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[Manga Dub] My fiancee cheated on me in the office and forced me out… [RomCom]


Aaban get this done by tomorrow sure I'm on it my name is masaya aaban this is my fifth year at this company my boss is nosy and my colleagues are incompetent I'm forced to deal with both which is stressful however there's one person capable of soothing my tired Soul how's everything going so far so good are you leaving already I got lucky today I.

Finished everything early well I'm out of here aumi toyoko she's friendly and everybody in the office likes her I haven't told anybody at work but she's my current girlfriend we've been dating for 6 months I proposed to her a few days ago and we're engaged now all the guys at the office will go crazy once they hear aumi is.

Engaged the next day mayasa I'm so sorry I'm late hey don't worry about it we should head to the restaurant I made reservations okay I'm so excited M this is so good I you was surpris to here you got seats on such a short notice well this place is famous for its night view dinners there's a two-month.

Wait for that but they're not as busy during the day oh I see I guess people aren't willing to pay so much for lunch are youi let me give this to you before I forget here happy birthday thank you oh they're matching watches yeah I never bought matching items since we were hiding our relationship at the office but now that.

We're getting married I figured we'd be telling everyone soon uh hey was there something else you wanted huh no I love it thank you Masa oh no problem I know it's a bit early but I filled in the marriage registration form you can hang on to to it oh thanks you told me to fill it in ASAP but when are we planning on going.

To the city hall can I get back to you about that I want to pick the perfect date for it sure take your time we're not in a hurry we can talk about it later on iumi and I enjoyed the rest of our lunch together Masia I'm sorry I have to leave you I wish we could spend more time together it's all right we'll pick another day to.

Go on a longer date okay I'll see you soon we parted ways around 5:00 p.m. I didn't have anything to do so I decided to drop by the bookstore I feel so lucky I found the latest book heo you're late ah my bad wait is that iumi and our colleague hero why are they together I guess I forgive you anyways look at this.

Disgusting watch oh is that a present from your ATM you dated him so he would get you something nice for your birthday what a waste of time I know it sucks he bought me matching watches how am I going to sell this hey what are you talking about oh Masia H he found us what a pain are you me do you mean what you just.

Said what's the point of pretending anymore hey you've got to be kidding me we're engaged my gosh I only agreed to marry you so you would buy me more stuff I can't believe this I wanted more money from you before we broke up but there's nothing I can do now that you know the truth let's break.

Up Masia what that's so selfish too bad for you aaban see you around iumi cheated on me and tossed me out like an empty can of Coke the next day how can I be working as if nothing happened the love of my life just dumped me iumi is acting like nothing ever happened aaban tell me what this is.

About did you leak your client's private information on purpose huh no that can't be true and I just received a report from iumi she said you gave her marriage registration papers and told her to fill them out even when you guys aren't dating that's not true iumi and I were dating until yesterday we were engaged you can't expect me to believe that.

Nobody has ever heard from either of you that you were dating and iumi is saying you weren't in a relationship but I'm not lying I have to handle the information leaked situation I'll let you know what we decide to do with you but in the end nobody believed a word I said the company fired me for leaking client de details and forcing a.

Relationship on iumi against her will I was jobless and I needed to find a new job however I couldn't answer interview questions well and I was starting to feel hopeless I don't know how to answer them when they ask why I've decided to change jobs I don't have much money left what should I.

Do hey aaban is that you huh oh kataoka it's been a while did you know how surprised I was to find you gone from the office one day my bad I didn't get the chance to tell you it happened so suddenly hey don't worry about it shio kataoka she's a former colleague of mine she's known to be trustworthy and reliable we never got a chance to work.

Together since we belonged to different departments but we would talk whenever the company had a party or a Nomi Kai thanks so kataoka what are you doing here um I'm I'm just shopping I have work tonight so I was enjoying my free time till then you work at night wait do you not work at the company anymore oh yeah you wouldn't know since.

You left before me hey you want to get some coffee with me kata Oka convinced me to step inside a cafe and we started talking there I finally got the chance to tell somebody the truth behind how I got fired what the heck this is such crap why did didn't you tell everybody what really happened uh everything happened so fast.

And nobody believed me I guess I just gave up oh you know now that some time has passed I've put it behind me I'm going to be okay anyways isn't this the first time we've had a chance to eat together yeah you never asked me to hang out which is sad since we joined the company together well there was never a reason to ask you h i I guess why are.

You sulking you were so popular there was always somebody who wanted to hang out with you well yeah but whatever let's move on I told you earlier but I quit the company too really yep it's not official yet but I turned in my resignation letter right after you left I already told my colleagues and I finished handing over my assignments I'm.

Using up my PTO right now which is why I'm not at the office I why did you decide to leave the company I thought you were happy there well um I wanted to try something new yeah I guess all of us consider that option at least once in our lives right so have you found a new job not yet I've sent out at least 40 resumés none of the companies.

Want me knowing you let me guess I bet they ask you why you're changing jobs and you tell them the whole truth yeah I've been doing that I don't want to tell you a lie but you'll never get a job if you keep doing that yeah I know hey how about you help me with my job your job you told me you work at.

Night what are you doing now to tell you the truth I'm a vtuber I started a while ago a vtuber like a YouTuber that uses computer generated avatars for their videos I've seen seen them in advertisements and stuff but I've never actually met a vtuber yeah I don't know many people who do what I do but I'm clueless when it.

Comes to vtubers I don't think I'll be useful I want to handle my schedules and finances and stuff like that I'm not part of an agency so there's so much I have to do on my own I'm up for helping you but I'm searching for a job I don't know if I'll have much time huh you're going to keep looking of course I am I'm living off my savings right now I need.

To start working before I use up all my money oh I should have elaborated I know I said help me but I plan on paying you what I want to say is will you work for my company huh are you starting a business yep I'm planning on promoting products and services through my videos I realize it would be better if I start it up officially I see I would love to.

But are you sure you want me I'm sure there are plenty of better suited people out there dying to work with you I'm not just settling for you I want to work with you don't get me wrong I'm not hoping for anything else I just heard that you were good at what you do oh okay well you can Count Me In then I'm glad she cleared things up before I.

Misunderstood her intentions great I'm looking forward to it after kataoka and I started working together I became her manager/ accountant / chore booy kataoka I need the receipt from the other day I'd appreciate if you could turn in your streaming schedule for next week sometime today okay I will is it okay if I change the program details according.

To my mood yeah I don't need a report on the details I just want to know when you'll be streaming so I can set up your schedule thanks you've been such a huge help but don't overwork yourself ever since you came I don't think I've been doing enough except streaming and uploading videos don't worry about it that's what I'm.

Here for my job is to maintain a healthy work environment for you just let me know if you need anything okay thank you so you just said anything yeah I guess so what about it can you come over to my place what are you crazy I mean you live alone right don't get any silly ideas I didn't mean it like that it would be helpful if you.

Could help clean the place and finds receipts and stuff oh okay I understand I'm her manager I shouldn't start getting weird ideas about our relationship okay how about I stop by your place after you're streaming tomorrow your address is on the documents right yep I'm getting excited excited what's so fun about.

Cleaning up and finding receipts huh uh it's nothing I was talking to myself uh okay then I always thought she was good at keeping her receipts together maybe she's desperate for help with the cleaning it'll be my first time in a girl's room but I should keep my cool and focus on cleaning the place the.

Next day I stopped by the drugstore to get some cleaning tools before heading to kokas hi here are some slippers for you oh thanks I'm ready to clean I know I should focus on cleaning but I'm starting to feel nervous so kataoka I don't see anything I need to clean.

Your room is cleaner than mine you know I stayed up all night cleaning the room why I just had to I didn't want you to come to my dirty room I invited him over because I want to spend more time with him maybe I shouldn't have mentioned cleaning hey it means a lot that you cared but now there's nothing for me to do here wait.

