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[Manga Dub] My fiancee left me after she found out that I was infertile… [RomCom]


I can't marry a guy like you let's break up don't another dream about her name is I graduated from a regular University and got an ordinary job I even had a fiance and we were planning to get married until one day she left me after finding out I had a medical problem my ordinary life instantly turned into a.

Nightmare uh I haven't ordered it's on the house everybody loves to have the coffee to brighten up their morning it's the least I can do to thank you for always looking after my daughter hey mister you're awake let's play a game with this it'll be fun look it's a new package shiori you can't bother him like that.

Jorjosan doesn't have any time to it's all right Isa son I was hoping for a chance to redeem myself shiorichan it's payback time a gentle looking woman's name is hitoha ISA she's a single mother and the owner of this restaurant Moody's that little devil sitting across from me is her daughter shiorichan.

My master desk is undefeatable you will be defeated I'm looking forward to seeing you fell down before mean she's always like this some may call her a little monster but I think it's pretty cute this restaurant is where I find my calm I enjoy spending time here and I have to say the coffee is great I can't believe I lost again why why I spent so.

Much money preparing the mechanic deck how could I lose this is the temp time I've won muscle is the best muscle will never be defeated you will never bring it no matter how tired you try her muscle deck was terrifying maybe I should switch from mechanic to muscle oh sorry thank you phone Joe son that's so sweet of you to.

Let her win you're always so kind to her oh way I could ever tell her that I'm not pretending to lose that would be too embarrassing hey when you're done yet you got a boxer game because you lost 10 times you promised me last time remember hey sureey crap I remember promising.

Shiorichan what's she going to make me do what do I feel awful about this it must be so heavy nah this is nothing I'm more worried about the bags you're holding it's okay I'm pretty used to it I know things will be easier using an online shopping sites but the prices are lower at supermarkets you're doing a great job Mom are you.

Glad you came sorry cut it out you have to thank him for doing this for us okay my heart feels warm whenever I see them together I think a part of me is jealous because I know I'll never have that I'll never have children let me tell you why I was diagnosed with azuospermia I know the medical term sounds complicated but in simple words it means I have no sperm.

My fiance kicked me out of her life after she found out I couldn't give her a baby it can't be helped I'm not blaming anybody for what happened but for some reason people started talking about my condition now the whole office knows and they walk on eggshells around me now I can feel them checking my expressions and Body Language 24 7 to.

See if I'm doing okay it's been like that for a while and I've lost all confidence in myself that's why I can't tell her how I feel I can't find the courage to do so isn't that the station the one where you can remember yes I do I remember it all started about six months ago I was on my way home from work when I found.

Shiorichan crying on the platform she had dropped her ticket somewhere everyone around her ignored her as they busily walked by I'm sure they were all afraid of talking to a young girl and getting accused of something else as for me it was a time of Despair for me I saw her crying all alone and it reminded me of how lonely and desperate I was.

Feeling that's why I stopped in front of her to ask what was wrong I helped shiori Chan search for her ticket and I still remember feeling relieved when we finally found it I was going to say bye straight after but my mom's coffee is the best this is what you're thinking you shiori Chan was forward from the start nobody would have imagined that.

She was bawling her eyes out a minute ago she pulled me towards the restaurant and that's how I first met Aya Saison that day they wouldn't leave me until I ordered something I had coffee and breakfast at ISA Sans restaurant I don't think I will ever forget how warm and delicious the coffee was after that I became a regular I usually come home.

During my lunch breaks or on my way home the restaurant is close to my office which is lucky for me every time I see Isa San smile I feel something welling up in my heart talking to her is the only thing I look forward to in my life wait it's raining hi the weather forecast said nothing about rain but you.

Might you that's what you told me oh my bad I guess I got wrong huh sure we're getting salt let's hurry we're here are you guys doing okay um yes we're not that wet thanks to your jacket for me a son all wet Mister you'll catch a cold if you stay that way at that moment I saw shiori Chan's eye gleam suspiciously for.

A second you should wash your clothes and dry them oh oh I know you should come in for warm bath mom don't you agree huh I couldn't decline their offer what should I do now I'm in their bath like I say son prepared the bath for me it felt comforting but countless thoughts were running through my head they were making me feel dizzy I just.

Realized this is where Aya Saison takes a bath every day that's right she uses the soap sitting over there to wash her hair and body and that sponge gets to slide all over her skin then stop it this isn't appropriate they were kind enough to lend me their bath and here I am fantasizing about um hyunjo son yes I prepared some.

Clothes for you they're my fathers so I'm not sure if it'll fit you but before I forget don't worry the underwear is new oh okay I appreciate it I thought my heart was going to jump out of my mouth I should hurry and get out as soon as possible oh my gosh are you sure about me joining you guys for dinner.

You're liking after I got out of the bath Isa son and shiorichan invited me to stay for dinner I wasn't sure if it was the right thing to do so I planned on declining their offer but get back to your game isn't over yet you have to listen to everything I I go home tonight shiorichon grabbed my hand and wouldn't.

Let go until I agreed to stay for dinner so I had no choice wait a second this isn't a punishment it seems more like a reward this is good I like the food Isa San served at her restaurant so it was no surprise to find out that her cooking at home was fantastic she served grilled fish miso soup and fried shrimp it.

Wasn't anything I hadn't eaten before but every dish tasted like home and I enjoyed the meal to the last bite yes it is mom's cooking is the best in the world especially this tomato soup I never had any better tasting miso soup before that she is amazing she already silly I'm not sure what shiorichan knew what Dashi is she's.

