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[Manga Dub] My girlfriend dumped me for helping a little girl during our date, but… [RomCom]


Great work today yasu hero yako you here hey let's go home don't tell me you still have work to do well I'm almost done can you hold on for a few minutes Okie doie they fled and I watch it a Yoko Shad is a idol why does he get to have her get your work done and get out of here don't make a yo CH wait I know I.

Know my name is yasahiro I love my job it's not easy and it's timec consuming however I am proud of what I do plus I met my beautiful girlfriend here at the office her name is aako akuno she's gorgeous with a cute personality she's the most popular employee all the male employees are smitten in love with her one time I witnessed a drunk idiot.

Hitting on her on the street I couldn't walk by after seeing her in trouble I stepped in to help her and that was the start of our relationship At first I felt like the luckiest man alive I was ating a yako CH the woman every guy wants but eventually every realize us more to what meets the eye hey Yu hero gosh I really want this those shoes and.

These shoes and I wish I had enough money to buy that hat aaku CH has drained my wallet driver since we started dating yiro aren't you going to buy it for me I come buy all of them can you pick your favorite one what just one why would you say that to me I didn't think you were such a stitchy guy you.

Suck I'm sorry ayakosan I might just dump you if you don't treat me well you have to prove that you like me didn't you know I have plenty of options you're not the only one who wants to be with me okay I'll buy them please give me a break thank you I love you yasuhiro can you believe I've been putting up with this for 3 months.

At the beginning I thought it was cute but I'm not sure how much longer I can keep up with this it's stressing me out emotionally and financially so Yu hero we should go to a date next weekend there's this restaurant I've always wanted to eat at let's reserve a table then we could go shopping and maybe watch a movie and.

I'll be paying for all of it what you don't want to no one never that great I'm already excited for next weekend uh is it wrong for me to be dreading next weekend they have a day hurry up yasu hero we're going to be late the restaurant will cancel our reservation if we don't make it on time you have to walk faster yaku Chan are.

You the one who came late I waited 30 minutes for you to come seriously are you listening to me H my bad I'll walk faster please don't be angry Somebody's Crying stop y Coan what the heck where do you think you're going hey you okay um I can't find my older sister oh no are you lost can you tell me your.

Name it's kilo oh what a pretty name don't worry we'll find your sister I'll let you look for her really yep really for real I can't believe this is happening hean we can't waste another second remember we have a reservation we can need to the restaurant anytime I'll make another.

Reservation we should at least take her to the police station this is unbelievable why would you choose that girl over me a little girl is lost you come find her sister we going to leave her out here whatever you could take care of her by yourself yesu hero I need to be at the restaurant what an what did I do to deserve this I don't.

Want to waste another second here huh seriously is she for real I can't believe she would put a reservation first I knew she wasn't easy but I didn't expect her to be so coldhearted I can't believe I was dating such a heartless person I'm sorry hi yo Johan it's is not your fault you don't have to worry about a thing how about we ask for.

Help with the police station your sister might be there I'm sure she's looking for you right now okay Oh Koko oh no where were you how many times have I told you to stay within my sight I'm sorry I'm so sorry um wow she's so pretty so this is Kyoko Chan's older sister oh excuse me um you.

Arean this is the Chan who helped me I told him I was lost and he did he take me to the police station that is so kind of you thank you for keeping my younger sister safe I don't know how to thank you hey don't worry about it anybody in my shoes would have help I only did what was right um can I have your name oh it's yasahiro mine is noro Nakamura and.

This is coko my little sister Onan thank you for helping me I'm glad you found your Onan me too um if you have the time I would like to thank you properly hey I didn't do anything to receive any thanks ah this well uh was supposed to go eat with the friend but he chose to save me.

Instead I appreciate that yasuhiro son well how about we get something to eat together to tell you the truth we haven't eaten yet it sounds great this is a nice place you think so too everything they serve here is delicious I'm getting to race hi I see you have a new friend kyogo John oh is he your boyfriend Oro.

John boyfriend no don't be silly he's just a friend really you don't have to be embarrassed too John K Chan let me guess I'm let right yep and noriki Chan I'll get a sandwich set please and you young man I'll get the the Pilla and fried shrimp please great I'll be out with your drinks.

So you know him well actually he's my uncle he's worried because I've been single for so long but I shouldn't be talking about that to you um please forget I said anything and she's cute I was impressed with the quality of the food n Rico son's Uncle served we parted ways after we finished our meal later on I checked my phone had several messages.

From yako Chan telling me that our relationship was over I can't believe you picked that kid over me you ass you are such a I don't want anything to do with you anymore don't you dare talk to me ever again you piece of trash piece of trash huh I was surprised with myself a breakup wasn't affecting me the way I thought it would I always knew we.

Valued different things this was probably the best for the both of us more importantly the RICO son I couldn't I can't stop thinking about how wonderful she is I know I sound horrible I shouldn't be thinking about another woman seconds after getting dumped by my ex but I hope to see her again that weekend I'm so desperate I can't believe.

I'm here I was at the place where I first met Naro son I was hoping I would bump into her there life isn't that easy Naro son has a life huh oh what the the RICO son why I um I wanted to see you again yasu hero son I figured the best way to see you again is to visit the place I met you so I wow I was thinking the same thing um.