The cleaning is done but I can sort out the receipts huh here you go they're perfectly Oran organized I didn't want you to have trouble looking through them oh come on that's part of my job too but what if you get sick doing all this to help me that defeats the purpose of me being here yeah I guess I'll be careful okay what should I do there's.

Nothing for me to do here I guess I'll go back to the office what you're leaving yeah I mean there's nothing to do here I guess but you came all the way why don't you stay for a bit I guess I can do that you want to get something to eat I'm starving okay oh I have some food in the fridge I'll make something a.

Homemade meal do you not like eating food other people make that's not what I wanted to say I'm worried you must be tired from working all day how about I make dinner what do you want to eat it's okay I'm not tired at all oh come on let me at least cook a meal for you h fine can you make me an omelette rice okay it won't take long wait over there wow it.

Looks so pretty this is exciting I'm glad I hope you like how it tastes too it's so frustratingly delicious what H I wanted to prove to you my capability of making a great meal okay maybe next time just know you can call me any anytime you're hungry and I'll whip up something for you the office isn't far I can come over anytime.

Just make sure you call me when you're not streaming I don't want to bother you while you're not making your videos are you sure yeah you seem like the type that stops eating whenever you get busy that's correct H not exactly the way I had hoped but now I have a reason to call him over anytime I started spending more time at kataoka's.

Place after that she would call me over to make dinner for her I made nikujaga for you today yay thank you it looks great it was nice to see that my cooking was helping kataoka do better with her videos kataoka's company grew rapidly hey kataoka we've been getting great results how about we hire another employee sure we're getting more.

Requests for videos it may be the right time to get more hands on deck do you want a girl or a boy employee I was thinking a girl it would be easier for you to understand each other faster if we hired the same gender H okay huh is there a problem with it no no problem at all we went through some interviews and finalized our decision on a.

Vtuber my name is yukiho sasia I'm 20 it's nice to meet you likewise I'm excited to be working with you she's a completely different type from Koka I felt at the moment when she walked into the interview you'll be creating most of your videos at home you can call or text kataoka or me anytime you need help with anything thank you I appreciate it I was.

Thinking of singing live for my first video and I wanted to ask about the sound oh well here's a list of options you can keep this till you decide you'll have to check with me if you want to pick something else sasam Mia San and I talked about her video for about an hour thank you for your advice I'll start working on my piece what do you think.

About SAS Mia son I think she's a nice person is there anything you want to say about her not really is it just me kataoka seems a little irritated after that sasam Assan debuted as a vtuber 2 months later she had over 10,000 subscribers how have you been aaban Assan I'm doing great we don't get to see each other that often since you.

Stayed at home from work well we talk three or four times a week on the phone so it doesn't really feel like I haven't seen you for so long wait I didn't know you guys talked that often I'm still new at this I call him whenever I have a question he's always there for me I'm thankful for him I'm thankful for you too we talk at.

Least five times a week that's true we do we do but Koka is something wrong everything is fine I have a lot of work to do I guess I'll get going oh okay do you want me to make you dinner tonight no thanks bye guys uh hey sorry for that she doesn't seem to be herself today I don't know about that aaban son you are dating Kata.

Okasan right huh no we're not dating but I understand why you would think that we're pretty close I see aaban we should invite kokas son whenever we need to discuss something okay that sounds like a great idea I never considered making a group chat since it was just Koka and me for a long time that'll make things a lot easier for all.

Of us so clueless for the time being I will work from home today you need to go to Kata osan's apartment now huh but she just said she didn't need dinner aaban son you must deal with this immediately you are risking the future of this company right now what I had no idea what she was talking about but here I.

Was outside kataoka's apartment I thought I told you I didn't need dinner tonight uh I was worried because you seemed a little different today oh I see fine come on in sasam Mian and I talked after you left the office earlier we decided everybody should start using a group chat so we all stay updated huh who's the suggestion was that uh sasia.

Son I knew it go I should apologize to her she's 8 years younger than me I feel ridiculous you probably don't know what I'm talking about do you have any idea why I was so upset back there uh no I'm sorry I was jealous because you two seemed so close what I only talked to sasam aan about work rated matters are you sure aren't you making meals for.

Her just like you do with me no I'm not I've never made a meal for any girl except you kataoka huh what about your ex-girlfriend we always ate out I don't think she wanted to eat anything I made she would decline every time I offered now that I look back on it I feel stupid for not realizing I was her ATM oh I'm sorry for bringing her up nah.

It's okay I'm actually thankful for her I wouldn't be here with you if she didn't try to ruin my life back then I didn't know you liked being here with me that much seriously you saved me from becoming a homeless man plus you're the only person who believed in me why wouldn't I believe you I've had a crush on you for such a long time wait for.

Real I said I was jealous you should have realized then uh I just just can't believe you like me Koka likes me I mean we didn't get to talk that much before we left the company do you remember the new employee welcoming Nik Kai we had yeah I do I was having a hard time shaking off this annoying guy I remember how all the guys.

Were all over you you saved me that day aaban I thought you were the quiet type I never expected you to stand up for me like that you seemed so different how you usually were I couldn't keep my eyes off you after that I didn't believe a word anybody said about you and that ex-girlfriend drama I was so worried since you left the company without.

Saying anything wow thank you at first it was pure appreciation all I intended to do was pay you back for saving me when I was jobless but we spent so much time together working and eating meals I realized that I just wanted to be by your side Koka I like you too will you go out with.

Me of course I will but I wish you would learn how to pick up clues or you will make me angry okay I'll do my best oh it's an invitation for a group chat from sasam miyasan hey you're bringing up other girls already it's not about girls it's work related you got an invitation too right H.

Whatever she easily gets jealous but I know we will support each other well just like when we started up this company FYI I heard hero was the one who leaked the client details he got fired right away iomi had several ATMs like me all over the company and some of them were married she had to prepare a lot of money to pay the wives for all the pain.

She caused them when I was a senior there was this one girl in my class that I never liked n uh are you free this Saturday why do you ask enomoto son her name was Ary enomoto she had gorgeous black hair and was called a sophisticated garu herefree right let's go see the.

Fireworks together hey look go of me I've invited the others as well come on say yes she was overly friendly she always made me feel uneasy hey you're here NASA over here I'm sorry I'm late it's okay you're right on time anoto son is wearing a yucata she's nice to look at oh is that the guy you.

Invited who is he he's a classmate it's n this is all too much huh nah he's not my type hm I thought you'd bring yuun didn't he ask you out hey we're going to head this way let's meet up when the fireworks begin okay hey n let's go look over here oh uh okay I was barely keeping up.

With her energy I wonder why anoto son invited me what's going on in her head is she teasing me for fun hello why are you looking into my face huh oh no I wasn't looking oh I know you think I look pretty in my Yukata don't you uh I was thinking why did you invite me to see the fireworks with.

You oh did you not want me to that's not what I meant I was just curious since I had no idea why H you want to know well I have no idea my heart just jumped when she smiled at me I had never seen her smile like that could it be that she has feelings for me no way she wouldn't fall for a guy like me but.

Still could it be you know you're too nice an you should just say no if you didn't feel like coming uh no I swear I wanted to come I was happy that you invited me are you sure about that you're not lying no I'm not lying the least bit H well then I might as well tell you n a i the.

Fireworks started at that moment the booming sound was louder than her voice and I couldn't make out what she said however in that moment inmortal son's cheeks looked bright red for some reason I don't know if it was just me maybe it was the light from the fireworks hey I couldn't hear what you said.

it's nothing what why won't you tell me I said I didn't say much I just told you that I'm glad you're my friend we both became swamped with work after the Summer Festival we needed to get ready for college entrance exams luckily we had each other enomoto son and I often.

Stayed in our classroom after school to study together gosh I'm sick of this don't say it out loud it only makes it harder hey iy huh just play I wanted to try saying your first name stop fooling around oh come on loosen up iy you.

