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[Manga Dub] My fiancee cheated on me in the office and forced me out… [RomCom]


Okabano get this done by tomorrow sure I'm on it my name is masaya akabane this is my fifth year at this company my boss is nosy and my colleagues are incompetent I'm forced to deal with both which is stressful however there's one person capable of soothing my tired Soul how's everything going.

So far so good are you leaving already I got lucky today I finished everything early well I'm out of here Ayumi toyoko she's friendly and everybody in the office likes her I haven't told anybody at work but she's my current girlfriend we've been dating for six months I proposed to her a few.

Days ago and we're engaged now all the guys at the office will go crazy once they hear ayumi's engaged the next day I'm so sorry I'm late hey don't worry about it we should head to the restaurant I made reservations okay I'm so excited this is so good hey you was surprised to.

Hear you got seats on such a short notice well this place is famous for its night view dinners there's a two-month wait for that but they're not as busy during the day oh I see I guess people aren't willing to pay so much for lunch are you me let me give this to you before I forget.

Here happy birthday thank you oh what they're matching watches yeah I never bought matching items since we were hiding our relationship at the office but now that we're getting married I figured we'd be telling everyone soon.

Uh hey was there something else you wanted huh no I know I love it no problem I know it's a bit early but I filled in the marriage registration form you can hang on to it thanks.

Told me to fill it in ASAP but when are we planning on going to the city hall back to you about that I want to pay the perfect date for it sure take your time we're not in a hurry we can talk about it later on are you me and I enjoyed the rest of our lunch together I'm sorry I have to leave you I wish we.

Could spend more time together it's all right we'll pick another day to go on a longer date okay I'll see you soon we parted ways around 5 PM I didn't have anything to do so I decided to drop by the bookstore I feel so lucky I found the latest book hero you're late ah my bad wait is that Ayumi and our.

Colleague hero why are they together I guess I forgive you anyways look at this disgusting watch oh is that a present from your ATM you dated him so he would get you something nice for your birthday what a waste of time I know it sucks he bought me matching watches how am I going to sell this.

Hey what are you talking about oh Mafia ah he found us what a pain are you me do you mean what you just said what's the point of pretending anymore hey you gotta be kidding me we're engaged oh my gosh I only agree to marry you so.

You would buy me more stuff I can't believe this I wanted more money from you before we broke up but there is nothing I can do now that you know the truth let's break up Messiah what that's so selfish too bad for you akabane see you around Ayumi cheated on me and tossed me out like an empty can of Coke.

The next day how can I be working as if nothing happened the love of my life just dumped me Ayumi is acting like nothing ever happened akabano tell me what this is about did you leak your clients private information on purpose huh no that can't.

Be true and I just received a report from Ayumi she said you gave her marriage registration papers and told her to fill them out even when you guys aren't dating that's not true I am me and I were dating until yesterday we were engaged you can't expect me to believe that nobody has ever heard from either of you.

That you were dating and Ayumi is saying you weren't in a relationship I'm not lying I have to handle the information League situation I'll let you know what we decide to do with you but in the end nobody believed a word I said the company fired me for leaking client.

Details enforcing a relationship on Ayumi against her will I was jobless and I needed to find a new job however I couldn't answer interview questions well and I was starting to feel hopeless I don't know how to answer them when they ask why I've decided to change jobs.

I don't have much money left what should I do hey a cabana is that you huh oh Kata Oka it's been a while did you know how surprised it was to find you gone from the office one day my bad I didn't get the chance to tell you it happened so suddenly hey don't worry about it.

Shio Kata Oka she's a former colleague of mine she's known to be trustworthy and reliable we never got a chance to work together since we belonged to different departments but we would talk whenever the company had a party or a nomikai thanks.

what are you doing here um I'm just shopping I have work tonight so I was enjoying my free time till then you work at night wait do you not work at the company anymore oh yeah you wouldn't know since you left before me hey you want to get some.

Coffee with me kata Oka convinced me to step inside a cafe and we started talking there I finally got the chance to tell somebody the truth behind how I got fired everything happened so fast and nobody believed me I guess I just gave up.

Oh you know now that some time has passed I've put it behind me I'm gonna be okay anyways isn't this the first time we've had a chance to eat together yeah you never asked me to hang out which is sad since we joined the company together never a reason to ask you I guess.

Why are you sulking you were so popular it was always somebody who wanted to hang out with you well yeah but whatever let's move on I told you earlier but I quit the company too really yep it's not official yet but I turned in my resignation letter right after you left I already told my colleagues and I finished handing over.

