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[Manga Dub] My girlfriend is a super jealous girl… How can I please her? [RomCom]


My name is kazuto hirose an ordinary junior in high school who likes to read however there was one thing unordinary about me let me show you good morning casuto hey morning my childhood friend's name is Minami she's one of the prettiest girls in.

School Minami is kind to everybody she's the center of the circle type of girl being childhood friends with Minami isn't easy I get a lot of hate from the other guys at school for being close to her hey you sleepy have you been sleeping properly.

I thought I got a good night's sleep I guess I was wrong dummy hey sleep during class okay of course there's one more thing excuse me are you not going to talk to me you seem to be having so much fun with.

Manami John so what about me I'm sorry my attention's on you now Mayu I was only talking to Minami earlier because she came up to me it would be rude of me to act unfriendly when she took the time to talk to me her name is Mayu Asahi Maya is just as pretty as Minami and she's another one of the popular girls the thing is she's.

A pretty shy person she's not as outgoing as meenami she's not the type to have the leadership to bring the class together I bet this will surprise you myu is my girlfriend you seem to be having more fun with her than me you know that's not true I have the most.

Fun when I'm talking to you Mayu you better you better lying to me I'm sorry if I made you feel left out you have to make time for me okay of course I will because I'm your girlfriend and I deserve it I don't know if you realized but Mayu gets jealous quite easily.

I think that's what makes her so cute let me tell you a little about how Mayu and I ended up dating a few months ago I was walking from a book signing event I went to see my favorite author and to ask for his signature on my book I was on my way home when it happened I witnessed something shocking it was.

Please go why are you so scared of us we want to hang out with you it'll be fun he's right you don't have to be scared I come on we won't take too much of your time isn't that my you she's getting hit on but I can tell.

She's not enjoying it I can't just leave after seeing that I'll shoot them off by pretending to be her boyfriend hey there you are I was wondering where you went huh how's your talk I told you to wait for me I searched all.

Over the place uh are those guys your friends uh no I don't know them who the hell are you what do you want can't you see we're kind of busy here where are you guys I'm her boyfriend it's nice to meet you she has a boyfriend you should have told us sooner you know.

They're gone you okay well it's terrifying thank you so much for saving me Kazu tokun no problem that was the incident that brought Mayu and me together that night my phone started vibrating just as I got out of the shower.

It's from Mayu hello Mayu too long huh I called you so many times you took so long to pick up don't tell me you've been talking to another girl this whole time the cheating uh I'm not cheating on you and I wasn't on the phone with another girl okay well why didn't you answer the phone then.

Hey I was taking a shower I just got out I can't take my phone into the bathroom okay hmm then you should call me before you take a bath I was worried about you my bad I promise I'll let you know next time good hey cosito do you like me.

Of course I like you you know that right Kazu tokun you're my favorite person in the whole world my girlfriend is no doubt the cutest girl ever we talked on the phone until we fell asleep it's part of our daily routine and we do it every night good morning casuto are you sleeping again.

I was sitting down reading my book when Minami came to say hi I told you yesterday I always try to get a good night's sleep tomorrow yep tomorrow uh I don't think I have any plans why do you want to hang out we haven't for a while we used to chill out so much in middle school but we haven't had so much.

Time since we started High School yeah that's true we haven't been hanging out much all right so I was wondering if you wanted to tomorrow no he can't he's going on a date with me tomorrow really yes oh have you guys decided on where you're going not yet we just decided to go on a date tomorrow you just decided like right now.

Yes well you can have this then Mom are you sure yep one of my dad's callings gave this to him why don't you guys go here for tomorrow's date I mean it doesn't have to be tomorrow but keep the expiry date in mind seriously thanks Minami and so on Saturday I arrived five minutes early I didn't want to come late just in case.

Mayu arrived earlier good morning Kazu tokun oh Mayu morning I thought I would be the first one here but I found that Mayu was already waiting for me Mayu what time did you arrive here I 15 minutes ago wow hi I wanted to see to see possible is that a bad thing it's not a bad thing I feel bad for making you wait for me don't worry it wasn't.

That long anyways Kazi tokun what what do you think huh what are you talking about my clothes do I look good yes you look so pretty it looks great on you really I wouldn't lie about that yeah yeah thank you let's get going then we arrived at the amusement park it's one of the most.

Popular amusement parks in Japan the nice thing about this place was that there was an aquarium next to it it's nice to have more options I haven't been here in Forever me neither I think I was in elementary school the last time I was here because you tokun you've been here before yep if I.

Remember right I came here with Minami and her family I see maybe you wanted to come here with manami-chan instead of me why would you think that I want to spend time with you do you want to go to the aquarium or the amusement park first um let's go to the aquarium okay I think it's this way great wow look at that.

That's what 35 000 fish look like five thousand they're all swimming the same way they can look at them they're so cute flapping their wings oh yeah I didn't know they were so fast at swimming I didn't know Birds swam so fast Mayu and I enjoyed roaming around the aquarium we went to see tropical fish and deep sea.