Should call me Eddie too okay then Arie son uh-huh do it again why do you make it sound so FAL what you'll never get a girlfriend if you can't even call a girl by her name fine okay then Ary oh oh wait a.

Second what is it one more time say it 10 more times why we would chat about all sorts of things and then we would go back to studying she was pretty I know I said I didn't like her but to be honest her teasing didn't bother me so much I think I was starting to have feelings for her I hope that she felt the same.

Towards me but I never found out since I was too chicken to ask her myself graduation day came along and nothing had changed between anot toan and me she called me over on my way home and we talked for the last time I can't believe we've graduated I know this last year went by so fast I got into my first choice.

Because of you Nan hey you got in because you worked hard for it I didn't do anything you don't have to be so humble you'll never get a girlfriend like that are you serious but I've lived like this my whole life well I mean I don't have a problem with you being humble but you should.

Have more confidence that way girls can feel like they can rely on you I see I understand but still even if you have no confidence I'll always like you huh it took a few seconds for the information she just handed over to sink in I finally figured out why enomoto son kept choosing me to pick on she liked.

Me oh no but I'm going to a college in Tokyo what do I do uh we won't be able to see each other often and so H it's just a joke you dummy I wanted to see how you'd react oh I see you had me for a second there I couldn't waste my last.

Opportunity to have some fun with you yeah cuz we're graduating I know let's take a picture I want something to remember you by okay ready wait I'm not ready yet enomoto son was kind enough to send me the picture she took on her phone I looked unready and she looked perfect when I look back on it my high school days are filled with memories of.

Enomoto son 10 years later present day I'm currently working at a major trading company wow you're an employee at Kanan Corporation that's right let's not forget to mention how professional he is he's the best out of all his colleagues stop it you're just flattering me you're handsome and good at your job how.

Impressive you are so cool I'm just a guy with an ordinary job I'm not handsome at all I was at a Machi con that my friends invited me to he was a colleague of mine he felt sorry for me for being single and unmarried I know I should be more appreciative not another failure I'm sorry after all the trouble you went.

Through your standards are too high remember when we had a goom with the girls from the pharmaceutical company I don't know I just didn't feel like bonding with them my colleague introduced me to girls but I was never in the mood I would rather work all day and go home to spend time alone however things changed drastically when my.

Manager called me into his office one day what an Omi ey consider it a sign of appreciation for all you have done for the company you'll be meeting the daughter of one of our clients huh but I don't hey you can call it off if you don't like her my client strongly.

Requests it can you meet up with her just once I didn't know what to expect from this om ey but I was meeting the daughter of a CEO I had no idea what she looked like and they wanted to keep her name a secret until the day of the omii I was sitting in my seat uncomfortably when.

Daddy why didn't you tell me this was an omii you said it was just a dinner meeting shush you're too loud they'll hear you I wanted to leave the place after hearing their voices my omii partner didn't want to meet me plus I wasn't exactly ecstatic about the omii jeez I don't know why this omii thing was such a big hit back in the day I'm.

Not the one who tricked her into coming here but somehow I feel feel guilty but hold on I think I've heard her voice somewhere before thank you for waiting it's fine please come in what I couldn't believe it anaman was standing at the.

Doorway huh do you guys know each other um yes well uh oh wait a second huh what's wrong in a please excuse do this for a second what why are you taking me 30 seconds after reuniting with my first love I was heading towards the restroom with her n why are you here it's been so.

Long long time no see my manager asked me to come oh my gosh why didn't Daddy tell me you were my om my partner I don't know I had no clue you were coming until you walked through through the door I heard you before you came in you don't want to be here right why don't we ask your father and my boss.

To let us go home well it's not like I don't want to be here I was reluctant because my father told me I had to get married soon then let's go back in there and tell them we're not ready wait wait I'll do it let's do this om I I'm so ready for it huh uh are you sure.

And this is how my Omi with my former High School classmates started how about we start over and introduce each other hold on do you guys know each other you left the room together no way no way oh okay you guys don't have to deny it so desperately Animoto son suggested we.

Pretend not to know each other tonight her father had told her tonight was a business meeting and he tricked her into coming to the omii and and she said she wanted to get revenge for it it's just a little prank but I was feeling uneasy about it to be honest I'm not a very good liar so nanyun your manager has told me.

So many great stories about you thank you for your kind words but I don't consider myself special you're just like he said I'm glad to see that you're a modest and humble man but you have many accomplishments you're allowed to be proud of yourself uh thank.

You I agree NASA has always been so humble I kept telling him he needed to build his confidence but I see he hasn't hey wait a second an aortal son or that's what I heard from him outside the restrooms I can't shake off the feeling that you two know each other there's no.

Way we know each other why do you keep denying it I almost forgot that enomoto San was the type to speak her mind before thinking it through so iyun what do you like doing during your free time well I like bouldering and going camping but I don't get the chance to go very often I see that sounds interesting.

What else uh I don't spend much time outdoors I usually like to read at home me too I started reading in college once I start reading I can't stop until the end I know once I find the right book it's like I don't need anything else oh totally oh I've been into con and ROM mangas.

Recently hey I read those too the protagonist is such a brave girl you guys know each other I'm sure of it no we don't are you sure but you know you guys seem like you've known each other for a long time and so the omii continued on like this I'm curious about your past Nana.

Seun can you tell me what you were like back in high school in high school yes did you have any girlfriends back when you were a student huh well I was a late bloomer I had my first crush when I was a senior I see and uh the girl I had a crush on she was in.

My class and she always teased me I went to a Summer Festival with her to see some fireworks and we started studying together after that is is that about I mean what happened between you two well I didn't have the courage to tell her how I felt back then I regret letting her go I think I can tell her if.

I meet her now what wait what so so that means you liked me back then what why are you laughing I'm so sorry Mr ortal I I don't think I can keep a straight face any longer gosh I feel awful for having to.

Put you through this ridiculous situation huh daddy what's going on to tell you the truth I already knew you went to high school together what so you asked n said to be my oh my partner on purpose yes that's exactly what I did you kept bringing him up over and over again at home I heard you mumbling about how you wondered how.

He was doing these days as it turns out Mr enomoto and my manager set this up to bring Ary and me together Mr Animoto suggested an omii to my manager where he found my name from the list of single employees he had some research done and found out we went to the same high school that's when he realized who I was so that means they.

Knew we were former classmates the whole time just FYI your plan to trick me I saw right through it nanun I apologize for taking up your time for my daughter oh it's okay I'm sorry for trying to trick you too well we'll leave you two alone to enjoy the of dinner hey we should go for some.

Drinks Mr enomoto and my manager were grinning ear to ear as they left the room enoan and I were left behind feeling uncomfortable and awkward I guess there's only one way to get rid of the awkwardness um I like you will you be my girlfriend of course if you still want me and I I like you too the only I was a.

Success Animan and I finally admitted our feelings for each other we took the next step of our relationship forward 3 months later Ary and I were still together it was easy to be around Ary since we already knew each other well she became more open about her feelings with me after we started dating the.

Anotal invited me to their house a few times and AR's father treats me like a real son gosh I would have told you back then if I knew this was going to happen I feel the same way but I had no confidence back then why didn't you tell me I didn't know if you felt the same way really but you were so forward about.

Everything well once I started considering asking you out I got scared when I thought about you rejecting me I thought it would be better if I kept my feelings to myself as long as I could stay by your side I don't know I guess I was a coward it's silly huh nah I feel you I was terrified I didn't even consider telling you how I felt I think.

I owe you an apology iy on the day of graduation I wasn't trying to mess with you that day I just felt like since you were moving away I didn't want to push myself on to you too hard I get it but I guess that's what brought us here that's true can I make a confession you make me so happy ity I love you I love you too thank you Ary another 3 months passed we.