Would you like to hang out with me that is if you have the time I have plenty the time spent with the RICO son after that was like a dream he went to a styish CA and visited a museum we also took a walk I never knew spending time with somebody could be so fulfilling we should go to uh hm is something wrong excuse me uh can you.

Wait here for a second hi there are you okay oh I brought too much luggage I can't climb up the stairs I see hey let me get those bags for you oh are you sure yes we don't need to help each other out crap I'm doing the same thing I did to Yoko chan oh my gosh Rico son is going to get so angry with me please let me help I'll.

Carry these it must have been tough carrying all these here you could take these home if you want oh that is so kind of you uh hm is something wrong no it's nothing here can you show us the way thank you both of you Rico son is such a kind person I never expected her to suggest taking the old lady home I want to get to know her.

More I wanted to make sure I saw her again we exchanged numbers so we could stay in touch we continued to see each other on the weekends we even met up after work to go for some drinks naturally we grew close to each other my attraction to Naro son grew stronger every moment I spent with her she was all I could think about I'm sure you're.

Exhausted from work you too Naro son yes airo son today I I brought a present for you I know you've been working hard recently so here and I'm aori I got it from The Shrine in my neighborhood but it brings good luck it's an omamori that will protect you from from anything that comes your way I want all of your hard work to pay off rer son and if you ever.

Need some help or if you need to vent remember that I'm here for you I may not be much help but I'm your number one supporter R son never ceases to amaze me her kindness always goes beyond my expectations I don't know if I can hold in my feelings much longer I appreciate you kind words Rico son I love the isaka we went to today I.

Agree well I think I could enjoy going anywhere as long as I'm with you yasu hirokun rer son oh that hurt watch where you going I'm sorry jeez I'm in so much pain I think I'm hurt I need somebody to take care of me hey pretty girl how about we go for some drinks together well I oh.

Excuse me she was the me I can't let you take her huh who the hell are you man well we're friends uh please don't touch with those nasty hands of yours I suggest you turn around and walk away I don't have to call the police I was just joking around jeez control your alcohol don't let it control you norer son you okay you you.

Saved me again what last time you saved both choco and me and this time you stepped in to defend me yes a hero son you truly are my hero what a hero oh my your face I think it's turning bright red I'm sure it's not the alcohol we drank uh well I mean you just said I was your hero who wouldn't be affected by that you're so cute no narica son you're.

The cute one huh oh uh oh no I know what to say this is awkward anyway we should head home we don't want another drunk guy messing with us I'll take you home are you sure of course I'll never put you in danger you are so sweet something changed after that night I felt our bonds became stronger than ever orico.

Son continued to support me thanks to her my work performance improved my bosses acknowledged my accomplishments and I got promoted noro's son was the first person I wanted to tell she asked if we could meets up to celebrate my promotion oh noroan yesu hero son congratulations thank you so much hard work pays off I am so happy for you.

That's not just my hard work I think here omamori did his job pretty well well I am glad I bought it for you believe me so am I well then I should go to the shrine to say thanks oh what's wrong I'm sorry I think I left my phone at the office do you want to get back to get it is that okay I'll be back as soon as possible of course I'll be waiting.

Here thank you I'll be right back it's cute how she's forgetful Yu hero this voice it's ayako Johan I heard from the boss you're getting promoted congrats thanks you know there's something I want to talk to you about yeah what I apologize for how I acted before I didn't know why I acted that way I want us to get back together.

What are you talking about aaka Shan you the one who broke things off with me no I only did that because I wanted your attention I still have feelings for you yasu hero hey let go of me yasu hero son norer son who is that woman um well uh oh my gosh is that your new girlfriend she's so yes hero you could do so much.

Better I um I'm sorry hey Nora son yes a hero don't leave me Let Go me yoan you're the one who told me you wanted be out of your life I have feelings for you anymore you can't help me on a leash forever you have to let me go wait noro son yesir son why did you come chasing after me should get back to that.

Woman she's not a part of my life anymore she's my ex-girlfriend exgirlfriend I'll put her in my past she means nothing to me I well Naran are you're the one I care about right now me you're kind and caring you have everything I wish for on a woman I like you Nora son I wish I could spend spend every moment I'm alive with you by my.

Side I want to be with you I want us to be together I like you too yasu hero son you're kind and I feel safe when you're around you're my hero I wish I could spend every living moment with you too of course as your girlfriend and so noro's son and I began dating that night as for yako Chan some of our colleagues saw interaction that.

Night rumors about her spread fast and now the guys avoid her she used to be the office Idol but now she is far from it it's too bad haako magic did not have the power to last forever on the other hand my relationship with noroan is going well we invite Kiyoko Chan to join us from time to time a few months later wow you're so pretty on thank you Kyoko.

On you look so handsome thank you Kyoko Chan I would never have bet the love of my life if it wasn't for you you Koko Koko Chan you're our Cupid you brought us together Yu hero son I'm excited to spend the rest of my life with you don't ever leave my side of course I'll stay with you no matter what the world throws us me too I will be here for you.

Too I would have it any other way Koko CH I love you kilo whenever a door shuts another one always opens somewhere the good you do for others benefits yourself as well you'll never know what will happen next but there's one thing I know for sure I will overcome everything as long as I have noro S by my side thank you for watching how was.

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