My assignments I'm using up my PTO right now which is why I'm not at the office why did you decide to leave the company I thought you were happy there well um I wanted to try something new yeah I guess all of us considered that option at least once in our lives right so have you found a new job not yet I've sent.

Out at least 40 resumes none of the companies want me knowing you let me guess I bet they ask you why you're changing jobs and you tell that the whole truth yeah I've been doing that I don't want to tell you a lie but you'll never get a job if you keep doing that.

I know hey how about you help me with my job your job you told me you work at night what are you doing now to tell you the truth I have a v tuber I started a while ago a v tuber like a YouTuber that uses computer generated avatars for their.

Videos I've seen them in advertisements and stuff but I've never actually met a YouTuber yeah I don't know many people who do what I do but I'm clueless when it comes to vtubers I don't think I'll be useful I want to handle my schedules and finances.

And stuff like that I'm not part of an agency so there's so much I have to do on my own I'm up for helping you but I'm searching for a job I don't know if I'll have much time huh You're Gonna keep looking of course I am I'm living off my savings right now I need to start working before I use up all my money.

Oh I should have elaborated I know I said help me but I plan on paying you what I want to say is but you work for my company huh are you starting a business yep I'm planning on promoting products and services to my videos I realize it would be better if I started up officially see I would love to are you sure you.

Want me I'm sure there are plenty of better suited people out there dying to work with you I'm not just settling for you I want to work with you don't get me wrong I'm not hoping for anything else I just heard that you are good at what you do oh okay well you can Count Me In then I'm glad she cleared things up before I.

Misunderstood her intentions great I'm looking forward to it after kataoka and I started working together I became her manager slash accountant slash choreboy I need the receipt from the other day I'd appreciate it if you could turn in your streaming schedule for next week sometime today.

Hey I will is it okay if I change the program details of party on the details I just want to know when you'll be streaming so I can set up your schedule I mean and uploading videos don't worry about it that's what I'm here for.

My job is to maintain a healthy work environment for you just let me know if you need anything okay thank you so you just said anything yeah I guess so what about it can you come over to my place what are you crazy I mean you live alone right don't get any silly ideas I didn't mean.

It like that it would be helpful if you could help clean the place and find receipts and stuff oh okay I understand I'm her manager I shouldn't start getting weird ideas about our relationship okay how about I stop by your place after you're streaming tomorrow your address is on the documents right yep.

I'm getting excited excited what's so fun about cleaning up and finding receipts huh uh it's nothing I was talking to myself uh okay then I always thought she was good at keeping her receipts together maybe she's desperate for help with the.

Cleaning it'll be my first time in a girl's room but I should keep my cool and focus on cleaning the place the next day I stopped by the drugstore to get some cleaning tools before heading to katooka's hi here are some slippers for you oh thanks I'm ready to clean.

I know I should focus on cleaning but I'm starting to feel nervous so katahoka I don't see anything I need to clean your room is cleaner than mine you know I stayed up all night cleaning the room why two I didn't want you to come to my.

Dirty room I invited him over because I want to spend more time with him maybe I shouldn't have mentioned cleaning hey it means a lot that you cared but now there's nothing for me to do here wait the cleaning is done but I can sort out the receipts huh here you go they're perfectly organized I didn't want you to have trouble looking through.

Them come on that's part of my job too but what if you get sick doing all this to help me that defeats the purpose of me being here yeah I guess I'll be careful okay what should I do there's nothing for me to do here.

I guess I'll go back to the office what you're leaving yeah I mean there's nothing to do here I guess but you came all the way why don't you stay for safer you can do that you want to get something to eat I'm starving okay oh I have some food in the fridge I'll make something.

A homemade meal do you not like eating food other people make that's not what I wanted to say I'm worried you must be tired from working all day how about I make dinner what do you want to eat it's okay I'm not tired at all oh come on let me at least cook a meal for.

You hmm fine can you make me an omelette rice okay it won't take long wait over there wow it looks so pretty this is exciting I'm glad I hope you like how it tastes too so frustratingly delicious what I wanted to prove to you my capability of making a great meal.

Okay maybe next time just know you can call me anytime you're hungry and I'll whip up something for you the office isn't far I can come over anytime just make sure you call me when you're not streaming I don't want to bother you while you're not making your videos.

Are you sure yeah you seem like the type that stops eating whenever you get busy that's correct not exactly the way I had hoped but now I have a reason to call him over anytime I started spending more time at Kata oka's place after that she would call me over to make dinner for her.

