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[Manga Dub] My grandpa set me up with 3 Beautiful Women… [RomCom]


Welcome Kenzo I've been summoned here for some kind of emergency but this atmosphere I think something terrible may have happened what's going on um can you go over there right now hmm what do you mean an important business meeting is to be.

Held there and for that Kento you must be present as well wait a business meeting I'm still a junior in high school oh shut up get him out of here what wait grandfather what in the world and so I was taken to the place the old man told me to go not knowing anything a fancy restaurant.

The place I was taken to was a fancy restaurant that even I had heard of he said it was a business meeting so I'm sure it's with a very important business partner but I don't know why I was invited the other party is already inside please Owen is it okay if I'm still in my uniform.

I see well in that case I know there's no point in being whiny so I pulled myself together and went inside the store then wait what is this as I entered the tatami room I was ushered into I couldn't hide my surprise when I saw the people inside I thought that there were some Grumpy.

Old Men inside but it turns out that they were all beautiful women we've been expecting you kentosan her name is Mikoto kagurozaka and she's a girl who debuted as a voice actress in her first year of high school and quickly became popular and is now one of the most popular voice actresses she's not only a voice actress but also.

A gravira Idol but she's a natural girl with a unique atmosphere and is very cute she's 18 years old just like me thank you for coming today her name is arisuhiragi a former child prodigy who is now an actress she has quite a few fans and it's said that the dramas and movies in which she.

Appears always turn into big hits by the way she's the same age as me too hi there kentel I was getting tired of waiting her name is akaneishi nakura she's as energetic as a child and she's now a very popular girl who debuted as an idol after a video she posted when she was in junior high attracted a lot of attention.

Her singing voice is known as the voice of an Angel and it charms everyone who hears it the video that became a topic of conversation didn't show her face but her singing voice alone won her a large number of fans and when she became an idol and showed her face she was so cute that she's said.

To be the most popular nowadays by the way although she looks and acts very young she's also 18 years old why are they here you said it was a business meeting that was to get kento's son to come here it was a lie that's because I knew if I told you the truth you'd run away.

Grandfather what are you about to do it's very simple I was going to look for a wife for you Kenzo find a wife what don't worry since you're 18 now and came of age I thought I'd celebrate by getting you a wife I've never heard of such a coming-of-age.

Gift before I'm sure you're happy to hear that after all I've asked the three people you love to marry you what kind so you've been looking into them a lot haven't you they call guys like you Chasers how do you know that that's crazy I've.

Never told anyone about it yet you know does that mean you have my search history too of course no way I'm in the middle of puberty naturally there are a lot of things you don't want your family to know and yet they know everything.

My life is over I guess the least I can do is erase all the data when I get back well don't think about things that have passed it's your fault for doing something you don't want people to know about in the first place more importantly you're in front of the girls so get your act.

Together ah like my reputation is going down um I'm sorry about that nice to meet you I'm Kanto ikaruga they just called me by my name but this is actually the first time we've met they were probably informed before they.

Came here there's nothing to be ashamed of in fact I'm glad you're a fan you can call me Mikoto if you like cute ah meet Chad that's a fair can't tell you could call me Akana if you like I understand oh you could call me just by my name.

Oh and isn't it cute is something wrong do I have to tell you you're so mean um should I call you Ari Susan well you're special oh I can't do this anymore am I going to get into an accident tomorrow surrounded by three of my favorites and.

Having been shown a side of them that was too cute I was afraid of this Good Fortune before I knew it grandfather and the others were gone I guess they'll leave the rest of me damn well I was told something about finding a wife but I don't think it would be good for any of the three of you to have.

A man's shadow flickering in your mind what are your thoughts on that to be honest sure I'm ready to be a bride yet I'm just starting out here that's right she's only 18. and it's just entering her prime If I Fall In Love With You Kanto then.

I'm ready to get married because I want to continue my career as a singer so I'll be fine as long as there are people who love my songs if I get married and everyone leaves me that's okay too girl seems to have a very open mind at first glance she doesn't seem to be thinking deeply about things but I think her answer is the result of a strong and.

Core idea she has within herself about how she wants to be I mean she just told me she doesn't like me so casually well it's only natural but I'm not fairly into that type of thing I came here with a request from an agency but I think we need to get to know each other first our resource song.

Seems surprisingly innocent but I know that girls like her actually have a good imagination I mean it's impossible to choose between the three of them all three of them are my favorite girls just in different fields at least let me do this one-on-one Grandpa it's hard to choose one of my three.

Favorites and I feel like I was being faced with the biggest choice of my life from what I've heard you two aren't interested in getting married are you what if that's the case why don't you just marry me Kento I'm willing to marry you whenever I fall in love with you wait isn't that a bit crazy that's right what are you talking about.