Probably copying a line from a manga or something but it was nice watching Isa son's face turn bright red I have to admit she looked adorable you're right I wouldn't mind drinking this miso soup every day I would never get sick of it did you hear that Mom yeah joking around.

Relationship is so heartwarming to watch I guess I have to thank shiorichon for giving me a botsu game I never would have gotten the chance to see them like this if she didn't I continued playing the card game with shiorichon after that day I didn't know why I'd do it even when I knew I'd end up losing every batsu game shiori chime planned for me.

Included all three of us hanging out together let's go to the park let's go shopping gonna go to her restaurant we started spending more time together at first I was afraid I would have to use up all of my savings to pay for our botsu game play dates but shiorichon always picked reasonably priced agendas uh are you.

Sure you want to watch this it's an anime but it's a pretty deep love story yes is it what I want to watch oh Hein looked it up and it's a G-rated movie an ordinary but caring man appears in front of a single mother and her daughter wait this story sounds a bit too familiar you're ever thinking things thanks to shiorichan's support Isa son.

And I grew closer every time we hung out by the time I realized the three of us were acting like a real family being with them was like a dream come true what the heck whatever I wouldn't pick you anyways I have millions of men to pick from what's going on Eureka huh sure that's her that's Rika.

The woman who dumped me geez Rica Thank You For Preparing such a delicious meal tonight it's nothing you pay for half the ingredients plus everything you do for shiori and me I'm the one who should be thanking you I do it all because I want to huh shiorichan and Isa son hito Hassan I enjoy every moment I spend with you guys I I uh oh Mia son.

Oh is she sleeping oh my goodness she was having so much fun today she must be exhausted you know I've put my daughter through so much did you know she calls you our night she's always saying you're the one who protects us a night yes and well I agree I'm aware that you've always helped me out whenever I need it.

Well uh Hassan is not only kind but beautiful as well there's no way the men would leave her alone the thing is not all of them are gentlemen like that's why I would always break things up if the guy started acting nasty I wasn't sure if I was being helpful or nosy so I was relieved to hear her say that I feel the same way that she already does you.

Mean so much to us on has never had a father my ex-husband cheated on me several times and we broke up soon after shiori was born that must have been tough I keep imagining how wonderful it would be if I could Grant her her wish and maybe eventually if she gets a.

Little brother or sister she won't feel so lonely anymore that's my biggest wish oh Mia son are you okay are you hurt I'm sorry I Mia son I apologize I forgot that I had to be somewhere I should get going what's going on I couldn't fall asleep that night keto Hassan sent me several texts asking if I was okay but I didn't.

Know how I should reply I could only write yes I'm so pathetic still I can't let things get any worse I know what hito Hassan wants now I'm not that stupid and I care for her and her daughter shiorichan is like a daughter to me now that's right I want to be a part of their family I don't know if hito Hassan will accept me after finding.

Out the truth but I'll regret not trying for the rest of my life if I don't act now telling you to break up with him you wench for Mia is my fiance mine we had a minor misunderstanding we were taking a break but I want him back now but for Mia you're here just a ton Rika what the heck are you doing why are you here hey.

It's so cold I'm here to give you another chance how try to get over the fact that you can't make any babies that's private information huh you didn't tell her whatever we could adopt a child or something that would be that would be nice right what are you talking about this guy right here he doesn't have any sperm silch your daughter.

Wouldn't want a guy like that for her father she won't get any brothers or sisters I just stood there while reek up blabbered on about my medical condition I had no idea she was like this or maybe I chose not to see the ugly parts of her while we were dating you should have apologize to femiasan and what family is.

Not something to make it actually love the three of us are already a family we've got everything we need to complete this family we don't care about anything else yeah Mommy show right we don't care about any of that oh do you think you're the heroine of a movie or something what a drama queen I know you you're the famous single mother.

Around here I heard that you're always flirting with guys you don't know anything about me you're a failure a divorcee with a cheeky kid my father is a famous businessman working for a major company and the thing is he likes Familia I'm sure the world will agree that for Mia will be better off with me you're just a restaurant owner and your.

Place isn't even that great so how in the world are you going to make for me it's life easier no don't you ever talk about them like that he saw a son and shiorichon are the most important people in my life what are you talking about oh no from here she's sweet talked you into falling in love with her Rika our relationship ended the day you walked.

Away from me you can't just walk back into my life I don't need you you better not lay a finger on either of them or else such an idiot whatever go play house with them if you want I have plenty of men to pick from out there where are not playing I apologize for everything that.

Happened but she was telling the truth about one thing I have no sperm the doctors told me after a checkup and that's why she broke up with me I lost all confidence in myself until I started spending time with you two Mia son Mister it would mean the world if you would accept me into the family I'd like to spend every moment from now on good.

Or bad with you too Hassan shiorichan will you accept me into your family please okay well thank you after a while are you okay I know you worked till late you must be tired yeah don't worry I'll rest if I need it I'm feeling super motivated today I regained all of my confidence thanks to hito Hassan and.

Shiorichan work was doing great and I started helping out around the restaurant on my days off it felt great to be spending time with my family there's nothing I wouldn't do for you and shiori it's getting so hot in here too hot hot and we're all ready did I turn the AC on.

She already cut it out hey I think we have customers Mom Dad welcome thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well