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[Manga Dub] My fiancee left me on the day of our wedding for my older brother… [RomCom]


To most people weddings are one of the happiest days of their lives so it's only natural that I taichi taochi thought my own wedding day would turn out to be one of my happiest days too but then hey moika take a look at this when I arrived at the reception I saw that instead of my name next to moikas they.

Put my brothers oh good are you finally here yes well have you noticed that they put my brother's name instead of my own on the welcome sign maybe the wedding staff made a mistake but I guess since our names are so similar I could just add the letters with a marker or something actually it's fine the way it is.

Huh what are you talking about I've actually been going out with your brother too what you've been cheating on me cheating geez you're saying that like I did something bad let's just say I loved you both all right at first I was planning on marrying you taichi but Mikado earns more money than you do so I chose to go.

With him you were cheating on me and that's that too bad taiji too bad you're not seriously thinking I'd go along with this do you well get over it the ceremony starting in two hours hold on you're still holding the ceremony that's right after all you did pay up front at least you did taiji exactly think of it.

As your wedding gift to us what the hell are you saying you wanted to register our marriage after the ceremony but we're still engaged well then I guess we'll just have to break it off me and Mikado are planning to go to City Hall to register our marriage today after the ceremony how could you besides we only set wedding invites to.

Our family members so there shouldn't be a problem my parents would be much happier to see me married to Mikado than a failure like you don't you have any Common Sense nothing is more important than love that's right well we're off to go change into our outfits see ya gotta be kidding me how is this even happening.

An hour later both our parents arrived and we explained the situation to them they unlike my brother and my ex-fiancee actually had some common sense and thankfully the entire wedding was called off although I didn't get a refund on the ceremony since it was a last minute canceling moika's father promised to return the exact amount as compensation.

My parents told me they'd take care of the arrangements and to go home and rest so I immediately left the wedding hall without a word they said to rest but I don't think I can do that right now plus I can't even go home there are pictures of moika everywhere maybe I'll just drive around without knowing where.

To turn to I ended up in an observation platform with a good view of the city it's been a while since I've been here you might remember correctly the last time I came here was with her maybe coming here was a mistake too plus it looks like someone's already here lying.

I shouldn't disturb her when she's crying I better go I didn't see you there quietly but I tripped it fell well oh I see what should I do maybe if I say it out loud it wouldn't be so awkward excuse me if I'm being rude but are you feeling okay huh.

I'm sorry I saw you crying and I thought if you're feeling sad about something maybe you'd feel better if you can fight it in a total stranger it wouldn't leave any awkwardness since we won't be meeting each other again I guess you're right then here goes the thing is I've been married for over a year now and I found out that my husband.

Was cheating on me I see cheating huh that's the last thing I want to hear about now that must be hard for you it is hard I don't know what I'm going to do I've made her start crying again but I guess it's better to let it all out I stayed by her side quietly until she.

Stopped crying I'm all right now thank you it's no problem in situations like these it's better to let it all out rather than to keep it in oh haven't introduced our Saha for you my name is you're right I'm taiji tauchi come to think of it what did you come here for.

Mr taochi same reason you did I guess to get away from things I had a bad day too see well you listen to my post so I'll return the favor what happened I then proceeded to tell imanaka-san everything that had happened why are you crying you manakasan sorry it's just so unfair.

I suppose you're right of course it is your brother stole your fiance now I feel bad for making you listen to my pathetic woes when you already have so much on your plate it's not pathetic you've had it rough too at least I wasn't married my troubles are far less important thank you for your kind words.

Besides you cried the tears I couldn't for me so I feel much better now I feel better having cried it all out too we kept talking for a while after that and went home I feel much better thanks to himanakasan we only started talking by accident but I'm glad it happened I better move on and make a fresh start so in order to truly cut ties with my past.

I decided to sue my brother and my ex-girlfriend three months passed in a blur in the end we decided on a settlement and I got a fair amount of money from them I thought getting the money would only make me bitter but I feel oddly content but I guess it's less about my getting the money than the passage of time healing my wounds I'll.

Go to the park again it's been a while I headed for the observation platform where I first met imanakasan huh IMA nakasan oh toti-san a long time no see did something happen today no I just came here because I finally finished sorting things out you too taochi son yes we agreed on the settlement so I thought I'd come here to put it all.

Behind me how about you Ima nakasan I'm here for the same reasons as you I got divorced sorry to hear that don't be I came to terms with it a long time ago I see then good things are happening for both of us that's right now we can both start a new romance I agree although my workplace is mostly just men so I don't have much of.

A chance oh I see then why don't you go somewhere you can meet lots of women I wonder where that could be how about the beach most of them closed last week so I'll have to wait another 10 months oh right and how about taking a class of some kind I take pottery class and there are a lot of women there.