Were on the sixth month of our relationship when what you're transferring me to the US office yeah I feel awful the boss wants you there because you are the best option I know you have a good thing going on with Mr enom Moto's daughter and I tried my best to get you out of it but I found out I was going to get sent.

Over overseas and so basically I'll be leaving for the states soon oh I see for how long 2 years they promised me a promotion when I come back if I do well over there well I see but you know I want to be with you no way you can't stay here Arie.

Why I can't wait for 2 years I mean I'll miss you but you have to give this a shot no I don't want to leave you ever again huh what do you mean by that you mean a lot and my job means a lot neither of those is replaceable which do I pick if I had to answer that I would say I want to pick both huh but what will happen to us if.

You go to the states well I was thinking what do you think about coming with me I need to do this for my career but I want to get married to you Arie huh am I being too greedy no I want to have everything you want in the world I know it's a lot to take in but I.

Want you by my side forever I'm not I'm glad you feel the same way I do after that I met AR's father to convince him to let me take Ary with me to the states a year later Ary and I are is she your fiance What A Catch yeah she's not just any beauty thanks to her I spend every day with a smile on my.

Face I lacked confidence for most of my life but now I have something to be proud of Ary and I are planning to get married once we get back to Japan for now we're enjoying falling deeper in love with each other it's nice to meet you I'm Koko tendo I have no experience in this industry but I will work hard to become useful as.

Soon as possible I am hoping to learn many things from all my Senpai employees what a sweet introduction she's the newest employee who joined our company this spring Goya I've already talked to you about this but take good care of her I'll make sure to do that my name is Coya Kira and I was assigned to train Miss Koko tendo however I am so glad you.

Will be teaching me again Sensei this wasn't the first time meeting Koko I used to be her tutor back when I was in university life works in mysterious ways I never thought I would be teaching my former student again I'm not your tutor anymore coko you can call me senpai instead oh okay Senpai come with me we can go through the manual for the new.

Employees together okay kokuro was clever and she listened well she was an easy student to to teach however I was surprised that she chose to become a system engineer I don't remember her studying any programming back in high school Koko did you study programming at University or something yes I did cool were you interested because you saw it.

In a course uh no that's not why I uh wanted to learn about it because I heard you did it for a living oh yeah I remembered you asked me which company I wanted to work for I must have told you then Koko repeatedly asked me about my future plans back when I tutored her she doesn't look it but she is quite persistent coko you could have asked me.

About it if you were interested I mean I didn't want to ask you questions unrelated to our Turing sessions you asked me about my future plans that was just small talk you know good she doesn't seem too nervous about working in a new environment Koko was a fast learner before we knew it it was lunchtime Koko do you want to eat lunch.

Together I'll treat you to a nice meal let's celebrate your employment this is so kind of you it's nothing is there anything you want to eat I'm fine with anything you want to eat well I want to eat whatever you want to eat Senpai I'm new to the area I don't know what they have here okay I know a great tempera place you want to try it out yes I love.

Tempera I know that's why I suggested it it's this way come on hey it's so weird to see you with a girl Kiron oh hi she just started working with us this year it's nice to she's pretty cute Kiron I can't believe you're already making a move on her I'm not I've known her for a long time she's like a little sister to me H.

It doesn't look like it hey Coco why are you pouting no reason huh hiron I always knew you were blind to these things well I shouldn't bother you two any longer bye oh she's gone I didn't get her name who is she um I'm not really sure what you two seem to know each other well I bump into her often but she never stays around for long I don't even know her.

Name I don't need to tell kokuro about her but I heard her calling your name several times well we work at the same company she probably found out for one of the other employees come on let's let's get some lunch it's a popular place we might have to stand in line oh I see we should get going then Senpai this tempora is absolute perfection I.

Agree I'm glad you like it as much as I do order as much as you want oh I really shouldn't I need to control what I eat ah I guess she's pretty conscious of her physique anyway I know it's only been half a day but do you think you'll be all right working with us well I haven't done much to have much of an opinion but you being here is reassuring and the.

Others seem nice as well I think I'll be okay great that's a relief to hear Let me know if you ever need help okay I'm here for you if you need me you say that now but what will you do if I come to you with a crisis well I'd prefer you come to me before it becomes a crisis I'll try my best but what if I get involved in a dangerous situation before.

Realizing it okay I'll do my best to save you no matter how dire the situation may be it's my responsibility as your Senpai trainer H you know it's so unfair you say things like that without realizing the effect huh what did I say that was wrong what's the point of telling you oh come on tell me never mind I've learned through my.

Time with you that you never will understand what I'm saying hey I'll never know what you're thinking if you don't explain it to me I'm not God I don't have the ability to read your mind huh I'm well aware that you are right but for some reason I can't fully accept your idea uh well I'm just saying you should speak your mind life would it be.

So hard if everyone could do that yeah I see your point I decided to end the conversation before things got awkward between us we went back to the office after that curo didn't seem to be bothered by the conversation we had during lunch I guess it wasn't such a big deal for her I decided not to linger on it either 6 months after Koko first.

Appeared at my office as the new employee oh someone's calling me huh Koko I was studying programming languages when I received an unexpected phone call from Koko I answered the phone Senpai is it okay if I come over to your place why does it sound like she's crying sure of course my place is near the office and I could hear Koko's.

Voice trembling on the other side I knew she was in trouble she needed help she called me once she was near and I picked her up at a convenience store nearby I apologize for calling so suddenly no it's okay why are you standing out here in the rain I ran out of my house without an umbrella oh why don't we head over to my place I don't.

Want you to catch a cold okay I covered her with my umbrella and escorted her back to my apartment I knew something was wrong when I talked to her on the phone but it was my first time seeing coko like this it worried me how about a bath first they may be too big for you but I'll get some clothes out are you sure what kind of man would leave a girl.

In drenched clothes go on get warmed up Koko took a shower and came out however uh thanks for the shower uh didn't I leave a pair of pants there for you um I couldn't put them on I didn't feel it was right I see I don't think it's a appropriate for her to be in a man's room without pants on but that's just my point of view okay then here I heated.

Some milk for you it'll warm your body and it might help you relax a little thank you Senpai so do you want to tell me what happened um take your time actually you don't have to tell me if you don't want to well it's it's about my parents I see I'm here if you want to talk about it um it's about my mother and father.

They have these huge fights oh they used to get along so well not anymore they fight a lot and whenever they do they start talking about getting divorced they both filled out divorce papers today that must have been rough did you try talking them out of it they wouldn't have listen to a word I said both of them kept defending themselves and.

Blaming the other I couldn't take it anymore I had to get out of there oh curo must have had a had a difficult time dealing with her parents fighting all the time them signing the divorce papers must have been the last straw for her hey Koko yes what do you plan to do after this um I don't want to go home I think I'll move out it was heartbreaking.

To see her running from her problem Koko's parents should be allowed to make whatever they want they shouldn't have to feel guilty for choosing to go their separate ways I could see how much coko was hurting but there was nothing she could do about it that's why I decided to to support her decision Koko are you sure you won't regret it Senpai the.

Thing is your parents have the right to revoke the divorce if they ever decide to be with each other again but the longer they are apart the harder it will be for them to regain the relationship they once had if you want your parents to stay together this is probably your last chance Senpai why do you know so much about that I never told you but my.

Parents got divorced when I was still a kid that's why I'm familiar with situations like yours oh I'm sorry to hear that so are you sure that's the path you want to take I I don't plan on interfering with the divorce even if I manage to stop the divorce now they don't want to be with each other anymore to be honest they're both tied down to.

The marriage against their will okay I respect your decision I'm sure your parents will be thankful for your understanding let's move on to what you said about wanting to move out don't you want to live with one of your parents my mother and my father both mean so much to me I don't think I can move in with either of them it would feel like.

