is too good I can't my favorite Idol in an apron and a homemade breakfast that I don't have a single regret in this life not one this morning I was too happy so I fell over but her cooking really was delicious on top of that she even made me a homemade lunchbox what I wonder what's inside.

Oh this is so cute what is this a character lunchbox that's so freaking cute she made me a fancy breakfast and on top of that this detailed of a lunchbox I'm so happy I might explode I wonder how I wonder how it tastes the fact that she can make a lunch box this tasty I'm pretty sure she's a.

Genius I'm just too happy I'm going to use this lunchbox power to get through the second half of my day welcome home Mr casuke I'm home kurumi my my favorite Idol opening the door for me and waiting at home could it get any better I don't even remember what I did at work today nothing matters anymore.

You must be tired would you like to take a bath first I guess so I guess that would be good all right then I'll wash your back for you excuse me those I'm happy but but that's not that's not okay why not what do you mean why not that's pushing it I can't have you do that please don't hesitate Mr casuke if you don't have a girlfriend.

Then maybe a little bit would be okay right a little bit or a lot of it it's not okay you have to be dating to do things like that so mean this is not mean a little bit of skin contact never hurt anyone no means no gosh you're so serious all the time this but that seriousness is part of what.

Makes you so wonderful well then Mr casuke enjoy your bath I'm going to cook dinner and we'll be waiting so let's eat together when you're done oh I'm in pure Bliss but I feel like my heart can't take this for much longer and it's going to explode living with kurumi every day was like this even the smallest things.

I was in heaven having my favorite Idol do them for me and and every day was exciting days where I say good morning and creamy says good morning back to me this has become an Irreplaceable thing to me but on the other hand there was a part of me that felt concerned for things to continue this.

Way after all I was the one that said I would hide her just for a short time one of these days I need to contact them then one night I'm thirsty hmm this voice kurumi uh Mr Casey that's song that was one of Angel heart's songs.

Wasn't it uh no I mean um wait a second crew me maybe you didn't want to retire no it's okay if I remain in Isle then I'll never be able to fall in love plus not allowing relationships for Idols is such an old way of thinking and I hate it I want to fall in love and be in love.

And I want to be with you Mr casuke that's why I don't need to be an idol anymore screw me well then let's go to bed it's already pretty late if we stay up any later you're going to want to sleep at work come on we're going to the bedroom um okay she's happy to stay retired from her Idol life.

Is she telling the truth then one day an incident occurred we got some good groceries it's great that we got some seasonal vegetables for so cheap today I'll use them to make something good and creamy what's wrong that's footage from kurumi's last concert through me I wonder where she went I.

Really don't want her to retire if she doesn't come back soon I'm going to stay depressed I hope she'll let us hear her beautiful voice again hey kurumi um come on let's hurry up and go home Mr Casey so I can cook a delicious dinner I'm going to put some extra effort and love into it so I hope you're excited yeah I can't wait I knew it I can't keep.

Doing this I've been putting off the problem for too long I need to talk to her soon I need to talk to her tonight that day after we had finished eating dinner I sat crew me down to talk what did you want to talk to me about crew me I want you to tell me how you're really feeling are you sure you don't want to be an.

Idol anymore are you sure you're okay with retiring I honestly I still want to be an idol but I hate that relationships are forbidden and that I can't have both at the same time because I like you Mr casuke and I don't want anybody to put me down because of those feelings sometimes just liking someone can become such an amazing.

Source of power that's why I refuse to accept that I'm not allowed to fall in love then why don't we explain that to them what what do you mean explain it we have to tell the president of your agency how you're feeling maybe probably if you discuss it with them then they'll understand.

Discuss it not saying your feelings is pretty much the same thing as not having any at all that's why you have to express them to people I had convinced myself that there is no use talking to the president about it but you're right at least once I need to try and tell them how I'm really feeling.

And explain it all to them okay Mr Case gay I promise I'm going to talk to the president of the agency but I'm too scared to do it alone so will you please come with me of course I will the next day crew me and I headed to her agency to tell the president how she was feeling kurumi where the hell have you been I am.

Very sorry for my selfish actions up until now I know how much trouble I have caused to the agency and to you and to all the members and to my parents truly I'm so sorry as long as you're okay it's fine but it doesn't seem like you're just coming back for the sake of coming back plus who's that person that you brought with you this person is Mr.

Casuke I insisted and forced myself into his house and he had been hiding me at my request I came back here today because Mr Cascade is the one who encouraged me to come talk to you so please I want to fall in love relationships and my idol life I want to be able to have both I know what I'm saying is selfish and.

Naive but I can't ignore my feelings and I don't want them to go to waste I want people to know if that even an idol and love can shine so brightly I'll do whatever it takes to make up for the troubles and inconveniences that I have caused if I have to start over then I'll start over so.

So please sir I I'm begging you with everything I have please let me stand on stage again I've heard you loud and clear but first I think that there are people other than myself that you owe an apology to why don't we hear what they have to say wait do you mean kurumi gosh where did you go.

Oh you're so weird so what about you what the view I'm sorry I'm sorry that I made you worry and stop my selfishness led to all of this I want to be an idol but I also want to fall in love just like every other girl that's why because I knew that I would be dragging you two down with me I thought it would be best if I left the group and that's.

That's great what I know how beautiful you became when you started falling in love why don't we just change our concept to Idols who are in love I agree that's definitely a possibility girls in love are super cute you guys if your other two members feel that way then maybe it's time for a rebranding and we take the group in a New Direction sir.

The reason why we had forbidden relationships was because we didn't want you to neglect your job as an idol because of that that was our biggest worry but it looks like we don't need to worry about that at all we will make an announcement that angel heart is allowed to date whoever they.

Want to yeah woohoo thank you so much sir well then now that that's decided it's time to start doing the rounds you have a lot of people you need to go apologize to let's put an end to this chapter the right way yes sir from there kurumi started with the president of her agency and went about apologizing to every.

Single person who is affected there was no denying that she created a big hole in her work and caused a lot of trouble for a lot of people to take responsibility for her actions that put an end to it all she had to make multiple apologies on top of apologies a few days after her discussion with the.

President kurumi came to visit me before she was going to officially start back in her job next month I'll be returning to the stage hold thanks to your support and you encouraging me thank you I I didn't do anything Mr Casey there's there's something that.

I need to tell you I I like you you have always been rooting for me ever since my debut and I lied to you this whole time then when I started Living with you I was able to see what kind of person you truly are and I always like you even more Mr Casey will you please be my boyfriend I've always.

Liked you as an idol but ever since we started living together I came to like you for who you are on or off the stage if you're okay with a nerd like me please let me be by your side and cheer you on for the rest of my life I love you kurumi me too I love you too crew me and I tied the knot and we became a couple and.

Shortly after she was fully back on stage as an idol at the same time she announced that she was in a relationship and she promised that she was going to work twice as hard so that her fans would keep supporting her the sudden announcement from an idol that she was in a relationship and her announcement of coming back took the.

Entire world by storm of course in the beginning people had a lot to say but little by little they accepted her and started to say how cute she was even when she was in love eventually she became even more popular than she was before and then a few years later around me you're so pretty.

Thank you sweetie crew me and I officially tied the knot and got married and we even have a cute baby girl between us that's because kurumi is still an idol despite being a mom isn't that right that's because he'll be an idol forever and I will forever be your number one fan thank you I love you.

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