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[Manga Dub] My friend who is a famous streamer heard about my arranged marriage and retired [RomCom]


Hey hey did you see the mega Channel I did she was so cute today as usual Mega was so so super as usual megu was really popular I'm yusuke Nakamura I run a bakery in a small town the customers just now were excitedly talking about the super popular YouTuber called megu to think that she would become such a star this is megu the super popular.

YouTuber she has over a million subscribers to her Gourmet Channel she goes around places to eat delicious food and introduces good stores that not many people know she's very popular among everyone because of her cute smile and the Beautiful way that she eats the food she's actually a childhood friend of mine Megami Kobayashi in the past we.

Would often bake bread together and eat them it's delicious it sure is I hope that I can continue eating delicious things with you you because the bread that I eat with you tastes the best then Let's Stay Together always really yes because I like you so much Meg really I also like you very much you it's a promise yes it's a promise then we will.

Be a married couple a married couple tip people who like each other and stay together forever is a married couple so make sure you marry me all right yes we made that promise when we were kids Mega me became very active and cute as she grew up and the number of friends she made grew not only that the cheerful megumi was so popular at one point we.

Started to become distant from each other and one day she posted a video of herself introducing a food product from a convenience store which went viral it became so viral that a management company contacted her to ask if she would like to make her debut as a YouTuber say you if I am to belong to a management company I was told that it.

Would be better to move to a bigger city because that would be easier to do business oh really what do you think you do you think I'll be able to make it well to tell the truth I didn't want her to move to a bigger city I wanted her to stay with me forever but probably I'm the only one who remembers our promise I shouldn't take away megami's future for.

My selfish reasons I'm sure you'll make it megumi you can overcome anything thing you can make it even in a big city I see then if you say that I think I will give it a try yes go for it Mega me after that Mega me registered with the big management company and moved out of town to start her YouTube career good morning from megu here this is the Mega.

Channel's Mega speaking Zaya I am your debut without making her background public and just as the mysterious big eater YouTuber she became instantly a popular YouTuber because people found that she looked cute when she was eating already a few years have passed but Mega me has not come back here at all I guess that she's too busy as a YouTuber so she.

Can't make the time to do that recently she's busy not only with her YouTube videos but also with her TV and magazine work as for me I've taken over my parents Bakery after graduating from University I still can't forget the promise I made to her though maybe someday megumi will open the door to my bakery those are the kinds of thoughts I.

Have while I spend my days I realize that it's of me but I just can't forget our promise I guess that Meg was enjoying her life in a big city and has forgotten about her hometown I really need to give up on my first love one day while I was having such thoughts today was a tiring day too oh yusuke did you finish work what are you.

Two doing here I happened to bump into megu's mother here so just having a chat I heard that she's taking cooking lessons these days so she was teaching me a recipe I see well don't be late coming home thanks for worrying about me oh by the way there was something I wanted to tell you what is it actually the teacher of the.

Cooking class has a daughter apparently she is looking for someone for an arranged marriage I absolutely do not want to have an arranged marriage why she is a very nice girl she likes cooking too so I think that you would get along with her I don't have that kind of Interest so I declined the offer oh but why don't you just meet her once.

She was so cute or is there someone who you already like oh man really I don't need that kind of thing I'm going home now I can't have an arranged marriage I still like Mega me a few days later megumi suddenly announced that she would be retiring from her YouTube activities in her YouTube video this news was also on TV but her management company denied.

Megumi's announcement apparently she had recorded and posted the video on her own initiative so they were still in the process of negotiation and the details weren't given but her fans were wondering what was going on I missed her video about her retiring from her YouTube activities but I heard that it's gone viral so maybe I can find it on.

Another side oh there it is so this is Mega me's video I wonder what happened I guess I should watch it first in order to understand hello from megu actually today I have an important announcement to make to everyone I will retire as a YouTuber as of today the reason is the reason this is strange.

I can't stop crying thank you to everyone who had supported me all these years I am sorry for retiring with a sudden notice but I have to go back so everyone goodbye the video ended I couldn't find out what her reason was for retiring if she was crying that much maybe she didn't want to retire a few days after that after megu talked it.

Over with her management company she erased all her SNS accounts and officially retired it was said to have been a peaceful agreement made between megumi and her company but the fans were still in an uproar over her sudden retirement I wonder what Mega me is doing now welcome long time no see you Mega me why are you here I retired so I.

Came back home is that bad it's not bad but how about you how is everything going with your girlfriend girlfriend what are you talking about you don't need to pretend I know everything no really I don't know what you're talking about why are you trying to hide it he met with your arranged marriage partner right I heard that she is a nice girl I.

