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[Manga Dub] My friends went to the festival without me, so… [RomCom]


Attention everyone I'm chiaki akaba I get nervous as summer break gets closer if we end up on break I won't see my classmates which means if I don't reach out to anyone I won't have anyone to hang out with.

Doing so is quite the hurdle for someone socially awkward like myself that's why I have to make plans before it's too late but even saying that making plans myself is difficult so I'll just join some other classmates conversations that'll be the easiest so now's my chance.

Anybody want to come to the Summer Festival with me here it is I don't have any plans so if you can go come see me this is my chance to naturally get in the mix is what I thought pierogi sounds like there's a festival going on let's go as a group of three.

I've lost my footing why just the three of us it'd be nice if everyone could go us we thought it would be fun it was just the three of us it seems interesting right these girls were they planning to tease me I had to look in my eyes that would hurt if you touched it but I was just an ordinary.

High schooler just a bit if I was unaffected by them just a bit because I'm the pure chiaki they teased me and call me piraki but I can't stay piraki forever sorry but I have no plans to go with you two huh why I have plans I'd rather go with my classmates than these two I've decided I'll go to the festival.

With my classmates and enjoy my high school life I see you have plans huh don't tell me what's coming next well I guess if you have plans you won't be able to join no wait if that's okay all righty no way it ended up like this I plan to turn down those two girls in order to go to the festival with everyone.

But that was a misunderstanding and now I can't go and those girls are going instead but it's too late to say that I can go now that I can't go because of this misunderstanding I don't have the courage to speak up it'll be scary if they stare at me with strange looks.

Being socially awkward is tough while I was crying on the inside I talked to the girl that was sitting next to me staring me you are you not gonna join Mio ayasaki is cool and called the beauty of the class however her true nature is well it's it's hard to talk with everyone as expected she ended up.

Looking cool because of her social awkwardness I'm the only one that knows her coolness as a front we're both socially awkward and she's the only person I can talk to normally so because of that I wanted Mio to at least join the other classmates me you really think about it about what.

You saw what happened to me right I've been marked as not attending so saying I want to go now is difficult but you haven't said if you could go or not yet yeah that's right plus they're looking for people to join the hurdle to start up a conversation is lower than usual everyone would be happy if you say you.

Can go and I think it would be good to start up a light conversation okay good luck yep this is fine as her comrade I want Miu to join the other classmates is this how a mother bird feels when her.

Chick leaves the nest feeling a bit lonely I got ready for the next lesson however I couldn't do it why I was too awkward I was also misunderstood oh wait huh both of us were kicked out of our groups how about we go together huh I wasn't able to enjoy the exciting festival with my classmates.

But I ended up going with the class Beauty on the day of the festival me he was running late even though I messaged her she was late sorry for making you wait you're late when I turned around I saw Mew in a Yukata uh uh Yukata I'm just in regular clothes though I should have told you earlier I thought.

Since it was the Summer Festival I went all out because of that I was late sorry yeah it's fine let's go dang I'm hella nervous what's wrong no it's nothing every day Mew is cute but seeing me when a Yukata feels special and makes her look even more cute to put it simply today's Miu is super rare really then let's hurry up and go.

Yeah there's a lot of food I want to eat is that okay yeah what do you want to eat first I want to eat a candy apple then takoyaki Ika Yaki oh and a snow cone hold on just how much do you plan on eating well it's a Summer Festival you can only enjoy it in the summer right plus I never had anyone to go with don't.

Say anymore I'll get sad too conclusion being socially awkward is rough then hey Chucky they have target shooting oh you want to give it a go I want to eat yakisoba I am getting a bit hungry let's go eat.

They are selling masks too I uh don't have the courage to walk around in that what in order to bury away the loneliness from being socially awkward we're both giving it our all to enjoy the festival Mia went from one attraction to the next when she spotted the candy apples she went to go buy one thanks for waiting oh you bought cotton.

Candy I thought I might as well while I was waiting how nice could I have a bite sure getting flustered over an indirect kiss isn't like me it should be fine to rip a piece off for her is what I thought but huh she bit it off not only that it was also from where I've been off last wait me.

You hmm what's wrong did I eat too much no that's not it sorry you could have a bite of my candy apple ah pass really but it's delicious I can't just take a bite of her apple that'd be Overkill hey you want to eat.

Takoyaki next sure you said you wanted to eat that from the start but I wonder how it'll be eating takoyaki after dessert don't you want to eat something salty after having something sweet you've got a point so then excuse me oh one takoyaki please coming right up Miu quickly found the.