I'm betraying the other I see so that's why you want to move out she'll have to pick her mother or father's name when they officially get separated but we don't have time to think about that today yes if I don't it means I have to live with the one who stays at the house but I don't have anywhere to go and I'm not sure I'll find a good place in time.

Yeah why don't you live here with me what is that even possible yep you can stay here until you find a nice place for yourself isn't that why you called me for help um no I needed to get everything off my chest and um your face popped up and that's why I called you but I will be forever grateful if you allow me to stay here for a while okay.

It's settled then just bring everything you need here the office is nearby so you won't have to wake up so early anymore that's the best part good she's smiling again we waited for her clothes to dry and coko headed home to pack her things she was back with Necessities an hour later just FYI she talked to her parents about moving out when she.

Returned home she didn't want her parents to worry about her you can take this room I haven't used it for a while I really appreciate this oh wait huh what's wrong I'm curious why do you live in such a big apartment when you're the only one here this place is too big to live all by yourself oh about that is there.

Something you're not telling me well uh I used to live here with my girlfriend until about a year ago huh you have a girlfriend no my ex-girlfriend we're not dating anymore that's why I have an extra room huh huh what's wrong I never knew you were in a serious relationship when did you have a girlfriend uh I met her at University you had a girlfriend.

While you were tutoring me that's unacceptable wait what are you getting at here hey why are you grabbing on to me I'm overriding your girlfriend she is the old data that needs to be gone I have no clue what you're saying is that really necessary yes it is for me at least after this Koko started acting weird she would do unusual things to me.

Um coko yes why are you following me I'm going to sleep now I I want to sleep with you what I want to sleep in the same bed as you no that's a bit inappropriate I know I said you were like a little sister but but we're not related by blood and we're both adults I don't think real siblings sleep together after they grow up either I don't want.

You to look at me like a little sister I want you to see me as the woman I am that's why I'm asking you to sleep in the same bed as me tonight but that's please I like you so much Senpai I've liked you since I was a high school student I can't stand it when I think about how your ex-girlfriend was here I want to erase all traces of her and.

Replace them with me wow I never saw how possessive she was to be honest I was kind of aware of how Koko was feeling toward me however I had a girlfriend back then that's why I pretended not to notice now that I'm single I can't pretend not to hear what she's saying right now I owe her an answer I'm sorry I can't see you as more than a little.

Sister but I'm also aware that you aren't my real sibling you aren't my little sister plus now that you're older I shouldn't treat you like a child you opened up to me with your true feelings I don't want to act like it doesn't mean anything so does that mean you'll date me well I think it's too early to go that far but I promise to take your.

Confession seriously but I think it would be better if we started daating no coko you are attractive and I do like you but I've always considered you a little sister I can't switch it off like a light Senpai you're playing hard to get I'm sorry but I choose to believe your words I hope things change because you've always treated me like a.

Child the way she just just phrased that I feel like she's trying to tell me she didn't like how I treated her okay well I think we should both get some sleep now I agree uh hey why are you still following me we're supposed to sleep separately no way we're sleeping together why because I want to sleep next to you my motto is to take every.

Chance I get this is a chance I can't afford to waste I tried my best to convince her but she was too stubborn jeez how am I going to handle her from tomorrow she won't listen to anything I say I started imagining my life with her I was sure there would be many challenges for me however Sensei it doesn't matter as long.

As she has a smile on her face Koko must be stressed out right now her parents are divorcing and she has to leave her house I'm glad that that she feels safe next to me maybe she'll be able to move forward as long as I'm by her side kokuro never gave up on expressing her feelings for me I tried hard to resist her but she was persistent I ended up.

Saying yes to her after a month as for her parents kokuro running out on them cooled their anger and they didn't go through with the divorce however kokuro isn't planning on moving back in with her parents I decided to let her do whatever she wants since I didn't want to be separated from her either I know this is sudden my name is Kaza.

Nanakusa and I'm currently looking for a girlfriend I waited until my teacher left the classroom and then mustered up my courage and stood before my class to make my announcement then you must be an idiot my childhood friend notsi akiyama immediately hit me with a harsh comment notsi what the heck do you think you're doing it's not something you can just.

Announce what are you hoping for uh you see this is what I thought yeah I've never had a girlfriend in my life I'm single and wasting away my high school life I need to do something about it huh you've got to be kidding me listen up we're seniors you've never had a boyfriend either don't you see how pathetic we are hey don't pull me into.

Your mess I've never felt the need to rely on a boyfriend h they're all laughing at us because of you I was only telling the truth I'm going to beat your ass after that na me and I started a huge fight it was always like this na me and I have grown up together and our fights are intense however it doesn't mean we don't.

Get along it means we trust each other to be honest with each other that's why we spend so much time together jeez how could you humiliate yourself in front of the whole class like that I'm serious about this I can't let my high school life end like this I need to make a girlfriend at least once H so you end up finding somebody uh.

No that's what I thought I wouldn't want to dat a guy who announces personal issues in front of all my friends but I could see how desperate you are so I'll be your girlfriend if you want what I said I'm willing to than you if if you want no really yeah but why you've never had any interest in me whatsoever well.

Consider the possibility that you are just that naive and stupid I've always liked you ever since we were kids what I I had no idea Kazuma you are such an idiot am I really yeah you probably never would have found out if I just didn't tell you now she's never given me any signs that she thought of me as more than a.

Friend wait now that I think back on it Nai has always been by my side to help me through my problems I always appreciated her interventions but now I can see she did it because she cared for me she liked me so what do you think kazua huh well you're the one who said you wanted a girlfriend what do you think about me well I mean I'm not sure.

I'm the one you want can you clarify please uh you're pretty popular at school despite your many many flaws my many many flaws how dare you see you're doing it again you're hurting me oh uh well I think my hand slipped a little that's a great excuse give me an answer um I mean as long as you're okay with it I'd love to date you.

You'll accept me despite my violence yeah you're kind and caring I love how you're always willing to take care of others even if you don't have any boobs your face is pretty enough to cover for it oh wait I don't think I like the last comment of yours hey that doesn't mean you should hit me let's tone down the violence we're.

Dating now right shouldn't the boyfriend have a big enough heart to embrace his girlfriend's feelings yes but this is a completely different issue from this I screamed at the top of my lungs until Na's punch crunched into me I think I lost Consciousness for a second anyways natmi and I started our relationship however neither of us was expecting what.

Happened next oh it's a text from fuyuka fuyuka Haruno she's a classmate of mine and is also known as the most popular girl in school she's famous for her classy princess-like demeanor I had no idea why she text me she and I had never exchanged private messages before and I was curious hi Kazuma sorry for the sudden text I was hoping I could talk to.

You in private do you have time to meet up tomorrow at school huh oh I know what she wants she thinks my announcement to the class was inappropriate she probably wants to scold me for it fuuka is a proper and modest person I understand if she thought I was joking around it must have upset her for her to text me like this maybe I should skip school.

Tomorrow what's wrong uh I just don't feel so great today huh is it because youve have to date me no way why would you think that I can't come up with any other reason you would be unhappy with life right now I'm serious it's not like that I'm so happy that you're my girlfriend natsi are you sure yes I am 100%.

Sure okay good wait was na Mei always this cute she look looks so much more attractive than she usually does ever since we started dating I couldn't keep my eyes off noxi she was adorable oh I almost forgot I don't want our classmates to know about our relationship can you keep it a secret huh why well they'll start.

Making fun of us it'll be embarrassing oh I see but let's keep it a secret then I didn't want to be teased either and it wasn't like I wanted to brag about getting a girlfriend I agreed to do as natsi said we decided not to tell anybody thank you so tell me if I'm not the reason why are you feeling so down oh uh well yeah don't worry about it Nai.