Takana although the three of them are engaged in different activities it seems that they share the same agency that's probably why they're talking so openly the agency said it would be good if one of the three of us got together so why not me that's not the point Akana you don't even like kentosan.

That's right I don't think you should get ahead like that Kento seems kind so I think I can like him though stop making decisions on your own after that they started arguing about who would be my fiance as one would expect from someone who's risen to the top of the industry.

Everyone seems to be very self-assured normally I would be happy because they're fighting over me but I think they're after the ikaru got conglomerate which is my backer that's why I couldn't be happy from my heart anyway since we're here how about we go eat.

Yes I'll take the seat next to Kento then hey that's not fair Akana you're too quick this slightly jostled me and the blind date ended yeah I can't do it with all three of them after all that night there was no way I could choose between the three of them.

I was alone with my head in my hands as I was deleting data from my computer at home at least give me a little more time who is it at this hour yes who is it what why he didn't tell me anything though I let the secretary Ari Susan and the.

Others in uh thank you for coming by the way what's with the luggage the three girls are going to live here starting today what I really haven't heard anything though Sons kantosan wants to be able to give an answer anyway he wants the three of.

Them to live with you and to let someone else make up your mind how far is that old man willing to go please address your complaints to the presidents are you all okay with this I don't mind it's a dream come true to live in such a spacious and beautiful place.

I don't mind either I'm not used to living in a place like this so it might take some time getting used to but aside from Rico's son Ari's son must have a lot of money well I guess her parents are managing the money yep I'm okay with it too you guys are incredible I mean you would want to live with a guy they barely met.

Okay I'll show you to an available room this apartment itself is owned by the ikaruga family so you can go to any room you like oh the president has asked three of them to live and the same room as you canto-san why.

There are plenty of rooms available right to get the full experience living in different rooms is not an option besides there's more than enough space how pushy there are three things your grandfather forbids the first is that you are not to do anything beyond your student territory until you found a partner the.

Second is that they do not bring in other men without permission thirdly we must be very careful not to identify their address Etc the other two I understand but the third one is pretty tough isn't it wouldn't the paparazzi be able to identify them after they finish their work or.

Something we will make it impossible to locate them and bring them back here wow they look so uncomfortable they probably have to go through a lot of trouble let me ask you something do I have the right to veto no right.

This is how my living life with three celebrities began to be honest I didn't think it would work out and so it began wow you cut it so beautifully I'm good at cooking it's my hobby wow that's wonderful our Easter Sun are you okay.

Don't force yourself okay housework isn't mandatory I'm fine it's okay look it's easier to eat when it's small looks like she's not very good at cooking.

Kento can I do your laundry what oh I I'll do it no I can't trust a boy with girl stuff I'll do my own clothes then it's okay it's okay I have to get used to this type of thing yeah but I do my brother's laundry so I'm used to seeing them oh yeah uh I'll do the laundry too.

Oh are you gonna help me uh Chuck let's do it together then yeah I guess she's okay with Ari Susan's stuff well it's only natural let's just leave it to the two of them for now oh my God why what what's going on wait what action how much did you really put in.

All of this oh hi there I've never seen anyone do such a cartoonish thing in real life I mean the washer's so big I thought maybe you needed this much who Jesse put over there she's depressed Kanto son but out of the three of us I'm the only one who can't do the housework.

It's pathetic everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses maybe you've never done housework before how did you well I can tell by looking at you you've been active as a child actress since you were very young so I thought your work must have come first at home.

Yes that's right my mother always took care of me so I didn't do it you must be disappointed right a girl who can't even do housework no that's not true as I said before we all have our strengths and weaknesses Ari Susan you're a great actress and I'm not disappointed at all.

Uh but I I want to be able to do housework too Ari Susan then let's do it together I'm sure you just don't know how to do it on your own so I'll teach you is that okay with you yes of course we're going to be living.

Together so I want to eliminate as much anxiety and dissatisfaction as possible oh you are so kind Kento uh she's too cute no it's not like that this much is normal thank you very much I'll be counting on you from now on.

I was assigned to teach Ari Susan housework and I immediately started working with her the next day Ari Susan is having a hard time because she's not used to it but contrary to her cool appearance she's very honest and attentive with this it's only a matter of time before she's able to do the housework.

You're keeping Kento to yourself again please let us join you too but when I was doing the housework with Ari Susan the two of them interrupted me like that so things didn't go so smoothly it's not like we have a choice since the four of us are living together hey don't take kento's side away it's.

Your fault for keeping him all to yourself I want to cook a load with Kento Sun once in a while too and well it's a handful trying to quiet them down but since the three of them are originally close there are times when the four of us can spend a good time together like this.

So I was more excited than anxious about the future but I have to choose one of the three of them at some point and that's hard at any rate the one I'm most attracted to right now is the slightly clunky and adorable Ari Susan thanks for watching how was today's.

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