I made nikojaga for you today it was nice to see that my cooking was helping kataoka do better with her videos Tata oka's company grew rapidly hey Kata Oka we've been getting great results how about we hire another employee sure we're getting more requests for.

Videos it may be the right time to get more hands on deck do you want a girl or a boy employee I was thinking a girl it would be easier for you to understand each other faster if we hired the same gender hmm okay huh is there a problem with it no no problem at all we went through some interviews and.

Finalized our decision on a vtuber my name is yukiho sasamiya I'm 20. it's nice to meet you likewise I'm excited to be working with you she's a completely different type from karaoke I felt that the moment she walked into the interview you'll be creating most of your videos at home you can call or text kataoka or me anytime you need help with anything.

Thank you I appreciate it I was thinking of singing live from my first video and I wanted to ask about the sound oh well here's a list of options you can keep this till you decide you'll have to check with me if you want to pick something else Sasa Mia San and I talked about her video for about an hour.

Thank you for your advice I'll start working on my piece what do you think about SASE mia-san I think she's a nice person is there anything you want to say about her not really is it just me karaoka seems a little irritated after that sasame asan debuted as a v.

Tuber two months later she had over 10 000 subscribers how have you been akabanasan I'm doing great we don't get to see each other that often since you stayed home from work well we talked three or four times a week on the phone so it doesn't really feel like I haven't seen you for so long wait I didn't know you guys talked that.

Often I'm still new at this I call him whenever I have a question he's always there for me I'm thankful for him I'm thankful for you too we talk at least five times a week that's true we do we do but is something wrong everything is fine I have a lot of work to do I guess I'll get going.

Oh okay do you want me to make you dinner tonight no thanks bye guys uh hey sorry for that she doesn't seem to be herself today I don't know about that song you are dating Kata oka-san right huh no we're not dating but I understand why.

You would think that we're pretty close I see we should invite katoka-san whenever we need to discuss something okay it sounds like a great idea I never considered making a group chat since it was just katahoka and me for a long time that'll make things a lot easier for all of us.

I will work from home today home today you need to go to Kata okasan's apartment but she just said she didn't need dinner you must deal with this immediately you are risking the future of this company right now what I had no idea what she was talking about.

But here I was outside kataoka's apartment but I told you I didn't eat dinner tonight uh I was worried because you seemed a little different today oh I see fine come on in talked after you left the office earlier we decided everybody should start using.

A group chat so we all stay updated huh whose suggestion was that uh Sasa Mia song I knew it gosh I should apologize to her she's eight years younger than me I feel ridiculous you probably don't know what I'm talking about do you have any idea why I was so upset back there.

Uh no I'm sorry I was jealous because you two seemed so close what I only talked to Sasa mia-san about work related matters are you sure aren't you making meals for her just like you do with me no I'm not I've never made a meal for any girl.

Except you Kata Oka huh what about your ex-girlfriend we always ate out I don't think she wanted to eat anything I made she would decline every time I offer now that I look back on it I feel stupid for not realizing I was her ATM oh I'm sorry for bringing her up nah it's okay I'm actually thankful for.

Her I wouldn't be here with you if she didn't try to ruin my life back then I didn't know you liked being here with me that much seriously you saved me from becoming a homeless man plus you're the only person who believed in me why wouldn't I believe you I've had a crush on you for such a long time.

Wait for real I said I was jealous you should have realized then uh I just can't believe you like me katahoka likes me I mean we didn't get to talk that much before we left the company ah do you remember the new employee.

Welcoming nomikai we had yeah I do I was having a hard time shaking off this annoying guy I remember how all the guys were all over you you saved me that day I thought you were the quiet type I never expected you to stand up for me.

Like that you seemed so different how you usually were I couldn't keep my eyes off you after that I didn't believe a word anybody said about you and that ex-girlfriend drama I was so worried since you've left the company without saying anything wow thank you at first it was pure appreciation.

All I intended to do was pay you back for saving me when I was jobless but we spent so much time together working and eating meals I realized that I just wanted to be by your side katahoka I like you too will you go out with me of course I will but I wish you would learn how to pick.

Up clues or you won't make me angry okay I'll do my best oh it's an invitation for a group chat from salsa mia-san hey you're bringing up other girls already it's not about girls it's work related got an invitation too right huh whatever.

She easily gets jealous but I know we will support each other well just like when we started up this company FYI I heard Hiro was the one who leaked the client details he got fired right away Ayumi had several ATMs like me all over the company and some of them were married she had to prepare a lot of money to pay.

The wives for all the pain she caused them thank you for watching that was today's video please check out our other videos as well