Takoyaki stand and called out her order to the man me was usually reserved but she was very assertive this time just how badly did she want to eat takoyaki I wonder hey thanks for waiting you're such a handsome and Charming couple I added a bit extra thank you.

So we both bought takoyaki but this is awkward since we were called a couple we haven't spoken a word we probably look that way since it's a guy and a girl walking together I thought about it a bit but in the end we were left out of our friend group and we came here just as friends.

What is it I want a yo-yo me you pointed to the yo-yo game that was surrounded by children you see the melodic festivals it's the balloons filled with water tied with a rubber band how about you chiaki uh I'm okay I'll just watch in the back gotcha well I'm heading over Mew joined the children and went fishing for the.

Balloons I wonder if she was concerned about it no that doesn't seem to be relevant I thought maybe she spoke up to get rid of the awkwardness in the air but me was just having fun and wanted a yo-yo shucky I got one that's great but thanks to that the awkwardness went away if she showed this smile I think.

She'd be able to talk with everyone more seeing that smile suited just for her made me a little happy I'm the only one who's seen Miu like this I'll remember this special feeling at that time hey it's pure Rocky and ayasaki-san it is we encountered our classmates but that.

Made sense everyone came to the festival so there was a chance we'd bump into them but meeting everyone here probably gives us a chance to mingle with them is what I thought they are probably thinking my plans were to go to the festival with ayasaki-san no it's not I see if it's like that it can't be helped uh-huh but we wanted to.

Walk around with ayasaki-san too somehow I'm getting extremely misunderstood we also asked ayasaki-san but we couldn't get her to join us huh what are they talking about Mio said she couldn't join the group due to a misunderstanding but she wasn't invited in the first place ah we don't want to get in the way so.

Excuse us we'll be heading over there you two have fun wait just when I thought I'd be able to hang out with my classmates that wish didn't come true I I was so nervous hey Mew what's wrong didn't you say you couldn't join everyone because of a misunderstanding but from the conversation we just had it seems like.

You had no intentions of joining in the first place yeah that's right I had no intentions of going with everyone why I didn't want to leave you by yourself ah is that bad no it's not I'm happy to hear that I'm glad we came to the festival together all right let's get back into gear and.

Enjoy the festival yeah let's yeah hiding our blushing we started to head back to the festival but then me you let out a cry sorry I'm okay are you hurt I'm okay me you collided with a kid that was running around it's good that it was just a minor incident but but I got your clothes wet.

It's okay since it's summer it'll dry quickly okay when they collided the yo-yo the kid was holding popped and got Muse Yukata wet here you could have this the yo-yo yours popped didn't it yeah but this is yours don't worry about me but make sure from now on you don't run and be aware of your surroundings okay thank you be.

Careful Mew are you okay yep I'm all good here use this it's better than nothing thanks looks like we're just in the way here should we move somewhere else I want to but when I ran into that kid the strap of my sandal broke I'm not used to walking in these and I got a blister seriously so I can't move there's a lot.

Of people passing through so we can't stay here but even saying that me you can't walk in other words what I should do is chiaki I'm sorry to ask but could you carry me that I thought is that really the only option please sure up you go.

You holding on tight yeah I carried Mew to a place with less people on the way there I felt soft things here and there and my mind went completely blank okay here should be good thanks but more importantly you really knew you'd way around on how to quickly fix a broken Sandal strap I saw it on TV and just.

Happened to remember plus we had a handkerchief and a nickel so I'm glad we could fix it but I can't really do anything about the blister only we had a Band-Aid it'll be better than nothing but what should we do if you wait a bit I can go to a convenience store nearby and buy some you don't mind don't worry about it I'll go okay thanks.

Yeah I'll be right back so I headed to the convenience store for Band-Aids then I'm back thanks wait is that oh you gave your yo-yo away to that kid right I thought maybe you'd want another one I handed the yo-yo to Miu on my way to get Band-Aids I stopped by and got her a yo-yo as well who went out of your way for me it's the Summer Festival if we.

Went home like this wouldn't it be kind of sad thanks Mia was able to walk but it was difficult due to the hastily fixed strap and the blister we stuck around and watched the fireworks thanks again for today same here it was fun if she showed this smile she.

Could get closer to everyone but I was happy this smile was directed towards me her smile was shining brighter than the fireworks thank you for watching how was today's video please check out our other videos as well