Will get worried if I tell her fuyuka was upset and wanted to talk to me plus it was embarrassing to tell my girlfriend how I was about to get lectured by a fellow classmate okay she wasn't convinced at all but I somehow managed to change the subject later on I was heading to the school roof top after school to meet up with fuuka she's a.

Kind person I don't think she'll go too hard on me oh sorry I didn't think you would be here before me oh it's okay thank you for coming and meeting me after school I know you're a busy guy hey she doesn't seem angry at all so um Kazuma you said you were looking for a girlfriend right huh I was thinking if it's all right with you I'd like to be.

Your girlfriend say what oh I didn't think you'd be so surprised uh of course I would be you're the most popular girl in school fuyuka I never expected you to ask me out oh uh well yes I guess I'm asking you out gosh how cute can she be um are you sure I'm the one you want yes I'm sure oh I see so she she set on her decision I'm really sorry I don't think.

I can date you fuyuka are you saying no because you don't like me of course not I don't not like you it's just yes it's just somebody already offered to be my girlfriend yesterday I have a girlfriend now that's why I can't accept your offer fuuka is your girlfriend not to me by any chance.

Uh not me said she wanted to keep our relationship a secret I shouldn't specify who my girlfriend is I was thinking too hard I guess I took too much time to answer her question hey wait fuka wa she's fast hold on a second please let me go wait why are you crying why wouldn't I be crying huh C.

I've liked you ever since we started High School what are you serious I didn't think you you acknowledged me at all I did my best to keep my feelings hidden I had to since I always thought you and natsumi were dating oh I could see why fuyuka thought that way many people mistake notm and my friendship for a romantic one nobody believes us.

When we say we weren't in a relationship but since I found out you two weren't dating yesterday I thought I had my chance with you I thought about it all night and I finally convinced myself to step up and ask you out but now you're actually dating natsui I wonder what I did to deserve this cruel Destiny my gosh what should I do I feel awful after.

Hearing her side of the story but I can't cheat on Nots me that would be unfair to her hey um I know you don't want to hear this from me but I think there are better guys for you out there but but I've liked you for so long I can't turn off these feelings like a light switch it's impossible she has a very good point but I don't think I'm.

Good enough to deserve your feelings fuuka that is not true what you are an amazing guy you are always the one to brighten up the room you're funny and wonderful oh thanks I'm honor that a person like you would feel that way about me a person like me but you are not willing to date me right well I have a girlfriend her name is Nai I can't.

Leave her to date fuuka but H gosh it's so hard to say no okay here goes how about you and na me both be my girlfriends if that's okay with you she was known to be a righteous person I expected her to say no she would never agree to it are you sure huh I would love to do that what wait a second why would she agreeed to my idea.

Why do you look so surprised no uh I just realized I should ask not me first that's true we need her consent as well it was such an unexpected turnout I decided to leave it up to nots me no way that's cheating I will punch you I knew she would say that I agree but I can't just back down no I am not listening to you I can't do that please think about.

It again I'm impressed with this girl she's trying so hard to make me a two-timer fine nce to me uh are you sure yes I mean if I don't say yes things will get more complicated for you cuz not going to give up on you it's going to cause so many problems for all of us you can't be serious stop being so annoying I said yes didn't I I need to.

Make one thing clear though huh I'm not doing this because I'm okay with you dating both of us this is temporary just until you pick me I see so you want to to try a relationship with both of us so he can decide who he really wants to date in the end what a great idea exactly wait why are you speaking when I was talking to Kuma oh I'm Kuma's.

Girlfriend too I have a right to talk as well don't I wow you're a feisty one aren't you I'm learning from the best hey they're getting riled up to fight what's going to happen to me starting that day not me and fua began to mark their territory Kasa good morning not to me you can't grab on to.

Me like that I thought you said you wanted to hide our relationship from everybody a lot has changed since we agreed on that see here she comes good morning Kima not to me good morning fuuka did you come to pick me up yes I know what time you usually arri at school I figured out what time you leave your house so I.

Could walk with both of you in the morning hey do you realize how much of a stalker she sounds like let's pretend we didn't hear anything I tried not to think about it too much so what if she knew what time I left home it means she cares about me can I hold your arm it would be unfair of not to me was the only one allowed to.

Do that huh oh yeah sure you're so sweet will you look at that smile I've never seen anything so pretty you're in a good mood huh yep it's always been my dream to link arms with my boyfriend oh I see what should I do there's only so much cuteness I can handle H and so this is how I became an officially accepted two-timer as our relationships continued.

Nai and fua became overly competitive they competed at everything from feeding me their homemade lunches to fighting over who gets to cuddle with me during breaks and after school neither of them were allowed to go on private dates with me since it would be unfair the three of us spent every moment we could together and you're my best arrival for youa yes.

I agree natui I am not going to lose against you I respect that opinion but I have no intention of losing either eventually they learned to accept each other as healthy Rivals our story doesn't end here but I'll save the rest for another day I know I started the whole mess and it's my responsibility but for now I'm glad that the girls have.

Started getting along yes I know I am disregarding many crucial issues but I'll get to them Someday my name is yatsuki Shiro I'm a senior this year and I'm the vice president of this high school right now I'm going to check the handouts from the student council and give them to the teachers sukki shimun can you hand this.

One into the teacher too ah Tachi basan this beautiful girl who came to talk to me is my you Tachi basan Tachi basan is the student council president of the school she's intelligent and good-looking she's too perfect I have feelings for Tachi basan I know I'm not a good match for her but I ran for vice president because I.

Wanted to be as close to Tachi basan as possible and because I wanted to be useful to her Tachi basan is cute today too oh this one too but I've got my hands full then why don't you just go back and forth I have other things to do so take care of them I I understand I'll go back and forth as many times if it helps.

Tachi basan I get a little cold shoulder but Tachi basan is busy so it can't be H oh my God I'm acting a little cold again why are you acting like you're so busy I'm not busy at all I don't have that much work to do for student council and the test is still a way away you idiot I hope he doesn't hate.

Me I'm home I like Tachi basan so much but I can't tell her directly how I feel for her she's too good for me so there's something I always do when I get home the student body president was so cute today I've been using my fake social media account like this and posting my feelings for Tachi basan at.

First I was a little concerned that it might be a little creepy but perhaps my feelings for Tachi basan were too strong and now I'm exploding with feelings for Tachi basan every day I would do anything for the student body president I deleted all of my posts in the past for this account and reset my.

Followers as follows Now it only has a few followers of course my love for the student body president has no bounds fortunately my followers don't seem to find my behavior creepy we're all connected by the fact that we like anime so this person is always posting their love for their favorites too the reason why I'm letting out my feelings.

For Tachi basan on this fake account goes back to a few months ago Tachi basan was so cute today too you're really like Tachi basan don't you this guy's name is ayat shimazaki I'm known him since junior high school I'd say he's my only friend ayat also likes anime and we often talk about it together hey what should I do with these.

Feelings you're so active that you ran for vice president just because Tachi banan's running for student body president why don't you tell her directly that's not the same thing is it besides there's no way I'll be fit for her that may be true but I don't want you to talk to me about Tachi basan all the time oh that's right are you on any.

Social media I used to be but not anymore then I guess you're not on any now do you know what fake accounts are well yeah I do then why don't you make a fake account and tweet about your feelings for her well that's why I'm now posting my feelings for Tachi basan on social media at first I was a bit reluctant but once.

I got used to it it was no big deal I can't wait for tomorrow I can't wait to see her oh T weon is posting his love for the president again it's a little embarrassing because I'm the student bodyy president too so it's like I'm being told I wish sukii shiron would say.

Something like this to me but I get nervous when I talk to suuki shirok Kun I can't speak well and I act cold I want to fix it but I can't fix it at all yeah I'll try my best to fix this the next day after school I came to the student council room for a meeting of the student council I'm the type of person who wants to go home right after.

