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[Manga Dub] My girlfriend’s friend confessed her love to me…!? [RomCom]


Sochi come on let's go wait ribena my name is Sochi mikami I'm a high school student I was getting my books to move to a different classroom for my next class my childhood friend ribina shiraki was already walking out the door ah couldn't you wait a little until I finished getting ready it's not my.

Problem that you're too slow I tried complaining but she immediately shut me down believe it or not really not is my girlfriend for some reason she's always cold towards me you used to be nice enough to wait stop focusing on the past at least I told you I was leaving back when we were.

Kids Rubino used to be all over me she would follow me everywhere and it felt like it was my duty to protect her however ribena started distancing herself from me in our last year of elementary school I didn't want to let her go I decided to ask her out in our last year of Middle School.

Riwina I've been meaning to ask you why are you so cold towards me I'm not I've always been like this really I remember you being so kind to me back when we were kids did I do something to upset you in any way I'm not upset with you but we're not kids anymore we can't stick together like we used to back in the day is it.

Because you like somebody else Rubina stopped walking after hearing my question what made you think that I mean you don't seem to be interested in me so I'm trying to figure out why I did like somebody else what would you do you know that I like you ribena I don't want to leave your side can't I be your boyfriend.

Gee I didn't realize you liked me I guess if that's the case yes I'll be your girlfriend huh seriously why would I joke about it but I thought you liked somebody else who should be thankful for childhood friends oh and don't forget I will never forgive you if you cheat on me I won't I wasn't quite sure why she said yes when I was relieved she didn't.

Turn me down we picked the same high school so we could stay together I had hoped our relationship would go back to how it used to be but her attitude towards me didn't change all I got was the title of being her boyfriend rimina let's eat lunch together yeah go ahead I sat down next to ririna and opened my lunchbox ririna you're eating bread for.

Lunch again yeah it's easy to prepare ribena has never brought an old Bento to school not once since we started High School I can make you an open show for lunch if you want no thanks I don't want people able to think I can't cook I've suggested making her obento numerous times but she always declines my offer she makes it sound like she's actually.

Good at cooking but I have a feeling it's not her cup of tea you can make me an up and tell her if it's not too much trouble one of our classmates Ruka comia jumped into the conversation Ruka was the first friend ririna made in high school naturally she and I became friends through ribena she's a gentle-mannered and.

Sophisticated girl Ruka you don't need me for that but I've never had a boy make me an open toe I someday you make way better obentos than so she does how rude I can't argue with that though Ruka also brings homemade obento to school for lunch I'm an amateur when it.

Comes to cooking I'll definitely lose if we compete Ruka slid a chair over and she joined us for lunch today I am where to go are you going shopping I'll go with you follow me everywhere but I'm your boyfriend I want to be with you as long.

As possible you're being annoying I want to be alone today Yen with the cold attitude riwi now left the classroom and didn't look back once she doesn't have to be so mean about it I guess she really didn't want me to tag along it was the first time she was this harsh when rejecting me Sochi did you and Rubina fight Ruka was watching the.

Whole conversation she seemed worried about us no not that I can recall I've always wanted to ask you guys are you and Ravina really in a relationship pretty sure to be honest I wasn't sure anymore ruka's question was on point we'd go on dates but rimina despises every type of physical intimacy she won't allow me to.

Hold her hand it feels lonely walking next to her empty-handed so she why don't we go home together since she'll be alone sure why not I had no reason to say no I decided to leave school with Ruka that day on our way home Ruka invited me to hang out with her we decided to go into a cafe why did she pick this one out of all the cafes out.

There the cafe we entered was popular amongst females all the customers around us were girls or couples I stick my coffee feeling uneasy and out of place Sophie you've never been to this Cafe it's my first time Rubina never wants to go to places where typical couples go to you guys still call that dating so she I know this may be none of my business but.

Are you sure Ravina has romantic feelings towards you I'm hoping she does but I'm not 100 sure I haven't been for a while why do you keep dating her then it's simple because I like her you know what it's like I do anything to be with her even if she acts coldly towards me well as long as you're happy with where you are I guess that's okay but are you.

Really satisfied with your relationship aren't there places you want to go and things you want to do with your girlfriend or is that not important to you well yeah of course I do but I don't want to do anything really not doesn't want to do you're a sweet guy you treat her like a queen yet she doesn't appreciate it I don't understand why.

It's okay it's probably because I'm not attractive enough for her so she you are attractive in many ways I wish I was your girlfriend so I could fulfill your desires thanks for comforting me I'm sorry for putting on a Pity show do you think I said that just to be nice to you Ruka gently held my hand as I reached to grab my coffee cup.