Didn't what you didn't I told my mom that I wanted to climb the offer really I thought that you both liked cooking and aren't getting along well that's only what my mom was saying then you really didn't meet her I didn't what on Earth what oh I see what what's going on a sudden let me work here what I quit my tub as a.

YouTuber and I have no job so let me work here wait a minute that's quite sudden but why did you retire from your YouTube career well I will tell you about it someday can I not work here well if you look at me with such watery eyes I can't say no it's fine great then I'll start work tomorrow the next day many people from this town came to the.

Bakery after they heard that Mega me had come back there are usually people who come to the store but this was the biggest crowd of people this Bakery has ever seen in its history thanks to that most of the bread was sold out by lunchtime your bakery was so popular it's thanks to you Mega me people do come to my store but not as many as.

Today then am I doing my job well definitely after all most of the bread is sold out already this morning I need to bake new bread quickly I want to be praised could you pet my head is this all right that's not enough harder with more confidence pop me with more love what do you mean is this all right hmm.

It's not her but it's still not enough what else do you want me to do then aha hey don't choke me it's fine it wasn't like this before I feel comfortable begin with you you no man when you give me a look like that there's nothing I can say and the one.

Who's most happy that you came back is me I forgot to tell you this but welcome back home oh yes thank you you after Mega me started working here the prophet dramatically increased the busy days were very fulfilling and enjoyable megumi came back since she's working together with me I want to do something for her I know I can make bread with.

Mega me as the theme I'll make a delicious bread that's cheerful and energetic like a sunflower a few days after I decided to do so he for me to stay behind after finishing work is anything up this is a new product Oh flower I just for this bread me for me you're shining like the sun.

Like the sunflower that's the image I had of you as I made it really I am so happy can I eat this yes please try it thank you I'll dig in this is good really good I think this is the best tasting friend in the world thanks if you say that it was worth making it I like Mega me after all I still can't forget about our promise I.

Just like her so much that I can't bear it even if she can't remember our promise anything to matter you what you look like you are deep in thought it's nothing if you like it then maybe I'll put it out in the store from tomorrow let's do that everyone will like it for sure the days I spent with mega me are so much fun by spending time with her my.

Hopes also get bigger but I was scared and I couldn't tell her my true feelings then one day sorry you took the trouble to see me home no problem we were working until late also it's dangerous for a lady to go home alone at this late hour you are so kind because you were so kind you were popular during our student days what I was popular there are so.

Many girls who are secretly in love with you I didn't know that I guess so I was putting on the brakes after all did you say something nothing but anyway being back home is so much better for me it was fun being a YouTuber but but it was so busy that my life was in chaos chaos the time I spent as a YouTuber became so much that the real me started to get.

Hazy but now that I'm back and I'm spending time with you I thought that this is where I belong Mega me say you do you remember our promise promise actually I oh what was that this is a big scoop I'm glad I could find out where Mega me was from the reason for her retirement was a guy a romantic relationship for a YouTuber was.

Forbidden that guy you now I can be a famous journalist hey wait yikes who the hell are you I Won't Let You Escape to be a baker requires a lot of physical strength I'm confiscating this stop you bastard if you're going to resist more I'll call the police how about it damn it you nagami sorry I left.

You alone I am fine it's the paparazzi gone he escaped what and the camera I got it so no worries wow Mega me there's something I want to tell you something you want to say I like you Mega me a lot I remember that promise too really you remembered it to tell the truth I didn't want you to become a YouTuber I wanted you to stay by my side but I.

Thought you wouldn't remember the promise when you encouraged me to become a YouTuber I also thought that you didn't remember it you I also like you I have always liked you so much when I was being a YouTuber I was able to continue because I was encouraged by the promise I had made with you then we were we both like each other then but if.

You're going to be bothered by the paparazzi even after you retire about that you I have a good idea good idea hi everyone long time no see it's megu today I have an important announcement for everyone so I decided to post this video after I have retired from being a YouTuber I have been able to become a partner to a childhood friend who might.

Have had liked for a very long time I am sorry to surprise you with this sudden announcement but I have always liked him since I was little so if you happen to see me with him in town please support us peacefully I will go back to being a normal girl and live it together with the man I love so thanks for watching to the end of the video this was megu the.

Good idea that she had was to announce how we've become a couple on the web if people write whatever they want to write it would be better to announce it ourselves first what's her idea some people said that it was a guy after all but most people were supportive about it many customers say day two thanks to you Mega me it's because the bread you make.

Is delicious yes they can also this bread is good for love since then megumi has been working at my store thanks to that our sales are steadily increasing not only that because we started going out our bread became famous as the bread that captures your love I hope that people can eat our bread and have happy love relationships because they can.

Because we love each other I love you you thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well