Pottery that sounds interesting even without any romance you really think so then why don't you join my class we can do it together that sounds good I've been busy with negotiations for the settlement up until now but I'll have some free time now that it's over then let's exchange contacts I'll text you the website of.

The class I'm taking that'll be great after we exchanged our numbers we went to a cafe together to celebrate our getting to see each other again the next week I signed up for the classes imanakasan had sent me you're surprisingly good with your hands Tau chi-san who are better than me even though I started a month before you did.

That's not true at all your vase is good too it's quirky you're making fun of me aren't you you got me I'm going to get better just you wait so will I let's make it a competition okay I'll win for sure since then we began to do other things together as well.

We're just going out as friends but we probably look like a couple on a date yes they are oh it's almost time for the sea lion show is it I wanted to stay a bit longer but I also wanted to see the show too and let's come back after we watch the show can we really thank you she looks so happy she looks so different from when I.

First met her in a good way let's go drinking tonight oh so that's why you told me not to drive here that's right we've taken the pottery class together and gone out a few times but we still haven't gone drinking together I see and how about my regular bar that sounds great we've never seen each other drunk I wonder how she's going to.

Get when she's drunk I hope she won't start crying after all she was crying when I met her after a while we entered a bar and started drinking you don't change much when you're drunky manakathan really but then again neither do you taiwachi-san I guess that's true I am a strong drinker.

I'm 27 I'm 27 too well then let's start calling each other by our first names oh okay sure she seems a little more energetic than usual but I don't know whether it's because of the liquor or because we.

Found out we're the same age I'll call you Tangie so you can call me irie I always thought it was kind of strange that we were calling each other by our surnames it's not like we're strangers anymore I see that's also why I asked you to come today I thought maybe we could get to know each other better.

She didn't look drunk on the outside but maybe she's the type that becomes all honest on the inside actually I was thinking the same thing so I'm glad too really then why didn't you tell me that earlier by the way do you remember how we said before that we'd find new romances in our lives how's it going for you.

No luck I'm afraid I thought so if you think about it maybe pottery class wasn't the best place to find someone special after all most of the women there are either already married or too old for you maybe you're right although the class is fun in itself how about you irie have you had any luck.

Nope after all so only men I meet on my days off is you teiji that's true the way things are right now maybe we should just go out with each other but although I think Iris cute especially the way she cries and how she's so competitive and how she gets all honest when she's drunk but if I asked her now she'll probably think I was just doing it as a last.

Resort hey I just thought of this right now but why don't we just go out with each other huh I mean we've already gone on several dates together and I like you taiji wait what you don't have to sound so surprised it's just I thought you only saw me as a.

Friend I did think that until just now but I was talking I thought well what's wrong with taiji what do you think teji I'd be honored really that it's decided we're a couple great I'll do my very best to make you happy irie me too let's go on dates next weekend I'm in where do you want to go.

How about the aquarium that's fine by me but didn't we just go the other day oh right I forgot we've been dating already we just didn't realize it I know right although I did think of it as kind of a date my new romance was much closer by than I thought I'm going to do everything to make sure this relationship doesn't end up like the.

Last one the next day I'm glad I got to go out with irie last night oh look she's calling me right now I wonder what she wants um am I correct in assuming that this is Tai chi-san's number you are but what's with the distant attitude do you remember anything about last night you're calling me by my surname again I.

Remember all of it oh that's relief I thought for a second that maybe you'd forgotten about our decision to go out together oh right about that are you about to say it was just the alcohol talking and you want to break it off.

Oh that's not it but I guess the part about the alcohol making me confess my feelings to you is true that's why I thought I should clear up any misunderstandings misunderstandings what do you mean I wanted to tell you that I didn't ask you to go out with me because I had no one else to go out with I was really happy.

When you listened to my problems when I was hurting and I had fun with you at the pottery class too so I'm asking you out again now that I'm sober I like you taiji please go out with me of course I will I wasn't really drunk last night so my answer won't change either.

Hear that I also have something I didn't get to say last night I'm usually quite collected but I like you for your ups and downs I guess opposites do attract please go out with me I will thank you it is a bit embarrassing to say and hear things like this out loud when we're not drunk or anything though I'm glad we did it on.

The phone then I'll go and see you right now I'd like to see you when you're flustered like that oh you're so mean but I want to see you too so you can come we've both had some bad experiences in the past but hopefully things will be better for us from now on as a side note mokai and my brother got married against both.

Families wishes but soon after it turned out that they were both cheating on each other there was some talk of divorce but since they were both divorcing each other apparently they're still arguing about how they were splitting the assets irie's ex-husband on the other hand married his mistress but is now being sued for compensation money having.

Cheated on her too thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well