I like you Sochi and I don't like how raveena treats you I would never do that to you please can you make me your girlfriend are you for real I didn't realize she was serious since she was so smooth about it however I saw her determination the moment I looked into her eyes I mean it but why you know that I'm dating.

Ribena so she you are modest and kind you are a great guy I wasn't planning on telling you since I thought you and Romina were doing well but now that I found out how she treats you I wanted to tell you because I know I can treat you better I appreciate your honesty but I'm sorry Reena is the only one for me Ruka suddenly sat next to me and linked her.

Arms with mine are you willing to give you everything you desire to waste your life on somebody like her every relationship needs to go both ways you are trying so hard to satisfy her but you get nothing if I were your girlfriend I would never make you feel so lonely Ruka I didn't realize he was so forward.

This is so unexpected I'm only doing this because I like you so much don't tell anybody but my heart was pounding hard it was my first time getting asked out and I hadn't had a girl so close to me since I was a kid I found myself indulging in ruka's natural softness so she am I not good enough can't I be your girlfriend it's not that.

You're not good enough it's just that I like rimina I admire how devoted you are to her but I will show you how you will be better off with me I'm not giving up on you just yet she was my friend I didn't want to do anything to hurt her Ruka stayed close to me until we had to say goodbye to go home good morning riwina.

There's something wrong I called to ribena as she came out of her house however I guess I was nervous my voice cracked a little ribena looked at me confused and I felt guilty for what happened yesterday no uh nothing's wrong okay she let it go immediately she didn't seem interested at all ribena and I started walking to.

School just like any other morning I couldn't help but glance at her hand hey ribena do you want to hold hands while we walk to school what are you kidding me well you are my girlfriend I just thought it would be nice if we could act a little more like a couple in a relationship no I don't want to Sochi you want an excuse to.

Touch a girl it's not like that I just want to feel you closer to me that's all I'm already close to you you don't understand I was referring to the distance in our emotional relationship but I couldn't bring it up I was afraid she would get frustrated with me it's always been like this for reading on me I never had a.

Problem with it until now but after what happened with Ruka yesterday I was longing for Comfort I wanted proof that ribena was mine good morning Romina Sochi we ran into Ruka halfway to school morning Ruka I didn't expect to see you here he was waiting here I wanted to go to school with Sochi why with Sochi Ruka stood by my side and slipped her arm.

Around mine it's because I like Sochi Hey Ruka I wasn't comfortable with Ruka doing that to me in front of riwina I looked over at my girlfriend's face to find her glaring at me with an ice-cold expression Sochi we're supposed to be dating but you've been getting to know vuca quite well huh no it's not what you think this.

Isn't a mutual thing Ruka and I are not dating we will eventually you keep taking advantage of his love whereas I want to give him everything he wants which do you think he'll end up choosing it deserves better than what you are willing to give him I know sochi's heart will start turning to me once he sees.

That wow I'm impressed so you're hitting on my boyfriend and lecturing me I never expected you to play so dirty Ravina do you even consider so she as your boyfriend I've been watching you all along and it doesn't seem like you do that has nothing to do with you I have my ways and you have yours Sushi how.

Long are you gonna let her keep touching you if you and Ruka aren't dating you don't need to cuddle up like that I know Rook up please can you let me go so she you told me she wouldn't even hold your hand I can't compare to you all your wishes if you pick me as your girlfriend I don't need you to grant me any wishes Sochi do you not care who it.

Is as long as she lets you touch her ribena's voice suddenly dropped deep her expression didn't change but I could tell she was fuming you're the only one I like is you're the only one I want to hold hands with nothing you say is convincing when you're still holding her like that you've found someone to fulfill your.

Dreams good for you have a happy life huh wait really not turned around and walked away from us she never once looked back well that was easy it's like she doesn't care she doesn't have feelings for you I didn't want to agree with her but there was no other explanation for ribena's actions I wondered what I meant to ribena she just.

Tossed me out I'm sorry I have to be blunt I think you're just a childhood friend to her I remember telling ririna how I felt about her but she never told me she liked me back looking back on our relationship it was no different from when we were just friends so she I know you're in a lot of pain right now but you should consider moving.

On I'm here for you I'll help you get through this I appreciate your support but I don't think I'm ready for anything right now rirena never told me she liked me but at the same time she never told me she didn't like me I wasn't sure where she and I stood at that moment so it was hard for me to accept we were over the.

Situation was depressing at the same time I was feeling comfortable with Ruka who was standing by me through my tough times I thought about talking to rirena after we got to school but I got scared of rejection I couldn't gather the courage to call her name on top of that Ruka would come over to me whenever we didn't have class she.