School but if I can see Tachi basan that's a different story ah no one's here yet well there's still a lot of time the student council meeting starts in 30 minutes there's still time I'll write a little about my feelings for the president she was so cute today too I'm looking forward to seeing her in a little.

While I know I'm writing weird stuff but only a few people have seen it and I don't know them so it's okay I'll do the rest when I get home 20 more minutes I guess I'll take a nap I'll set the alarm just in case a little early but better than being late I have to make sure I don't give Tui shokun the cold shoulder today.

I don't want him to hate me hm sukii shokun are you sleeping I can't believe I get to see sukii shokun sleeping face lucky I'll watch sui shun's sleeping face until he wakes up h a notification from sui shun's phone could it be that sukii shokun already has girlfriend and it's from.

Her this is sukii shun's fault it's sukii shun's fault for sleeping with his phone on his desk in the student council room this is the name t y and president of the student council could it be no doubt white atsuki shokun sukii shokun he posted this a while ago and the notification from sukii shun's phone.

Was a reply to the same post what's going on that means the student council president it it's me isn't it I'm the only president in this school that means everything from before then that means to be sh likes me right even though I've been acting so cold towards.

You then why didn't you tell me directly I'll definitely get him to tell me Suki shokun sukii shokun wake up you can't be sleeping here I'm sorry I came too early it's good that you came early but you can't do that uh I'm.

Sorry and sukii shimun you're Ty right what what Ty is the name of the account I use to post my feelings for Tachi basan why does Tachi basan know there was a notification a on sukima kun's phone and when I looked at it it said the name YT I actually like anime and there was someone I used to.

Talk to about anime we used to exchange direct messages he unfollowed me and changed his icon so I wondered what happened to him and followed him again so I know all about what you have been posting what you mean you know everything up to now oh no all the feelings I've expressed for Tachi banastan up until now what should I do.

What should I do hey sukii shokun yes why didn't you tell me in person what I said why didn't you tell me in person and post it online instead even if you ask me that tell me.

In person what in person wait you mean directly from what I've been posting on the fake account no way no way there's no way I can't do that but why would she say something like that to me is she making fun of me but but Tachi basan is not that kind of person then how.

Come so what's it going to be what do you mean by that I said are you going to tell me in person well that's I'm done what a basad Suki shokun you have no nerve what don't follow me oh no I make taji basan Angry she definitely hates me what am I going to do so that happened that's rough taji basan hates me and now she knows how I.

Feel about her it's terrible Yuma H do you you know why Tachi basan said that to you because she was trying to make fun of me right I mean I posted that stuff online dude it's because she likes you of course she just wanted you to tell her in person no way there's a world of.

Difference between me and Tachi basan to begin with you know how could Tachi basan have feelings for me well you'll just have to figure it out for yourself hey he hung up Tachi basan has feelings for me no way Tachi basan is too good for me there's no way.

But but maybe it's a chance to express my feelings directly I've been posting my feelings online to keep them secret but now that my account has been exposed and I can't post my feelings anymore this is my chance I can't waste it I already know how it will turn out when I tell her my feelings anyway what are you so hesitant for that's why right.

You already know the outcome anyway so there's no need to be afraid of it all I have to do is express my feelings okay I'll tell her tomorrow the next day after school I called Tachi basan to the student council room I don't know if she'll come but maybe she won't I made her so angry yesterday what's wrong calling me here.

After school Tachi basan you came if I hadn't come you would have been waiting in the student council room all day wouldn't you I had no choice but to come thank you so what's the matter um I'm sorry about yesterday I didn't have the courage to tell you in person so I'll tell you I really like you Tachi.

Basan you work hard at everything you do you always lend a helping hand and you're just so cute anyway I really like you Tachi Banas son I like you so much that I get stressed out if I don't post my feelings secretly online you finally said it I did I knew I'd regret it if I didn't thank you tuuk shokun for liking me.

Yes listen there's something I want to tell you too Suki shokun something you want to tell me yes um I also I like you too sukim makun what what Tachi Banas son you like me being student body president and seeing sui shokun up close I fell in love with you how come you work hard at everything you do you're very kind and.

You're really cool oh no so will you go out with me go out out me going out with Tachi basan who else then could the class president be someone else it's you Tachi basan but you said more about me online didn't you yes I wonder if you'll tell me that.

In person for example think for yourself um I want to go on a date with you yeah then let's do it let's do it tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow's a day off right are you going are you going or not I'm going please let me go yes okay I'll DM you for more details.

Yes and I haven't heard a reply yet reply I asked you to go out with me but you haven't responded uh are you sure you're okay with me don't say that you're special to me Tui shokun I want to go out with you then I'm looking forward to Us Yuma yes Tachi.

Basan hey why do you call me by my last name what we're dating remember you should call me by my first name do you not know my name I do may you son and don't call me son I understand Mayu and no honorifics I understand okay yeah perfect see you tomorrow then the next day I came to a cafe in.

Front of the station with Mayu apparently Mayu had been wanting to come here for a long time look amazing fluffy pancakes they look so delicious yeah let's eat Yuma yeah delicious it's so good the price of the pancakes are 1,500 Yen but it was worth the.

Price I never thought I would come to a cafe with Yuma I never thought I'd have a future where I could go out with you Mayu if only Yuma had confessed to me earlier we could have gone out sooner if only you told me in person instead of online uh sorry I made fun of you a little bit.

Terrible but it's true right I've always liked you Yuma could have confessed his feelings to me at any time if that's the case you should have confessed earlier her I wanted you to tell me I actually wanted Yuma to ask me out too that's too high a hurdle I'm still bothered say it now now but we're all ready together.

Then let's break up once what then Mayu please go out with me H I have no choice but to go out with you I tried so hard to be brave I'm sorry but I'm so happy also I have an order for you Yuma a order don't secretly post your feelings on for the internet anymore and tell me directly we're already a couple so you.

Can do that can't you yes good I know your account tukish shiron I'm always watching uh I won't so don't worry that's suspicious I'm serious I guess I'll believe you thanks but if you break it I won't forgive you okay.

I'll never do that then tell me you like me now now you haven't said that to me today oh no I like you Mayu yeah I like you too Yuma welcome Keno I've been summoned here for some kind of emergency but this atmosphere I think something terrible may have.

Happened what's going on um can you go over there right now H what do you mean an important business meeting is to be held there and for that Kento you must be present as well wait a business meeting I'm still a junior in high school ah shut up get him out of here what wait grandfather what in the world.

And so I was taken to the place the old man told me to go not knowing anything a fancy restaurant the place I was taken to was a fancy restaurant that even I had heard of he said it was a business meeting so I'm sure it's with a very important business partner but I don't know why I was invited kosan the other party is already.

Inside please go in is it okay if I'm still in my uniform I see well in that case I know there's no point in being whiny so I pulled myself together and went inside the store then wait what is this as I entered the tatami room I was ushered into I couldn't hide my surprise when I saw the.

People inside I thought that there were some Grumpy Old Men inside but it turns out that they were all beautiful women we've been expecting you Kento son her name is Mikoto kagurazaka and she's a girl who debuted as a voice actress in her first year of high school and quickly became popular and is now one of the most popular voice actresses she's.

Not only a voice actress but also a gravier Idol but she's a natural girl with a unique atmosphere and is very cute she's 18 years old just like me thank you for coming today her name is arisu hiragi a former child prodigy who is now an actress she has quite a few fans and it's said that the dramas and movies in which she appears always.

Turn into big hits by the way she's the same age as me too hi there Kento I was getting tired of waiting her name is akan hakura she's as energetic as a child and she's now a very popular girl who debuted as an idol after a video she posted when she was in junior high attracted a lot of attention her singing voice is known as the voice.

Of an Angel and it charms everyone who hears it the video that became a topic of conversation didn't show her face but her singing voice alone won her a large number of fans and when she became an idol and showed her face she was so cute that she said to be the most popular nowadays by the way although she looks.