Fish I couldn't help but take a picture of her while she watched the clownfish with sparkling eyes hey Kazu tacon let's go to the gift shop okay sure we headed to the aquarium gift shop which was located by the exit you're right it feels so nice oh look at this one hey casitokuna let's buy matching keychains okay sounds great.

I'll take the pink dolphin and you get the blue one sure let's buy it yay let's take a picture a picture sure okay we should take one putting the keychains we bought together the key chains together hey don't tell me you didn't notice when you put Dolphins together they make a heart you're right that's so cool come on smile ready cheese.

I'm gonna treasure this forever can you send me that photo later of course I'm going to make it my lock screen all right let's move on we walked over to enjoy the amusement park next this amusement park is famous for its enormous Ferris wheel it's one of the biggest ones in the country it's a shame we came during the summer.

Since they put up a huge Christmas tree during the winter the amusement park is filled with couples during that season and the tree is shown on many TV shows I've never been here during the Christmas season but I've seen it quite a few times on TV what do you want to ride I'm fine with anything you want to ride Mayu I want to.

Get enough on everything sure if we have enough time for that there were too many rides and people to Grant mayu's wish even if we came in the morning we wouldn't finish riding all of them in a day we spent half of the day at the aquarium so there wasn't much time left we can come back soon.

It right do you promise that will come back soon of course I promise okay how about we get on the roller coaster first I have a feeling the roller coaster has the longest line so we should get on it first uh huh Mayu is something wrong to tell you the truth I'm not a huge fan of roller coasters oh you aren't we can try something different then it's okay I.

Might be able to get out of here with me Kazi tokun I don't want you to force yourself when I said I don't like roller coasters I meant when I was a kid I'm sure I can write them now they don't go to amusement parks that often so I'd like to try it out with you I see okay let's see how you do are you okay we can still back out if.

You want to no ah that would mean we wasted our time I'll try it I'm scared that it's going to make you feel sick it might not be so bad once I get on it well yeah I guess so I don't think it's safe up here we get a nice view of this whole place no no no I can't do this now are you okay Mayu.

Yeah totally fine you don't look fine at all I'll get some water for you why don't you just sit down over there while you wait okay thanks guys here we can rest while you drink this I am so sorry I didn't think it would be that bad it's okay hey I'm proud of you for trying thanks.

I know do you want to get on the ferris wheel sir isn't it famous for being one of the biggest in the country yeah I remember getting a hug when I was a kid you go way up oh I'm so pumped but maybe we should wait until a little later huh why I heard the video at sundown is amazing but the sun is still up really okay let's go a bit later then.

Uh cause you tokun yes what is it you were looking at those girls over there weren't you why would you look at them when I'm right beside you do you think they're prettier than me no way I would never think that Mayu you're the prettiest girl I know I promise why were you staring at them because they were.

Talking about the ferris wheel it wasn't because I thought they were pretty or anything okay fine my you why don't we get on the ferris wheel at sundown okay that does sound great we still have a little time why don't we get on some other rides are you feeling any better yep I'm okay now thank you Kazu tokun where do you want.

To go next um been here before I'd like to go where you want to Kazu tokun how about the haunted house The Haunted House Mayu do you not like the haunted house I don't we can try something else then okay I.

Want somewhere fun myu and I walked around to the amusement park and enjoyed rides until sundown after a while she started to say she wanted to try out the haunted house with me I had a strong sense of deja vu but I didn't want to waste her feelings she couldn't enjoy it at all she ended up getting sick on the bench again so we decided it would be.

Best if we stuck to ride within her comfort zone time flew since we were having so much fun before we knew it the sun was starting to set this is so exciting I'm looking forward to the viewing spending alone time with you I agree it's been great oh it's almost our turn Mayu you're next in line kids please follow me okay.

I think I've been on a ferris wheel since kindergarten really I'm amazed to remember so far back I don't have any memories of what happened when I was that young it's a strong memory because that was my first time my parents took me to an amusement park that's understandable uh hey.

Kazu tokyun hey why do you have such a gloomy face on what's wrong there's something that I've been thinking about recently what is it is there something I can help with I know I get jealous easily do you find it annoying huh I'm worried that my jealousy might be ruining our.

Relationship you don't have to worry about that but I am curious why do you get so jealous well um if there's anything I can do to make you feel more secure you can tell me because of tukun you've been a wonderful boyfriend I think my confidence issue is the cause I see so many girls around you man Nami.

Chan for instance I always get worried that you might start finding Minami Chan more attractive than me and I I get worked up over the smallest things and then the jealousy comes and it takes control of my actions I guess by you you don't have to worry about that I will always like you Mayu no other girl.

Compares to you I hope you believe me really really I promise I'll do my best to make you feel secure from now on you're the only one for me you might not know but you're gorgeous you are the most beautiful girl alive if you ask me I wish you knew that too you promise well you stay by my side yep I promise.

To stay by your side I'll get angry if you betray me what will happen if you get angry I'm going to confine you and keep you all to myself forever that actually sounds like a good idea all I want is to spend the rest of my life with you Mayu me too I'm confident that we'll have a happy life together.

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