Didn't give me any time or space to do anything Sophie do you want to go on a date again today a date Ruka I never agreed to become your boyfriend all of our classes were over but I still hadn't talked to ririna she left the school before I did I blamed Ruka for this but I was thankful she took her time to comfort me.

That's why I couldn't shut her out so do you want to pick me up yet I can't say yes to you while I still have strong feelings for ribena it's not fair to yuruka I need to put an end to my relationship with her if I'm going to move on with you I'm fine with where we are I don't want her to hurt you again thank you for.

Being here for me but I need closure I really do I declined ruka's request and headed home I don't know how I would survive if rirena told me she didn't like me but I knew Ruka would be there for me no matter what I prepared myself to face rewina I went to talk to ribena at her place but found out she wasn't home yet she left school before me so.

She must be busy shopping or something I had no choice but to go home and wait for the next day to talk to her when I woke up I felt something on my arm I turned my head to look and found rirena looking up at me her face bright red what are you doing ribena I jumped up in surprise ribena was inside my bed with me.

So she isn't this the type of thing you wanted to do what do you mean being close I didn't mean this close I could tell rearing I was feeling self-conscious I didn't understand why she went out of her way to embarrass herself what was she trying to prove to me so she let me help you change your clothes.

Why I'm your girlfriend it's part of my job I don't think that's necessarily true seriously what's going on you've never shown any affection towards me and I thought you were angry with me I was shocked to hear riring I use the word girlfriend I thought we were over so I didn't know what to think of this.

Situation of course I was angry seemed so close to Ruka but I thought about it and I felt bad I haven't been treating you the way you deserve to be treated so I've decided to try my best to give you everything you want from now on I want to make you happy everything I want this is far beyond what I was hoping for but to make things.

Clear do you still consider me your boyfriend of course I do do I have to say it out loud yes you do you always gave me the cold shoulder it made me lose confidence well it's a lot to handle I was so happy to be by your side but I didn't want people teasing us about it because it would make me too happy I had to act.

Like that to keep myself in control that's the reason why you acted that way you should have told me that I realized I had been worried for nothing Rubino's whole face was flushing as she came clean about the reason behind her behavior she didn't have to tell me how she felt anymore I could see how she was feeling just by watching her I'm sorry I.

Kept it from you for so long I became self-conscious after the kids in our class teased me about us back in elementary school but you always stayed near me I guess I knew you wouldn't leave my side even if I didn't treat you nicely all that time well my feelings for you never faded ririna but I have to say it was painful I wasn't sure you.

Liked me I thought you might be forcing yourself to be around me I'm sorry for putting you through all that I realized so many things after seeing you with Ruka yesterday I now know how much trouble I put you through but I don't want to give you up please don't break up with me I will never break up with you as long.

As you want to be with me I just feel guilty for what I did to Ruka Ruka confessed her feelings for me because she thought really nice and my relationship was beyond saving I was unsure of how rirena felt I ended up taking advantage of ruka's feelings she didn't deserve to be treated like that although I hadn't accepted ruka's.

Suggestion to start a relationship with her I was afraid she would be disappointed when she found out ReRe 9 and I had patched things up I'll talk to Ruka about it I guess ruka's actions are partially my fault started on our way to school and found Ruka waiting at the spot she was yesterday she smiled and tried to wave.

To us however her expression clouded when she saw we were holding hands Ravina you're okay with holding so she's hand now I realized I needed to change how I treated Sochi thanks to you Ruka I've changed so you guys made up you would never in a fight to start with I know I seemed cold.

Towards Sochi before but I decided to start being honest with my feelings that's pretty selfish you know you have no idea how much you hurt so she now you want him back I do feel bad about hurting my boyfriend but that's between Sochi and me it has nothing to do with you so she accepts everything about me even my flaws you're free to have.

Whatever feelings towards him but I will not let you take him away from me you need to let him go got turned away from riwina and faced me so she sure this is what you want going to forgive her just like that I told you yesterday but really not is the only one for me I know how kind-hearted.

She is since I've known her for a long time that's why I like her no matter how she treats me don't you want to try dating me even a little bit nope not at all Ruka side with disappointment as she listened to my answer I could have made you see how good we were together if you had only given me a little more time you guys made up too fast all I did.

Was trigger ribena into becoming a better girlfriend that's true and I'm forever thankful for that fine I'll let it go for now but Ravina you better be prepared to lose him the next time you hurt him don't worry that will never happen ribena and Ruka smiled at each other I'm glad things worked out this incident.

Brought rewind me closer than ever our relationship did a big turnaround her attitude towards me became soft-hearted however she hasn't gotten used to it fully she turns bright red from time to time it tickles my heart to watch her blush like that to wrap it up I'm thankful for my perfect girlfriend.

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