And acts very young she's also 18 years old why are they here you said it was a business meeting that was to get Kento son to come here it was a lie that's because I knew if I told you the truth you run away grandfather what are you about to do it's very simple I was going to look for a wife for you Kento find a.

Wife what don't worry since you're 18 now and came of age I thought I'd celebrate by getting you a wife I've never heard of such a Coming of Age gift before I'm sure you're happy to hear that after all I've asked the three people you love to marry you what Kento you've been looking into them a lot haven't you they call guys like.

You Chasers how do you know that that's crazy I've never told anyone about it yet you know does that mean you have my search history too of course no way I'm in the middle of puberty naturally there are a lot of things you.

Don't want your family to know and yet they know everything my life is over I guess the least I can do is erase all the data when I get back well don't think about things that have passed see this is your fault it's your fault for doing.

Something you don't want people to know about in the first place more importantly you're in front of the girls so get your act together ah I feel like my reputation is going down what do you want me to do from.

Here um I'm sorry about that nice to meet you I'm Kanto ikaruga they just called me by my name but this is actually the first time we've met they were probably informed before they came here there's nothing to be ashamed of in fact I'm glad you're a fan KAG zakas.

Son you can call me mook if you like cute ah me that's a fair Kento you can call me aana if you like aan I understand oh you could call me just by my name she's so innocent and cute hiragi son is something wrong do I have to tell you you're so mean um should I call you Aris Susan uh well you're.

Special oh I can't do this anymore am I going to get into an accident tomorrow surrounded by three of my favorites and having been shown a side of them that was too cute I was afraid of this Good Fortune before I knew it grandfather and the others were gone I guess they'll leave the rest to me damn.

Well I was told something about finding a wife but I don't think it would be good for any of the three of you to have a man's shadow flickering in your mind what are your thoughts on that to be honest I'm not sure I'm ready to be a bride yet I'm just starting out here that's right she's only 18 and is just entering her.

Prime If I Fall In Love With You Kento then I'm ready to get married because I want to continue my career as a singer so I'll be fine as long as there are people who love my songs if I get married and everyone leaves me that's okay too this girl seems to have a very open mind at first glance she doesn't seem to.

Be thinking deeply about things but I think her answer is the result of the strong and core idea she has within herself about how she wants to be I mean she just told me she doesn't like me so casually well it's only natural uh I'm not really into that type of thing I came here with the request from an agency but I think we need to.

Get to know each other first Aris Susan seems surprisingly Innocent but I know that girls like her actually have a good imagination I mean it's impossible to choose between the three of them all three of them are my favorite girls just in different fields at least let me do this oneon-one Grandpa it's hard to choose one of my.

Three favorites and I feel like I was being faced with the biggest choice of my life H from what I've heard you two aren't interested in getting married are you what if that's the case why don't you just marry me Kento I'm willing to marry you whenever I fall in love with you wait isn't that a bit.

Crazy that's right what are you talking about to although the three of them are engaged in in different activities it seems that they share the same agency that's probably why they're talking so openly the agency said it would be good if one of the three of us got together so why not me that's not the point a you don't even like Kento son that's right I.

Don't think you should get ahead like that Kento seems kind so I think I can like him though stop making decisions on your own after that they started arguing about who would be my fiance as one would expect from someone who's risen to the top of the industry everyone seems to be very self assured.

Normally I would be happy because they're fighting over me but I think they're after the ikaruga conglomerate which is my backer that's why I couldn't be happy from my heart anyway since we're here how about we go eat yes I'll take the seat next to Kento then hey that's not fair a you're too.

Quick this slightly jostled me and the blind date ended yeah I can't do it with all three of them after all that night there was no way I could choose between the three of them I was alone with my head in my hands as I was deleting data from my computer at home at least give me a little more time H who is it at this hour.

Yes who is it k i kakan and Hanan what why the president's orders he didn't tell me anything though I let the secretary Aris Susan and the others in um thank you for coming by the way.

What's with the luggage the three girls are are going to live here starting today what I really haven't heard anything though son kosan won't be able to give an answer anyway he wants the three of them to live with you and let someone else make up your mind how far is that old man willing to go please address.

Your complaints to the presidents are you all okay with this I don't mind it's a dream come true to live in such a spacious and beautiful place I don't mind either I'm not used to living in a place like this so it might take some time getting used to but aside from mik toan AR Susan must have a lot of money well I guess her parents.

Are managing the money yep I'm okay with it too you guys are incredible I mean who would want to live with a guy they barely met okay I'll show you to an available room this apartment itself is owned by the ikaruga family so you can go to any room you like oh the president has asked three of them.

To live in the same room as you kentos son why there are plenty of rooms available right to get the full experience living in different rooms is not an option besides there's more than enough space how pushy there are three things your grandfather forbids the first is that you are not to do anything beyond your.

Student territory until you found a partner the second is that they do not bring in other men without permission thirdly we must be very careful not to identify their address Etc the other two I understand but the third one is pretty tough isn't it wouldn't the paparazzi be able to identify them after they finish their.

Work or something we will make it impossible to locate them and bring them back here wow they look so uncomfortable they probably have to go through a lot of trouble let me ask you something do I have the right to veto no right this is how my livein life with.

Three celebrities began to be honest I didn't think it would work out and so it began wow you cut it so beautifully I'm good at cooking it's my hobby wow that's wonderful Ari Susan are you okay I'm fine Don't force yourself okay housework isn't.

Mandatory I'm fine it's okay look it's easier to eat when it's small looks like she's not very good at cooking Kento can I do your laundry what oh I I'll do it no I can't trust a boy with girl stuff I'll do my own clothes then it's okay he it's okay I have to.

Get used to this type of thing yeah but I do my brother's laundry so I'm used to seeing them oh yeah I'll do the laundry too oh are you going to help me aan let's do it together then yeah I guess she's okay with arisu son's stuff well it's only natural let's just leave it to the two.

Of them for now oh my God why is there so much foam how much detergent did you put in aan what's going on wait what aan how much did you really put in uh all of this why why did you put it all in there I've never seen anyone do such a cartoonish thing in real life I mean the washer is so big I.

Thought maybe you needed this much of course not H you just a put over there uh she's depressed kosan but out of the three of us I'm the only one who can't do the housework it's pathetic everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses maybe.

You've never done housew workk before how did you well I can tell by looking at you you've been active as a child actress since you were very young so I thought your work must have come first at home yes that's right my mother always took care of me so I didn't do it he must be disappointed right a girl who can't even.

Do housework no that's not true as I said before we all have our strengths and weaknesses Ari Susan you're a great actress and I'm not disappointed at all but I I want to be able to do housework too AR Susan then let's do it together I'm sure you just don't know how to do it on your own.

So I'll teach you is that okay with you yes of course we're going to be living together so I want to eliminate as much anxiety and dissatisfaction as possible oh you are so kind Kento cute she's too cute no it's not like that this much is normal.

Thank you very much I'll be counting on you from now on I was assigned to teach AR Susan housework and I immediately started working with her the next day Ari Susan is having a hard time because she's not used to it but contrary to her cool appearance she's very honest and attentive with this it's only a matter.

Of time before she's able to do the housework ah a you're keeping Kento to your s again please let us join you too but when I was doing the housework with Ari Susan the two of them interrupted me like that so things didn't go so smoothly it's not like we have a choice since the four of us are living together hey don't take kosan away it's.

Your fault for keeping him all to yourself I want to cook alone with kosan once in a while too and well it's a handful trying to quiet them down but since since the three of them are originally close there are times when the four of us can spend a good time together like this so I was more excited than anxious about the future but I have.

To choose one of the three of them at some point and that's hard at any rate the one I'm most attracted to right now is the slightly clunky and adorable Ari Susan thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well